A boy’s first time should be with his Mom

A boy’s first time should be with his Mom

Cast of Characters:

Jake — Our hero

Judy — His loving mother

Janet, AKA “Aunt Janet”– His loving stepmom, indisputable matriarch of the family

Jenny — His half sister and only child of Janet – a stunning beauty. Jake’s protector

Steve — His father, known for his inability to pull out

And the following list of ravishing women from whom Steve also did not pull:

Emma – Steve’s older sister. Known for her hot temper and incredible bedroom skills

Deanna, AKA “Dee Dee”- Emma’s oldest, and prettiest daughter

Gina, AKA “Fertile Myrtle” – Emma’s middle daughter. Easily impregnated.

Sara — Emma’s youngest daughter, runt of the litter and all around sex maniac

Laura — Steve’s younger sister, said to have the best tits in the family

April — Laura’s daughter and Jenny’s best friend.


“Jake! JAKE! Get your ass out of bed!” Judy hollered up the stairs. Normally she’d just call his name up up the stairs, but this was her third attempt.

Her son sure had been getting lazy lately. She wondered if it were just because he was 18 now, although a more likely explanation, to Judy anyway, was that group of low rent friends he had been hanging out with.

“Jake! NOW!!” Finally, she heard his feet hitting the floor.


The fact that Jake had the hottest mom of all his friends was indisputable. And the hottest sister. It just wasn’t even close.

So it was understandable that all of his friends were hot for his mom, whom we know as Judy. She stood five foot seven, with thick curly jet black hair, large liquid brown eyes, truly massive tits with perpetually erect upturned nipples, a narrow waist, and taut firm ass all rolled in to a package that looked much younger than her 36 years.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that all of his friends wanted to fuck his mom, they all wanted to fuck his big sister Jenny too.

Jenny, his half sister, was some 13 years older than Jake. She had a different mom, whom Jake had always known as “Aunt Janet”, who was smoking hot herself.

Jenny was around five foot one, with thick luxurious nut brown hair that she kept tightly permed, striking hazel eyes, and perfect gleaming white teeth that shone from behind thick soft lips. She stuffed her firm perky tits and their pink puffy nipples into a C cup every day, although a D was probably a better fit. As if that were not enough, she was also gifted with a flat abdomen covered with rippling muscles, a remnant of her days as an elite gymnast.

But what really made all of his friends obsess over Jenny was her ass. Her absolutely perfect in every way ass. Oh, and her legs. Those were perfect too.

He was aware of it, and more than a little irritated with them.

Our story begins a few days before his high school graduation ceremony as he was hanging out by the local convenience store with a few of his friends, who, truth be told, his mother and sister found a bit objectionable.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a woman from behind. His head snapped around, focused on the hottest butt he had seen all day. In his pants, his cock began to stir, until she turned around and he saw her face.

It was his mom!

She waved and began to walk toward him, her large firm breasts jiggling slightly with each step. His face flushed red with embarrassment at the thought that had flashed through his head. None of his friends noticed however, as all of his friend’s eyes were riveted to his mom’s tits.

“There you are Jake, Jenny and I have been looking all over for you!” she said as Jenny came into view from around the side of his mom’s car.

“We’re going to the Stars game tonight, If you want to go, you need to be home in one hour.” she said as Jenny walked up and stood by her side.

“And here, carry your phone once in a while, will you, doofus?” said Jenny, handing him his phone.

Jake wanted very much to go to the game, and told them so, promising to be home within the hour.

Satisfied, Judy and Jenny turned and walked the short distance back to the car, all of Jake’s friends eyes glued to their fine butts.

As soon as the car doors closed, the comments from his friends began. He’d heard them all before, and was frankly sick of them already, but this time, when they started to argue over the best way to fuck Jenny, something in Jake just snapped. He turned and punched the nearest one squarely in the mouth, knocking him to the ground.

“I’m sick of you motherfuckers slobbering over my mom and sister!” he roared with an anger they had never seen from him before. He stared, making eye contact with all of them one by one, before turning away and walking slowly toward his car.


“Jakey, listen to your big sister. I never got to go to college. It was something I’d have loved to do, I’m just not capable of it. But you are capable! Your grades are exceptional, and you’ve already been accepted at an excellent school, less than twenty minutes away! You don’t even have to move! You can still hang out will all your stupid friends up at the store.”

“I don’t think those guys are my friends anymore”. Jake said mournfully.

“Uh oh. What happened, Jake?’ Jenny said, her concern evident in her voice. She could see that whatever had taken place, it had hurt him very deeply.

“They talked shit about you and Mom all the damn time. I’ve been sick of it for months. And yesterday, Jeff was such an asshole that I punched him out.”

“Jake!” Jenny gasped. She knew her little brother to be a kind and gentle soul. This must have been eating at him for a long time in order for it to come to violence.

“Jacob, violence is never the right response! I don’t care what was said! whatever it was, it’s just words. Fisticuffs are beneath you, little brother”. She said calmly, doing her best to sound non judgmental.

“There’s nothing he could have said that justifies a punch”.

“He said he was gonna bend you over a chair and ream your guts out. I’m sorry, Jenny, I just lost it and punched him in the mouth”.

“He said that about me, did he?”

“Yeah. He’s said the same shit about Mom before too.”

“And the rest of your so called friends were good with that?”

“They were saying shit that was even worse.”

Jake knew his sister’s face better than any other, he’d seen countless iterations of it over the years. But not this one, and it scared him. Fuming, Jenny rose slowly to her feet.

“I’ll be right back”. She growled and walked straight out the door, slamming it behind her.

Half an hour later, the slamming of the door told him Jenny had returned. She walked into the room, calmer, but still obviously agitated.

“You won’t have any more trouble from those shitheads”. She said with a scowl.

“Listen to me good now, Jacob John Sanchez. Your friends are all losers. Do them a favor and stay away from them, because if you don’t,” She paused slightly, eyes blazing with anger, and lowered her voice to a menacing growl. “I’m going to have someone rip their balls off and feed them to the hogs.”

He did not doubt his sister one bit.


“Yes, I heard. Apparently, her security detail stepped in and pulled her out. Probably to protect them from her!” Judy said with a little giggle. She paused and leaned a little closer.

“Jenny isn’t wrong, Jake.” Judy said softly. “She’s been taking care of you all your life. She changed your diapers for god’s sake! Yes, she may have acted too forcefully, but she did it because she felt it was best for you. If your friends don’t respect your family, they don’t respect you either.”

She looked deeply into her son’s eyes. “You can be so much more Jake. You have a brain in your head and unlimited resources to develop it. You know we’re a wealthy family! Jenny’s already talked to Aunt Laura. As far as the family is concerned, the cost is not a factor.”

She paused and patted him gently on the leg. “Jenny and I just want you to make the right decision.”

“I know mom, but I’ve been thinking, maybe college isn’t for me, at least not that one.” he said, remembering his campus tour and the smug attitudes of nearly everyone he met. “The people all seemed so fake”.

“I understand, Jake. They’re definitely a little pretentious. But a college degree will serve you very well! Remember whatAbuela always said? Once you have an education, no one can take it away from you.”

Jake repeated the last few words along with her.

Yes, he’d heard his grandmother say those very words a hundred times. But Grandma Sanchez’ family didn’t have any money.

Jake knew his family was wealthy, and felt he had little incentive to bust his ass in college, especially that snooty one on the other side of the freeway.

“Jacob, if you just can’t go to college, I understand. But look at this from Jenny’s perspective. You know she still struggles with her dyslexia. College was always a dream, but never an option for her, even though everyone knows she was more than a good enough gymnast to get a scholarship. Think how much it would mean to her, Jake! Couldn’t you at least try a couple of semesters? For Jenny?”

Jake thought for a moment about his big sister. He was seven years old when his mom had told him they’d be moving back to Dallas. Jake had cried at the news, right up till the moment he heard he would be reunited with Jenny.

He knew his grades were more than good enough for college. He just didn’t want do it. At least not for himself.

He leaned back and took a deep breath. “You know I could never let Jenny down, Mom.”

“That’s my boy. Now I want you to go over to the business office get everything set up with your aunt Laura right away, before you change your mind again.” Judy said, messing up his hair playfully.

“Thanks mom!” He said, and gave his mother a hug.

Pulling away, his hand accidentally brushed her left breast.

Instantly, both her nipples stiffened. She backed away quickly, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

But he had.

“Sorry mom” he said sheepishly

Judy laughed awkwardly. “It’s okay sweetie. That happens when a handsome young man touches me there”.

Something about the look on her face prompted Jake to reach out as if to touch her breast again.

Almost without realizing what she was doing, Judy leaned forward, filling her son’s hand with her big firm left breast. A low moan issued from her throat. Jake’s other hand slid up under her shirt behind her back and unsnapped her bra, just as their lips met in their first true passionate kiss.

He pulled her shirt and bra off over her head, letting her magnificent firm round tits tumble free. Again they found each other’s mouths. It was several minutes before their lips separated and Judy spoke, just above a whisper.

“Tell me the truthMijo; Are you a virgin?”

Embarrassed to admit it, he just nodded his head yes.

“Mijo, I’m going to do this with you, but you have to understand, No one can EVER find out, not even Jenny. It has to be our special secret, okayMijo? She said, sprinkling in the Spanish word like she tended to do when she was stressed or nervous.

“I promise Mama”. He whispered back, letting his hand drop from her big firm tit.

“Let’s go up to my room, sweetie”. She said softly, gathering up her clothing and taking him by the hand, leading him up the stairs.


Judy kicked all of their clothes into a pile at the bedside and climbed up the bed next to her naked son.

Their hot wet kissing resumed until finally, Judy pulled her son over on top of her.

Jake moved up tentatively between her wide spread legs.

“What happens if I get you pregnant mom? Do I need a rubber? Because I don’t have any.” he said, fearing that his chance to lose his virginity was slipping away.

“No, sweetie. A boy’s first time should be bare. We’ll go buy some condoms tomorrow for next time.”

“Are you sure mom?” She nodded her head.

Without waiting for her to change her mind, he pushed his juicy young prick hard against his mom’s slick wet pussy. The head and a couple of inches of his bare dick sunk smoothly into her. He pulled back and sunk in again, then again.

In just three strokes his long thick cock was completely buried in his mother’s hot wet vagina.

“Oh Mom!” he groaned, and began to ejaculate deep inside her.

Judy wrapped her legs around Jacob’s back and held him in, shuddering with her orgasm as her son’s penis bulged and throbbed inside her.

Much to her surprise, Jake didn’t soften a bit, and soon he was plowing his thick beef into his mom with long, smooth strokes.

He knew his dick was bigger than most, well over eight inches, yet he worried that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy his beautiful mother.

He needn’t have.

“Oh my god I’m fucking my son!” She thought as she moaned and rocked her hips, excited by the knowledge that his potent young sperm was already spreading out inside of her, searching for her eggs.

It was some twenty minutes later when Jake felt the familiar sensation return.

He tried his best to hold on, but his mom’s pussy was so hot and wet, and her big firm tits were sliding around on his chest so deliciously, that he knew he could wait no longer.

“Oh mom… Mom I’m gonna cum again! Do you want me to pull it out?”

“No sweetie. You never have to pull your dick out of mama. Just cum… Just cum.”

He knew there was a chance he could be getting his own mother pregnant if he came inside her.

He didn’t know just how perfectly his mother ‘s ovulation had lined up to give him the best chance possible. And as his mother gently cupped his bag in her soft hand and began to lightly squeeze and roll his balls, he didn’t care.

His mom was so tight and wet, and what she was doing to his balls felt so wonderful that he couldn’t think of anything but the intense pleasure radiating from between his legs.

He sunk in to his mom all the way and felt his dick begin to throb.

Judy moaned softly as she felt her son begin to throb and pump his potent young sperm deep in to her fertile womb.

After four big throbs Jake started to pull himself away. She quickly locked her legs around his back.

“Not yetMijo, not yet. Keep your dick in mama for a little while longer.”

At last he rolled off of her. Judy got up to pick through the pile of clothing at the bedside, tossing Jake his shirt and a pair of shorts.

“Get dressedMijo, and hurry over to the office before your aunt Laura goes home for the night.”


He found Aunt Laura sitting at her desk, talking to her lovely daughter and Jenny’s best friend, April. Mother and daughter looked similar enough for one to know they were related, yet there were stark differences.

The biggest difference, pardon the pun, was Laura’s magnificent thrusting breasts. Not that April’s were chopped liver mind you, her firm round globes filled a C cup perfectly.

But Aunt Laura’s… Oh my god. Firm pointy cones that appeared to jut straight out from her chest when her custom fitted bras came off at night, topped with pink puffy nipples about the size of a fried egg yolk.

Her older sister Emma, who gave Jake his golf lessons, had similar looking tits, but about half the size, and people still thought Emma had big tits.

Aunt Laura had sandy blonde hair, and April’s was more of a strawberry blonde, but both let it fall in ringlets and curls to about halfway down their backs.

At a little over five foot seven, Laura seemed to tower over her daughter, who barely went five feet, but their beautiful shining faces were so similar, it was almost eerie.

“Jake! I’ve been expecting you! Have you made your decision?” she said with her prettiest smile.

Trying his best to look happy about it, Jake responded.

“I’m going to give it a try, Aunt Laura.”

Laura knew he had been waffling on the college decision, and felt it had been because he was unimpressed with his campus tour. She herself thought it was in his best interest to visit several colleges, god knows his outstanding grades qualified him to go damn near anywhere. And being the family’s business manager, she knew that if his grades couldn’t get him in, the family’s money damn sure could.

But the rest of the family wanted him to go to that college on the other side of the freeway in Dallas, (That I will not specifically name here, lest they hunt me down) mostly because it was close by, but in no small part because it really was an excellent school.

Either way, Laura was just pleased that he had decided to go to school at all. She knew he had a fine mind, and didn’t care to see him waste it.

“I’ve already got most of the paperwork ready. Let me make a few more arrangements tomorrow morning, and I should have some things for you to sign by lunch”. Laura said with a wry smile, pleased to note how hard it was for Jake to keep his eyes off of her tits.


There, on the counter, near but not that near to where she had left it, was the box of condoms she had purchased that morning. And it had been opened. Judy dumped the box out and carefully counted the packages. Ten.

She counted them again, although she knew she had counted correctly the first time.

A sick feeling welled up in the pit of her stomach.

She quickly walked over to the alarm monitor by the door and punched a few icons. In a few seconds, video of the last event began to play.

The video showed a car pulling into the driveway. Their little family compound was gated, it should not have been able to get in, unless someone had opened the gate. A young woman bounced out of the car and walked up to ring the doorbell.

“What a skank” Judy said to herself, assessing correctly that she was more than a little bit less than beautiful. Seconds later, Jake appeared, taking her by the hand and walking her back to her car. They stood beside the car and began to kiss.

To Judy’s horror, the camera clearly showed the girls hand drifting to her son’s crotch. A few seconds later the young couple hopped into her car and drove off, headed god only knows where.

Judy quickly pulled her phone from her purse and touched the panic icon on her home screen. Almost instantly, a deep male voice responded.


“Where is my son! Where’s Jacob!?!” The security coordinator sensed the level of panic in her voice. “Find him!” she wailed.

“Yes ma’am, we’ve got his phone. He’s in a wooded area near a small pond about five miles from you. I’m sending coordinates to your nav system now.” Grabbing her keys, Judy sprinted out the door to her car.


“Your ETA is thirty seconds” the voice of the security coordinator crackled through the speaker. “We’re about a minute behind you”.

Judy floored the gas pedal and the powerful V8 engine responded with a roar as she saw the gap in the woods that indicated her turn just up the road.

She was absolutely flying now, fishtailing as she made the tight turn and the car hove into sight.

The doors had just opened and the young couple were making their way into the back seat when Judy locked up the tires and skidded to a halt mere feet from their wide eyed faces.

“Get in the fucking car Jacob! NOW!” Judy screamed from the window.

Shocked, Jake hung his head and walked to the passenger side.

Climbing in, he realized he had forgotten his shirt. The look of rage in his mom’s eyes told him this was not a good time to mention it.

¡Deja a mi hijo en paz, puta! Judy shrieked out the window as she smashed her foot down on the gas pedal.

While his mom’s Spanish was at least as good as her English, she never went full Spanish unless she was talking to a Spanish speaker, or she was incredibly angry.

It wasn’t hard for Jake to guess which one applied here.

A heavy silence hung in the car for most of the short ride home.

When Judy finally spoke, her voice was still trembling.

“Just what the hell did you think you were doing, Jake?”

“I don’t know mom”. He muttered.

“Well I sure as hell know what you were doing!” she said, voice already beginning to rise.

“That girl can’t do anything for you that I can’t do better!” Judy said, her anger boiling over as she pulled the SUV into the driveway and parked.

“You want to fuck in the back seat of a car?” she snarled, snatching her shirt off over her head.

“I can fuck in the back seat TEN times better than ANY teenage slut!” Judy screamed.

“She’s 21 mom. Besides, it’s not like that!”

“YES IT IS LIKE THAT!” she bellowed. “You can’t tell me you weren’t going to FUCK her! Did you think I didn’t know how many rubbers come in a fucking box? Jesus Christ, I can see the outline of the goddamn things in your fucking pocket!” Judy’s face was red with rage. “Get your ass in the back seat. NOW!”

Jacob obediently climbed over the seat to the back, working his pants off along the way.

Judy, for her part, wasn’t climbing over anything she didn’t have to and simply opened the door, getting into the back seat the normal way, further exacerbating his embarrassment at the awkward situation.

She unsnapped her bra, letting her firm round tits spill free as she turned to face her son, who was sitting upright in the back seat, naked, erection pointing skyward, looking very nervous.

“Well? Gimme the goddamn rubbers” she said, extending her hand. He picked his pants up off the floorboard and fished the condoms out of the pocket, carefully placing them in his mother’s open palm.

Judy ripped a package open and rolled the condom down on her son’s erect penis.

“You’re fucking me Jacob. No one else.” she growled. lowering herself down onto his cock.

Instantly, Jake began to fill the condom with semen.

Judy began to orgasm right along with him, suddenly thankful that her son had thought to bring two,


Jenny had intended to pop in and ask Judy to go shopping with her, but as she rounded the corner and Judy’s driveway came into view, she could clearly see Judy’s SUV rocking and rolling more than a little bit in its parking spot. Stealthily, she approached. With the windows rolled down on this warm spring day, Jenny could clearly hear the sounds of sex. As soon as she was close enough to see over the door sill, her eyes flew open wide. There, on the back seat, lay Judy, with her legs spread wide. And between her legs, thrusting madly, was her little brother Jake!

Shocked, Jenny struggled to regain her composure. That little brat was fucking his mom! And he hadn’t even tried to fuck Jenny! Jenny had always hoped to be her little brother’s first, and the disappointment was acute indeed. At least it was his own beautiful mother, and not some trashy whore.

She had just about calmed herself when she heard Judy’s voice speaking from the back seat.

“Now take the rubber off sweetie”.

“Are you sure mom?”Jake replied tentatively.

“Yes baby, from now on, you only fuck your mother bare. Rubbers are for trailer trash.”

Jenny watched, mesmerized, as her little brother rolled the condom off and slid his bare dick back into his mom. He immediately resumed stroking smoothly in and out of her.

It was a few minutes later when his pace quickened and Jenny saw his balls begin to draw up.

With a mighty groan, he buried himself to the root and began to ejaculate deep inside his mom.

The first rivulet of his thick potent sperm had just begun to flow out of Judy’s pussy around the base of his cock when Jenny decided she’d seen enough.

She quickly turned and trotted down the path to the big house. Back safely in her room, she undressed and put on some workout clothes. She needed to blow off some steam before her unexpected jealousy led her to do something rash.

Back in the driveway, Jake and Judy hurriedly dressed and opened the car doors, giggling a bit and climbing out into the bright sunlight. They walked quickly up the path to the front door, blissfully unaware that Jenny had seen the whole lurid episode.

Jake made his way up to his room and flopped down on the bed. He couldn’t believe his luck.


It was early the next morning when Jenny burst into his bedroom, a nasty scowl on her face.

Apparently fresh from her morning workout, she was wearing a snug fitting shiny blue half t shirt that showed just a glimpse of her carefully matched sports bra from below and highlighted the rippling muscles of her abdomen, with a pair of equally shiny blue gym shorts.

The skimpy outfit had the effect of making her hazel eyes appear as a light blue. Jake couldn’t stop himself, in spite of his best effort, from admiring the sculpted perfection of his big sister’s luscious body.

However, he took little joy in the sight. He had seen that look on her face many times before, and knew that whatever was coming, it would almost certainly not be pleasant.

Being 13 years older, Jenny was, in some ways, more like a second mother to him than a sister. But while his mom’s patience was nearly infinite, Jenny’s had strict boundaries that he had long ago learned not to cross. It was readily apparent that whatever he had done, he was way far across her line.

Jenny wasted no time coming to the point.

“You little shit, You’re fucking Judy! Your own mother! Jenny exclaimed, extending her index finger to within an inch of his face. “In the back seat of a car no less!” Jenny was positively yelling now. Jake hung his head in shame.

“And worst of all, you didn’t even TRY to fuck me first!”

Jake’s head snapped up.

“Seriously, I don’t even know if I wanna let you now”. Jenny said, her scowl softening slightly as she lifted her shirt up over her head and tossed it to the floor. She reached around behind her back and quickly unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor beside her shirt as her firm perky tits sprung free. Jake’s eyes were instantly riveted to his big sister’s pink puffy nipples.

“Well? Are you gonna stand there with your mouth open or are you going to get those pants off”? She asked, kicking her shiny gym shorts off.

Jake quickly unsnapped his pants and fumbled with his zipper.

“Here, let me do that”. Said Jenny with an exasperated sigh, just like she had when she used to bend down and tie his shoes.

Jenny knelt before him and quickly tugged the zipper down, working his pants off and letting her little brother’s big thick dick spring free. Jenny squeezed it gently and pulled the head and a couple of inches into her mouth, closing her thick soft lips around it.

She slowly bobbed her head a couple of times and let him slip out of her mouth.

“Wow Jakey, you’re almost as big as Daddy!” she exclaimed, pulling him up on to the bed.

Jenny lay back and spread her legs wide for him to mount her.

Jacob was nearly paralyzed at the sight of his big sister’s narrow little slot, perfectly waxed, and shining with her juices. It didn’t look like there was any way his long thick cock was going to fit inside her!

Jenny, seemingly unconcerned, had taken his massive rod in her hand and was guiding the thick bulb to her entrance. As soon as the tip made contact, her delicate pussy lips opened to engulf the head.

“Push” she whispered. Jake obeyed, pushing gently at first, then harder, until suddenly the head and about an inch popped into his sister’s succulent pussy with an audible snap.

Jake began to ejaculate immediately.

Truthfully, Jenny had expected no less, and she relaxed the muscles around her vagina, allowing her little brother to sink in, lubricated by his thick potent sperm, all the way to the bottom. She held him close, reassuring him that everything was okay.

“Mmmmm yessss Jakey cum for me… I love you so much Jacob… cum inside me”. She whispered in his ear.

He lay still for a few moments as his massive cock continued to throb deep inside his sister.

Jenny reached down and gently stroked the under side of his balls. Any softening that might have occurred was instantly reversed.

Soon he was working his thick meaty rod in and out of Jenny with long, smooth strokes, seemingly unaware that he had just blown a huge load in her less than one minute ago.

Jacob couldn’t believe this was happening. He loved his beautiful sister so much.

She had always been there for him, changing his diapers, tying his shoes before he knew how, standing up to his asshole friends. And now his cock was fully embedded in her, churning, pumping, stroking deep and slow.

He slowed his pace even further. He wanted to make love to Jenny forever.

Slow, tender, beautiful love. He wanted to make it as beautiful for her as it was for him.

And it was just as beautiful for her, While Jake’s rod was somewhat smaller than her Dad’s, Jenny couldn’t come close to taking all of her father’s enormous cock. She couldn’t take all of Jake’s cock either.

Jake filled her completely, stretching her so wide, driving her to the edge again and again until a shattering orgasm crashed through her groin, sending ripples up the walls of her vagina, bathing her little brother’s glans in a sea of rich sensation that pushed him to the brink of orgasm again.

Jake strained valiantly to beat his approaching orgasm back. He couldn’t cum, not yet. His sister had to satisfied before he could even think of getting his own satisfaction.

He was giving his beloved Jenny his best, stroke after deep delicious stroke, driving her over the top to another shattering orgasm.

He held still to let her recover for a minute, lightly kissing her thick soft lips before he began to grind into her again with slow, deep strokes, settling down on top of her and letting her firm breasts flatten against his chest.

Jenny ran her fingers through his curly black hair and pulled his head down until their lips met.

Jenny’s lips… So thick and soft, her kisses were the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

It was just too much for Jake. He could feel his second load boiling in his scrotum. Deep inside Jenny’s tight wet pussy, the head of his cock was screaming for release, and Jenny knew it.

“It’s okay Jakey… shoot your cum again… that’s it Jake, cum for Jenny… cum inside me…” she whispered in his ear, locking her legs around his back, pulling him in, lining the little slit in the head of his dick up perfectly with the little hole in her cervix.

Suddenly, with a soft grunt, the thick base of Jacob’s cock began to surge.

His scrotum lurched forward, propelling the first hot rope of his thick rich sperm up the tube in his dick to burst from the little slit in his glans, straight into Jenny’s womb.

Throb after throb shot rope after rope deep into his sister’s belly. Jenny could feel each hot jet penetrating her cervix, flooding her womb, spreading out inside her. Jenny suddenly wished that her brother’s sperm would find her egg, and fill her belly with his baby.

At last his throbbing cock began to soften and Jenny’s tight pussy spit it out, followed quickly by the semen that had overflowed from her sperm packed womb.

Jenny laid her head on her brother’s muscular chest.

“Should I have pulled out Jenny?” he said, slightly panicked at the realization of what he had done.

“Don’t you worry about that Jake. You can always cum inside me.”

“But what if I get you pregnant Jenny? I’m your brother!”

“If you get me pregnant it’ll be no worse than Daddy getting me pregnant. Stephanie came out just fine!”

The look of shock on Jacob’s face almost made Jenny laugh out loud.

“Yes, Steffy is your little sister. So is Julie for that matter. Daddy’s been fucking me and April since you were about 5 years old!”

Now she was laughing. Jake’s innocence was hilarious for some reason. She suppressed her giggles and looked him in the eye.

“Jakey, please don’t worry. I always wanted another baby after Steffy, but there’s problems.

She paused, a wistful expression spreading across her face.

“It’s really hard for me to get pregnant, Jakey. It’s just the way I’m made. And when I do get pregnant, I always seem to miscarry. I’ve had six miscarriages and one successful pregnancy. Even that one was far from without problems”.

Jake could sense a kind of sadness in his big sister that he had seen before, every time she miscarried, although he hadn’t realized why at the time.

They lay together for a few minutes in silence before Jenny spoke again.

“Jake, I want you to shoot your sperm inside me every time we make love. If you get me pregnant, that would be the most wonderful thing you could do for me that I could possibly imagine.”

Her soft hand drifted down to encircle the head of his cock.

“I love you Jacob.”

“I love you too Jenny.”

Jake began to stiffen yet again. Jenny pushed him down onto his back and straddled him, guiding his cock back to her entrance and slowly lowering herself down on to him all the way.

“Mmmm yessss Jacob… Get me pregnant”.

Two hours later, Jake’s fourth load was oozing slowly from his sister’s pussy.


When Jenny told Judy that she had seen her fucking Jake in the back seat, she thought Judy was going to faint.

After a nice little chat about Jenny’s disappointment with not being his first, it was agreed that Jenny could share. After all, Judy knew that Jenny loved her brother at least as much as she did.

After Jenny’s little episode with Jake had transpired and they met to compare notes, they came to the realization that Jake might just prove to be the solution to a very vexing little problem.

So it was that, the next morning, the pair came to be sitting at the kitchen table in the big house, talking to Janet over steaming cups of coffee.

“I’m telling you Mom, it’s like the damn thing is petrified!” Jenny said to Janet, draining the last of her coffee from the cup.

“We think Jake might be the solution to our little problem”. Judy added.

“Hmmm maybe.” said Janet. “But he’s mighty young. He might have issues with some of us. You have to remember that out of all of us, you two would be the most attractive to a young man like him.”

Jenny scoffed. “Ha. I don’t think you have to worry about that. He’s a horn dog, and all of us are beautiful, even Sara. Well, since her boob job anyway.”

“He won’t even know her tits are fake” snorted Judy.

Having seen Sara lounging topless by the pool, Janet had to agree. Besides, Sara had many other qualities that a young man would most certainly enjoy.

“Well, I trust your judgment, but still, I’ll need to verify. The graduation is the day after tomorrow. We’ll see if we can come up with an excuse for me to get him alone at the after party.” Janet said.

Jenny nodded her head. She already knew that her mom was going to be more than satisfied.


It was a small home school co op that held the commencement, and with only a half a dozen graduates, the ceremony was mercifully brief. After the ceremony, The whole crowd returned to the big house for food and refreshments,

And as is often the case with this family, a poker game broke out.

Wealthy as they were, they still played quarter ante, but to watch them, you’d think millions were on the table.

Jake, being the graduate, had to meet and greet all the guests, and so was not dealt in, much to his chagrin.

Finally, all of the guests had departed, leaving only Jake, Janet, Steve, Jenny, April and Judy.

Jake made his way to the kitchen to find the last four of that group seated around the kitchen table, deep into their poker game.

Not really wanting to play anymore, but somewhat interested nonetheless, he began to kibitz Jenny’s hand. “Jeez Jenny! don’t keep that!’ he said, loud enough for all to hear.

Jenny laid her cards face down on the table. Having had enough of Jake’s observations on her poker skills, she hollered for her mother.

“Mom! Will you get Jake out of here! He’s driving me crazy!” Jenny shouted.

Janet laughed and took Jake by the hand. “Come on Jake, I needed to talk to you about something anyway” Janet said with a wry smile. Steve gave her a sly wink.

Janet led Jake out of the kitchen, where the poker game continued in earnest.

Soon they were safely out of earshot.

“What did you want to talk to me about Aunt Janet?” Jake asked, rather tentatively.

They were both well aware that Janet was his stepmother, but he had always called her “Aunt Janet”, and neither of them saw any reason to change that now.

She smiled softly. “Do you find me attractive, Jake? I know I’m an older lady” her voice trailed off.

“Oh god yes Aunt Janet! You’re beautiful!” he exclaimed truthfully. Janet gently pressed a breast into his shoulder. In his pants, Jake’s cock sprung to attention.

“Why don’t we go up to the master suite for a little bit? I’ve got a nice little graduation gift in mind for you.” she said in that sultry voice she had used all her life to make men do her bidding.

Jake couldn’t believe his luck. First his beautiful mother, then his beautiful sister, and now, his beautiful Aunt Janet too, if he were any judge of her intentions. He was barely aware that Janet was leading him by the hand up the stairs to the master suite.


If you were to ask Steve who had the best pussy, He’d probably say Emma. If you asked him who had the best tits, he’d definitely say Laura. If you asked him who was the best kisser, he’d absolutely say April. But if you asked him who was the best lover, He’d say Janet. And he’d tell you it was by a wide margin.

Back at the poker table, Steve smiled to himself. He knew his son was about to get a graduation gift he would never forget!


“Let’s get our clothes off, Jakey” Janet said, kicking her shoes off. Jake quickly pulled his shirt off and began to unsnap his pants.

“You know, Jake, older women have their advantages”. Janet said, starting to remove her clothes in a way that would have been they envy of any good stripper. Jake’s eyes were glued to her as her shirt came off, revealing what had to be the hottest bra he had ever seen, filled to perfection with Janet’s firm, perky tits.

“You never have to worry about birth control or condoms with an older woman” she continued, slowly undoing each of the six buttons that made up the fly of her skin tight black leather pants.

“And we never get periods, so we’re always ready to go”. She smiled, working her pants off. It was instantly obvious to Jake from whom Jenny had inherited her absolutely perfect butt.

She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall to the floor, pleased to see Jake’s eyes bug out a little as her perky round tits with their pokey upturned nipples sprung into view.

They stood before each other naked now. “Do you like what you see, Jake?’ she said, twisting her hips a bit to give him a view of the whole package. She was already able to tell by his face that he liked what he saw very much indeed.

Janet had been an astoundingly beautiful young woman, so much so that men were afraid to approach her.

And at 54 years of age, she was still quite stunning. Her thick nut brown hair, now streaked with gray, fell almost to her waist. She had a few wrinkles, and of course the scars on her abdomen she had carried since Jenny’s traumatic birth. In the soft lighting of the master suite, Jake couldn’t even see her imperfections. All Jake saw was a taller, softer, sexier copy of his sister Jenny.

Janet absolutely radiated sexual energy, in a way no one, including her, ever had for him before, and no one but her ever would again.

The blood surged almost painfully into his already rock hard cock.

“Oh Aunt Janet” he sighed.

“My name is just Janet in the bedroom, sweetie” she said softly. “But we’re not going to be too strict about that. Maybe there will be other things you like to call me in bed too”.

Like “Mama”, she thought hopefully to herself.

She smiled, taking him into her arms, her supple breasts flattening against his chest as their lips met in their first electrifying kiss.

Janet’s soft hand drifted slowly down his flat abdomen to gently encircle the shaft of his penis as she pulled back ever so slightly to speak.

“Jake sweetie, I want you to let me explain something.” She spoke slowly, pausing for just a breath. “To me, you were the answer to a prayer, the son I could never have.” She took another deeper breath, her words coming faster as she continued.

“I was there when you were conceived! and I’ve been there for you ever since. To me, You’re my son! I’m your other mom, not just your stepmother. I will always be here for you.” Jake knew it, but it touched him deeply to hear her say it. She averted her eyes for a moment and spoke again, this time so softly he could barely hear.

“I love you so much Jacob.” She raised her eyes to meet his. “As if I had carried you myself.”

Jake gazed into her eyes. Janet’s was one of the first faces he could remember. He had always loved that face.

“I love you too, Mama Janet”

She kissed his lips softly, guiding him to the edge of the bed and down onto his back, sliding up close, keeping her firm breasts in contact with his bare skin all the way.

“Make love to me Jacob.” she whispered. “Make love to Mama Janet”.

He looked at the beautiful woman spread out on the bed beside him. Her breasts were so firm and upright, even for a much younger woman. His eye tracked down her soft flat belly to her smooth pubic mound, where only a few thin wispy nut brown hairs grew in a small tuft about an inch above her shiny bald slit.

Spreading her smooth silky legs wide, she pulled him over on top of her.

Slowly, he rose to his knees. Janet had never released his aching cock from her soft gentle hand from the moment she first touched it, and now her grip strengthened as she guided his thick knob to her narrow opening.

She slowly worked it up and down her groove a few times before guiding it to the perfect position.

“Push, Jacob”. She whispered.

Jake had to push almost as hard as he had had to with Jenny before the head of his dick began to slide smoothly into Janet’s pussy.

Jake looked again at the sparse tuft on her mound as his dick began to sink deep into Janet’s tight wet pussy. Slowly, carefully, he worked his massive prick down into Janet, deeper with every thrust, until his balls flattened against her perfect butt.

The feeling roared up on him so fast, he had no opportunity to fight it off.

“Mama… Mama Janet I’m gonna cum!” he grunted, jamming himself in even more as he began to ejaculate deep inside her.

Janet rocked her hips ever so gently, milking and squeezing his throbbing prick, drawing every last drop of his hot thick cum out of him and into her soft warm belly.

At last, the throbbing subsided and he began to soften. His dick flopped out of her with a wet sucking sound, as a thick river of his semen began to flow out of her rapidly closing vagina.

Jake rolled onto his back, his half hard cock twitching and pointing up at the ceiling of the luxurious master suite.

Every fantasy he had ever had about Janet had just been wildly exceeded.

Slowly, seductively, Janet’s tongue traced a circle around his left nipple before she began to plant soft kisses on his abdomen in a line headed straight for the head of his dick.

Jake began to stiffen again, less than a minute after having blown a massive load deep inside his stepmother.

Janet’s soft lips engulfed the head of his penis. Instantly, He was hard as a rock again. She straddled him and guided his rod back into her well lubed vagina.

Well, Jenny was right, she thought. It sure didn’t take him long to get that first nut! And it damn sure didn’t take him long to get rock hard again!

She sighed and let herself sink down onto her stepson’s big delicious cock.

Janet liked being on top, it put her in control, and as anyone who really knows her knows; Janet is always in control.

Right now, she intended to teach her stepson how to control his urge to cum, for, you see, Janet was also known to be the Queen of edging.

In short order, she had the signs of his impending orgasms cataloged, and proceeded to ride his cock, her tight slick pussy gliding quickly up and down, driving herself to orgasm after orgasm, until she sensed he thought he just might wanna cum, then grinding down hard, changing the pace, or even climbing completely off, backing him down from the edge and building him back up, again and again and again.

Jake was not aware that over an hour had passed before she finally rolled off of him and pulled him over on top, guiding him straight back into her opening.

Jake immediately began to pound his thick meaty rod into her deep.

“Do you like fucking me as much as your real mom sweetie?” she breathed in his ear as he continued to pump his thick meat in and out of her steaming vagina.

“Uh huh” he grunted and kept thrusting.

He loved fucking his mom, make no mistake. But Janet was something else altogether, like every sexual fantasy he had ever had, all rolled into one and wrapped tightly around his rock hard cock.

The tingling in the head of Jake’s massive rod was rapidly approaching the point of no return. He began sawing furiously in and out of Janet’s tight wet slit.

Suddenly, his strokes became short and erratic, his breath started coming in ragged gasps. His scrotum drew up tight to his body.

“Mama Janet… oooo Mama… Oh Mama I’m gonna cum again” he rasped and buried the full length of his massive rod in her belly.

‘Uuugghh” he grunted as he felt the delicious throbbing begin again.

The first long rope of his semen raced up the tube in his dick and burst from the little slit in the head.

Janet could feel Jake’s penis bulging rhythmically. Deep inside her vagina, his sperm was spewing from the head. He was blowing another huge load in her!

He grabbed one of her taut firm buttocks and pulled it hard to one side, struggling mightily to bury even more of his spurting prick inside her tight slick pussy.

A thick white ring of his semen formed around his throbbing rod and began to flow down on to the to the sheets of the big bed in the luxurious master suite.

At last he let his dick flop out of her, trailing a surprising amount of semen as he rolled onto his back. Janet cuddled up close beside him.

“I loved it when you called me Mama, sweetie.” she sighed softly.

“Should I call you that all the time?”

“No baby, it would sound strange to everyone else. Only in the bedroom.”

“I love you Mama.”

“I love you too, Son.”

She kissed him softly again and lay her head on his chest. It was a long few minutes before she spoke again.

“Did you like making love to an older woman, Jakey?” she whispered.

“Oh god yes! You’re even better than Jenny!” He exclaimed.

“Well I should be, I taught her everything she knows. Jacob, it’s important for me to to know that if an older woman were to come to you, you wouldn’t just dismiss her because of her age. Do you think you can give older women a fair chance, Jake?”

“Sure!”, he replied. “if they’re anywhere near as hot as you, I’d be crazy not to!”

Having heard the exact answer she was hoping to hear, she lowered her head to his groin and pulled his thick dick deep into her throat.

Instantly, the blood surged back into his penis. Once again, Jake marveled at his amazing luck.


“So what are we thinking here, call the meeting?” Janet said.

She was seated at the breakfast table in the big house, discussing the events of the night before with Steve and Jenny.

Jenny met her mother’s eye and spoke. “My only worry is that premature ejaculation thing. But, I mean, he gets right back up, right? I mean, at least for us? I’m just worried about some of the others. They can be a tough crowd.”

Steve laughed softly. “Give him a break. I was the same way when I was that age. I’d probably still be that way if your mom didn’t give me my morning nut every day!

Janet laughed along with him.

Jenny sighed. “Okay, call the meeting.”

In Janet’s head, a plan had already formed.


The next morning, Jake rolled out of bed on his own. Glancing at the clock on his bedside table and seeing it was nearly noon, he wondered why his mom hadn’t yelled up the stairs at him to get up like she usually did.

Pulling on some shorts and a t shirt, he made his way down the stairs, toward the sound of many voices coming from the kitchen.

He rounded the corner into the kitchen to find it filled with people, all of whom were very familiar to him. He was wondering what was going on when he heard Aunt Janet speak.

“Well good morning sleepy head! We’ve been waiting for you!” she exclaimed with a broad smile.

Gathered around the long kitchen table was most of his extended family; Aunt Janet, his mom Judy, his dad Steve, sister Jenny, cousins April, Gina, Deanna, and Sara, and aunts Laura and Emma.

“Shall we let the meeting begin?” Janet said to murmurs of consent from all.

Taking her seat at the head of the kitchen table, she produced some notes and a small wooden gavel from a brown leather briefcase and rapped the gavel twice on the kitchen table. “This meeting of the family council will now come to order.”

A hush fell over the room as Janet took control.

“Well Jake,” she began, “You’re a man now. Congratulations on your graduation!” she said to a polite round of applause.

She continued in the strong confident tone that all present knew well.

“You’ve apparently found out on your own, in spite of our best efforts to keep it from you, that this family enjoys having sex with each other”. A quick burst of laughter had Janet reaching for the gavel again before it died down.

“And you’ve learned from Jenny in the last couple of days that Stephanie and Julie are also your half sisters” she said, referring to Jenny and April’s daughters.

“What you don’t know, at least not yet, is that you actually have eight half sisters and five half brothers, a fact for which I must take the blame, or credit, as the case may be.”

Jake’s eyes widened just a touch, letting Janet know she had his full attention.

“This all started long before you were born, when my father took my virginity on my 18th birthday. And I loved him dearly for it. When Jenny was born, she and I both very nearly died, and your dad and I were unable to have more children, although we desperately wanted them. A chance meeting with your mother and her ex husband produced you, to our everlasting joy”.

She paused to let the murmurs of approval die down.

“When your big sister came of age, she showed a similar interest in her father, which I encouraged. Your cousin April found out, and asked to join in. At that point, I opened up to your Aunt Laura, bringing her in too, and things just snowballed from there.”

“Everyone in this room has had regular sex with your father for many years now, and all of us have given him at least one child.” Jake, still too stunned to speak, simply nodded his understanding.

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she proceeded. “Shortly after your sister Julie was born, your dad got extremely lucky with an investment he had made, and we found ourselves incredibly wealthy. A decision was made to gather the family together, starting with you and and your mom.”

“The first house built after the main house on this land was yours. You were not quite 8 years old when you moved in, so you were here to see all the other houses go up. In the ensuing years, thanks to shrewd investing by your father, and the skillful management of your Aunt Laura, the fabulous wealth this vast family shares has only grown, leaving us all time to spend doing whatever interests us.”

Jake was already aware of his family’s wealth. His mom had divorced when he was 4 and moved him to Brownsville, on the Mexican border, where they lived in abject poverty for almost three years, until Janet had persuaded his mom to return to Dallas. To him it seemed, much more so than to any of the others, that the supply of money was inexhaustible.

Janet’s facial expression took on a vague sadness as she continued. “And now we come to the current state of affairs. Several years ago, everyone here made a pact, and this council was formed. Members of this council have all taken an oath not to have sex outside this family. Your father is 54 years old now, and while he hasn’t experienced the erectile dysfunction of many men his age, he is down to two ejaculations per day, one of which is his morning nut, which until recently, I took care of exclusively.” She paused, shuffled her notes, and continued.

“As you can clearly see, there are a lot of us in this room. Only a few of us are sufficiently attracted to women to have sex with each other, and each of us possesses an above average sex drive.”

“Except me!” Interrupted Sara, his slender red headed cousin.

Janet silenced her with a sharp glance and resumed.

“Except for Sara, whose sex drive knows no bounds.” Sara giggled and met Jake’s eye, seductively running her tongue over her upper lip.

“As you can imagine, this puts your father in a bit of a bind.”

Janet paused, pleased to note that she still had her stepson’s undivided attention despite Sara’s little outburst.

“Tell us the truth Jake, and don’t be embarrassed. Everyone here loves you dearly already. How many times a day do you usually masturbate to orgasm?” Jake’s face turned bright red.

“Seven or eight”. He stammered.

The room erupted with howls of approval. Steve jumped to his feet and vigorously slapped his son on the back. “What did I tell you? That’s my boy!”

Janet banged her gavel impatiently.

“Now to the heart of the matter. Jake, it’s a given that you can do whatever you like with your life, and this family will support you unconditionally.” she said to more murmurs of approval. “That being said, we have voted unanimously this morning to invite you to join the council, and we hope that you’ll willingly take the oath and become one with all of us.”

“I’d love that.” Jake stammered, still taken aback by the whole situation. Applause erupted all around, leading Janet to bang the gavel several times on the kitchen table.

With calm restored, Janet locked her hazel eyes on Jake’s.

“Jacob John Sanchez, do you take this oath, to remain celibate outside this family, of your own free will, never to be broken, never to be forgotten?”

The silence hung heavily in the air.

“I do”. He said somberly as the room erupted with cheers.

After an appropriate interval, Janet rapped her gavel on the table, restoring order.

“Okay! Welcome aboard, Jacob. Here’s the plan moving forward. The council meets monthly on the evening of the first Monday for general business matters. You will be expected to attend at least ten meetings per year.” She stopped and shuffled through her notes, moved a sheet to the top of the stack and began to read.

“The rotation works thusly; Morning nut excluded, your dad is still capable of a solid once a day. You’ll be expected to pick up the remaining times in the daily rotation. Rotation times are eleven to noon, 4 to 5 pm, and any time after 9pm. Your father has dibs on the noon slot. Daytime slots are one hour, please try to finish on time unless prior arrangements have been made. Nighttime slot is at your discretion. No one is currently menstruating, but when they are, they simply drop out of the rotation, Emma, Laura, and I no longer menstruate and can pick up some of the slack, or you can use the time to pursue your other interests. Are you good with that?”

Jake just nodded his head yes.

“Now, as for today. It’s already past noon, so it’s too late to collect your morning nut. We’ll start you out a couple hours early with Aunt Emma. Sorry Deanna.”

“Maybe he could work me in after mom”. Deanna said.

“He’ll be too tired.” her mother Emma replied flatly. Deanna made a mock pouty face as the room erupted in giggles.

Janet let the giggles die down and picked up right where she left off. “Aunt Emma will take you up to your room now, then at 10 tonight you’ll be over at April’s. Tomorrow, you’ll get your morning nut in Sara.” She paused for another sharp glance at Sara. “Then I’ll see you around three, and you’ll finish up around nine with your mom. Wednesday, Gina will wake you in your room for your morning nut, you’ll see Jenny at 3, you’ll be at Aunt Laura’s house by ten, then everybody moves up one time slot and we repeat the cycle. If anyone needs to drop out this cycle, Deanna will take their slot.”

“Or Sara!” Sara said in a loud whisper. Janet ignored her and continued.

“After everything settles down, your mom will be collecting your morning nut every day. Weekends we’ll just play by ear for now.” She looked into Jake’s eyes, making sure she still had his attention. Satisfied, she continued.

“All schedule changes and substitutions go through me. Extra sessions are at your discretion, as long as you remain able to perform in your assigned time slots. Extras with Sara” she paused, sending her sharpest glance yet Sara’s way, “Must be specifically authorized by me.” Sara crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

“Any questions?” Still in shock, Jake just shook his head no.

“At this point, I think a few words from your father are in order.” Janet said, turning the floor over to Steve.

Steve rose to his feet, cleared his throat a bit, and began. “Jake my boy, I could not be more proud of you. And I know that goes for all the women in this room.” Another murmur of assent swept the room.

“These are all brilliant women, strong, independent, beautiful women. It’s been my privilege, and now it will be yours too, to take care of their sexual needs. Every one of them is an excellent lover, and not afraid to tell you what they like. Listen to them, and always give each and every one of them your best effort.” Applause ensued, prompting another rap of Janet’s gavel.

“I’ll wrap this up with a couple pieces of advice. Make sure you still have something in the tank after your morning and afternoon sessions. For your late sessions, it’s fine to go until one or both of you is exhausted”. Steve continued. Jake was drinking in his dad’s advice, still not quite able to believe what was happening. “And last, but certainly not least, Don’t let your Aunt Emma drain all of your energy unless she’s the last of the day!” he finished, to a cacophony of giggles and laughs.

Not waiting for the laughter to abate this time, Janet raised her voice. “Okay, if there’s nothing else, do I have a motion to adjourn?” she said, looking around the room. Several hands shot up.

“This meeting of the family council is adjourned!” She exclaimed, banging her little wooden gavel on the table.

Steve grasped Jake’s hand firmly and shook it. “Welcome to the council, Son!” he exclaimed as the women of family gathered around Jake with hugs, kisses, and various pats on the back. He felt cousin Sara’s tiny hand squeeze his dick as cousin Deanna’s big firm boob pressed into his arm.”Come see me after mom!” Deanna whispered in his ear before a hand slipped into his and begin to lead him away.

“Let’s go Jakey. I’ve been waiting a long time!” Aunt Emma whispered just loudly enough for all the others to hear.

The pair headed for the stairs to whoops and catcalls from the rest of the ladies.

Steve just stood there, beaming with pride, knowing that his big sister was about to give his son the ride of a lifetime.


Aunt Emma had been an excellent golfer back in her college days, and had kept herself, and her golf game, in superb condition ever since. It was widely acknowledged that Emma could have easily played professional golf, had she not prioritized her family over everything else. She had been Jake’s de facto golf coach for years now.

Although she was attractive, even very attractive for her age, he’d never really thought of her in a sexual way. Now, however, as she led him gently but firmly by the hand up the stairs toward his bedroom, that heart shaped ass of hers was doing unexpected things to his dick. By the time the bedroom door closed behind them, he was rock hard.

As if Jake were not hard enough already, when Emma’s bra came off and her firm pointy cones sprung free, appearing to jut straight out from her chest, the blood in his fully engorged penis began to throb almost painfully.

“Oh my god Aunt Emma, your body is sooooo hot!” he said in a hoarse whisper.

“Thank you Jakey dear. Now let’s see what you have for Aunt Emma in here.”

She knelt before him and shucked his shorts off, allowing his big thick cock to spring free.

“Wow, Jenny wasn’t kidding!” she said in an amazed whisper before pulling the head and a couple of inches into her mouth.

Jake nearly blew his load right there, but was able to contain himself just barely.

Emma let his dick flop out of her mouth and rose to her feet, turning around so he could watch her work her shorts down off of her big fine ass.

Emma was pleased enough with his reaction to her tits, but she knew that by far her best feature was her ass, and Jake’s eyes were absolutely glued to it as her shorts fell to the floor.

“Oh god Aunt Emma”. he croaked.

Emma turned to face him. “Get your shirt off sweetie” she said, standing back a foot or two to admire the site of Jake’s muscular chest and flat abdomen coming into view as he peeled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor.

Emma’s soft hand gently encircled his penis, Using it almost like a handle, she gently pulled him over to the bed.

She released his penis and wrapped her arms around him, Not for the first time, Jake noticed how tall Aunt Emma was, standing nearly eye to eye with him, not more than a couple of inches shorter than his six feet even.

“Kiss me Jakey” she whispered, her firm breasts flattening against his chest. Their tongues swirled gently in each other’s mouths as Emma pulled her nephew down on to the bed, rolling onto her back and pulling him over on top of her.

“Fuck me Jakey”. she said in a husky voice “Fuck your Aunt Emma”.

Jake lined the head of his dick up on Aunt Emma’s hairless slot, amazed at how much like Jenny’s pussy it looked. He found her opening and pushed.

But his big thick dick just bent. He rubbed it up and down her slot again. She was so wet! He found her opening again and pushed harder, and harder…

He was pushing so hard now, but still the head would not enter Aunt Emma’s slick bald pussy.

Suddenly Emma smiled. “I was just messing with you.” she said, and relaxed the muscles around her vagina.

Half of Jake’s long thick cock slid easily into Aunt Emma’s amazing pussy.

Emma’s silky smooth legs closed around his back and contracted powerfully, effectively slamming the rest of his cock into her, all the way up to his balls.

Emma squeezed hard again, crushing the entire length of his long thick cock in a hot, wet, vise-like grip. She thrust her tongue up into his mouth and sent a series of ripples up the length of her vagina, ripples that felt as if her pussy were trying to pull his entire body in.

Before he even realized what was happening, Jake began to ejaculate deep inside Aunt Emma.

Emma snickered to herself. She was willing to bet Janet hadn’t made him cum that fast!

She held him tightly, determined not to let his softening erection escape the confines of her sperm soaked pussy.

As soon as it was apparent his erection would soften no further, Emma began to put the skills she had mastered in forty years of sexual activity to work.

“Oh my god, Aunt Emma is even tighter than Jenny!” Jake thought as he slowly began to work his stiff cock in and out of his aunt.

Soon he was thrusting his full length in and out of her, drawing back until the head came fully out, then sinking in till his balls compressed against her firm heart shaped ass.

Now he was pounding his massive rod into her all the way just as hard and fast as he possibly could.

And Aunt Emma was taking it effortlessly.

He could never have imagined that his Aunt would be such an amazing fuck, throwing her hips up to meet his every thrust, thrusting back at him just as hard as he was thrusting into her, keeping her big pointy tits mashed against his chest, all the while rocking and rolling her hips in every direction imaginable as he pounded his cock into her fast and hard.

Suddenly Emma arched her back and extended her legs straight out. Her whole body went rigid and her eyes rolled up in her head as her orgasm crashed over her.

The powerful muscles of her hips and buttocks contracted violently, her vagina crushing Jake’s long thick cock in an almost painful grip.

They lay motionless together until Emma’s orgasm subsided enough for her pussy to release its powerful hold on his bulging cock.

Emma rolled him onto his back and quickly straddled him, lowering herself down onto his steaming prick.

Aunt Emma began to ride him like a boss. “Oh god Aunt Emma, it’s sooooo good” He moaned as she bounced violently up and down on his rock hard cock.

“This is “Sports Fucking”, she said with her familiar wicked grin “Like a fuck and a workout in one!”

She changed the pace and ground her hips down relentlessly onto his thick hard dick

Sooner than he’d have liked, the familiar tingling returned.

“Uhhh Uhhh… Aunt Emma I’m gonna cum again!” he groaned.

Emma knew it was too late to back him off the edge. Sitting down all the way on to his cock, she lay down and let her big firm tits flatten against his chest.

She began to use all of her unique skills to send the most delicate ripples up the walls of her pussy, pulling Jake in, until he began to pump his hot thick semen deep into her vagina.

Jake’s penis continued to throb inside her until she rose up off of him, letting his cum dribble out of her before taking a seat with her legs crossed on the bed next to Jake.

“Need a break?” she said with mock concern. Jake nodded his head.

He was getting a break weather he needed one or not. Aunt Emma had some things she wanted to say, and Jake had known for most of his life that if Aunt Emma had something to say, it behooved him to shut up and let her say it.

“I hope my girls can give you as nice a welcome to the council.” she said with that evil little smile he was coming to know and love.

“You’ve known all of them most of your life, Jake, but you’re about to know them a whole lot better.”

She paused for a breath and to organize her thoughts.

“Please, Jake, don’t take it too much to heart if my daughters say something rude, or even if they get angry with you. They don’t mean anything by it. They grew up in a house full of siblings, they have squabbles all the time. But they love each other!”

Aunt Emma took another deep breath and continued. “Deanna tries so hard to make everyone happy, then gets frustrated when she inevitably fails. Gina thinks she’s smarter than everybody else, but she isn’t. And Sara, well, my sweet baby girl Sara is the most manipulative little bitch you will ever meet. Sara gets whatever Sara wants. You’ll learn quickly to tell her no.” She raised her head and met his eye squarely. “They’re good women, Jake! especially Sara.”

Emma paused for a long minute and lightly traced a circle around the head of his dick with her finger.

“You’ll make your own judgments, Jake. The only one I feel I really need to warn you about is Gina.”

She took a breath and continued.

“Gina. Oh boy, Gina. Be very careful, Jacob! All you have to do is look at her cross eyed and she turns up pregnant. Your dad just shoots it between her tits, god knows they’re big enough. Just be aware, I mean, if you want to get her pregnant, that’s okay too…” her speech trailed off as her eyes focused on his slowly stiffening penis. She opened her mouth to engulf his bulbous glans.

Emma had more to say, but Jake’s rapidly swelling dick in her mouth changed her priorities.


Four hours after his feet had hit the stairs. Aunt Emma slipped on the last of her clothing and opened the bedroom door. She turned and looked back toward the bed, where her nephew lay, exhausted, having just finished blowing his fifth load in his Aunt Emma’s pussy.

“I’ll tell Deanna you can’t make it”. She said with with a smirk, closing the door behind her.

His dad had warned him. Aunt Emma had just worn him smooth out.

To be continued…

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