My perverse obsession

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We are a Punjabi family. I have my own business and my wife Shalu works in a advertising firm. She is outgoing and like Punjabi chicks is sexy. Lovely ass and breasts with long hair. Our children are in boarding and we live a full life. We travel and have some good time fucking.

I love to fuck with others seeing us. Shalu does not like it. So like a true sonnaofabitch I trick her. Last night was exhilarating. We went to Manali. Booked a room with balcony facing valley. But the car park was there. Shalu can’t see well without specs. We went out for dinner. She wore these tight jeans with crotch smooth. Had zips on both sides. She put on blue tee shirt. As it was not holiday season she used a sleeveless one. I had on tight shorts and tee shirt.

I could see men leching and felt nice. We walked to bar and ordered drinks. I had a whisky and she wanted a breeze. Now when she got up to go to the counter I mixed whisky in her glass. I could see boys passing lewd remarks like behenchod kya gaand Hai. Mera Lund khada hain. I was turned on. She sipped and said it tasted bitter and I said it must be local stuff. We lit our cigarettes and walked back to the hotel. She was high now.

We spent some time in lobby and kissed. We asked bellboy to send us some drinks and went to room. Now the room had big windows and I kept curtains open. Shalu objected and I said no one can see. But below j could see some drivers looking up.

We kissed and I made her stand near window and caressed her ass. Sooni turned her around and fondled her crotch. Our drinks came and I winked to the boy and the Window. As he left I slowly removed her top. The drivers below were smiling and had their cameras out. I turned her towards the wj down and as she said darling fuck men I rem9ved her bra. Her boobs were exposed and I went closer to Window. I turned her around and took her to balcony, slowly I unzipped her jeans and out it was. She was in the open with only tiny panty. I took out my cock and asked her to such. She was high and did. Her panty was soak8ng wet and I finger fucked her as she bent with ass near railing. I could see the driver taking out his cock and wanking. I made shalu stand and removed her panty. Now we were both naked and I made her face the railing. I exposed her furry crotch so that the drivers could see and then fucked her hard fro behind. I poured my cum into her cunt. As it ran along her legs I asked her to get our fans. As she came quite drunk she said she hoped no one was seeing. Of course not I said . She stood smoking g with ass on railing and my cock got up. I told her to give a blow job. She bent and started sucking my cock. I kept spanking her as she sucked hard until my cum came into her mouth.

Real fucker you are she said. I thought I am more than that. I signaled to the wanking drivers as we went in.

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