My mom fuck by muslim man in beach

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My name is abhi read my other stories in . I m heare for new story of my mom .my mom name in bandana . She was a house wife . Mostly were saree and blouse . She is little dusky colour but having a roung boobs black nipple and hairy pussy .

My dad work in mnc he get very less change tho spend with my mom.. now comming to the story

I have a friend named Ali we r best friend so we went daily school together . One day in school there is a parent teacher meating were teacher r decidet to go for a merchent ship tour Mumbai to. Kerela . So my mother and father both came and Ali Father also came…

I introduce Ali with my mother and father . I notice that Ali Father jalim Khan was looking my mom in hungry maner .. as my mom wearing a saree with nevel visival and a blouse with sleeveless looking hot among all women…

Jalim khan- hellow mam how r u Ali spoke about your child very much … Whould u Ike to go in this trip .. mom said yes ..
Jalim Khan – then praised her beautiful figure .
Mom-felt Stanger but smiled as she is very religious women don’t like muslim very much..
Thn the day came..

And my dad and mom came with me Ali came with his father and rest teacher and all..
Then we went to cruise and we movie in Arabic sea … At night there was a party … And we enjoyed a lot ..

Thn a incedent occer i and Ali was playing in a cruise . And we say a life boat tied in ship . I tell my mom to do in that I want to see it .. but as my father was in room mom hasitate here Ali went to bathroom mean while jalim Khan came and said ok let’s go … Mom also agreed and we all 3 went to boat and i start playing

A stome came at time all people went to ship room but we 3 can’t and life boat get ditach from ship and we 3 in boat get lost in ship …

Thn in morning we found a island . Mom and i was happy and went to that Island jalim Khan Ali dad has a mobile phone try to call .. but no network there .thn for 5 min network came and jalim Khan talk to her son that we r lost and we told our father to get some help … But father said it will take minimum 7 day to get help …

We became sad .. now jalim khanhas to take our responsibility. He went to island to explore and me and mom set at one place and jalim Khan came with some fruits . We eat that . Thn jalim Khan try to buil a shelters. Mom help him …jalim Khan need rope to make shelter so he use his kurta and lungi and he . Became on her underwear intentionally. Mom said you need mode cloths …

Jalim Khan – yes bandana ji but i don’t have any .
Mom- on i geve you mine .
Jalim Khan – sorry for the trouble…
Mom- it’s ok you r helping us so much …thn mom opening her saree ..
Jalim Khan – no bandana ji don’t give saree you look beautiful in saree and other clothes.. becz If you give saree it will be more revealing .
Mom- you r right thn mom thought some thing and open her saya …which women were under saree so that saree doest not look transperant
Mom give saya to jalim Khan…
Jalim Khan smiled becz I think ….in transparent look mom juice thighs r looking so sexy and mom ass is clearly visival through saree.
Thn shelter were made … I was playing ..
Thn jalim Khan said i was full of sweat i m going to bath ..
Would u like to come bandana …
Mom said – no
Jalim convince her by saing it’s no river it’s occen and many shark move here and there you have to be care full..
Mom said on and she called me … But i was busy in playing …said i will took bath later ..
Thn jalim Khan told bandana ji .. let’s go …
Thn mom went with him

Jalim Khan thn tell mom to turn around and ….mom said why ..jalim Khan said – i have only one underwear left in my mom it has to be dry so .. i m oping it and going to water …

Mom blush and said ok and truned around … And jalim Khan open her underwear and trough in front on mom mom was watching all this … And jalim Khan went to water …
Mom thn turn around but … Jalim Khan is so noughty he did not went to water he stood there waiting for mom mom trurn

Thn mom turn toward sea and foung jalim Khan was washing her here with her black body and hairy peninsh penise is so big and head is to big …
Mom continually. Watching this … Thn jalim Khan said come bandana

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