Students DP me

Hello all, this is Andrea and regular reader and writer of sex stories. Hope you would have read my old story about my student rafique making me addicted to sex.

After we had sex for 3 months he spoke about various fantasies. It was one of it was him cuckolding me to someone. I was curious to know.

He said he will introduce to one of his guy who is also a muslim from bengal. I first said i am not interested. But though i was losing spice i decided to play.

2 days later he came with his friend. I was angry and said i am not interested. He introduced him as Ashraf. I have seen him in college. He is my student but very shy type and introvert. They said we will do one by one. I slapped rafique and went to bed room. Rafique came to convince me.

I just came from a wedding function so i was wearing a blue chiffon saree with green sleevless blouse. Ashraf was looking dark in colour but was not bad looking. Rafique came near me to convince and started kissing me. In meantime ashraf who was viewing came behind me and started licking my back and hip.

I pushed them away but ashraf got hold of my pallu and removed it. In a minute i was in blouse and petticoat. In few minutes they put me in bed and started lifting my petticoat.

One was removing licking my knees while Rafique was kissing navel. They got undressed and were in thier undies. They removed my blouse and i was in green bra and petticoat. Rafique removed his undies and i was sucking his cock while ashraf also removed. Ashraf had a lesser length cock but had more thickness than rafique.

They started kissing me and licking me. Rafique removed my bra panty through my petticoat. I was still in petticoat. Rafique started licking my pussy while ashraf was fucking my mouth. And it happened vice versa. Suddenly ashraf started licking my ass. I had a rough sensation in my shit hole. I removed the petticoat was sandwiched between two bulls.

I had my first orgasm and ashraf drank the cum. Now both decided to DP me. Ashraf took his dick instered in anal while rafique was fucking my mouth. They took turns. Ashraf asked to lie in cowgirl position and inserted his dick in my pussy and rafique took my ass. I was sandwiched inbetween them.

They fucked for half an hour and discharged by taking turns. I had 3 orgasms and was dead tired. Ashraf was rough by spanking and he came a huge load in my ass while rafique did in my pussy. We dossed off.

After 2 hours i woke up. I fucked them again and this time they cummed in my mouth. Rafique said he will move to bengal in 15 days. I was sad but happy that ashraf is there.

In next 15 days they made double pussy penetration and double anal penetration. Now i just have ashraf who satisifies my lust but rafique showed my love.

I don’t know how long ashraf is gonna fuck me but i will be happy till he does.

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