First time with Mom

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I was young when I noticed that my mom was beautiful. I remember times on road trips with her and my dad when I was younger.

Times they would go out partying and come home to the hotel room drunk. My dad was so drunk he passed out and my Mom was trying to wake him up but he wouldn’t. My mom was getting ready for bed and she went to the bathroom and started to run the tub to bath. I watched her get undressed, she had on white bra and panties.

She was horny I guess because she was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Man my cock grew rock hard watching this. She took off her bra and panty and got in the tub. My bed was near the bathroom and watched her start washing her sweet hairy pussy, when she was done, she went to bed naked. I went to the bathroom and found the panty she had on and examined it.

There were brown pubes on the gusset, the aroma of her pussy made my cock so rock hard I licked the wet spot and started jerking off tasting her pussy juices on her panty. I came in about 4 minutes. I really wanted to taste her pussy.was pretending to sleep. I waited to hear her snoring and went over and shook her to see if she would wake up but she didn’t. I pulled the blanket off her and I decided to feel her. Her boobs were 36C and she had medium brown pubic hairs. I started to feel her sweet 36Cboobs.

Her nipples started getting erect and we’re almost a quarter of an inch light brown and I decided to taste them. Started feeling her sweet soft belly she started gyrating her hips and spread her legs wide and I could see her sweet pink pussy lips peeking through her pubes her clit was getting hard. It was the first time I seen an erect clit. I crawled between her spread legs and started licking her sweet hairy pussy, she started moaning and grinding her clit on my tongue. I licked her clit and sucked on it until she squirted on my tongue. I got up and started fucking her.

Man her pussy was hot and tight for a 40 year old woman. I took it slow savoring the feel of her hot tight pussy. She started grinding her pussy on my hard cock and started moaning loudly. I bent over and gently bit on her hard nipples she moaned louder and started fucking my cock harder and squirted on my cock. I came a minute later. I wiped her clean and went back to bed.

I did that for several more times before I moved out on my own. I even stolen some of her panties over the years because her pussy aroma always gave me a raging hard on.

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