The New Girl-10

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I put on my usual shirt-blouse and long green skirt with red bra and panties. After cleaning the house and putting four condoms in my pocket, I went to Hardeep’s house. On the way I was thinking how my life has changed in last 4 days.

I have become a sex addict now and cannot live without sex anymore. I was ever ready to get fucked any number of times and by anyone. Hardeep opened the door saying he had reached a few mins ago. After locking his door, he undressed me and removed his clothes.

I lay on his bed with him on top of me squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples like crazy. His erect cock was touching my pussy and he started pushing it inside. I stopped him and asked where are the condoms, he said he forgot to bring.

I took out one condom from my skirt pocket and gave it to him. He asked where I got it, I said the boys left it behind. He put it on and mounted me missionary style pushing his cock in my pussy in one stroke. Today he was fucking me like he was in a hurry.

I kept track of time and nearly 1omins later I told him to stop. I got in doggy style telling him to fuck my ass now. He came up behind me holding my hips pushing his cock into my ass fucking me full speed. Another 5 mins later he came in my ass.

I reminded him again about the condoms and told him to get some for me too. He looked at me and I reminded him that Pillai and the boys were fucking me daily now, he obliged. He still felt guilty for getting me involved with Pillai.

He asked me if I had sex with any of the boys today, I said yes with all three of them. He asked me when and where, I said at my place just before I came here. He asked me if I enjoyed, I said yes and am very satisfied. We cleaned up getting dressed and went to the playground.

Amir, Mahesh & Vivek were all playing, Amit came and sat next to me. Amit was my other neighbour, staying in the house opposite side of Vivek’s house. He whispered in my ears that he knew everything I did with Vivek behind the bushes the other day.

I denied and asked him what he meant, he said he saw me let Vivek suck my boobs. I asked him what else and he said that’s all. I felt relieved that he did not see me fuck Vivek. I asked him so what, he said every day I was the topic of discussion between all the boys.

So if I do not cooperate with him then he will tell everyone what I did with Vivek. Then I will have a big problem in my hands. I bluntly asked him if he was blackmailing me, he replied not yet, just asking for a favour.

I asked him what favour, he said he wanted to suck my boobs. I realised Amit’s hand was already under my skirt rubbing my thigh. I decided to give him a chance and told him to go around the other direction and meet me behind the bushes in 5 mins and he left.

I went from the front, in front of everyone sitting there and took a pee behind the bushes and waited. Amit came after two mins directly placing his hands on my boobs. I asked him if he had been with any woman before.

He said no but had a lot of experience watching porn. I asked him what he wanted to do and he asked me to open my blouse-top. I opened it revealing my boobs held in my bra. He asked me to open my bra and I told him to open it himself.

He was licking all over my chest while he struggled to unhook my bra. I opened it spreading it for him and he dived into sucking my nipples. He was very good with his mouth and I instantly got aroused. While he was sucking my nipples, I hugged him tightly.

I felt his cock pushing against my pussy and I melted further. I grabbed his face and smooched him, he was inexperienced in kissing but learning quickly. He kissed me back and I was horny as hell now. I ran my hands feeling his cock over his pants.

I unzipped his pants taking out his cock which was as big as Mahesh’s and started stroking it. I told him if he listened to me and did exactly as I say, then I will make his wildest dream come true. I realised that behind the bush was too risky and remembered the hut.

I whispered Amit to follow me. We corrected our clothes and left. Once inside the hut I again opened my top and bra asking Amit to suck my boobs. Same time I dropped his pants stroking his cock. After some time, I removed my panties and stood bending against the wall spreading my legs.

I told Amit to eat my pussy which he did for a long while bringing me close to another orgasm. I told Amit to come behind me giving him a condom. I guided his cock into my pussy telling him to fuck me. He held my waist and started pounding my pussy from behind.

He was fucking me so hard that every thrust of his, I was in the air and I was thrilled with his power. He fucked me for about 10mins and came in my pussy. He gave a few more strokes and pulled out. I removed the condom and threw it away.

I sucked his cock tasting the few drops of his sperm that were still oozing out. I told him to come prepared with condoms from now on. He asked me when we could have sex again. I said we will when we I get a chance.

I saw his cock was still erect even after cumming, he was still rock hard. I started sucking his cock again for a few mins. I bent over telling him to fuck me again giving him another condom. He came up behind me and even before I could guide his cock, he was pushing hard from behind entering my ass instead.

He was fucking me with very hard thrusts and I was really enjoying it. He still thought he was fucking my pussy. This time he fucked me for more than 15mins before cumming. He said fucking my pussy felt out of this world.

He threw away his condom and I sucked his cock clean. We both got dressed up and got back to our seats. We sat there while Amit kept touching my body. I told him to control himself before we get caught. It was my turn to bat and I went.

On the way Mahesh patted my butt but I did not react. After we finished playing I was sitting with Hardeep when Mahesh came to me and said he wanted to talk with me. I knew what he wanted and winked at Hardeep and went him.

We went to the same hut and I was about to open my blouse when Mahesh stopped me and asked me to raise my skirt to my waist and bend against the wall. He came behind me pulling down my panties and rubbing his cock at my pussy.

I gave him a condom and he wore it quietly pushing his cock in my pussy. He held my hips began fucking me very fast. I thought he would do a little foreplay but he didn’t and I was mentally prepared. My orgasm was building slowly, after about 10mins he came inside my pussy.

He pulled out and zipped up throwing away the condom. I took his kerchief and cleaned up. He thanked me for the fuck, I told him to come prepared with condoms if he wanted to fuck me again. We left from there and I sat with Hardeep.

He asked me how was it and I said very nice and quick. We both left from there and Hardeep proposed we go to his place because he wanted to fuck me once more. I refused saying I was very tired because Amit fucked me twice and then Mahesh so please drop me home.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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