The New Girl-9

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

We got dressed and I left the place and went to Prakash’s room. As soon as I entered his room we hugged and kissed like lovers. Prakash locked his door and removed his clothes and mine. We were on his sofa with him on top and his erect cock touching my pussy.

I asked him for a condom, he put one on mounting me missionary style and I guided his cock into my pussy and started fucking. He said “darling I am so lucky to have found you, you have an amazing body made only for sex and if I get a chance I can fuck you all day and night without getting tired”.

I loved the compliment because I already knew that if my lucky streak continued like the last few days then I would be having more sex than I can probably handle. Every few mins we were switching positions and fucking.

After nearly 15mins Prakash came inside me. He got off and disposed of the condom licking my pussy clean. I sucked his cock clean and we both got dressed. I saw I had 30mins to go before the final school bell. He opened his drawer and gave me an envelope telling me to keep it.

I opened and saw there was a lot of money, I asked him why he was giving me money, he said I had earned it and he was going to pay me every time I have sex with him. While I was thinking where to keep it, Prakash lifted my kurta and slipped the envelop inside my panties correcting my clothes.

I left from there and saw Pillai coming towards me. He signalled me to meet him and I followed him to his room. We got inside and he locked the door. He hugged me, I said told him we don’t have time today, can we please do it tomorrow.

He said he will fuck me only once quickly and made me bend on his desk pulling my salwar and panties to my knees. The envelop Prakash gave me fell out but he did not see it. He licked my pussy and ass nicely with his tongue.

He stood behind me dropping his trousers to his feet pushing his cock in my pussy fucking me full speed. He went on for over 10mins when he pulled his cock out and pushed in my ass resuming fucking. He went on fucking my ass for another 15mins saying he was going to cum.

I told him I wanted to drink it. He pushed his cock in my mouth flooding it with his cum. I drank it all and cleaned his cock with my mouth. I used his kerchief to clean both my holes and put my clothes back on including the envelop in my panty.

We smooched one last time and the bell went off. I went to my classroom packed my bags including the envelope and left. I met Hardeep on the way and he said he had some sports activities to complete and would take about 2hrs.

I said I will go home and meet him in the evening in the playground. After a long time, I was going home alone without him. I reached the gate and was looking for Khan because I had promised him a fuck before leaving.

I went to his room and did not find him there. I kept my bag in his room and decided to check the terrace room. I tip toed my way there in case someone was there. I saw Khan standing guard outside so was confident something was going on inside.

He saw me and came to me taking me to the other side to an isolated corner. I asked him “tum yahan kya kar rahe ho”, he said “Gudiya andar Lakshmi madam ki chudai chal rahi hai, isliye mai yahan pe hun”. I asked “kiske saath”?

He said “Vikas sir, Ramesh sir, John sir aur Sharma Sir ke saath”. I asked “Lakshmi teacher 4 admi se chud rahi hai”? He said “haan Gudiya, hafte mein ek baar yeh Lakshmi teacher ka regular program hai”. I was very curious to see how 4 men would fuck her together.

I already had sex with two and enjoyed it even though it got me tired. I asked him “Khan, please mujhe bhi dekhna hai ki woh 4 aadmi se ek saath kaise chud ti hai”. He said “Gudiya yeh nahin ho saktha, agar kisi ne dekh liya toh hum dono bahut mushkil mein padenge”.

I said “Khan, dekho tumhara lund bhi khada hai unko dekhte dekhte, sirf ek jhalak dikha do aur usi time tum mujhe chodna, bahut maza aayega”. He agreed and asked me to follow him quietly. He took me behind the terrace room to the other side to a window.

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