Sex with unsatisfied Aunty

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Hello all

This is my 1st story on the page , hope you guys enjoy. Let’s come into the story

Sex with unsatisfied Aunty

Myself Vicky age 27 working in an MNC company. I always had a desire on elder ladies than me.

So I was a resident in a family colony where the heroine of story lived as well.
Let me give a introduction of Heroin. Her name is Asha who was in her mid 30s. She had very eye catching assets that she wasn’t seems to be so aged. All guys of colony would fall her assets. Her measurements was 38-32-36 a proper milf.

We use stay in same building, she was in first and I was in 2nd floor. Her husband and my father were office colleague. So we would interact very often.

A day came when my parents went out of station and I had to eat food from hotel. Knowing she gradually invited me to her home for lunch and then it started it between us.

She was in nighty and that made me even more horny , we had our food together with a normal conversation where I couldn’t see her eyes reply because of her hotness. I accidentally found a strange thing, a pump in the drawers. I had never seen that thing before.After that night , I came to know that it was called a ‘penis pump’.

After searching on the internet, I found that it was used to maintain a hard-on. That made my mind to think that aunty was unsatisfied with her sex life. These thoughts changed my mind and I started to masturbate thinking of her. One day I had forgotten my house keys at office and we had long weekend because US holiday. I didn’t have another spare key. With no other choice and with a luck of mine I could stay at her place.

Aunty’s husband would always travel to farm house every weekend to take care of things over there. I told her that I had to go to my friend’s place for a while and come back by night.She hesitated a bit but eventually agreed.

This was when my plan started. I kept the bolt open of her bedroom’s window before leaving. I slowly went inside through the window and hid myself under the bed, waiting for her. I turned off the lights too and kept the dim light open.

When she entered her bedroom, I grabbed her from behind. I had grabbed her around the waist and throat very hard. “Just take it easy,” I said in a slightly raspy voice.

She went utterly still. “What do you want?” she asked. I guided her over to the bed. She couldn’t make out my face and would have no way of describing me later. She could see that I was a bit taller and well-built, but that was all. She had no idea if I was Vicky.

When we reached the bed, I pushed her down on it and loomed over her.

I licked her earlobes to arouse her. She was moving her head slowly and moaning. I pulled her saree, unhooked her blouse, and licked her back. She was moaning slowly. I took off her blouse. She was in her black transparent bra. I started pressing her boobs from behind over her bra and kissing her bare back. I bent down and slowly lifted her saree, kissing her sexy legs. Her legs were white. I licked her thighs and kissed them.

The heat from her thighs was too arousing. Started rubbing my dick on her ass crack over the saree. She got aroused and removed her saree tuck. What a sight it was. She was only in her black transparent bra and panty. It only covered her pussy and ass partially. I started squeezing her ass cheeks.Her lips were so soft and juicy. I couldn’t stop kissing her. It went on for a few minutes. We were playing with our tongues.

I inserted my finger in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. After some time, I hit her pussy with my dick. She was pleading with me to insert my dick. I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. Her pussy was tight. She screamed. I started stroking her slowly. After some time, drilling was fast.

And I showed my face Now in missionary position, she was literally surprised to the hell and also didn’t want me to stop fucking. She actually felt even more comfortable after knowing it was.

When we woke up, it was already 1am. We both were hungry and didn’t have time to cook. I asked her to go to a good restaurant, but she refused as someone could see us. We ordered food from the hotel. She was going to take a shower. I saw the movement of her ass while walking.

My dick was hard seeing it. I followed her and spanked her ass cheek. I asked her to take a shower together. She refused initially. Later she happily welcomed me inside. I started kissing her lips while squeezing her boobs and rubbing her clit with my fingers.

We were feeling each other’s body heat under the shower. She sat down for another nice blowjob. Again she drank all the cum and gave me a naughty smile. Her face turned fully red. I made her stand with the support of the wall. I lifted her one leg and started stroking her again.Her moans were echoing in the bathroom. Her moans were making me go crazy. I sat on the commode and asked her to come over to me. She sat over me and guided my dick into her pussy, and started stroking it.

We had sex in each corner of her house. Tried many different positions. We both were very happy for those two days. I will share in the next part if you guys like the story. If you guys liked this story.

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