Kate Meets Dale in the Produce Section

Having never strayed from her marriage, now in the space of several weeks, Kate had slept with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend twice, her best friend alone once, the best man from her wedding and an old high school friend. In many ways she didn’t know who she was anymore, but in others she felt liberated and exhilarated.

Would it stop? If not, were there bounds to her new adventures? Kate wondered to herself as she walked through the grocery store around lunch time on a sunny, warm, late winter afternoon. She had all of the things she needed except for zucchini to make zoodles with dinner, so she walked to the produce aisle. She began rummaging through the zucchini to find a good one. Glancing to her left, her eye caught a tall, black man, placing a squash in his basket.

He smiled and said, “I promise I don’t hang out here all day waiting for pretty women to come by so I can say something suggestive.” “Sure you don’t,” Kate replied as she picked up about a 7-inch fairly thin zucchini. “Is this where I am supposed to say mine’s bigger,” he added. Kate giggled, “well how about I start with, I’m Dale,” he said. “Kate” she replied. “So is it?” Kate added, hardly believing the words came out of her mouth. “Um, well yes, it is,” Dale smiled, himself somewhat amazed he was having this conversation.

He looked at the ring on her left hand and mused to himself, “a married white woman, flirting in the produce section, was this real?” “How about this one?” Kate asked, picking up one that was a bit longer and a good bit thicker. “You’re getting warmer,” Dale responded, “but not there yet.” Kate eyed the pile of green produce in front of her and reached for one she thought must have been at least nine inches and was thick enough that she struggled to get her hand around it. “Surely not this big,” she said inquisitively. “I’d say that’s about right,” he responded. “No way,” Kate exclaimed. “Way,” Dale quipped, smiling broadly. Kate looked down at the long, thick zucchini in her hand. Could he possibly be that big? Did she want to find out? “Imagining what it would be like?” Dale interjected. “Um, well . . .” Kate stammered. “I’d love to show you. I don’t live far if you would like to come over.” “Um, I don’t know you. I can’t just go to a stranger’s house. How do I know you’re not a serial killer or something?” Kate said rhetorically. “Well, some risks are worth taking I guess,” Dale replied. “Follow me to my place and if you don’t like the looks of things, you can just head on out; what do you think?”

Kate couldn’t believe she was even considering this. She definitely was letting her sexual desire and adventurousness get the best of her judgment. But Tom was away again, and she didn’t have anything else on the agenda for the afternoon. The thought of spending it with a very attractive and apparently hugely endowed black man was making her wet. “Ok, how far away to do you live?” “Just a few miles,” he replied. Kate followed Dale out of the store. “I’m parked over here,” Dale said, as he walked to a large black Mercedes sedan. “I have the black suv over there, I’ll pull around,” Kate said. Kate watched as Dale pulled out of the parking space and she followed behind him. Should she do this? Should she veer off and just go home. “Probably,” she thought, but the thought of fucking overwhelmed her. She wanted this stranger’s big cock and she was going to have it.

Dale slowed and pulled into an unmarked drive, mailboxes at the end. She followed him down a long driveway which split off in three directions. Dale veered to the left and Kate followed, soon seeing a huge Tudor style house in front of her. Nice car, nice house. Kate felt relieved. They both parked and Kate got out. She was wearing a black blouse that buttoned up the front with a black lace bra, jeans with matching black lace panties underneath. Dale wore a tight athletic fitting crew neck shirt and jeans. Kate’s eyes wandered to the bulge in the front of his jeans. Once inside, Dale offered Kate a glass of wine. Knowing she could use one, she accepted. “So, do you pick up women at the grocery store often?” Kate smiled. “Honestly, I never have,” Dale answered. “I’ve had the fantasy, but never had it happen.” “What have you fantasized about?” Kate asked. “Meeting an attractive married white woman like yourself, bringing her back here,” he answered. Kate smiled, “then what?” “You’re going to make me blush,” Dale laughed. “I want to know,” Kate answered. “We go up to the shower, and enjoy time in there together.” “Oh, what do you do in there?” Kate persisted. “She sucks my cock.” “Mmm, do you like that Dale?” Kate asked. “Of course I do.” “Would you like me to suck your cock in your shower, Dale?” Kate asked. “If you’re not careful, I may have to take it out and have you do it right here,” he responded.

Kate moved towards Dale and dropped to her knees. She reached for his belt, undid it and then unbuttoned his jeans. As she slid them down his boxers started to slip off with them, revealing, inch by inch, a huge, cut black cock. She had never seen one so big. It was long and incredibly thick, with a huge bulbous head. As it started to harden, she knew it was as big as he had promised. “So you weren’t lying,” Kate offered. “Suck it baby,” Dale ordered.

Kate took the big head to her lips, extending the tip of her tongue to lick the precum that had pooled in its opening. Circling the head with her tongue she looked up at Dale who moaned his approval. She took the head into her mouth and began to suck down his shaft. It was so big that the head and just a bit of his shaft nearly filled her mouth. Kate took Dale’s balls in her left hand, squeezing them gently as she sucked him, and wrapped her right hand around his shaft, as best she could, and began pumping him into her mouth.

Dale moaned as Kate sucked and stroked him, “suck that dick baby, your mouth is so good.” She felt him put his hand on the top of her head, his long fingers extending to the back of her head, holding it there as he slowly thrust his hips forward. The head of his cock found the back of her throat, several inches of shaft filling her mouth completely. Kate relaxed, breathing through her nose as she felt the head push even deeper. Her hand around his shaft moved up to her lips. She couldn’t take him any deeper. He pushed forward a little more, holding her head firmly. Her eyes watered as the long, thick rod choked into her throat. Kate gagged and he released her. She coughed, and wiped her eyes. “You like sucking that big black dick baby?” Kate nodded and again took it into her mouth.

Dale again thrust himself deeply, watching his black shaft disappear between Kate’s pink lips, pulling her head into him and thrusting himself forward. “Take it baby,” he ordered her. “Suck that dick.” Dale held both sides of Kate’s head and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, going less deep, but moving faster. He felt himself build as he watched himself face fuck this married white woman he had just met in the grocery store, anxious to shoot his load in her willing mouth. “I am going to cum baby, swallow that nut,” he told her. Kate sucked him in deeply again as gobs of warm cum started hitting the back of her throat. She pumped his shaft with her hand as he unloaded himself. She swallowed her mouthful of cum and then moved the head of his big cock across her lips, the last spurts of white spunk running down her chin. “Damn girl, you can suck a cock.” Kate smiled at him, licking the cum off her lips and using her finger to scrape it from her chin into her mouth.

“Strip for me baby,” Dale commanded. He sat back on the couch as Kate started undoing the top button of her blouse. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, while staring at Dale’s huge, still erect cock. She couldn’t wait to be riding it. Kate slipped out of her blouse, her large breasts concealed only by the black lace bra. Dale could see her large pink nipples through the lace. Kate unzipped her jeans and slid them off, her brown bush apparent through her black lace panties. Dale was stroking his big rod as he watched her. Kate moved closer and reached back to undo her bra. She let it fall revealing her ample tits and long, already hard nipples. “Damn baby, I need to fuck those titties,” Dale exclaimed. Kate moved closer and slid off her panties.

Not long ago Kate would have been self-conscious taking off her clothes in front of a stranger. Her breasts were not as perky as they once were, her midsection fuller, a small plump belly apparent above her pubic hair. But now she was confident, knowing how much several new men had enjoyed having sex with her, she was anxious to give herself to Dale. Kate moved onto the couch, straddling him. The tip of his erect cock grazed the opening of her wet cunt. She moved so it was at her warm hole and quickly sat down on it, taking it all the way inside her. The feeling was incredible. So deep, so full. His shaft was so thick she could feel it spreading her lips as he split her. “Damn baby, you can take it all. Most women say it’s too big.“ “I love it; fuck me,” Kate replied.

Kate rode up and down on Dale’s long black rod, rising up until just the big mushroom head was inside her, and then sliding down until he was all the way back inside her. She was so wet, her juices flowed down Dale’s shaft onto his legs, the sound of his cock plunging in and out of her was only drowned out by her moans. Dale massaged Kate’s big tits with his large hands, her long nipples protruding between his fingers. As she rode him, he leaned forward and playfully bit and then sucked her breasts. He loved how long and hard her nipples were, the biggest he had seen. Dale had been with a few white women and he loved them, especially the married ones. They knew what they were doing and what they wanted. Kate wanted to be fucked and Dale was obliging her. The feel of her wet cunt around him was incredible. Most women couldn’t take all of him, some couldn’t handle being fucked by a guy that big at all. Feeling Kate’s pubic bone grind against his own, his whole dick insider her, was ecstacy. The sound of her wet pussy taking his dick also turned him on. His massive cock pushing her juices out with each thrust. He looked in Kate’s eyes, she was loving it.

Dale lifted her up, his strong arms easily carrying her weight as he thrust his cock in and out of her. He fucked her faster, furiously, his long black shaft sliding in and out of her brown, full bush. He carried Kate over to the kitchen counter, his cock still insider her, he pulled her to the edge so he could watch himself penetrate her deeply. He used long, slow thrusts, watching as the inner sheath of her pussy lips came out along his shaft, like a glove as his shaft slid out of her. Kate’s pussy could take a lot, but it had never been filled like this.

Dale felt himself building to another climax. With long deep thrusts, he rhythmically built them both to a frenzied finish. He looked down to see his dick disappear insider Kate, then looked into her eyes, hearing her soft moans grow. The thought of dumping his cum in her married white pussy excited him further. “You want me to cum in that pussy, baby?” Dale asked. “Yes, fuck me, cum in me,” Kate replied. With the next deep thrust Dale felt his cock explode inside her. Streams of hot cum shooting deep in her canal. He slipped out of her and pulled her off the counter and pushed her to her knees. He slid the head of his drippng cock into her mouth. She tasted the last spurts of cum as he slid it across her tongue, into the back of her throat. “You love my cock, don’t you baby.” “Mmm Kate moaned as she sucked him.”

Who was she? Just an hour before Kate was a married, mom, finishing up grocery shopping, but, on a whim, she left her cart in the middle of the aisle to soon be having her mouth and pussy filled with the cum of a black stranger. She was so turned on, holding and licking the biggest cock she had ever seen, she was game to be used for as long as Dale would use her. And, he showed no signs of slowing down. His cock hardened in her mouth. He pulled it out and rubbed it long the side of her face. He moved up so the hard shaft was covering her nose and extending up to her forehead, his balls now at her lips. She licked them voraciously. “Yes, do those balls baby, you are one horny bitch.” She licked his huge sack and took his balls in her mouth one at a time, sucking them. Dale stroked his long cock while she licked him. “Get on all fours, I need to hit that pussy from behind,” Dale commanded. Kate obliged. Dale enjoyed the sight of Kate’s full white ass, wet hairy pussy, huge lips, gaping from having taken him, glistening with her juices. Before he fucked her again, he leaned forward and began eating her asshole, then licking down and entering her wet pussy with his long tongue. He returned to her ass, spread her hole with his fingers and slid his tongue inside. Kate moaned. She hated when Tom first did this to her, feeling self conscious, but her best friend Ann had broken her of that. She moaned as he tongued her ass and slid three large fingers into her wet snatch. Dale rose to his knees and began sliding the huge head of his cock up and down Kate’s wet slit. The black mushroom head was shiny from her juices. He let is slide upward to press against her ass. “You need to try me in there,” he said. “In your dreams,” Kate quipped. “I don’t even let my husband do that and he is much smaller than you.” “You’ve never been fucked in the ass?” Dale asked. “One drunk night in college and my ass hurt for days,” Kate laughed. “The conventional way feels just fine to me, thank you.” “Well in that case . . .” Dale pushed the head of his cock firmly against her lips, watching as they enveloped him.

He grabbed Kate’s hips and thrust himself deep inside her, buried to the balls. He could see their reflection in the large mirror on the wall beside them. “You like being fucked deep Kate? You like it hard?” he asked. “Ohhh, yesss,” Kate moaned as he hammered away at her wet pussy. Her tits swung violently as he pumped in and out of her. “It’s so big. It feels so good,” she exclaimed. Dale fucked her relentlessly, her hole gaping around his long black pipe. Having cum twice, he could give her hard dick for as long as she could take it this time.

He rolled her over on her side, straddled her right leg, raising her left behind him as he continued to stab his cock deep inside her. He could feel the wetness dripping down her leg against his balls as he thrust. She was sopping wet, the squishing sounds of his thrusts coupled with her moans thrilled Dale. Had she ever been fucked so good? Would he be having Kate’s pussy on a regular basis? “You’re going to make me cum,” Kate moaned. Dale pumper her harder, his long cock finding her deepest depths. “Oh, yessss,” Kate shrieked as her pussy tightened around Dale’s dick and she shuddered to a long, thrilling orgasm. Dale again rolled Kate, this time so she was flat on her stomach. He watched as his dick worked in and our of her pussy, her round ass bouncing with his thrusts. As he built to a finish, he rolled Kate over onto her back and rose up to let his cock come near to her face, he stroked his big meat until streams of hot cum shot on Kate’s face, including into her open mouth. White ribbons of hit jizz covered her nose, right eye and forehead, some sticking in her hair. Dale put the head in her mouth and shot the last few drops directly into her mouth, adding to what he already shot there. Dale moaned as her lips closed around his sensitive cock head. “Mmm, baby, drink my cum,” Dale said as he let more of his shaft move between her lips.

“You are one incredible fuck,” Dale told Kate. She smiled. She had always loved sex and had a lot of it, but just a few weeks ago hardly thought of herself that way. Doors now unlocked she never knew she had, Kate mused at the sight of this strong black stranger, long, now flaccid cock dangling in front of her face, down onto her chest. “I better go, can we shower?” Kate asked? “Can we ever,” Dale smiled. Dale fucked Kate from behind in the shower for nearly half an hour before reaching his fourth orgasm. Spent and sore from the pounding of his huge cock, Kate dried off and dressed, gave Dale a quick hug. “Can we do this again?” Dale asked, somewhat pleadingly. Kate opened the contacts on her phone and handed it to Dale. Dale typed in his number and handed it back to Kate. Kate typed mortgage broker in the company name in the contact. She might need to check in more often on the refinancing market, she mused to herself as she smiled at Dale, turned and left.

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