The morning after their first time

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I awoke the next morning with a slight hint of guilt in my soul. My Sister Dana’s naked body lay next to me in bed. The previous night and into the early morning we had made passionate and lustful love three times in all. I must admit though that the Little Vicar was in no mood by the end of the night.

My sister stirred and curled closer to my body for the warmth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. Luckily it was a weekend and I didn’t have to jump up and grab my clothes for my college classes. I looked down onto my sister’s shoulders and down to her covered breasts. Guilt struck me again. This was my sister. Something changed in my thoughts immediately. We had confessed our love for each other the night prior. Reminiscing on those moments seemed to wash the guilt away.

I stroked her dark blondish hair and kissed the top of her head. She squeezed me tighter pushing her breasts into my side. We laid in the same position for twenty minutes. I think we were both hesitant about starting the day. We knew we had both started something that was unfamiliar to us both, but what we had both wanted.

Finally she looked up with a smile. “Are you hungry?” I nodded my reply and unwrapped my arm from around her. She kissed me quickly on the lips, probably to avoid morning breath, and stood up. She grabbed her t-shirt and shorts from the floor and put them on. She casually strolled to the door. Upon reaching the door she turned around and looked me in the eyes. “Well let’s go lazy bones.”

She walked out and I began dressing. I quickly put on some shorts and a gray t-shirt. I walked into the bathroom did my business and took a swig of scope and spit it out. Now I could kiss her right.

I entered the kitchen. Dana was breaking some eggs in a bowl. I sat down at the table and watched her. She was making french toast. Every few minutes she would look up at me and smile. She brought a plate of hot french toast to me and sat it down in front of me. I said thank you to her. She leaned down and gave me a kiss. When she pulled away she looked deep into my eyes. I swallowed hard from the way she was staring at me. I ran my hand along her face, gently, just barely touching her. She closed her eyes and grabbed my hand lightly. I watched as she turned her head and kissed my hand.

She turned back and opened her eyes. “Now eat up. I don’t want it to get cold.” I began eating as she cooked a piece for herself. When she finally sat down she pulled her chair up close to mine to sit just to the left of me.

After a few seconds I felt her feet rub against my leg. I jumped as I felt her cold feet wrap themselves around my legs. I looked up at her with a smile and she returned it. I finished my breakfast right at the same time she did. She grabbed my plate and put it in the sink. I pushed myself away from the table and sat there not quite knowing what was to come next. Dana quickly answered that for me. She walked over to where I was sitting and straddled my lap.

“Did it taste ok?” She asked as she wrapped her arm around my neck. She locked eyes with me as I nodded my approval. My arms went around her back. She stared at me with love, and I responded with love. We kissed, this time with passion. I kissed her slender milky neck while my hands, under her shirt, explored her back. Our lips met again and our tongues swirled together in passion. Her hands rubbed my chest and shoulders and she whispered that she loved me in my ear. I returned the sentiment and pulled her close. My cock had matured to full size and was straining to grow ever more.

She slowed down a bit and began backing off a little. She licked my lips. “I am ready for a bath.” I was a little disappointed I had thought she meant alone but I was wrong. She stood and grabbed my hand and guided me to the bathroom. Once inside I started to reach for the light switch but she pulled my hand away. “Let’s leave it off.” It wasn’t complete darkness. The bathroom had the light from the window streaming in, the same window I had seen my sister in all her beauty.

She walked to the tub and turned on the faucet. I stared at her as she bent over and that luscious ass stuck out. She plugged the tub and turned just her head to look back to me. She smiled when she caught me drooling over her ass. She poured raspberry scented bubblebath into the water. When she approached she raised her arms indicating to me to remove her shirt. I removed her shirt and watched as her breasts came out into the open air.

“Arms up mister.” She ordered me curtly. I raised my arms. Keeping eye contact she lifted my shirt. Her hands followed my arms until my shirt was removed. She lowered her head slightly and kissed me lightly on the chest. Her tongue flicked out and licked my nipple for an instant. I shuddered with excitement. She unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She continued to kiss my chest as her hands wrapped around my cock and slowly played with it.

Dana backed off a little as I reached for her short’s waistband and pushed down. They slid to the floor and she stepped out of them. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed slowly our hands exploring each other’s skin. I couldn’t help but concentrate on those perfect globes of tits she had. She gasped in ecstasy as I rubbed her nipples. I looked down at the bath filling with water and noticed it was about three-fourths of the way full. I quickly broke our embrace and turned off the water.

I climbed in first and sat down. Dana stepped between my legs and pushed them open with hers and she sat down. I watched her ass and pussy as it glided to the water. She leaned back and rested her head on my shoulders. The tub was barely big enough for both of us. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her flat belly. She placed her hands on top of mine lightly. We intertwined our fingers and watched the soapy bubbles squish between them.

I leaned forward and began to lick her neck. She tilted it to her head to the left so I could access it better. My cock wedged between us twitched as she pushed back against it. She slowly slid up and down slightly feeling my hard member against her back. Her skin was so soft and slippery. My hands roamed their way to her tits. I rubbed the soapy water over them letting my hands slide between them and over her sensitive nipples. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me closer. With her arms raised I felt she was giving me unquestionable access to her body. My left continued rubbing her chest as my right made a downward journey towards her pubic mound.

I rubbed past her navel as I came upon the small patch of blond hair. Her pussy was submerged in the sudsy water but I let my hands find the spot I wanted, her clit. My middle finger slid between her slit and I began to rub small circles with her button. She spread her legs only slightly because of the limited room in the tub. As I rubbed harder and faster she started moving her hips in small circles and breathing harder. She continued the body slide against my hard cock making me want to cum all over her wet back.

She lifted her left leg and put it on top of the bathtub wall and her right she bent at the knee and placed on top of my legs. Her cunt was now open to me completely. She moaned louder when I put my middle finger of my left hand inside her.

I whispered in her ear. “Rub your tits for me.” I looked at her face and she smiled. Her hands went to her breasts. She fondled them for my view. I thought I was going to cum before she did but I was wrong. As I was grinding my cock against her when she arched her back.

Her tongue licked my ear quickly. She then said, “I’m cummminnnng.” She panted loudly as her pussy convulsed around my fingers that were buried inside her. She held her breath and used her hands to push my fingers harder into her.

Her paralytic tension finally released as her body slowly sank back into the water and against me.

“Did that feel good, Sweetie?” Sweat from the steam in the bath was rolling down both of us. She nodded her reply and pulled my arms tighter around her. I squeezed her gently and nuzzled her neck, but my thoughts we to the load I needed to blow. I think she sensed my need. She turned around on her knees to face me. She leaned forward and started to kiss me grabbing my cock with her soapy hands. She stroked my dick slowly kissing my neck and chest. She looked me in the eyes. “Does that feel good, Sweetie?” She said in a little girl’s voice.

“Fucking yes.” I said as my eyes rolled back and my hips started to grind. She started to stroke faster.

“I have to admit something.” Her voice made me open my eyes. She looked at my cock and then at my eyes. Grinned evilly. “Last night I pleasured myself in here thinking of you. Not just last night though. Every night this week, and throughout my whole teenage existence.” Thoughts rushed in my head from the night prior. Thoughts of my sister’s finger rubbing her clit at fourteen and throughout her pubescence made my mind wonder. “And you know what else?” She inquired.

“What.” I moaned from down deep. “I really loved when you played with and licked my ass last night. No one else has ever done that for me and I loved it. I didn’t think I would but I did. I also didn’t think I would like the taste of cum but I love yours.” She kissed me hard and switched hands to continue jerking my meat. I was in ecstasy. My cock was clearing the runway for my cum to take flight. I was going to blow a huge load I could feel it.

“Now you tell me something secret.” I caught my breath in between pants. “I watched you masturbate last night from the bathroom window.” My cock was beginning its spasms when the sensation of utter bliss stopped. I opened my eyes. My sister’s hand was still on my cock but the stroking had ceased.

“You did?”

I felt pain in my balls from the lack of shooting, but I answered. “Yes. I wanted to see you naked. I didn’t know I was going to get a show. I didn’t really even expect it.”

She took on a defensive tone mockingly. “Oh, you can see me pleasure myself but I don’t get to see you?”

“I’m sorry.” I really wasn’t in the least.

“I think you owe me.” With that she leaned back to her knees. “Ok go ahead.” At first I didn’t know what she meant, until she told me.

“Stroke your dick for me. That will only be fair.” How could I argue? I quickly stood up and grabbed some lotion from a shelf and sat back down. The water level had dropped enough to where my cock was above the water line. I squeezed some lotion all over my rod and right hand. Dana watched with intense curiosity as I began to stroke my cock while staring at her delicious mounds of tit flesh. “Where do you want me to cum?” I asked praying she would tell me on her tits or face.

“I tell you when you are about to.” She replied. After a minute of watching my cock and hand in action, she stood and scooted towards me. Her eyes met mine. She turned around and bent at the knees basically squatting on my face. “Lick me big brother.” My tongue lashed out and I licked her pussy. She gripped the soap dish for support. My hand was flailing upon my -want to cum quickly – cock. Her left hand went to her clit. “I love watching you jack-off!” She said matter-of-factly. She squatted low and my tongue ran along her ass. I licked her little button all around. My cock was about to explode. She rubbed her clit and moaned loudly as my tongue ran from her pussy hole to her asshole. “My whole body is tingling.” With that I could feel her body beginning to shake. I raised my left hand and grabbed leg roughly to steady her. Her strength was beginning to give so she sat more weight on my face and roving tongue.

I could hold back no longer. “I am going to cum.” I announced between licks.

“Cum for me baby.” I jammed two fingers of my left hand into my sister’s awaiting hungry twat. My right hand and hips worked in unison as I let a stream of cum into the air at least 2 and a half feet cumming all over my chest. My sister pushed down on my face so hard she slipped in the tub and almost fell, but I broke her fall.

She was now in front of me on all fours with her ass inches from my face. I sunk back and watched her as she composed herself from the fall. My cum covered hands wiped their treat onto her beautiful ass. “You ok?” I asked with genuine concern. She turned herself around and kissed me on the lips. “MMMmmm.” She said in an agreeable tone.

With that she lowered her face to my chest and began to lick me clean. Her hand cleaned my cock of all the lotion while her tongue and mouth sucked the cum from my hairy chest. The site was incredible. She raised her cum covered face to me and kissed me again. Her juices on my face and mine on hers made a delicious combination. We sucked each others tongues clean as she continued to stroke me.

“Do you actually wanna clean up this time?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded and stood up with her. We showered pretty regular except for a few long kisses. She toweled off first and quickly ignoring her long hair began to towel me off. She lowered to her knees and toweled off my legs. When she finished she looked up at me with love in her eyes. Her wet hair still dripped to the floor. My cock slightly swelled hung in her face. She reached for it and engulfed it into her mouth. Her warm mouth contrasted with the cool air around us. I watched as my dick disappeared into her mouth. I placed my hands on the side of her head and played with her wet hair. The slurping noises and the fantastic feeling had me hard again and wanting more.

She removed my cock from her mouth and took a subservient look of love. “What do you want me to do?” She asked in a meek voice. I could tell my sister had played the -in charge- role long enough. Now she wanted to be mine again, and that is exactly what I wanted.

“Stand up.” I said in a lovingly commanding voice. She did so. “I want you to go into the bedroom and I want you on all fours when I get in there.” She pulled me down and ran her tongue up into my mouth. She licked my teeth, back and front, and my lips. She turned to grab her towel, but I stopped her. “You won’t need that.” She continued into the bedroom. When she was gone I grabbed my deodorant and quickly put some on. I threw on a little cologne. I figured it was going to be long day and I wanted to smell good for as long as possible.

I entered my bedroom. On my bed Dana was on all fours and facing away from me. I walked over and ran my hand from her ass to her hair to her ass again. I had brought the towel with me. I lovingly began to dry her hair for her. She stayed perfectly still waiting for the next command. I gently pulled her ass and pussy towards the edge of the bed. I kneeled on the floor and placed my hands on the cheeks of her bottom. It was so sexy. That beautiful pussy and ass were mine for the taking.

“Are you mine?” I asked.

“Yes. All yours to do what you want with.”

“Open you pussy lips for me. Spread them open.” She did so very slowly and sexily. I pushed forward until my tongue made contact with her clit. That is when I turned into the sex-craved master. I licked, sucked, and bit her cunt anyway I wanted. She had to lower her hand because I was eating that delicious pussy crazily. She moaned loudly in that porno voice I loved so much. My left hand went between her thighs and squeezed at those tits. She pushed her hips back on my face driving my tongue deeper into her. Her wetness covered my face as I licked from her clit to the top of her ass. Her back arched so much I could see the back of her head. My hands grabbed her as my tongue stiffened. I began to fuck her wet pussy with my tongue using my hands for the rhythm.

“Oh god Troy, I am going to cum. You mouth feels so good.”

“I want your cum on my tongue. I want your pussy to drench me.” I said quickly between licks. She ground her clit to my mouth one last time. I sucked on it straight without hesitating. She started shivering from excitement. Her moans turned to low growls and screams. When she began to buck I held her hips firmly so she could not buck away from the sucking I was performing on her clit. I made sure she had no choice in the matter. She came hard and for almost thirty seconds straight. When I could feel it had subsided I stuck my tongue into her soaking hole and licked as much of her cum as I could.

She was panting when I stood behind her and lowered my cock to her pussy. I slid in with ease because of the moisture inside her. She and I made a unison load moan as my cock slid all the way home. I immediately started pumping. I did not want to give her a chance to rest. I pumped maybe twenty times before I pulled out and flipped her over quickly. Her face was red with excitement as I dropped between her spread out legs and popped my cock back in her.

With my face now down by hers we swapped kisses as my cock burrowed itself in and out of my sibling. “Do you love me?” I asked. My fingers of my left hand found their way to her ass and I began to finger fuck her.

“Ohhhh. Yes. I love when you do that.” Dana told me. Her ass was soaked with her juices. My finger slid in quickly.

“Are you mine?” I demanded.

“Yes all yours. I love you.”

“I can fuck you anytime I want?”

“Oh, god yes”

“You will drink my cum”


“You will not fuck anyone else will you?”

“No. You are my love.”

“And you are my fuck toy.”

“Yes. My mouth, my pussy, my ass. Anything you want is yours.” With that I stuck another finger in her ass and she squealed with delight. “Do you want my ass?” I sat up a little on that one and looked in her eyes. “I want to be totally yours.” I didn’t care anymore I pumped my cock harder into her, as hard as I could. She threw her head back.

“Rub your tits for me.” She did so immediately. Her back arched and I knew she was going to cum again. I fucked her as fast as I could because I wanted to cum at the same time.

She wrapped her heels into my back and pulled me deep into her pussy as my cock spewed my cream into her and her pussy convulsed with orgasm. I almost fainted as she moaned loudly and dug her nails into my back. My cock continued another stream as I panted and had to lie down on my side or risk passing out.

We both laid there for several minutes panting facing each other. My cock was slowly deflating but still inside her. I pulled her on top of me and started kissing that lovely mouth.

She pulled away from me and looked in my eyes. “You never answered my question.” I knew what she meant.

“I love your ass. It is erotic. It is sexy. That is why I lick it and finger it, but I don’t want to hurt you. She looked deeper in my eyes.

“I am yours to do what you want to do with. I will leave it up to you.” She whispered in my ear. “I love your fingers now.” She began to roll off me to go, but I grabbed her a little rough.

“My cock needs cleaning up.” She didn’t even hesitate. I sat up a little as she slid down and began licking the mixture of our juices of my limp rod.

I watched her for five minutes of so sucking my cock. Never complaining just doing what she was told. I told her to swing her hips around. She laid next me on her belly sucking me. I looked down on her ass and pussy. I spread her legs a little more and seen the cum still lingering around her fuckhole. I dipped my finger into our juice combination a lubed her asshole with it. She raised her hips a little so I could access it better. I continued doing this until her ass was soaked with cum and juices. I slid my finger into her tight little ass. She gasped with ecstasy. I slowly fucked her while her hips grinded and her mouth sucked harder on my cock. I slid in another finger.

“Yes.” A hiss came from my sister. “That feels good.” I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips to keep them up. My fingers continued fucking her ass. She licked from the head of my cock to the base. She sucked on my balls while her left hand stroked my cock. I looked over to my dresser and seen what I needed. I leaned over and grabbed a tube of intensive care cream lotion. Without removing my fingers from by sister’s beautiful ass I opened the cap using my left hand and my teeth. I squirted a quarter of the tube on my fingers of my right hand and my sister’s ass.

“MMMM.” Came from my sister’s throat. I slid a third finger to her anal entrance. I hesitated not wanting to hurt my sister. “Do it.” She said quickly. So I did. She was tight. If not for the lotion I don’t think I would have fit. She pushed back against my fingers, fucking herself. I just watched in disbelief as my sister was moaning as my three fingers went into her ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her to roll over and lay on her back. She knew what was coming now. She rolled over and brought her knees to her chest. Her tits were flattened from her legs. I grabbed the tube of lotion on covered my cock from tip to ball it lotion giving it several coats. It then stuck a few globs onto the tip. I was shaking from excitement while Dana just laid there with a content look on her face. This was the first time I had done this and I was nervous. I wanted her every way and this was the final frontier. I rubbed my cock head along her crack and found her lubed up and slightly stretched opening. Kneeling, I slowly entered her ass just putting the tip in. She sighed relaxing her body. I slipped in until the head was inside. I went ever so slowly allowing her to adjust to my size inside her. She reached down and slowly started rubbing her clit. I think she did it this time for my pleasure and to reassure me she was ok. I went further and further until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. I began pulling out. Her eyes flew open.

“I love you.” She said with pure love. I leaned down and kissed her lips. When I had pulled out almost all the way I pushed back in faster this time. She groaned with pain and pleasure. Her legs were straight up in the air so I licked them as my cock slowly fucked my sister’s ass. I was in heaven with the tightest grip around my cock and the sight of my sister rubbing her clit and actually enjoying what was being done to her I would never complain.

I sped up. “You are so tight. Are you ok?”

She nodded, “I love you so much and I love you cock inside my ass. Fuck me harder.” I did. I could tell she was in a little pain though. She would whimper every few seconds but she didn’t seem to care. She wanted to please her big brother and I loved her for it.

She continued yelling obscenities at me. This made my head swirl. The ass below me was my sister’s and my cock was about to squirt my seed into it. She now had two fingers inside her lovely twat and two rubbing her clit. The sight was unbelievable. She began to orgasm. Her ass convulsed around my rod. That threw me and I came deep in her ass moaning and grinding my teeth from the incredible feeling.

I pulled out reluctantly. I knew I was spent. Cumming three times in and hour and a half were more than I could handle. My cock was sore and I knew my sister had to be sore.

“Fucking incredible.” She whispered as she played with the cum dripping from her ass.

We laid down and took a couple of hour nap.


For the next two years my sister Dana and I lived together. Unfortunately we felt that too many people were getting suspicious about us so we decided to end the relationship. It wasn’t an easy decision. We had talked about going away together and just living out our days, but we knew that would hurt too many people. We still “interact” with each other but very rarely. She is now engaged and I am still alone and seeing no one currently.

Some of her favorite things in sex became me only calling her Sister. She also loved a variety of sexual stuff. From toys, too anal, and especially oral sex. Many times she wouldn’t wear panties and she would simply walk up to me sitting on the couch or something and pull up her dress. Sometimes she would just sit on my face. She would often just lay on the bed and watch me stroke myself and she fingered her delicious pussy. She became a real nympho, but she and I were always loyal to each other. When we went home for the holidays and visits she and I would steal kisses and touches when no one was looking. We would make up stories about girlfriends and boyfriends to our parents and relatives so it appeared as two normal siblings in college. At college we avoided making too many friends, and none knew for sure but I suspect some had a clue.

I let my sister read my stories and she thought they were pretty good and accurate. Some fans have written and asked to hear from her. She is reluctant but The Vicar will work on it. She and I want everyone to know that we had a loving relationship. We don’t encourage incest (especially with children). Some people have even written me and asked me how to seduce their mothers. I don’t fucking know either. I have never tried to seduce my mother – Jesus, she is my mother. I know the fantasy of incest is OK though. So please write me. I have no other true stories but I think I could write some fiction. I did have a little fling with one of my cousins once, but it was a one-night thing and we were caught up in the moment. So write me and let me know what you think.

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