Maid from Heaven – Part 14

My sincere apologies for the delay in posting the continuation because I was held up finishing the “Living Again After Growing Old” series. Now let’s get back to this story.

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 13 ). Now let’s continue

Talking softly, I asked “do you want to do it again”? Uma naughtily smiled and asked “are you asking or telling”? I said “depends on you darling”. She took my hand and slipped it under her skirt touching her pussy.

She was dripping wet down there, she asked “what do you think”? I said “ok, here is the plan. Chetan says now when you go back to the kitchen he will make you sit next to him and seduce you. He wants me to also join later. Are you ready for this”?

Uma said “I have never done this before but if you are with me then I will do it”. I said “here is our plan between us. You go with the snacks and sit with him. I will get up and go to my room making some excuse and watch you from there”.

Uma asked “why would you leave me alone with him”? I said “don’t worry, you both enjoy and when you are in the middle of it I will come out. I will pretend to be surprised and then join you. Is that ok”?

She said “ok darling, please please do something now, I am on the edge of my orgasm”. I made her sit on the kitchen counter raising her skirt. Uma opened her legs wide.

I looked at the reflection off the tiles and saw Chetan watching us peeping inside. I put my mouth to her clit pushing a finger in her pussy, within a few minutes of me doing this her body trembled as a powerful orgasm ripped thru her.

I continued to use my tongue not wanting to waste her tasty juices. After her body relaxed I took the kitchen towel and cleaned my face and her pussy. Uma said “while you were eating me Chetan was standing at the door watching us peeping inside”.

I said “yes I know darling”, I kissed her and came back to the hall. Chetan was smiling looking at me. He said “buddy looks like you have one hell of a horny assistant”.

I said “you have no idea but I am sure you are going to find out soon” winking back at him. He excitedly asked “you ate her down there, how did she taste”? I said “buddy had you gone for starters instead of main course then you wouldn’t be asking me this”.

He said “cut the crap Krishna, I am dying of curiosity. So please tell me quickly”. I thought to myself that if I let this curiosity remain and build further then it will surely help.

So I said “I will not be able to do justice by telling you about it, so why don’t you find out first hand”. He said “ok, give me some pointers. I want to have her at any cost tonight”.

I said “ok, so here are some tips if it helps. She hates force so don’t even think about it. She loves foreplay, so focus on doing lots of it first on her tits then go down on her pussy. If you do all this, then you can surely have her”.

He said “fine Krishna, I will follow your advice”. Just then Uma walked in with the starters, she gave him his plate and waited to serve him all the while bending forward.

Chetan’s eyes were transfixed on her cleavage instead of focusing on the food. Uma said “Chetan I am getting tired, please serve yourself quickly”. He came to his senses and served himself still openly staring inside her top.

Then she turned around and served me smiling, she winked looking at me with her back facing him. Chetan took this opportunity to see if he could look under her skirt.

Again Uma made sure she gave him enough time. When Uma put the tray on the table and turned to her seat, Chetan said “Uma please come and sit here with me”.

She turned and looked at him and me, Chetan chuckled saying “don’t worry, I am totally harmless, come sit with me”. She smiled and sat with him on the three seater sofa.

She took her beer and sipped it while Chetan was quick to place his hand around her waist. Despite this she behaved as if nothing happened. This made Chetan bolder and he slid closer to her tightly wedging his body against hers.

She was still normal looking at me from the side of her eyes. This entire scenario was a first for me also so I was dead curious to see what happens next. Chetan kept making small talk appreciating her beauty, Uma also responded with smiles and lots of blushing.

Uma bent forward and took a chicken nugget to eat when Chetan quickly held her hand and ate it. He made sure he licked each of her fingers. He said “wow, this was the tastiest chicken I have ever had”.

Uma blushed pulling back her hand and stared at me. I was as much in shock so gave her a blank look. Chetan said “Uma, please feed me the next piece, it tastes so much more tasty from your hands”.

I was expecting her to look at me again but instead she smiled and took the piece and fed him. This time too he held her hand and licked and sucked all her fingers.

Chetan said “Uma your fingers are so tasty, I am sure your other assets will be even more tastier” and continued sucking her fingers. This was directly hitting on her in double meaning words.

She naughtily said “only Krishna can answer that”. I felt embarrassed listening to this but both of them had a good laugh. I understood Uma was also playing the seduction game now.

Chetan now has one hand cupping her breast and other under her skirt. Uma continued sipping her beer without reacting to his advances. I thought this was the best moment for me to go to my room so Chetan takes it to the next level.

So I got up saying “I need to use the washroom”. Uma said “Krishna please come back quickly because your friend here is getting very naughty”. Chetan panicked and quickly removed his hands getting embarrassed and looked at me.

I thought it was over now but what I did not know what that Uma had better plans. She turned to Chetan and said “why did you remove your hands Chetan? I was really beginning to enjoy it”.

Both me and Chetan stared at each other in disbelief because we had no idea what Uma was up to. Looking at Chetan she said “can you please continue what you were doing, again Chetan”?

She placed his palm on her boobs pressing it and looked at me saying “Krishna you please be quick, I too badly need a release”. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and back not wanting to miss any action.

I peeped outside and saw both had their lips locked in a kiss while Chetan was opening her top. I thought I should give them some more time before going there. But Uma had caught me peeping.

She said “come quickly Krishna, I need you now”. All this was going too fast and way above my head, so I quietly went to them. Chetan was busy fondling her boobs rubbing his face on them while Uma was looking at me lustfully.

She pulled me closer sealing my lips with hers while Chetan continued. Breathing heavily in a coarse voice she asked “darling can you undo my bra so Chetan can stop struggling”?

While I was shocked by the turn of events, I quietly undid her bra. Uma removed her top and bra throwing it aside and now kissed Chetan. After the kiss Chetan looked at me and winked.

I am sure he was thinking that his plan worked but what he did not know was that Uma was the real mastermind making both of us dance to her tunes. Now Chetan was going mad sucking her big boobs.

Uma raised her skirt and held his hand placing it directly on her dripping wet pussy. He quickly felt it and pushed a finger inside making her quiver. She held his face giving another smooch and then she lay down on the sofa with her legs opened wide.

Now Uma in a dominating tone said “eat my pussy now Chetan”. Like an obedient disciple he followed his orders. She looked at me and said “come here Krishna, give me your cock”.

Though still in trance I followed her orders and unzipped bringing my painfully hard cock to her. She held it pulling me even closer and took it in her mouth. This was like a porn movie playing in reality in front of my eyes.

Uma was giving me a blowjob while Chetan was eating her pussy. I signalled her to slow down because I was nearing my peak by just watching at the action. Uma understood and only licked my shaft without taking me in deep.

A few minutes later she patted Chetan signalling him to come to her. She said “Krishna my pussy is on fire, you know what you need to do”. I got between her legs pushing my cock inside and slowly fucking her while Uma was now giving Chetan a blowjob.

To be continued….

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