Making of a cuckold

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Nitin was inside his wife when she started crying. Some women cry after having an orgasm. But Divya, was crying out of frustration. She loved her husband. And they had been together for five years before that night. But, as Nitin was pumping inside her, she started crying, because they were not having sex for the love for each other, but to get pregnant.

Nitin was so focused on fucking his wife, that it took him a full minute before he realized that she was crying. And when he looked up, he was close to cumming. He didn’t stop thrusting inside her through, for he had waited four days to fuck her. He fucked her till he came. As he filled Divya with his cum, he saw her covering her face with hands, sobbing, with her legs wide open, still in her nighty.

When he was done, and was sure that he has spilled every bit of his cum inside Divya, he removed himself from top of her, and laid beside his wife. Divya pulled her nighty down, covering her naked pussy, freshly fucked and filled with cum, and turned the other side.

Nitin looked at the ceiling and sighed. He knew why Divya was crying. He looked at his wife, her frame looking ever so delicate in the darkness of their bedroom. He touched her shoulder and said, “It’s going to be okay.”

Divya didn’t respond. Nitin could feel her body shudder, as she tried to muffle her cries.

“It will happen this time,” he said. The lack of conviction in his voice, made Divya turn toward him.

She was looking straight at her, her eyes, wet with her tears, her beautiful face sad with the deepest of sorrows that a woman can have.

“What if it doesn’t?” she asked.

“We will see another doctor. We will try different medicines. We —”

“We have done all this. And what has it gotten us?” Divya spoke between her teeth.

“We can always adopt—”

“No!” Divya said, grinding her teeth.

Nitin knew better to speak anything more. He knew Divya. After all, they had been married for five years, and had known each other for three years before that.

“Okay. Okay…” Nitin said, touching her bare arm, caressing it, to calm her down.

He adjusted himself, so that he was nearer to her. Divya, on cue, folded herself and entered his embrace. Nitin took a deep breath, and hugged his wife, and raised his legs to engulf her body entirely.

They stayed that way, till Divya fell asleep. Nitin was wide away though, thinking of everything in the world, except for the problem at the hand. After all, the problem that they had, didn’t have an easy solution.

Nitin and Divya had been trying to get pregnant for three years by then. They were both 32 years old. They got married, when they were 27. They were each others’ first love. They met while working in the same office. Neither were from Bombay. They were 24 when they had met, young professionals, enjoying the freedom of adulting.

Divya had lost her virginity to Nitin. And before Divya, Nitin had fucked once, in college. It was an unremarkable fuck, more awkward than pleasure. But the first time Nitin and Divya were together in bed, they had been a hot mess. In that hotel room, when Divya had shed her clothes and stood in front of him, she had stolen her heart.

One thing had led to another, and when the time to penetrate her had come, Nitin had chosen not to wear a condom. It was Divya’s first time, with a guy. She had watched intently as Nitin’s dick had entered her, vanishing inside her inch by inch. She had been in pain. She had gasped, she had winced, but she hadn’t closed her eyes.

Divya had the fairest of Indian skins. The darkest part of her body — the place between her legs, was fairer than Nitin. It was mesmerizing to see his thick brown dick enter her. It had felt raw and primal. She had fallen in love with him, the first time he had entered her.

That time, Nitin had fucked her, as if he would lose her if he stopped fucking. And when he was close to cumming, he had declared that. Divya had nodded yes, and he had finished inside her.

After they were done, when they were down from the high of lust, they had realized their mistake. The next few dates and the hundred phone calls between them, was about the pregnancy scare.

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