The New Girl-25

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I went and prepared coffee for her and then sat down with her. Mom looked up at me with swollen eyes due to crying. She managed to only whisper “what happened and how did I get here”?

I told her everything about the officers last night but she didn’t remember anything. She only recollected meeting Aslam yesterday evening and nothing else after that.

She said “I am sorry for everything dear, I did not mean to”. I consoled her saying “it’s ok mom, just forget everything as a bad dream and move on”. I now realised dad was standing leaning against the bedroom door frame quietly watching us.

Then I had coffee with her, she seemed in a slightly better condition now. She got up to roll up her bed when she saw dad standing there. She quietly avoided his gaze and went to the bathroom for her morning duties.

Dad came to me now, I took him to the kitchen where I made him coffee and said “don’t tell her anything, I feel she was clearly tricked into it without her knowledge”.

He argued “but she went there on her own will and we saw that too right”. I said “yes she did but what the cops said happened there is way out of her league for her to do willingly and as you can see she doesn’t remember a thing”.

Anyway as soon as mom came out I sent dad to get ready for office. I prepared breakfast for everyone and after many days we all ate together at the table.

Mom did not speak a word or look at either of us in the eye. Then dad left and I decided to take the day off from school to stay back with mom. Mom insisted that I should not bunk school for her sake and forced me to go.

Today I met everyone in school eager to enjoy sex like never before, I don’t know why but today it felt thrilling. I started with my usual Khan followed by enjoying my first threesome of the day with Govinda and Khan together.

Then I went straight to Prakash and Pillai where I enjoyed my second threesome. Today both of them were like bulls in heat not letting me go till they humped me twice each followed by the attractive compensation which was also double today.

They both begged me to meet them on Sunday at their place and were willing to quadruple the money. I said “well I cannot promise but I will try my best”. Then I left from there pocketing the cash.

Now I was heading to Khan’s cabin to put the money in my bag because I still had two hours before lunch break. I put the money in my bag and returned thinking where to go next when I bumped into John sir who is our physics teacher.

Just the sight of him made me weak in my knees and my pussy flowing wet because the sight of his meaty ten-inch cock flashed in front of my eyes. I recollected watching him when he was group fucking Lakshmi teacher along with Sharma (History teacher), Ramesh (English teacher) and Vikas.

He held my hand pulling me to the alley next to the stairs. He said “so finally I get to meet you Preeti, I wonder how I missed noticing you till Vikas told me how good a fuck you are and how hungry you are for sex”.

Just to tease and taunt him, I asked “so do you only talk or do you have what it takes to satisfy my hunger”? He placed my hand on his semi erect cock over his pants which extended from his crotch down to his thighs.

He said “do you like what your hands are feeling now and he is not even hard yet”. I said “I believe seeing is believing. So I can only tell how good this is when I see it in action”.

John asked “if you have an hour now then I will show it to you”. I said “I have two hours, where do you want to do it”? He said “why don’t you meet me in the physics lab in ten minutes”?

I said “fine with me”. He left and I tiptoed to the physics lab carefully to go unnoticed because the bio lab was also in the same block and I did not want to get caught by Babu.

I entered the physics lab and stood near the last desk and within minutes John entered closing the door but not locking it. I asked “why not lock the door”?

John said “you will find out soon, now quickly remove your clothes”. I looked at the door one last time and then began removing my clothes. I was soon down to my underwear while John had stripped completely.

He stood there stroking his meaty limp cock which was still much bigger than I had ever seen in real life. He said “what are you waiting for Preeti, come quickly suck me”.

I got on my knees taking hold of his giant cock in my small hands and licked the tip with my tongue. John placed his hands behind my head when I stopped and pushed his hands away.

I said “John no using force with me. handle me nicely and I will promise you a great time, if you try using force then I can guarantee you I will make this the worst mistake of your life”.

I looked at him while I resumed stroking and licking his shaft which was still limp. He seemed to be in shock because firstly I called him by his name without adding the “Sir” word.

Then I had the guts to give him a warning that this was going to be my way or I could make him regret it. Within seconds his dominating behaviour changed into an innocent puppy like and I loved it because I seem to enjoy being in control especially with men.

Then the door opened, I saw Sharma and Ramesh walk in and this time they locked the door from inside. I looked at John, he was grinning. I asked “why did you call them”?

He said “well darling, they also have been lusting to enjoy you since the time Vikas mentioned you”. I smiled to myself thinking that after last evening’s gangbang session with dad, Pankaj and Sharath, I can easily handle all of them.

The even more exciting part, when you ask life for one cock and it gives you two more in return then I am not complaining. I continued sucking John’s cock without stopping while Sharma and Ramesh joined and got out of their clothes.

Sharma came to me and tried ripping my bra forcefully, he said “finally today I am going to enjoy fucking this bitch. I will make you this school’s whore today”.

I stopped and turned around pushing Sharma off with force and he landed on the floor just managing to hit his head on the granite floor. I said “this bitch has recordings of your weekly group sex with Lakshmi maam and others. So either you fall in line like John and do as I say or I can end all your careers right now”.

Sharma too was frozen as if struck by thunder and took a few moments to digest everything and come to his senses. He got up and in a meek tone said “I am sorry Preeti, that is not what I meant. I only wanted to see your sexy big tits which have been my forever dream”.

I got up and said “you want something then politely ask, you dare to act bitchy with me then I can assure you I will have you castrated and ensure your cock will never get hard again”.

I now removed my bra and panty keeping it with the rest of my clothes and lay down on the teacher’s desk on my back. I looked at Sharma and said “now you can have me”.

Sharma was already drooling while stroking his cock. He quickly came to me and went straight for my boobs sucking my nipples like he was doing it for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile John spread my legs and got in-between exploring my pussy with his tongue. He had a big and rough tongue and that was doing wonders against my love lips and my engorged clit.

I looked sideways and saw Ramesh standing nearby also stroking his cock looking at all the action. I signalled him with my fingers to come to me. I held his cock and started giving him a hand job.

Ramesh saw that Sharma was busy with my one boob so he placed his hand on my other boob gently fondling and massaging it. I figured in my mind that he too had got my message loud and clear because with Lakshmi maam he too was rough and here he was being gently with me.

I was enjoying myself to the hilt because I was dominating and calling the shots here with three men who would have otherwise had me like animals. I reached out with my other hand and started giving Sharma also a hand job.

To be continued….

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