Last part of fun with boiler repair man – Part 2

I would meet the gas repairman (Neil) and also one of his work friends two weeks after my initial bit of fun with him. Sex with a repair man when I was 18

The repair had been a complete success, but on coming home one day I found him at home with my mum on the pretext that he had been checking out his work and carrying out his fatal safety inspections.

Mum looked a little bit flustered, but to be honest I just thought he’d probably been chatting her up a bit more while he was carried out his work. I was to find out the truth later that week when I met him and his work partner.

As he left the house I made an excuse to go out with him saying I had forgotten something at my friend Tracey’s house.

Once outside we walked up the street together, him telling me how good I looked and me telling him how much I had enjoyed our last fun together.

He asked me if I was willing to repeat it and I told him of course I was, as I had loved having sex with him and had hoped he might want to come back, ‘for seconds,’ as I put it.

We carried on chatting right up until he got to his van, at which point he told me to meet him two nights later, and to make sure I was wearing something sexy.

I agreed asking him what he wanted me to wear and he told me he had a real thing for stockings.

I told him I didn’t have any but that I would certainly try and pinch a pair of mum’s to wear.

He laughed at this telling me I was, ‘a dirty little minx.’ I proudly told him I knew I was and I loved it!

He asked me how I was getting on with my boyfriend and I told him everything was going okay. Trying to shock and impress him by adding, “His cock isn’t big enough for me and I want more.”

He was a little bit shocked at this again saying I was, ‘a sexy little slut.’

I laughed back again, quite openly telling him that yes I was and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it, adding, “I fucking love it.”

We sneaked a kiss on parting and I was soon melting in his arms as he kissed me passionately.

“I bet your wife doesn’t kiss like that,” I said to him. And on rubbing his crotch adding, “Or get your cock as hard as I have done just now!”

We arranged to meet at a nearby shop on the agreed day and time.

That night in bed I had a good play with myself. Getting my pussy really wet and slippery thinking of the fun I was going to have with this guy in a couple of nights.

Once again I could hear that mum and dad were having sex next door and I listened intently again as I slowly played with my slimy pussy and hard clit.

I could hear dad telling mum that she looked gorgeous and I assumed once again she had dressed up for him. I then heard the usual muffled sounds which I imagined was either dad licking mum out or she was sucking on dad’s cock.

By now I had two fingers up my wet cunny and was slowly finger banging myself, loving listening into my dirty parents having a good fuck next door, and thinking of the screwing I would be taking soon.

I then heard mum gasp, her telling my dad that he was rock hard. This was followed by dad saying back to her that she was absolutely soaking wet. Calling her a ‘dirty bitch.’

I could hear the sounds of slapping that was obviously dad screwing mum, and mum telling him to ‘fuck her hard.’

I then heard dad asking mum if she had enjoyed having her fancy man around again.

Obviously indulging in the fantasy play again. I heard mum telling dad, ‘Yes he was around today and he’s an absolute hunk’.

That was making her clearly very turned on again and mum was telling him that he had, ‘a huge cock,’ and that she was going to see him again with two or three of his friends and ‘fuck them all silly.’

I assumed this was just fantasy talk between my parents, but it was extremely sxy listening to it. I was really getting off and listening to my mum being so dirty.

I was bringing myself off with my fingers as I heard Dad telling mum he was going to cum and her telling him to, ‘spunk all over her tits.’

I then listened to dad bringing mum off with his tongue as she told him to eat her out and enjoy the taste of her ‘just fucked cunt.’

After my own orgasm subsided I slowly drifted off to sleep again having wonderful thoughts about the fun I would be having.

The day itself dragged and I couldn’t wait to get home and then get out again to meet my older admirer. I told my best friend Tracey all about it and we giggled as she told me she would love to come along to join in. I told her I’m sure he would love it too and I would ask him about it to see if he would want to see us both.

On getting home I had my tea, then told Mum I was going out to the pictures and would be back a bit later. She told me she was running around to one of my uncle’s houses, so as luck would have it she was out the house before I was ready to leave.

Obviously I had to come back later that night so I couldn’t wear something too explicit for going out, but I managed to pack a bag to change into for the fun I planned on having with the gas repairman.

I dressed again in my denim mini skirt, white top and sensible black shoes for going out.

In my bag I had packed a netball skirt (grey and pleated), a white blouse, my old school tie and had managed to rummage in mum’s drawers, finding a pair of black hold up stockings.

I assumed this look would be appreciated by my married lover.

I practically ran to the arranged meeting point a couple of streets away and was delighted to see his van parked up.

I made my way to the passenger door and was stunned to see another guy sitting in the middle alongside Neil.

A middle aged guy, I would say he was in his forties, with quite a big frame and carrying a fair bit of weight.

“Hiya gorgeous, glad you have come,” I was greeted with by my older lover.

I flashed a smile as I clambered into the van. “Anna this is my mate Tam. I hope you don’t mind him being along, but he told me he had to see this beautiful sexy young girl I have been telling him about.”

I feigned shock saying, “So, you’ve been talking about me have you, you swine.”

To which he replied, “Aye but only to my closest friends, and they all think you sound wonderful and beautiful.”

I laughed back saying, “I have to admit I’ve been telling my friend about you as well so I guess we’re even.”

On sitting beside Tam, my little mini skirt was now showing plenty of my legs and my tight white top already showed how hard my nipples were.

“You’re even prettier than he told me,” Tam complimented me.

I thanked him telling him that he was as much of a flatterer as his pal.

He laughed back saying, “When you’re with a pretty young girl like you, with gorgeous legs like you have it is easy to be flattering.”

We had driven off and I asked where we were headed. Tam said his flat wasn’t too far and as he now lived alone they hoped I wouldn’t mind going back there for a little bit of fun.

My pussy was already getting a little bit wet thinking about the fact that I was probably about to have two guys all to myself, and I told him I was more than ready for some fun and it was a pity I hadn’t known he was coming as my friend Tracey was dead keen to join in.

By this point I was feeling well turned on, and Tam had felt bold enough to put one of his big, chubby hands on my leg and I had made no move to stop him. He slowly rubbed my smooth thigh, as I noticed his wedding ring on his hand that was feeling me up as I eagerly moved my right hand over his lap.

“You are a sexy little one aren’t you,” he said to me as I moved my hand further up his thigh and onto his crotch area.

“Seems to be having the desired effect on you!” I chuckled as he was starting to sport quite a significant hard-on.

“I told you she was a goer didn’t I!” his friend laughed, watching intermittently as he drove

I slowly played with this guy’s bulge on the outside of his trousers as we drove to his flat which was not too far away. His cock was straining to get out.

His hand was now slipping up onto my upper thigh and he found my wet cunny encased in my tiny panties.

“Nice ‘n wet already!” he said to me.

I smiled back, looking him directly in the eye and saying, “Fucking soaking. I bet your wifes cunt isn’t this wet for you.” He laughed back saying no it had never been, telling me he was currently separated from her.

Once we arrived we all rushed out of the van and into Tam’s flat.

Neil asked me if I had brought something sexy to change into and I laughed saying that of course I had. They both asked me what it was and I told them they would have to await their surprise.

I was quickly shown where the bathroom was, as the guys got themselves comfortable in the living room with a couple of beers.

Once in the bathroom I slowly began to strip, my young pussy already wet and my nipples rock hard from the anticipation of the fucking I was undoubtedly going to receive.

I carefully piled my day clothes up whilst I dressed into my sexy schoolgirl outfit.

I didn’t bother putting my panties or bra back on, and as I slid my mum’s stockings onto my legs I couldn’t help but finger fuck myself.

Once fully dressed I checked myself in the mirror, and thought I looked the bee’s knees.

Tight white blouse (with my old school tie around my neck) unbuttoned to show my cleavage off, my grey, pleated netball mini skirt, mum’s hold up black stockings and a pair of two inch black heels.

I hoped my two much older lovers would be suitably impressed.

I needn’t have worried about Neil and Tam’s response, on walking down stairs and back into the living room I was greeted with wolf whistles from two completely naked middle-aged men.

“I see you two have gotten yourselves comfortable!” I laughed.

“Seemed pointless not be ready to greet your entry,” Neil quipped back at me as he sat stroking his cock.

“You look fucking incredible,” Tam said to me as I strutted as seductively around the living room as I could manage.

“I thought you might like it,” I replied. “This is my old school blouse and netball skirt and I nicked a pair of my mum’s stockings because I know you said you like them.”

Neil then said something that really peaked my interest. “They look even better on you than they do on your mum.”

They were both now sitting on separate chairs stroking their cocks and both had full erections.

“I’m glad the site of me has you both so turned on,” I said admiring their hard, throbbing gristle.

“Are you wet?” Tam asked me.

“Fucking soaking!” I replied slipping a hand up under my skirt and sliding two fingers into my pussy.

I then took them out and sucked the juices off in front of them.

“Does your wife dress up like this?” I asked Neil.

He replied, “Only if I can get her drunk enough.”

Tam was now slowly working on the full length of his cock, a thick chubby six inches.

Naked I could see how much weight he was carrying, and with him being roughly six feet two, I was simply dwarfed by them both.

I sat beside Tam first and slid my hand down to replace his on his thick cock. Wrapping my slim, young fingers around it and beginning to give him a slow wank, wetting my hand with more of my cunt juice and spit as I did so.

Whilst I did this he fumbled up my leg and under my skirt and found that I had no knickers on.

“Nice and easy access!” he laughed.

I smiled back at him as I continued to wank him. “I didn’t see the point in putting any knickers on, as I knew you dirty bastards would want them off quickly anyway!”

His big, shovel-like hand had found its way to my young, bald pussy and two of his fingers were circling my rock hard clit and deliciously sliding down my slippery gash.

I spread my legs wide, and he ran his hands up my stocking clad legs back to my dripping hot snatch.

I shuddered as he penetrated me for the first time with both fingers, burying them way past the knuckle up my young quim.

“Fucking hell you’re wet down there!” he said to me.

“Go on slide another one up me as well,” I almost begged.

He did so with ease commenting again on how wet and open my cunny was for one so young.

“Looks like you’ve seen plenty of cock already!” he said to me.

“I have a bit,” I said back. “I’m hoping I’m going to be adding two more to my tally today when I get you two dirty bastards up me.”

He continued kneading my fanny with three fingers as I wanked on his cock and he opened his mouth for me to kiss him.

I willingly responded by sliding my young tongue into this much older man’s mouth for the first time.

Tonguing each other faster and faster with my legs splayed wide, my heels dangling off my feet.

“Oh fuck yes. Finger fuck me!” I urged. “Finger fuck my young cunt. Treat me like a dirty little slag. I’m going to let you do things to me that you’re fucking ex-wife never let you did to her. Oh god yes, get fucking four up me.”

He obliged sliding a fourth thick, chubby finger up me and pounding me harder.

Neil had now stood up and walked over to me as I was still kissing Tam. My other hand was diverted to his cock so I was now ‘skiing’ with both cocks in my hand.

We then moved over to the settee where I sat in between both of the older men.

My tiny netball gym skirt skirt had now been reduced to a band around my waist as I sat with both cocks in my hands, wanking them off as they each one took turns kissing me and fumbling around with my young fanny.

This continued for a few minutes, me tasting both of their tongues deep in my mouth, and me burying mine in theirs tonguing these dirty old fuckers good and hard, as their hands wandered delightfully all over my body.

At this point my blouse was completely removed, leaving my tie around my neck as they both started to work on my aching titties as well as my pussy.

First they used their hands all over my young breasts, and then began to alternate sucking a tit as I snogged the other one whilst they both had fingers on my cunt and on my clitty.

I was loving the attention from these two middle-aged men and couldn’t wait to taste their cocks.

Tam was the first one to ask me to suck him off. Again I teased him asking if his ex-wife had ever sucked cock, to which she replied no as she always thought it was too dirty.

I moved onto all fours on the floor. Just me in my heels,tiny mini skirt, stockings and my old school tie.

I licked his balls and then the full length of his stubby shaft. As I did so I looked up, smiling in between licks at this man old enough to be my father and said to him, “She didn’t know what she was missing the silly bitch! There’s nothing better than having a hard cock in your mouth.” My cunt was dripping by this point.

I lapped at his hairy balls and slid my tongue up his thick, stocky shaft, right to his tip and licked the pre-cum from around his cockhole.

Neil now fully removed my skirt leaving me only in my heels, stockings and tie still around my neck.

Whilst I greedily sucked on Tam, I felt Neil sliding behind me and he began licking at my ass and pussy.

“Oh shit yes, lick my fanny,” I said. “I fucking love it. I love it! Oh god! You’re gonna make me cum quick.”

“Like mother like daughter!” he laughed in between licking my dripping snatch out.

I was now so turned on that I had to ask what these comments meant.

I was licking all over Tam’s hairy balls and chubby cock. Licking his thick thighs and kissing his fat belly in between taking his full six, stubby inches down my throat and spitting over his balls and cock.

My bald fanny was on fire as Neill expertly worked his tongue and fingers around with my clit, my lips and deep up into my young fuckhole.

“What do you mean I’m like my mother?” I asked in between slurping on dick. “What did you mean when you said I look better than my mother did in stockings?”

Neil knew I was turned on and how to push my buttons.

“Well tell me how you think I know!” he said as he continued to use his fingers on my clit, bringing me to the point of my first orgasm.

“How would I possibly know what your mum looks like in stockings, or that she can suck cock as good as you?” was his reply.

He continued to work my swollen clit with his tongue and then down onto my slippery gash opening my lips up.

As he licked me out, I stopped sucking on Tam and instead wanked him slowly.

I then told them both in detail what I had heard the previous night when mum and dad had been having sex.

“She really gets off on the idea of you chatting her up and trying it on with her,” I said. “And my dad seems to like the idea as well.”

Stopping eating me out for a second, Neil calmly said, “It’s gone way beyond the chatting up stage love!” sliding a finger up my honeypot and opening me up wide as he continued to circle my clit with his thumb.

“I think your dad likes more than just the idea of your mum playing around as well,” he said to me.” I think he knows that she is a cock hungry bitch just like her daughter.”

I started sucking on Tam again, my head a whirl.

“You almost caught us at it the other day when you came home.”

I was now almost climaxing as I asked him to explain exactly what he meant.

He then told me he had gone around as he had intended to both check on the work for the boiler repair but also the check out my mum again.

Once he started getting me right on the edge of a crashing first orgasm he told me how he had chatted her up over a cup of tea, telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky my father was that he had such a gorgeous wife.

He told me she crossed and uncrossed her legs in the skirt she was wearing and he complimented her on her gorgeous legs. When she showed no signs of disapproval of this he had ended up kissing her in the kitchen before they had then been all over each other.

Him and my mum had actually fucked that day in the kitchen on the kitchen table.

I was now cumming all over the place as his fingers worked up and down my wet slit. He told me that after their initial screw downstairs they had gone upstairs and mum had put on a pair of black stockings for him and she rode him hard as he lay on the bed.

He told me, “She has a tight pussy your mother and I loved spunking right up it. She was dripping with my cum when you came home and got talking to us downstairs.”

I was cumming really heavily at the thought of my mum acting like this and also the thought that we had both had the same man unbeknownst to her.

As my orgasm was still crashing over me Neil slid his cock up me with ease.

“I fucked your mum doggy just like this!” he said to me.” I fucked her on the bed as she clung onto their headboard telling me to pound her fanny.”

He was fucking me hard now, pulling my hips into meet his thrusts.

“I tell you this as well you little tart. She may be a good screw. But the bitch is nowhere near as dirty as you.”

My head was swimming with the news that my mum had cheated on dad, and with the thought that perhaps my dad was okay for her to do so.

Neil was now grabbing my slim waist hard, as I felt the full length of his cock slamming back into me as he did me doggy style and as I sucked Tam hard.

Tam was telling me what a good cock sucker I was for someone so young and telling me that he would have to try and get round to mum as well to see whether he could work some charm on her too.

Neil was laughing, “Don’t worry mate I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get that dirty tart in the mood for a threesome or even more as well.”

“This young tart is juicing up again nicely as well!” he said as he continued to fuck me hard from behind.

Tam then asked if he could, ‘slip his length up me,’ as he wanted to, ‘savour my tight young cunt.’

We swapped around with Neil sitting on the settee as I began to lick and lap my own juices off him, and Tam replaced Neil behind me.

This giant of a man almost picked me up, placing me on his cock.

He was massive, and with me being so small I was being fucked like a rattle from behind by this fat, middle aged man.

His fat, stubby cock was stretching me good but not nearly hitting the depths Neils longer, slimmer cock had done earlier on.

I wantonly sucked on Neil looking at him knowing that his cock had been buried up my mum and again I began to climax this time on Tam’s thick cock as it pistoned in and out of me.

“I’m fucking cumming again!” I said loudly and sluttily. “Go on you fat, fucker. Fuck it. Oh yes like that. Fuck my young fanny.”

Tam, who was sweating all over my back and arse, said he was going to spunk I told him to spray it all over my arse and back.

With a few more strokes and bangs from behind I then felt him pop out of me and felt a warm gush of hot jizz starting to spurt over my tight young ass and up over my back.

Neil said he was almost at the point of cumming too so I slowed down sucking him as I wanted him back up me.

With fat Tam’s spunk all over my ass and back, I stood up in my heels and stockings and sat on Neil’s slippery cock. I slammed down on him as I wanted it very deep, up to his balls in my young quim.

A few thrusts up and down had him on the point of cumming and I told him I wanted to deposit up my fanny. “I want you to cum up me, spunk up me just like you did with mum.”

I told him not to worry as I was on the pill, to which he laughed, saying, “That’s exactly what your mum said to me when I emptied my balls up her.”

His cock injected and spurted his seed up me as I continued to ride up and down on this older man’s cock, draining his balls. Tightening gripping my pussy around it as I did so.

After Neil had finished unloading his seed deep up me I slowly withdrew myself off him and got on all fours again to clean his delicious cock.

Licking all the cum from his shaft, his cum and mine.

“You’re a dirty little fucker'” he told me as I did so.

Tam agreed and slowly worked on his cock which was stiffening again.

This led me to give Tam a blow job, which took quite a while for him to unload, this time sending his cum spurting into my young, wiling mouth.

He didn’t have the biggest cock, or the best body, but he could repeat in a short space of time he told me with pride.

Sucking him off gave me another little climax as I fingered myself as I brought him off.

Neil was getting dressed again as he watched me sucking his fat friend off.

Once we had finished I took a quick shower, cleaning my cum soaked back, arse and fanny.

I then redressed into my denim skirt and top and Neil drove me back to a few streets away from home.

On the journey back he confirmed that he had actually fucked mum, and told me he would obviously say nothing to her about me.

I would meet him only once more, this time alone in his van a few weeks later.

He told me that mum had seen him and another guy in between this time.

On getting home mum and dad were both sitting watching TV and it felt odd, strangely arousing but also a bit confusing, knowing what had happened between her and this guy.

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