The New Girl-7

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

Next morning everything was usual and I was waiting for Hardeep and left to school with him. We came to the roadside bushes. I stopped Hardeep and asked him if he could quickly fuck me as I was very horny right now.

We both got behind the bushes and he made me kneel on the grass in doggy style. He ate my pussy for some time while I fondled my boobs with my hands. He unzipped his pants and took out his erect cock and pushed it in my pussy fucking me full speed.

After about 10mins and pulled out just in time and released all his cum in my mouth. We got dressed and rushed to school and made it just in time for the assembly. Khan was at the gate and asked “Gudiya agar assembly bunk karogi toh hum dono jaldi se ek baar chod sakthe hain”.

Now all I wanted was more sex and I was still aroused so I went with him. We got inside his cabin and he pulled down my salwar and panties to my knees and got me kneeling on edge of his bed in doggy style. He put his mouth to my ass and licked and fucked with his tongue.

I said “Khan, jaldi se mujhe chodo kyunki meri gaand bhi tumhare lund ki pyasi hai aur time bhi kam hai”. He came behind me and after lubricating his cock with his saliva he pushed it in my ass. He started fucking like a bull.

Our assembly session normally lasts between 20-30mins depending on the day’s announcements. I knew we had enough time to finish. Khan was fucking me hard when I sensed him getting close to his release and asked him, “Khan kya tum jharne wale ho?”

He said “haan Gudiya bas abhi”. I said “Khan please mai tumhara shehad pina chahti hun”. He quickly pushed his cock in my mouth releasing a big load of cum which I swallowed. Khan was very excited seeing me drink all his cum and I sucked him till the last drop.

He smilingly said “Gudiya, tu mera lund kitna acche se choosti hai aur teri gaand bhi bahut lajawabh hai, jo tujhe chodne mein mazaa hai woh mujhe aur kisi aur ko chodke mein nahin aata. I said “Khan agli baar se condom lagake karna please”.

Teri khatir mai abhi jaake condoms leke aata hun”. I said “Khan thode se condoms mere liye bhi le aana”. He smiled and asked me “abh tak kitne teachers ne tumko choda hai”? I said “abh tak sirf vikas sir ne, kyun”.

He said “Gudiya, bahut saare mard teacher tere ko chodne ke liye betaab hain, sabh ne mere paas terrace wala kamra ke liye already baat kar liya hai”. While I was thrilled to hear that I had so many more teacher cocks waiting, I was getting scared about the word getting out.

We got dressed and were back at the assembly in time, I went for my classes. Today also Priya was absent and it was Vikas sir’s class again. Like last time he sat on my bench fondling my boobs and rubbing my pussy from under my clothes.

He was thoroughly enjoying my body and I was also enjoying all the pleasure he was giving me. I had already unhooked my bra under my kurta and also loosened the strings of my salwar for him. He came multiple times and played with my bare boobs and fingered my pussy.

He asked me to meet him in the terrace room. I told him no because people had started talking, so find a new place. He said he will inform me before the end of day. I told him to bring condoms because I don’t want to get pregnant.

Next was Hindi class taken by Lakshmi madam and I was not interested. After the attendance I made an excuse and went to meet the Prakash because Vikas had made me very horny. I was desperately looking for a fuck. I saw Prakash was busy so decided to try my luck with Pillai.

I knocked on his door and he quickly came and took me inside locking the door. Within seconds we removed our clothes and hugged in a passionate kiss feeling each other’s bodies. He said “I have been dreaming about you”.

I said “I too have been thinking about you because you are the real man and I am missing your big cock”. After the kiss and I got on my knees and started giving him a blowjob almost taking his entire length inside. After 5mins he pulled me up making me lie on his table.

He ate my pussy for a while bringing me on the verge of my next orgasm. He stood up and positioned his cock at my pussy and slowly pushed it inside fucking me with slow strokes. After a few mins he picked up pace and started humping me harder.

Each of our classes lasts for about 1hr so I had enough time to enjoy. After fucking my pussy giving me an orgasm, he pushed his cock in my ass. Once he was fully inside he resumed fucking me full speed. His big cock was giving me crazy pleasures in all my holes.

My next orgasm was building. I almost screamed asking him to fuck me harder and he did. Now half my body was in the air with every incoming thrust of his and I was enjoying it. 10 more minutes later my orgasm hit me and I felt like he was going to release.

I told him “please cum in my mouth so I can relish your honey”. He pulled out of my ass and I took his cock in my mouth. He released his cum in my mouth and I drank all of it sucking him clean. He licked my pussy and ass clean and we both got dressed.

I kissed him thanking him for the wonderful fuck and left. I saw the time and there were still 20mins to go before the class ends so I decided to swing by Prakash’s office once more. He was free this time and personally came to the door to greet me.

I went inside and he locked the door. We both hugged and kissed passionately like lovers. He lifted me carrying to his sofa and lay me down raising my kurta to my neck. He was squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples.

I thought of stopping him because the next class was going to start but I now my priorities changed to enjoying sex over classes. He removed my clothes and I spread my legs inviting him. He dived in with his mouth and licked my pussy like crazy.

He was driving me to another orgasm when I unhooked his trousers dropping them to his feet giving him a blowjob. He held my head with his hands fucking my mouth for a while. He was about to mount me when I whispered to use a condom.

He got off quickly, took one from his bag and mounted me. I guided his cock into my pussy and he gave a strong push entering fully inside. After so much of fucking in the last few days my pussy and ass were no longer tight or hurting, now it was only tsunamis of pleasure.

Prakash was fucking me with his normal rhythm and I had an orgasm. While fucking he was fondling my boobs with his hands and sucking my nipples and smooching me. He was a gentleman when it came to sex and I loved that about him.

I whispered in his ear “do you want to fuck my ass today darling”? He said “no my love, I love your pussy and I would leave your ass for Pillai because he enjoys fucking it more”. Well to me it really did not matter if I got fucked in my pussy or ass because both were equally enjoyable.

It was over 15mins and Prakash was fucking me without signs of cumming. He made me bend over his desk and pushed his cock in my pussy from behind. He went on for another 5 mins before he stiffened and released his juices.

He pulled out and removed the condom showing a big hanging bulge and said only my pussy makes him cum so much. I kissed him and cleaned his cock with my mouth. He sat on his chair pulling me on his lap playing with my boobs and nipples.

I asked him if he wanted once more, he said “I want you so much that even if I fucked you all day and night, I would still not be satisfied”. I smooched him and said “I too feel the same darling”. I felt his cock getting hard again.

I got on my knees giving him a blowjob while he sat in his chair. Prakash said “you are a real expert with your mouth, no woman has ever given me so much pleasure with her mouth before”. I thanked him and continued sucking.

He signalled me to get up, he took out another condom from his bag and put it on. I climbed on his lap with my legs on either sides of his and guided his cock into my pussy riding him cow girl style. He cupped my boobs with his hands and went on sucking and squeezing them.

We were fucking like this for a while, he asked me to get off. He made me kneel on his chair in doggy style and resumed fucking my pussy from behind. He was not in any hurry fucking me slowly. After about 10mins he stiffened and came in my pussy giving a few more strokes.

He showed me another bulged condom before throwing it away. He cleaned my pussy with his mouth and I cleaned his cock with mine. We both got dressed and after some more hugging and kissing he asked when could I come again today.

I asked when will he be free, he said afternoons he is mostly free. I told him depending on the classes I will try to slip out and surely come to him. He told me not to worry about any of the teachers because he will manage all of them.

He asked me about Pillai and I said I met him just before I came to you. We kissed and I left heading back to class when I met Vikas on the way. Vikas asked me if I could go with him right now to his house. His wife had gone out to the market to shop for tomorrow’s trip.

I asked him about the condoms, he said he has it with him. We quickly got on his bike and while leaving I smiled at Khan. We got to his house which was nearby. We got inside Vikas pushed me on the diwan getting on top of me.

I told him to stop because I did not want to mess my clothes. He got up and I removed all my clothes and he removed his. I lay down and signalled him to come. He kept the pack of condoms next to us and climbed on me and went straight for my boobs and nipples.

I let him suck my boobs for a while and decided to surprise him and rolled off him with me getting on top. I held his cock stroking it also licking the tip with my tongue. He enjoyed it, he held my head pushing his cock deeper in my mouth and started fucking.

Thanks to all the practice I had I had no problem in taking his full cock in my mouth. After a few minutes he let go of my head and I lay down next to him. He put a condom mounting me missionary style and I guided his cock in my pussy.

He pushed hard and started humping me full speed. He fucked me for nearly 20mins nonstop during which I had two orgasms and he also came. He lay by my side panting saying I really enjoyed sex with you compared to so many other women I have been with.

You are far better than even the most experienced ones. I thanked him for the compliment and saw that his cock was getting hard again. I held his cock giving him a blowjob looking at him. He asked “do you want to do once more”?

I said “Vikas, you are my first and the only one I really enjoy with and if I get a chance then I want to do it again”. He got on top of me, while fondling my boobs he suddenly pushed his cock in my pussy and began fucking me.

I told him to stop and use a condom. He said he will pull out in time. With some effort I managed to push him and his cock slipped out. I said “yes I trust you but I am not ready to take such a big risk in my life”. He put on a condom and mounted me again fucking me.

After about 10mins he said “darling I want to fuck your ass”. I said “I am scared because I have never tried it before, your cock is so big and would surely hurt”. He kissed me and said “darling just trust me, I will never hurt you”, saying this he rolled me over on my chest.

He got some ghee from the kitchen and liberally applied it on my rear hole inserting his one finger first then two. He mounted me pushing his cock into my ass. I pretended that it was hurting and he seemed to believe it inserting very slowly.

Soon he was fully inside my butt fucking me. I told him it was feeling very nice and he increased his pace. I was constantly flexing my ass muscles giving him the feeling of tightness, in another 15mins he released his cum.

He remained on top of me till his cock slipped out. He went to the bathroom with both the condoms and cleaned up. I went next and cleaned getting dressed. We headed back to school as it was nearly lunch time. On the way he reminded me that my special classes would start from tomorrow evening at his place.

I said “Vikas I will look forward for tomorrow when we can be together again”. We were getting near the school so I got down before the last turn and walked down. Again I met Khan at the gate grinning at me and said “Gudiya, badi deer laga di aaj tumne Vikas sir ke saath”?

I said “haan Khan, aaj unhone bahut jam kar meri deer tak chudai kari”. Khan asked “Gudiya agar bura mat mano toh kya hum jaldi se ek baar aur karle, mai bahut saare condom bhi laaya hun”. I said “Khan, aaj Vikas sir ne meri palang tod chudai ki hai aur mai bahut thak gayi hun”.

“Waise bhi aaj subhah toh tumne mujhe choda hai naa. Shyam tak ruk jaao mai zaroor mauka nikal ke aati hun”. I went back to my class and it was lunch break and I had my food and felt much better.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post the rest of the parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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