Living Again After Growing Old-15

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-14 ). Now let’s continue

I knew now that even at 41 I was definitely desirable to many men. To show to everyone that I only belonged to Putta, I stopped him and gave him a kiss on his lips in full public view.

Some men turned their gazes away while most gawked at my public display of affection. After the kiss Putta was dumbstruck looking at me. Before he could speak, I said “Darling that was to make all the men staring at me understand that I am only yours”.

He smiled and we continued walking, we reached the hotel bar and took a corner seat overlooking the garden and swimming pool. Putta asked “Munni do you want to try beer now”?

I excitedly said “yes, I have been waiting”, he placed the order and then turned to me. He mockingly said “in the afternoon you had champagne and that itself made you crazily horny, now I wonder after you have beer what will happen”?

I too naughtily replied “I am happy that you know what is coming next, so you better be prepared. BTW you can have the energy drink too if you need to before starting”.

Putta naughtily said “yes I can already feel I am going to need that tonight”. I said “I hope you know that tonight you are on the verge of levelling your previous record”.

He said “yes Munni darling, I know and I am going to set a new one tonight”. We had the beers, initially I did not like the taste but on my second mug I was enjoying it.

I was constantly checking the time to see if my son or Ex will call but they didn’t. Finally, I could not wait anymore so at 10pm I called my Ex, he answered my call sounding least interested, he said “Sarita what is it”?

I asked “did you have dinner”? He said “yes we had all gone out for dinner”. Well honestly I cannot remember the last time he took me out to dinner after our honeymoon.

I asked about my son, he said “he is also fine” and hung up. Some corner of my mind expected him to ask about me, how my day was etc. But nothing. Even my son did not bother to speak to me…

Anyway we had dinner soon and retired to our room. I was feeling light headed because of the beer but that did not reduce my horniness a wee bit. Once in the room we both went crazy and were in bed even before our clothes came off.

We made love three times till early morning before finally sleeping. Yes, we set a new record but that was not the point. The important thing was we enjoyed from morning till night without any worries or interruptions.

We woke up late the next day, the same schedule of love making continued from morning till going to sleep at night till Monday evening when we were to checkout from the hotel.

Even that day we had five sessions in bed followed by one more in the shower and the surprising part was I did not touch the energy drink. During these three days, no one from home called to ask about me.

Every time I only had to call to check on my children. Then we got ready to leave, I wore a light blue jeans with a lemon yellow top. Putta asked “are you not going to wear your saree because you are going home Munni”?

I said “no, not anymore. If my daughter can wear such clothes, then why I cannot? Let me see their reactions today”. I packed the jeans, frocks and all the new inners in my bag leaving only the honeymoon nightwear in his.

The nightwear was still brand new because I never got a chance to wear it because we were always very horny by the time we got back to our room. Putta settled the bill and we hit the road going back.

The journey back was mostly quite. Putta asked “what’s wrong Munni? Why are you so quiet”? I said “I am thinking about how short-lived our happiness was. Now back to the grind where no one cares about me”.

He said “don’t worry Munni darling, I am still there to take care of you. We will still continue our daily sessions”. I said “yes that is the only solace I have”. He said “I will pray everything gets over and we are permanently together soon”.

I said “yes I will pray too that we get united very soon”. Then we reached home and Putta stopped outside his house first. I got down from the SUV when Radhika came out.

She looked at me bewildered from head to toe, she exclaimed “Sarita I cannot believe you finally changed your dressing”. I blushed and said “thank you Radhika”.

She said “I have been after you since so many years but you did not budge, what miracle happened now”? I looked at Pramod and said “lets just say he was able to convince me to change my mind”.

She said “whatever be the case I am very happy for you. Now you will wear sarees only for family functions, that’s final”. I meekly said “yes I will do as you say”.

We went inside and sat on the sofa. Even Adarsh was there, he said “Sarita I found it hard to recognise you at first, you are surely looking very pretty”. They asked me to join for dinner.

I politely declined saying “thank you but my family will be waiting back home, so I should go”. Putta dropped me home but not before a nice long smooch. It was 9pm, I got down from the SUV and saw all the lights were off.

I called my Ex, he said they were all out for dinner tonight and will be back by 10 and hung up. Again same bloody cold treatment, he could have at least asked if I had dinner or they could pack something for me, but nothing.

My blood was beginning to boil, then I thought why waste my time and energy over someone who is not worth it. I got back in the SUV and went to Putta’s place.

Radhika was happy that I joined them. We all had dinner together and wound up a little past 10pm. Putta dropped me home, now everyone was back. I used my keys and went inside, everyone was sitting in the hall.

When I entered everyone including my Ex stared at me like they had seen a ghost. My daughter said “mom what happened to you”? I calmly answered “nothing dear, why”?

My Ex asked “why are you dressed like this”? I calmly said “why am I not looking good”? There was total silence and I saw anger in his eyes, I quietly took my bags and went to my bedroom.

I got fresh in my attached bathroom, when I came out my Ex was standing there. He had opened my bags and was holding a thong panty in his hand. He asked angrily “what is all this Sarita”?

I said “its my underwear, don’t you know even that”. He asked “first tell me why are you not wearing a saree”? I said “I did not feel like wearing it”. He continued “who gave you the permission to wear such clothes”?

I said “I am not a kid who needs permission for everything, I can do what I want to. Who are you to question me like this”? He shouted loudly “I am your damn husband and you are supposed to do as I say”.

I said “oh yes my dear damned husband, I am your wife not your slave, remember that. Also if you don’t have a problem when our daughter wears even more aggressive clothes then why these double standards for me”?

He was about to slap me when I held his hand, I said “don’t you dare slap me or I will call the cops and have you arrested for physical abuse and you will spend the rest of your life in jail”.

He didn’t see this threat coming especially from me because like I said in the beginning I was a quiet meek cow all this while. Now he calmed down, I said “you are making an issue out of nothing, all women wear such clothes so why can’t I”?

The cop threat had its desired effect, he asked me in a normal tone “but why now Sarita after so many years? What will people say”? I shouted “hell with everyone, they can do what they want to but when I do it they have a problem”?

He was about to say something, I cut him saying “I am not done yet, I always wanted to dress like this, but you never even asked what I want or like. So when I saw this in a mall I bought it with my own money”.

He interrupted saying “it is not about the money Sarita”. I said “stop being a pussy like always, for once be a man that you are supposed to be. When I reached home and called you, you said you were out at dinner with children, did you even ask me once if I had dinner or if you could bring me something”?

He again interrupted but I cut him, I said “don’t interrupt me, in the last three days you went out for dinner everyday with our children, in the last 23years of marriage besides our honeymoon when have you taken me out? Can you even remember one day”?

He whispered a no, I said “say it loud, I want our children to also hear this”. He said “why do they need to hear our talks”? I said “if they can hear you shouting at me for no reason then they deserve to hear this too. If you cannot say it loud then should I call them here”?

My Ex said “I am sorry Sarita”. I cut him and called my children inside, they stood watching us with wide eyes. I turned to my Ex, I said “now say from the beginning what you were saying”.

With shame plastered across his face, he said “I am sorry Sarita, it is all my fault”. I added “say that you are sorry that you were about to slap me”. He said “yes I am sorry for that too”.

To be continued….

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