A father resists his daughter’s temptation while snowed in

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I woke up to someone bouncing painfully onto my legs and feet. 

“Get up, sleepy head! It’s snowing outside!” said a sweet cheery voice.

I slowly opened my eyes as the bouncing continued. My daughter Kali was rising high above me with a huge smile on her face.

“Aren’t you a bit old to be acting like this?” I ask her. ” Come on, stop jumping.”

“It’s snowing, Daddy!” She practically sang. “You know what that means, right?”

“Oh shit,” I said, realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to get my daughter to the airport in time.

“Shoshhh, Daddy!” Kali said as she placed a small finger over my lips. “You can’t curse around your daughter.”

“Hey, knock it off will you,” I said, swatting her hand away from my face. “Shouldn’t you have your clothes on and be ready to go?”

She was wearing a small pink tank top and I couldn’t help but notice she didn’t have a bra on since her perky nipples were pressing the fabric outwards. She was wearing only her panties that hugged her folds and long gray knit socks that went over her knees. Her beauty always astonished me and she was only getting prettier everyday. Things were easier for me before she filled out. Now, being her father I had to be a little more careful around her. 

“No, sir!” She said in a fake military voice. “There’s no way we can make the flight. The highways are closed. It’s the worst storm in a decade.”

“You sound pretty excited.”

“I am!” She blurted out with a smile. “Now we can spend even longer together.”

The last several years I really hadn’t seen much of my daughter. My wife and I split up since she caught me cheating on her. The two of them moved across the country, my ex remarried and had two new kids, and I get about a week with my daughter per year. Now that Kali was over 18 years old, at least I could see her more. 

The truth is that the final affair that broke the haystack was one of many and my wife had learned of only one before. You could say I have a sex addiction since I clearly have been finding new partners on about a weekly basis. My current partner Sierra and I have an understanding. She lets me fool around as much as I want, and likewise, I let her. My life revolves around the chase and the thrill of sex. 

The last week with my teen daughter was tough. I saw Sierra only once and the sex was short lived. I was hoping my feelings for my daughter would be different. That I wouldn’t feel any sexual thoughts towards her like I do with other women, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Every hug I give or snuggle we have while watching TV is a chance of arousal for me. I can’t seem to shake the idea that this beautiful young woman is off limits. I’m not sure if my daughter has noticed my tiptoeing around hugging her too much or my arousal when she lays her head across my lap while on the couch, but she keeps on trying to break the touch barrier down.

“I guess I should count myself lucky to have this time with you. Are all the roads closed, have you checked?”

My daughter plopped down onto me. Her legs curled next to me and she dropped her arms over my chest like an exhausted dog.

“I dunno, I haven’t checked. I’m just super excited for our snow weekend together!” 

Her bright pink lips displayed a huge smile and her blue eyes were lit up. 

“One week wasn’t long enough,” she sighed.

“I know. I’m glad we get to spend some more time together, too.”

I grabbed my phone and sat slightly up. The covers fell down my bare chest as I propped myself on pillows to Google the conditions. 

“Jeez, 6 feet of snow. Holy shit! We’re not built for that here. Looks like everything’s closed.” 

Slowly I realized what that meant. 

“You know I live several miles from the store, I hope we have enough food here. I don’t even think Sierra can make the drive up the hill here.”

“Oh good, that means I get you all to myself,” Kali said as she lay her head down on my stomach. 

Her silky blonde hair fell over her face onto my stomach.

“We better call your Mom and warn her. She’s not going to be very happy.” 

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