The New Girl-29

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-28 ). Now let’s continue

I asked “what is it uncle”? He gave me a key chain with two keys in it and pulled me to his driveway. He said “I want you to have my scooter since I am not using it at all. So instead of it lying here, you might as well use it if you don’t mind”.

Well this was something I wanted to have for a long time now, so I beamed with happiness. I asked “uncle I hope you are not joking”? He said “I was very reluctant to ask you thinking you might not like me giving you my used scooter but you can see I have not even completed 100km since I bought it last year”.

I hugged him with joy and said “uncle you have no idea how thrilled I am to have this. You have really made my day”. Sure Hardeep had a bike coming from a rich family but now I was going to have my own scooter to be able to compare with him.

I took the keys from Pankaj and took a quick round on the scooter. I was super thrilled at having my own ride now. Even the registration resonated with me because it had my year of birth on it.

Well we Indians are very struck on numerology so this was very nice for me. I took my bag and happily rode home on my new ride. After I reached I realised that I had not paid Ramu.

Then I found a note left behind by mom saying “summoned by the officers”. I called dad informing him about the same. I saw the time and it was only 3.30pm compared to my normal time of 5.30pm when I normally came home.

I called Ramu and asked him to come to my house. He came in 20minutes by when I had changed into my new frock which dad had brought for me. Ramu was speechless when he saw me.

He exclaimed “madam you are looking so hot and sexy in this frock”. I said “thank you, did you not see my new scooter”. He looked at it and was as pleased as I was when I got it.

Then he said “madam this also means that you will no longer need my ride to go around now that you have your own”. I took him inside my house and seated him on the sofa.

I said “Ramu, don’t worry, getting my ride does not make any difference to things between us. We will still find enough reasons and excuses to be together when we want”.

I kissed him passionately on his lips which left him dazed. I went to the kitchen and brought some juice for him and sat with him. I asked “I hope you are not in any hurry today Ramu”?

He innocently asked “why madam”? I said “first of all you are going to call me Preeti and not madam from now on”. He asked “and second”? I said “I have been missing you, haven’t you also”?

His eyes were shining bright like the full moon on a dark night, he excitedly said “yes Madam…err. Yes Preeti. I have been thinking of you ever since the last time we were together”.

I asked “And….”? He said “well I am ashamed to say it but every time I think about you this gets hard and I need to relieve myself”. I naughtily smiled at him and said “what is there to be ashamed of? It is a pretty natural thing”.

He blushed looking at the floor now. I placed his glass on the table and held his hand taking him to my bedroom. I undressed him before making him lie on my bed.

Then I removed my clothes and joined him getting on top. This time I kissed him from head to toe before kissing him on his lips again. He innocently asked “Preeti can you slap me now because I cannot believe if I am dreaming or this is really happening”?

I smiled at him and went down to his raging hard cock, I took it in my mouth giving him a blowjob. I looked at him and asked “do you still think this is a dream”?

He nodded in negative, I went and took a condom and put it on his hard cock. Then I lay down beside him and he got on top. I guided his missile into my pussy and he instantly went full throttle.

I said “slow down Ramu or you will cum too soon”. In between gasping for air he said “don’t worry madam, today I am ready to service you for as long as you want without stopping”.

For sure my young stud was true to his word and despite cumming within ten minutes did not stop and kept humping me nonstop like a fuck machine till he had filled the condom three times.

I lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me but this was surely the best sex of my life. Soon my doorbell rang, I knew it was either Amir or Amit so did not bother to answer the door thinking they will go back thinking I am not home yet.

I turned to Ramu and asked “so you are tired now Ramu”? He said “no madam..err…no Preeti. Not yet”. I asked “do you want to do it again then”? Ramu excitedly screamed yes.

I removed his condom and drank the huge quantity of his cum before throwing it aside. Then I got on my knees and told him to fuck my ass. He asked “Preeti can I get another condom”?

I said “I am willing to make an exception for you again, go for it”. I guided his cock in my butt and he went berserk fucking me with the same vigour like when he started.

He filled my butt twice with his seed before making me cum thrice before he slowed down and said “Preeti this was the most amazing time I ever had in my life”.

I said “I enjoyed it too, so likewise. Do you think you can find time to visit me more often Ramu”? He excitedly said “yes Preeti, I can be here from morning till evening if you want”.

I laughed and said “if you are here from morning to evening then how will you earn your daily bread for your family”? He was suddenly lost in thought, he said “well, in that case for sure I can be with you every evening”.

I took him to the attached bathroom where we took a shower together and unexpectedly he was hard again and we fucked once more unavoidably. I was dead tired now and did not have the energy to meet the boys in the playground knowing well at least three of them would fuck me followed by Hardeep.

Ramu left and I got busy tidying up the place and then crashed on my bed to get some rest. I was awakened by the doorbell at around 6pm. Mom came again escorted by the officers from yesterday.

The officers apologised to me saying “we are sorry about yesterday, were wrong about her, medical tests proved that she was drugged”. They continued “we have arrested the kingpin and many others who were running this racket. Aslam also agreed to become a witness so he was let off too”.

Soon they left, mom went inside and packed her bags and placed them near the main door. I tried asking “what are you doing mom, where are you going” but got no answer from her.

She sat in the hall waiting for dad to turn up. When dad came she gave him a letter and left quietly leaving her house keys behind on the table. In the letter she made it clear that she was leaving by her own choice and will send the divorce papers soon and not to try and pursue her by any means.

So it was official now that mom was gone for good. The atmosphere in the house was a little gloomy. Then to lighten up things, dad said “get ready, I am taking you out for dinner”.

I got ready in another of the deep neck frocks which dad had bought for me and we went out. We figured there was no love left in dad’s relationship so why ponder and sulk over it.

Like they say whatever happens, happens for a good reason. Dad broke unbelievable news at dinner, he said “my boss and a few others have been arrested in the same scandal and many more that came out of the closet. So now I have been promoted to take over his place”.

We both enjoyed our dinner and then got back home. Now there was no one to worry about. We were both mad with lust without care and made love in every corner of the house in whatever positions possible.

Then we retired to the bed, dad asked about Pankaj’s scooter in the driveway. I told him everything that happened. Dad asked “Preeti are you sure you are ok being with Pankaj and Sharath all by yourself”?

To be continued….

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