The New Girl – 14

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts here The New Girl-13

I quickly hid the condoms in my part of the cupboard and freshened up coming to the hall wearing my nighty. Mom was busy in the kitchen and dad was sitting on the sofa.

I sat on dad’s lap and we smooched, I asked him softly “how is the weather today”? He said “exactly the same as yesterday, we have not spoken a word”. I got up and went to the kitchen greeting mom behaving normally asking “how was your day”?

She said “just fine” and continued cooking. I said “all my blouse tops including the school kurtas have become very tight around my chest”. She said “you need to take them to the tailor and get them altered”.

I asked “when can we go to the tailor”? Mom said “I am very busy but we will try tomorrow which is a Saturday”. I reminded her “I had to go to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly treatment”, she said “ok”.

I asked “I can go with Hardeep to the doctor, then to the tailor because that way you need not take leave from work”. She said “fine” and went to the bedroom to take out some dress materials.

She gave them to me saying “get some new blouse tops also stitched”. I said ok and kept it with me. She explained how much the tailor will approximately charge for each top counting money gave it to me.

She gave me a grocery list to buy from the local grocery store on my way back along with more money. I put everything in my bag while she went back to the kitchen. Me and dad sat at the dining table while mom served food only to me and herself.

She sat in the hall separately having her dinner, I saw again she had not prepared anything for dad. I looked at him with a sorry face, then I went to the fridge and took out the food left from the afternoon and warmed it up and served it to him.

We both finished our dinner quietly and went to the bedroom to sleep. I removed my nighty and sat in dad’s lap offering my boobs to him and he was sucking them while we talked softly.

He asked about the things mom had asked me to do, I explained everything. He asked “why you don’t wear t-shirts and frocks”? I said “I don’t have any because mom only got me these clothes”.

He asked “can I take you shopping tomorrow”? I said “no because I have too many things to do”. He asked “can we go on Sunday”? I said “yes”. Mom was sleeping in the hall, I peeped outside after 10minutes and she was snoring loudly.

I locked the door again and got under the blanket with dad. I saw he was already naked. We hugged and smooched pushing away the blanket. He was kissing and licking my entire body from head to toe and back.

He spent extra time on my ears, neck, boobs, navel, pussy, thighs & back. I pushed him down and got on him 69 style. Now he was eating my pussy and ass while I was sucking his cock.

Just this foreplay with dad gave me another orgasm. We switched positions and dad mounted me missionary style pushing his cock in my pussy fucking me slowly. Thanks to his stamina he fucked me nonstop for a very long time.

When he paused, I got in doggy position on the bed and he entered my pussy from behind and resumed fucking. Over time he increased his speed rocking my whole body with each stroke.

After a while he stopped again and I looked at him. He made me lie sideways and pushed his cock from behind and resumed fucking. He raised my leg pushing his leg in-between pushing his cock deeper in my pussy.

We went on for a long time after which he gave a few hard strokes and came inside me. We were panting heavily and I had lost count of the orgasms he had given me. We lay in each other’s arms taking rest.

Dad asked “does your busy schedule tomorrow also includes sex”? I said “yes lots of it”. He said “I am curious to know how many times in a day are you enjoying sex”? I said “well it is hard to count but anywhere between 3-5 men daily”.

There was no way I was going to tell the actual count which was over 10 already. He asked “you are joking right”? I said “no”. He asked “am I also part of your count”? I said “no”.

Dad looked at me totally shocked. He said “you are having sex with so many men every day and you are able to handle it”? I said “absolutely, see did we not have great sex just now after I enjoyed with all the others earlier today”.

He said “your appetite for sex is beyond my imagination. Just be careful when doing it so you don’t get into trouble”. I said “don’t worry because I am enjoying with only known people. Now stop thinking about all that and let’s enjoy the moment”.

I had been stroking his cock all this while and he was hard again as a rod. I rolled onto my chest and said “dad please fuck my ass with your big cock”. He came on top bringing his mouth to my butt hole and licked it nicely also fingering it.

After he ate my ass for a while he inserted his cock slowly till he was fully inside and resumed fucking. The pleasure of getting fucked by your dad’s big cock in your ass is beyond words.

Dad fucked me for over half an hour and said I am going to cum”. I said “I want to drink it”. He pushed his cock in my mouth and released a big load and I swallowed every drop.

We both lay again in each other’s arms catching our breath when dad asked “should I buy condoms for you”? I said “what I need now is my own wardrobe because I am running out of space sharing with you and mom”.

He promised to get me one soon. We slept in each other’s arms, dad woke me up at 5am showing me his morning wood and I started sucking it. He went down eating my pussy when I said “stop dad, I need to pee first”, he said “I want to drink it”.

I asked “isn’t that dirty”? He said “not for the person you love”. He lay down and made me sit on his face with my pussy hole directly on his mouth. I started peeing very slowly giving him time to swallow.

I peed a lot because this was my first one of the morning and he drank everything. After I was done dad still held me eating my pussy giving me loads of pleasure. I realised I was grinding my pussy against his mouth.

I stopped when I realised getting off him and said “I am sorry, I got carried away with the pleasures you gave me”. He said “no problem, I also enjoyed it as it was my first time”.

I got on his cock pushing it in my pussy riding him and he was also giving occasional thrusts from below. We continued in this position for a while when dad patted my ass and I switched to doggy style.

He pushed his cock in my pussy from behind and continued. Dad fucked nonstop for almost 30minutes. He pulled out of my pussy and pushed his cock in my mouth and came, I drank all his cum licking him clean.

We lay down for a few minutes smooching while he kept fondling my boobs and was hard again. I asked “how did you get hard again so quickly”. He said “just imagining you enjoying sex with so many men got me very aroused”.

I naughtily asked “are you fantasising watching me have sex with other men”? He said “I am not sure but just the thought of it made me hard”. I again sucked his cock for a little while and got in doggy position.

He pushed his cock in my wet pussy in one stroke fucking me with hard thrusts. He held my hips firmly rocking my entire body with his every thrust. I asked him “what would arouse you more fucking me or watching someone else fucking me”?

Dad pounding me harder and said “both”. I said “your friends lust for my body. That night when they came to drop you when you were drunk and I was carrying you over from them, both of them squeezed my boobs and dry humped me with their cocks”.

“So if you want to realise your fantasy then make a plan for them to fuck me while you watch”. I think this was too much excitement for dad and he groaned releasing his cum inside my pussy, I saw the time, it was 6.15am.

So we still had time before mom wakes up. We both lay on the bed, dad said “baby how can you even think I will let my friends fuck you”. I said “dad it is your wildest fantasy because when I said it you started fucking me crazily till you came”.

“This was the best sex I have enjoyed with you so far. So please seriously think about Pankaj uncle and Sharath uncle and come up with a plan. I am eager to enjoy sex with both of them”, Dad was staring at me with wide eyes.

I reminded him of the time and we went to the bathroom and freshened up and went to the hall behaving normally. Mom had just woken up and after folding her bed went to the bathroom without saying a word.

I served tea to dad raising my nighty and placed his hand on my wet pussy. I said “see dad just talking about your friends has made my pussy so wet, imagine when I am with them what will happen”.

Dad smiled and licked his fingers before sipping his tea. Mom came out of the bedroom dressed up and went to the kitchen to prepare food. Both me and dad were getting ready, I whispered asking him “can we have a quickie after mom leaves”?

He winked yes. We both were at the table and like yesterday mom left serving breakfast to me only giving me my lunch box. As soon as she was out of the door I locked it and came to dad who was already had his pants and undies down stroking his big cock.

I got on my knees giving him a blowjob and removed all my clothes. I sat across his lap pushing his cock in my wet pussy riding him. We both had breakfast like this only.

Dad carried me with his cock still inside me, lowering me on the dining table fucking me hard. I said dad imagine your friends fucking me now and he started fucking me even harder.

After nearly 15minutes my orgasm hit and he too was close to cumming. He pushed his cock in my mouth and released his cum which I swallowed sucking him clean. Dad licked my pussy clean and we went to the bathroom and got dressed again.

Just then the doorbell rang and I was sure it was Hardeep. I took my school bag and told dad I am leaving with Hardeep, he asked “is Hardeep one of your many bed mates”? I said “yes”.

He asked “is he is good in bed”? I said “yes, I gave him my virginity and we enjoy minimum twice daily. He is also my bodyguard sometimes”. I knew where dad was going with this and I got an idea.

I went out asking Hardeep “if you don’t mind can we go late to school today? If yes, then we can have sex right now in my house”. He readily agreed and asked “is your dad home”?

I said “yes. I have told him everything about us including the sex we have daily”. Hardeep froze as if struck by lightning and I pulled him inside my house locking the door.

I kept our bags aside and introduced him to dad who was sitting on the sofa. While they exchanged pleasantries I held Hardeep’s face and smooched him. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock and got on my knees sucking him.

I saw Hardeep was clueless about what was happening and dad was staring at us with wide eyes. While sucking him I removed all my clothes and pushed Hardeep on the diwan.

I climbed across his lap offering my boobs and he hungrily started sucking them. After a while I lay down, Hardeep mounted me missionary style when I stopped him. He took a condom from his bag and again mounted me pushing his cock in my pussy.

Hardeep was fucking me hard because I think the excitement of fucking me in front of my dad was driving him crazy too. I looked at dad and he was stroking his own cock watching us.

I switched positions making Hardeep lie down riding his cock in my pussy. I called dad and he came near us. I took his cock in my mouth giving him a blowjob while Hardeep was still fondling my bouncing boobs.

After sucking dad’s cock for a while I said “dad I want you to fuck my ass now”. Listening to this both men froze. I said “dad please don’t waste time and come behind me”.

He slowly inserted his cock in my butt and both resumed fucking. I was loving this DP fuck since when Khan and Govinda fucked me twice showing me heaven. Soon Hardeep came in my pussy and I too had an orgasm while dad continued pounding my butt.

I was firmly impaled on Hardeep’s cock and even though it had become soft it remained inside. Dad pulled out and said “I want to fuck your pussy now”. I knelt on the diwan in doggy position and he pushed his cock in my pussy resuming fucking.

I removed the condom and started sucking Hardeep’s cock and soon he was hard again. I made dad lie down riding his cock in my pussy and told Hardeep to fuck my ass now. He wore a condom and pushed his cock in my ass resuming fucking.

Dad soon groaned holding me hard, filling my pussy with his cum while Hardeep continued in my ass. I remained impaled on dad’s cock while Hardeep continued with renewed vigour.

I saw the time and was guessing Hardeep would soon cum in about 5minutes. He surprised me this time Hardeep lasting much longer before cumming in my ass. All of us sat on the diwan while I collected dad’s cum flowing out of my pussy and licked it.

I looked at both of them and they were smiling. I asked “did you both enjoy today”? Both said yes and dad said “this was unbelievably good”. I went to the bathroom with Hardeep and we cleaned and got dressed.

Dad went next while we left to school and dad left next to his office. On the way Hardeep asked “how did you manage to get in bed with dad”? I said “after I told dad everything about us, I saw he was hard just by listening. So I thought if I try this today then I can get him to also join”.

He asked “where did you learn about this double fuck”? I said “from the porn movie you showed me yesterday. So I tried it today and really enjoyed it. Never ever tell anyone I am having sex with my dad and I promise you many more such sessions”.

He promised to keep his mouth shut. We reached school and before the final turn on the road I told Hardeep to walk ahead, I saw the time and we were 1hr late today.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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