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So you have a website and are really anxious to get traffic to your site. Now you can advertise on Sex4stories.

We have only one plan and price for advertise on our site.. You can advertise with a banner and text link in the all post.

  • Accept banner 300×250 px
  • Advertise on all post
  • Text link in side
  • Your link in top menu
  • Your banner in side menu 300×250 px
  • Advertise 1 MONTH or 1 YEAR period

Format AD and PRICE

  • BANNER 300X250px (in Post or sidebar) = 200 Eur/Month
  • LINK IN TOP MENU = 200 Eur/Year
  • LINK IN SIDE or FOOTER = 200 Eur/Year
  • POPUNDERS = 1000 Eur/Month
  • IN-PAGE PUSH = 500 Eur/Month
  • PR POST Erotic stories with text ADS link = 100 Eur

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