The New Girl -15

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After Hardeep left I met Khan at the gate, he asked “Gudiya why are you so late today”? I said “I had lots of work to finish at home so got late. Khan, my body is on fire, I am dying for your cock. Please come and fuck me quickly”.

I walked towards his cabin without waiting for his answer, he happily came running after me because today first time I asked him for sex. I lowered my salwar and panties to my knees and got in doggy style on his bed.

He put his mouth to my butt, tongue fucking and lubricating it liberally. He wore a condom and pushed his cock in my butt fucking me in his usual rhythm. Khan hugged me from behind cupping my boobs over my clothes while he continued.

I removed my kurta and bra giving him full access to my boobs. I must admit sex with Khan is far better than what Vikas did yesterday. We fucked for over 10minutes when Khan came inside my ass.

He brought a wet towel and cleaned and dressed me up. He asked “will Govinda get a chance today”? I said “how can you say this Khan, before I go home I will definitely come to eagerly enjoy with both of you together”.

Then I went straight to Pillai because the first two classes were Hindi and history which is boring but I still managed good marks in both. I saw Prakash and Pillai were sipping tea together when I entered and locked the door.

Prakash got up and hugged me and Pillai came from behind grinding his crotch in my butt. I first smooched Prakash and next Pillai, Prakash asked “why are you late today darling”?

I said “now I am having to take care of everything in the house so got late”. Pillai went inside his store and pulled out a foam mat used for games and spread it on the floor.

We removed all our clothes, Prakash made me lie on the mat and got on top fondling my boobs and sucking my nipples. I told Pillai to come near my face and started sucking his cock.

Prakash went down eating my pussy while Pillai held my face fucking my mouth with his cock. By now I had learnt to deep throat so took his entire length without any difficulty.

He made sure he pulled out every few strokes helping me breathe. After some time, Pillai went to his desk and brought a few condoms and wore one. I called Prakash and started giving him a blowjob.

Pillai mounted me missionary style pushing his cock in my pussy and continued fucking. After a long while I patted him to stop, I made Prakash lie down and after using a condom I mounted him and asked Pillai to fuck my ass.

Both of them asked “are you sure”? I said “yes now I can handle you both together”. Pillai came behind me and pushed his cock in my butt rocking my bottom. Now both were fucking me together for nearly 15minutes giving me many orgasms.

Soon Prakash came in my pussy and a few minutes later Pillai too came in my butt. We lay on the mat getting catching our breath. Both of them thanked me for the amazing sex today, Pillai asked “can we do it once more”?

I said “Pillai you know today is only half day of school, I promise to meet you again on Monday”. Prakash asked “how about tomorrow”? I said “since I have taken charge of the house I have a lot of work to do so it will be Monday only”.

All of us got dressed and Pillai gave me the envelope, Prakash asked me to accompany him to his office and gave me another envelope. I put it all in my bag and smooched him and left.

I saw the time and had a few minutes before the 2nd class bell and had maths and CCA next. I decided to bunk all classes and enjoy lots of sex instead so went to the biology lab, Babu was there, I went inside locking the door.

He was very thrilled to see me, we hugged and kissed. He asked “Preeti are you in a hurry today also”? I said “not for you Babu darling, today I have time”. He pulled out the mat again and removed all his clothes and I removed mine.

He laid me on the mat and got on top squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples like mad for a long time. He was very good with his oral skills. Then I got into 69 on top and he ate my pussy while I sucked his cock for some more time.

He then wore a condom and mounted me missionary style, he fucked me nonstop for nearly half an hour before cumming inside me giving me two more orgasms. We rested for 5mins fondling each other till he got hard again.

He got me in doggy style and entered my pussy from behind and resumed fucking me. After about 20minutes I asked “do you want to fuck my ass darling”? He said “no Preeti, I do not like it”.

He continued fucking my pussy for another 5minutes and came inside me and we both lay panting. After a few more minutes of rest, he asked “are you tired”? I said “yes a little”.

He said “I want to fuck you once more”, I saw below, he was already hard again so I said “yes I would love it too”. He rolled me over on my chest and after using another condom he pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking.

Honestly after fucking 4 times in over 2 hours I was tired but wanted to enjoy this moment because this is exactly what I always wanted. This time he fucked me for close to 25 minutes before cumming inside me.

He asked “Preeti are you ok”? I said “I am really tired now”. He asked “can you come to my house so we can enjoy more”? I asked “what about your wife”? He said “she would also love to join us”. I said “I will think about it” and got dressed.

I saw the time and I still had 35 minutes before the closing bell so I decided to enjoy with Khan and Govinda. On my way I met Hardeep in the playground, he saw my bag and asked “why are you leaving early today”?

I said “Mom has given me a long list of things to do so going early. What about you”? He said “I am going to be late because Pillai sir has some activities planned”. I wished him goodbye and left.

I met Khan at the gate, I said “We don’t have much time, please bring Govinda quickly” and went to his cabin. I removed all my clothes and sat on his bed fully naked.

In a few minutes both came and locked the door quickly removing their clothes. Govinda came to me and I took his cock in my mouth. Even though he was so big, I tried my best to better my cock sucking skills.

Khan got me in doggy style and started tongue fucking my butt. Now Khan was fucking my ass with his tongue while Govinda was fucking my mouth same time. After a while, Khan used a condom and pushed his cock in my butt humping me.

I sucked Govinda’s cock as much as I could then he too wore a condom and lay down on the bed. I got on top riding his cock in my pussy while Khan resumed fucking my ass.

Both of them fucked me for a long time giving me another orgasm before Khan came in my ass. Khan pulled out and sat while Govinda took me in doggy style fucking me much harder now.

After sometime he pushed his cock slowly in my ass and continued there, I don’t remember how many orgasms I had during all this, soon Govinda too came in my butt.

Khan took me to the bathroom, cleaned and dressed me up. I observed he took keen interest in dressing me every time. I saw the time, it was nearly school closing time, Khan and Govinda rushed back to their jobs. I ate my lunch while the bell went off.

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