A boy’s first time should be with his Mom

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A boy’s first time should be with his Mom

Cast of Characters:

Jake — Our hero

Judy — His loving mother

Janet, AKA “Aunt Janet”– His loving stepmom, indisputable matriarch of the family

Jenny — His half sister and only child of Janet – a stunning beauty. Jake’s protector

Steve — His father, known for his inability to pull out

And the following list of ravishing women from whom Steve also did not pull:

Emma – Steve’s older sister. Known for her hot temper and incredible bedroom skills

Deanna, AKA “Dee Dee”- Emma’s oldest, and prettiest daughter

Gina, AKA “Fertile Myrtle” – Emma’s middle daughter. Easily impregnated.

Sara — Emma’s youngest daughter, runt of the litter and all around sex maniac

Laura — Steve’s younger sister, said to have the best tits in the family

April — Laura’s daughter and Jenny’s best friend.


“Jake! JAKE! Get your ass out of bed!” Judy hollered up the stairs. Normally she’d just call his name up up the stairs, but this was her third attempt.

Her son sure had been getting lazy lately. She wondered if it were just because he was 18 now, although a more likely explanation, to Judy anyway, was that group of low rent friends he had been hanging out with.

“Jake! NOW!!” Finally, she heard his feet hitting the floor.


The fact that Jake had the hottest mom of all his friends was indisputable. And the hottest sister. It just wasn’t even close.

So it was understandable that all of his friends were hot for his mom, whom we know as Judy. She stood five foot seven, with thick curly jet black hair, large liquid brown eyes, truly massive tits with perpetually erect upturned nipples, a narrow waist, and taut firm ass all rolled in to a package that looked much younger than her 36 years.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that all of his friends wanted to fuck his mom, they all wanted to fuck his big sister Jenny too.

Jenny, his half sister, was some 13 years older than Jake. She had a different mom, whom Jake had always known as “Aunt Janet”, who was smoking hot herself.

Jenny was around five foot one, with thick luxurious nut brown hair that she kept tightly permed, striking hazel eyes, and perfect gleaming white teeth that shone from behind thick soft lips. She stuffed her firm perky tits and their pink puffy nipples into a C cup every day, although a D was probably a better fit. As if that were not enough, she was also gifted with a flat abdomen covered with rippling muscles, a remnant of her days as an elite gymnast.

But what really made all of his friends obsess over Jenny was her ass. Her absolutely perfect in every way ass. Oh, and her legs. Those were perfect too.

He was aware of it, and more than a little irritated with them.

Our story begins a few days before his high school graduation ceremony as he was hanging out by the local convenience store with a few of his friends, who, truth be told, his mother and sister found a bit objectionable.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a woman from behind. His head snapped around, focused on the hottest butt he had seen all day. In his pants, his cock began to stir, until she turned around and he saw her face.

It was his mom!

She waved and began to walk toward him, her large firm breasts jiggling slightly with each step. His face flushed red with embarrassment at the thought that had flashed through his head. None of his friends noticed however, as all of his friend’s eyes were riveted to his mom’s tits.

“There you are Jake, Jenny and I have been looking all over for you!” she said as Jenny came into view from around the side of his mom’s car.

“We’re going to the Stars game tonight, If you want to go, you need to be home in one hour.” she said as Jenny walked up and stood by her side.

“And here, carry your phone once in a while, will you, doofus?” said Jenny, handing him his phone.

Jake wanted very much to go to the game, and told them so, promising to be home within the hour.

Satisfied, Judy and Jenny turned and walked the short distance back to the car, all of Jake’s friends eyes glued to their fine butts.

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