Living Again After Growing Old-8

Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-7 ). Now let’s continue

I don’t know what this drink was but after a few minutes I felt very refreshed. We put the empty bottles on the side table, Putta said “munni darling pack your bags for our first honeymoon starting next Monday”.

I was surprised at what he said, I asked “and what excuse am I going to give to my family”? He calmly said “tell them we are going to scout for good Universities for my higher education and since you are a rank holder you know what is right for me and want to help me”.

I was surprised and in awe of his mischievous planning, still I knew I could not be missing for too long from my family. So I asked “and how long is this honeymoon going to last Putta darling”?

He said “3 days only every few months Munni. Because there are other students you are tutoring right”. I said “yes, that’s right and I cannot ignore them”.

He said “Over the next few months you will tell their parents that you are stopping for personal reasons and they should make alternative arrangements”.

I was still digesting his plan when he said “Munni darling, I want you only to myself, so the three hours you will gain after stopping tuitions for other kids, I want to spend only with you. Are you fine with that”?

I thought, god was here standing at my door offering me a second chance to relive my lost life with my new found love, so was there really anything to think about?

I quickly shouted yes with full excitement. I said “yes my darling husband, thank you for coming up with such a nice idea. Those three hours which I will get to spend with you everyday means the world to me”.

With a sparkle in his eyes he kissed and hugged me and we enjoyed another unbelievably awesome long love making session. Every time he came inside my pussy, I would collect his tasty gift flowing out of my honey pot and lick it all.

Putta took me to his bathroom now, I looked around and saw the most modern and lavish bathroom ever, it was much bigger than even my living room.

I saw there was a big double bath tub with something which made the water flow around with some force. He asked “don’t you feel like taking a piss Munni darling”?

I smiled mischievously at him because I knew what he wanted to do next. I put my hands on the edge of the wash counter and squatted a little opening my legs wide.

Putta sat between my legs firmly planting his mouth to my honey pot. I recollected last time and let out my stream very slowly making it easier for him to drink it all.

It is only now I realised that I hadn’t relieved myself since I had lunch, so there was a huge quantity I let out. I was looking into his eyes and thinking what kinky pleasures he might be deriving from this.

Though I took a long time to finish, putta still continued eating my pussy for some more time. He was arousing me greatly while I was instinctively running my hand in his hair.

My orgasmic volcano was already brewing to erupt again soon. While I was basking on the pleasures of his mouth getting close to my eruption, Putta stopped.

I so much wanted to beg him to continue so he could drive me over the edge but I felt very shy to ask him that, especially now that he is my husband. Anyway he was not done yet with me as I was soon going to find out.

He stood behind me pushing his big dick inside me from behind also hugging me. I took his hands from my waist and placed them on my boobs letting him know.

This was a new position for me too because I had not seen it in the porn movies yet. Putta asked “are you enjoying in this position Munni darling”? In a coarse voice I managed to say “yes my love, it is feeling great”.

He gently started massaging my tits while he restarted pumping my pussy. This was our fifth love making session of the day and I was not half as tired as yesterday.

Maybe the energy drinks were helping greatly. I saw in the mirror opposite my young stud hubby busy kissing everywhere his mouth could reach. Within seconds my orgasm erupted inside me making me bend forward on the counter.

When I came around and opened my eyes, Putta pulled me up again hugging me and resumed pumping me. I was amazed seeing his stamina doing me for the fifth time and still pumping me as strong as his first.

I do not know if he had taken some enhancement pills knowing that today we were going to be together for many hours. After pumping me in this position for a long time he made me turn around and sat me on the wash counter.

He opened my legs wide holding them in his strong arms and entered inside facing me. He was pumping me with the same vigour as before without showing any signs of exhaustion.

He asked “now how about this positon Munni darling”? I said “this is as good as the previous one hubby darling”. Thanks to my daily yoga, my body was flexible enough for me to raise my legs touching my knees to my shoulders.

Putta let go of my legs and held my extra wide hips and began pumping me really hard. I was finding it hard to believe the way my body was reacting to his love making and erupting in frequent orgasms.

I could feel my next one building fast and Putta also increased his speed going with full force. Soon we both climaxed together relishing this awesome and crazy long session.

I got off the counter and he helped me step into the tub and lie down with only my neck sticking out of the water. Then he too got in and lay by my side. Laying in his arms with the warm water rubbing our bodies was such a relaxing sensation.

He pulled me in his arms, he started running his one hand over my back and other was holding my face and kissing me. I naughtily asked “looks like my hubby darling is not done feeling naughty yet, are you trying to set a new record”?

Putta said “I wish I could Munni darling, but I too have my limits”. I laughed and said “you have already levelled yesterday’s record and we still have a lot of time left, do you really think you will not make love again today”?

Just then the intercom buzzed, Putta answered from his parallel line in the bathroom. It was Radhika on the line. He covered the receiver and asked me “do you want to have some snacks”?

I said “yes, definitely”, he spoke to her and asked her to send it after half an hour. He got back in the tub and after cuddling for few minutes we got under the shower

Imagine till 2 days back having a bath was the most intimate thing ever and now I was showering naked with the love of my life, my Putta. We finished the bath and put on our clothes.

I used a hair dryer to dry my hair and do it up nicely to avoid the slightest suspicion. Luckily I carry my lipstick in my purse so I reapplied it. We neatened up the place and sat at his study.

Soon there was a knock on the door, Putta opened it and Radhika walked in with coffee and snacks. Putta said “mom why did you have to bring it, you could have sent one of the servants”.

She said “for anyone else I would have sent the servants, But Sarita is very special to me. It is a pleasure for me to bring it myself”. She looked at me and Putta closely and said “you guys look tired”.

I felt embarrassed being told such a thing from my close friend whose son was now my real hubby. To add to it Putta said “yes mom, Sarita aunty is very demanding, she made me work really hard and it was fun. I enjoyed it”.

My face was again turning red listening to his statement knowing well what she meant with the double meaning line. I felt like giving it back to him, I said “Radhika Pramod is just putting it all on me. In reality he enjoys working very hard himself”.

Radhika said “whatever it is, I am really very happy because Pramod was not like this earlier. I have never seen this look on his face. He seems to look much more grown up and mature than before, thank you dear”.

She got up to leave and Putta locked the door after her. By now even we had finished the snacks and coffee. Putta came to me and pulled me to my feet in another bear hug followed by crazy kissing till we were both breathless”.

To be continued….

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