The Great Sen Family : 7

The Great Sen Family – Episode : 7
Just for readers’ convenience, I think it would be better to introduce the main characters of recent developments ( even in upcoming incidents ) once again.

1.Munmun/Mona : 28 yrs, actress
2.Manish : 30 yrs, businessman
3.Chitradevi : 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother
4.Prankrisno/Kesto : 25 yrs, Munmun’s Odisan Cook/Driver,/Gardener… all in one
5.Parveen/Mala : Maid, Prankrisno’s wife
6.Fatema : 38 yrs, Mala’s widow mother
7.Hafiz : Mala’s brother
8.Aparna/Rina : 38 yrs, actress/director, Sanjay’s 2nd wife
9.Sanjay : 40 yrs, Aparna’s 2nd husband
10.Kamalini : Aparna’s daughter
11.Suman : Aparna’s stepson/Sanjay’s son
12.Sanjit : 19 yrs, actor
13.Pallabi/Poly : Sanjit’s sister
14.Supriyadevi : 49 yrs, Veteran actress
15.Soma : 29 yrs, actress
16.Rahim : 22 yrs, Soma’s husband
17.Rahamat : 40 yrs, Rahim’s father
18.Sandhya : 35 yrs, actress
19.Probhaboti : 48 yrs, Kesto’s widow mother

And more…..


Film actresses are always the hot topics for all….. especially among the daily labourers…. like servant, sweeper, gardener, driver, Cook etc who worked in their houses. Prankrisno Mohanta and some of his friends were certainly not exception…. always dreamed about the hot bodies of their Mistress.

Although these highly rich personalities were their employers…. provided them employment, that didn’t matter. Rather, if anything, it only served to fuel their fires of fantasy. Their hot topics were….. seen her naked? Seen her pussy ? Does she trim it? Would you fuck her if she would let you?

When these low level service providers got together, their gossips were always the same….. varying only in where they fell in the conversation. Answers normally varied on the openness of labourer. Prankrisno’s answers never wavered, they were always the same.

Yes….. Yes, A little bit; Oh, Yeah!

Without worrying, they normally expressed their views. If there were a way for these labourers to bury their meaty bone between these top level celebs’ inviting legs without attracting the attention of their husbands, these young or old servants would never hesitate.

Prankrisno’s friends, continually pined him with the desire to fuck his sexy and sweet mistress, Munmun Sen. Yes, it was Munmun, Prankrisno’s Didimoni that always seemed to garner the most admiration and lusty comments from them.

However their Malik / Sir / Kartababu / Dadababu were not excluded from their discussions either.

Their gossips normally were…… How often does they crack that sophisticated pussy? Are they doing it any good? Have they come to the place that they need some help? Can they keep it up after they get it up?

For the most part of their conclusions were all the same. Sure, their employers were undeniably bedroom buffoons for which the husbands had lost all respect from their celebrity wives.

Mostly they laughed and joked about the fact….. their Masters had long ago forgotten that the center of the universe was between a woman’s legs, if indeed they ever knew. They shared the overheard arguments and gossips about their high profile employer among themselves…. and passed their leisure by throwing numerous filthy jokes.

And naturally from the rumors, it revealed how unhappy these top level wives were…. due to lack of attention and passion in bed. On the other hand, to the husbands….. gossiping, golfing, TV watching, manicuring lawns etc. were more interesting than their wives’ hot pussy. The evidences were enough to the servants that their Maliks were no longer the master in the bedroom. And now, they had simply found something more important than their hot wives.

No doubt, their judgment or evaluation about their Maliks / employers were somewhat cloudy but not to be dejected totally. They realized that their Maliks were brain-dead from the waist down. Just one look at these beautiful sexy heroines and anyone would be able to conclude that the bedroom should be the busiest room in their house.

But actually the fact was different in many cases and that wasn’t unknown to these low level service providers. Naturally they didn’t want to skip these favourable scopes. Typical for these young horny cocks, they crowed that if it were up to them, these exquisite feminine creatures would continually wear the glow of sex on their faces. And from their perspective view of life, it seemed to play a cruel joke.

Surely, these dissatisfied and horny heroines wanted sex…..they wanted to be satisfied, and most probably, neither could get any. However few courageous actresses could have that too…. but most of them deprived due to the fear of leak out their adulatory and hampering their social lives. Their husbands on the other hand could get all the sex they could handle but most probably, they turned it down.
____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ _

Since his entry as a Cook, two yrs ago, Prankrisno could remember his glamour queen actress Didimoni had been the focus of his attention. It had been her sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, and raw sexual magnetism….. that totally hypnotized him.

Now with his friends, he could realize that his Didimoni was not his fantasy item exclusively. He could guess that most of his neighborhood buds and a large number of bengali film-lovers had similar attraction for her. And to her blind fans, Munmun was considered to be the most glamorous heroine of Bengal.

His friends often expressed if he could have help them a little, they could enjoy his Mistress-Didimoni. Naturally Prankrisno turned down their wishes….. thinking about the worst side of that….. yes, he didn’t want to hamper his Didimoni’s image.

However there was no denying that Prankrisno had the similar feeling about his Didimoni when he came first time in this Family to work as a Cook. But from the beginning, he strictly followed his Didimoni’s guidelines about maintaining the great Sen family’s status and reputation.

Although his Didimoni waa his sole attraction of his fantasy, very recently he started to feel similar craze to Aparna. There was no denying that he had a wild attraction to another film-actress, Aparna Sen, ten yrs older than his own Didimoni who often had come to meet and gossip with Munmun. It seemed that the age difference between them wasn’t a bar to their closeness as they laughed heartily during their long leisure.

That great director cum actress and mother of one child, Aparna Sen was one of the older heroines of Tollygunge who was the wild fantasy item among the youthful studs during that period. Not overly tall at 5’6″, she was an attractive dish-water that age had ripened herself with wide hips and full tits.

Like Munmun, she too wasn’t afraid to show some cleavage with her low-cut blouse….. or exposing her slightly upturned belly by lowering her Saree two inches below from her deep navel. She could turn a head as easily at thirty-eight as she did at nineteen.

As a woman, she was every bit as desirable as Prankrisno was as a man. She had a thick mane of slightly wavy hair and that framed her face a lovely, sensual look. Her eyes were brown, slightly tilted, almost feline. Her mouth was wide with full lush lips and the cheekbones were high with a firm chin.

The body of this renowned Bengalee film-personality, if anything, was even better. She had big, firm, thrusting tits and the full globes were capped by stiff brown nipples. As she didn’t like to wear a bra….. the perky tits always pushed out in twin peaks…. outlined against the tight silky / cotton blouse, she usually wore. Naturally, they gave visual evidence of her constant readiness to have those nuggets fondled and mouthed.

This highly aristocratic celeb normally stood and walked with her back arched….. pushing those delightful tits out in front of her. And she was well aware of the effect that she had on any man even teenagers who looked at her….. and certain women, as well.

Her legs were long and shapely…… smooth and unblemished. They were designed to spread and to fold themselves around a man’s waist. Her torso was slim and willowy. Her belly was slightly rounded as her hips flared out into a platform of love. Below that smooth belly and between those sleek thighs, her pussy was hot and juicy.

Her pubic hairs was as black as that of the hairs of her head….. a triangle of glowing, coils like a dense bush that surrounded her crotch. And the most inviting creature was her cunt….. it was creamy, big, hot and wet. The gifted treasure was created with skilled muscles so that she could tighten her hole around even the thinnest prick. It’s self-controled muscles could pull and suck just as if she had a secret mouth inside her loins.

It could drag the jism from a man’s cock and balls easily by it’s amazing suction power. Her clitoris was large and vibrant, like a little cock…. almost as it pushed out…… stiffening, ready to be rubbed and sucked.

It was now clear that some of the older actresses like Mithu Mukherjee, Sandhya Roy, Mala Sinha, Sharmila Tagore, Mousumi Chatterjee of Tollygunge / Bollywood had prematurely succumbed to matronly middle-aged styles. But Aparna Sen was able to successfully keep her pace with the styles…. choosing clothes that would accentuate her obvious sultry curves.

Anyway, her all-round attractive power was even more effective upon the horny testosterone saturated group of eighteen-year-old teenagers. Even she was fully aware that Manish, her younger friend Munmun’s husband and their Odisan Cook Prankrisno always tried to be close with her.

But her stepson Suman was above all….. a blind admirer of her attractive figure and personality….. never missed her provocative movements as long as he stayed at home. Not only that she noticed his lustful gaze devouring her deep cleavage and swaying ass. Although she felt uneasy sometimes in presence of her husband, she did never mind it other times….. rather often played to their interest.
________ _____ ______ _______ ______ ____

( Now back to Munmun’s Party ) On a warm Saturday evening in late August, Aparna Sen, her second husband Sanjay Sen and Suman Sen ( Son of Sanjay’s 1st deceased wife ), Kamalini Sen ( Daughter of Aparna Sen ) were invited by Munmun Sen for a party on occasion of the grand release of her first hindi film, ‘Jaal’. Anticipation for the debut of a talented and glamorous Bengalee actress in Bollywood was naturally high among the invitees and her well wishers.

Although there were several Tolly and Bolly actresses in the Party, the turnout was mostly the young actors of the Tollygunge film-industry. No one wanted to miss this type of party, especially the one that offered a chance to flirt with some hottest sex-bombs of Bengali film.

Among them the sex-bomb Aparna Sen, the glamour-queen Munmun Sen and the ever-sexy matured Supriya Chowdhury ( accompanied by her seven month pregnant daughter Soma Chowdhury ) were prominent. Guys…. mostly the youngers were always eager to see how much flesh they would expose.

Anyway, at one point, Aparna noticed the youngest Tolly star Sanjit and his cute sister Pallabi in the party. At one point, suddenly she became suspicious….. noticing Munmun’s closeness with Sanjit and her Odisan Cook Prankrisno.

Then she noticed her husband was talking with Manish and some of their common friends at one corner of the hall. They were really gentlemen…… always with sober attitude and friendly behavior. All of them were drinking beer and laughing….. even she heard one of them was making playful jokes with Manish.

“Hey Manish, the party was great,” Sanjay said, and they all supported.

“But Manish, it seems your wife like Sanjit too much…… he is a lucky chap.” Suddenly one of them commented.

“Eh….. don’t try to spoil their sacred relationship, don’t you know, she treats him as her own brother,” Rajat tried to protect his co-actress’s chastity.

“Yes Rajatda, you’re right….. they’re just like real brother-sister….. even they strictly follow the rituals of ‘Bhaiphnota’ and ‘Rakhibandhan’ ceremony every year,” Manish said as they all cheered and supported him. Manish then sat there on a chair, smiling and enjoying…… feeling proud by his wife’s popularity and craziness among his friends circle.

“Maybe…. but I think it a total eyewash and I know from my close source, she had a great time with the youngster….. maybe it’s rumor too. Anyway Manish, if you don’t mind, I’m eagerly waiting to get a favor too from your wife,” Sanjay threw a lewd comment with a naughty grin.

“But Sanjayda, does Rinadi aware of your fascination for my wife….. I think she would throw you if she knows this. And as for me, I’ve no objection…. you can proceed…. ” Manish replied whole heartedly.

However Manish took all the discussions and lewd comments about his wife sportingly….. as he was fully aware about others perception regarding his glamorous wife and without jealous, he rather felt proud of her. At the same time, all this made him excited and he tried to ignore his cock, which was beginning to stiffen rapidly.

“But you must agree your wife is a real wild one….. and I heard few silly incidents with two prominent directors.” One of them remarked.

“And very friendly though with them…. but Sanjay, you too can’t deny the fact that your wife has similar friendship with some top Tolly producers.” Although Rajat once supported Manish, he didn’t forget to mention Aparna’s infidelity also.

They all laughed hearing that and after that they continued their silly comments about other Tolly celebrities. Even they made crude jokes about Sandhya Roy, Mala Sinha and other top actresses of Tollygunge and as before all of them took those lightly and playfully.

“Heard Supriyadi gave Manish a belated welcome on her 49th birthday party next Sunday.” Rajat Mallick, one of Chitradevi’s so many co-stars commented….. with a winking at Sanjay.

“Don’t be jealous Rajat, I think you wouldn’t be rejected too….” Sanjay threw a wicked grin to Rajat.

They all roared with laughter. Manish too joined their laughing…. making eye contact with Sanjit, who just attended the group and grinned wickedly.

“Yeah, I think Supriya Aunty finally got to learn the origin of Manishda’s brightness and I expect an invitation too from her,” Sanjit said…. grabbing his slightly bulging crotch suggestively through his costly stretched jeans.
____ _____ ______ _____ ______ _____ ____

Actually that day, Munmun’s husband Manish, was the host of the Party. He was the prime responsible for keeping the ice-chests stocked with cold soft drinks while Suman was helping him constantly. At the same time, he attempted to keep a cap on the consumption of alcohol….. a nearly impossible task.

Eventually he decided to make sure that at least there were no open bottles. But he knew the youngsters wouldn’t be able to control the limit. However if he could moderately handle the drinking, he reasoned, he would be a successful host.

So he constantly prowled the scene…. scribing mental notes as to who was going to need a ride later in the evening. He noticed there was plenty to eat. To him, it was a colossal task….. cause most everyone at the party was a ravenous youngster with a more than healthy appetite in more ways than one.
_____ _____ _____ ____ ______ _____ _____ _

A top level film celebrity like Aparna Sen, was more than welcome to mingle among the youngsters, which for them was a delight. Although there were a number of striking young actresses like Debasree Roy, Rupa Ganguly, Alpana Goswami at the party, the difference between them and the older ones were clearly noticable.

Aparna’s well-toned slightly bulky body and the willing to expose herself was more than obvious. The younger group followed her every move, every gesture, every glance and every swaying of her bubbling ass-gloves….. something that didn’t escape even the attention of her second husband, Sanjay.

Aparna didn’t just look good that night; she was mouth-watering. She was dressed for this special party with a low-cut sleeveless white blouse and a sky-blue chiffon Saree. And the most interesting thing, the Saree was tucked three inches below from her deep navel. If it was just slipped one or two inches down, one could easily see her mons which she shaved specially today for the party. In addition to being more comfortable and sexy, she didn’t wear any underwear.

Naturally the absence of bra produced opportunity for her sizably ripened taut nipples to strain against the thin fabric of the blouse. It provided eye trinkets for the males…. even the females threw their jealous glances at the famous director.

But when she noticed Munmun’s Odisan Cook Prankrisno, fell prey to her darkish nipples, she threw a wicked grin to him. Actually she was very recently able to know Munmun’s closeness with Prankrisno…. but for that, she could never blame her.

She could realize it was because of his strong vitality power of sex that attracted her junior colleague. So when she noticed the stud Cook’s interests for her too, it did only serve her to ignite her suppressed kinky feelings….. as she could clearly visualize his raunchy sex encounter with Munmun.

Yes, she discovered that accidentally when she was returning one day from Tollygunge studio after a shooting schedule and decided to gossip sometimes with Munmun.
____ ____ ____ ____ _____ _____ _____ ___

Aparna’s reminiscing : On a sudden impulse, Aparna stepped across the corridor and put her ear to the door. She was hoping that they might say something before they were out of earshot….. something revealing. That’s when she heard Munmun’s moan.

“Oooooh,” Aparna mouthed, echoing the sound she heard. Yes, she heard clearly as Munmun said, “Ohhhhh….. Darling…”

Being thrilled, Aparna pressed closer to the door. Her eyes widened and through those wide eyes…. just when she noticed the keyhole! She shot a quick glance both ways down the corridor, then sank to her knees and placed her eager eye to the keyhole.

She gasped….. as she couldn’t believe what she witnessed. She could see exactly what was happening just inside the room….. the sight thrilled her to the very core.

Munmun was leaning over a table and her Odisan Cook was standing behind her…. pouring his massive prick to her cunt with gusto. She could see the Cook’s big, bloated, hairy balls swinging obscenely as he was pumping roughly. She could see his glistening cock too….. appearing and within seconds vanishing up the slim beauty-queen actress’s drenched hole.

It was huge! Almost ten inches long with five inches in width….. it reminded her of a Nigro-cock, which she had seen in foreign porno magazines. The huge, surging meaty pole spread Munmun’s pussy wide…. dragging her slick cuntlips inwards as he plowed home back. And next moment it pulled them almost out as he withdrew.

Aparna stared in disbelief at that wonderful hunk of meat in awe as she envied Munmun. The Odisan Cook’s huge rod made her own husband’s average-sized cock look like a smaller version of that.

Oh, how Aparna wished that she could get that gigantic cock in her mouth….. at least her hand. But now it was up Munmun’s twat and she was loving it greatly. Her juicy ass flew wildly about as she ground against the Cook’s taut belly and on his cock. She was moaning…. panting and gurgling with joy. The Cook was grunting too as he pounded fiercely into her steaming gash.

Aparna could hear the sound of that coupling as well. She clearly heard Prankrisno’s cock hiss as it ran up the chute and heard Munmun’s pussy squish juicily and suck slurpingly on his meat.

Aparna pulled her Saree-Saya up…. slipping her hand inside her sodden panties and began to massage her overheated pussy. She forgot totally where she was. Actually she was right there in the corridor….. visible to anyone who might come and notice her any time….. peeping at Munmun’s bedroom.

However, not bothering about being caught, she rubbed her clit and cunt-lips. Next she pushed two fingers in and out of her foaming hole. Now her cunt began to squish and suck as much as Munmun’s cunt. The only difference was that Munmun’s cunt was filled with a wonderful piston instead of fingers!

Next moment Aparna began rubbing her crotch with both hands and squirming as she worked her pussy around on those hands. She creamed profusely. Frothy cunt-juices poured into her palms and ran down her fingers. Quick silvery ribbons of the stuff trickled out and ran down her thighs. The crotch of her panties darkened with the fluid.

But she didn’t even pause. She was so hot that a solitary orgasm wasn’t enough. She kept right on rubbing and fingering.

That’s when she heard a loud groan from inside the room…..yes, Prankrisno blew his wad in Munmun’s cunt. Aparna gasped as she saw the mixture of cum and cunt-juices started gushing out of Munmun’s clenching cunt…. pumped out by the Odisan Cook’s huge plunger. But she kept playing with her own quim.

Few minutes later, Prankrisno staggered away…. his glistening cock swaying and after a moment, Munmun moved to him and took it in her mouth. Aparna watched her lips peel back around the big mouthful cock as she slurped the mingled juices of love off from his mighty pecker.

It made the actress-director drool as she noticed Munmun and her Cook moved away, toward the bedroom. She sighed in desperation. She wished that she could see what they did in bed. She even tried to open the door…. but the door was locked. Actually she thought that she might tiptoe down the hall and peek in.

Being failure, she decided to go back to her home and give her pussy a long and lovely handjob….. thinking of the Odisan Cook’s meaty rod.
_____ _____ ______ ______ _______ _____ ____

Now to the party once again : The party was tracking along smoothly, and it wasn’t long before Sanjay needed to go to Prankrisno for another glass of soda who was serving the guests. And that trip marked the beginning in a change of events.

As he couldn’t find out the Odisan Cook of Munmun, he decided to go to the parking lot where his own car was kept. He had a bottle of Royal Stag in the car which he thought to utilize now.

As Sanjay moved to the parking lot, he could hear muffled voices coming from the other side of the parking area. There were low voices which indicated a couple had slipped away from the Party. That’s when he noticed a couple was standing in a secluded, shadowed area of the yard.

As he turned slightly to the right, he could see his son trying to adjust his defected camera….. resting himself on the bonnet of another car. Anyway, he took out the a bottle of wine from his car’s dicky and after a few sips, he moved towards him. He started talking with him some time about the camera and then offered him some tricks to adjust it.

Yes, the camera at last started to function properly as he quietly made his way around the corner of the yard. There he decided to stand in the shadows behind a large bush…. just to enjoy the drinks.

Suman was now very glad….. noticing his lovely camera started to function smoothly. Suddenly in his mind’s eye, he could see his step mother’s provocative gestures and her curvaceous body. He felt himself guilty for thinking such lewd things about his father’s second wife.

He tried to push away those obscene lewd thoughts as he felt how abruptly his father had ended the conversation with him and turned to walk away. Watching him move toward the back corner of the yard to a large bush, Suman felt it odd. He realized that his father had secretively gone to stand in the shadow of the large evergreen bush…..and that was intentionally…. unnoticed by most everyone.

Curious Suman made a wide circle and came up behind and to the right of his father. He drew himself close but still not close enough to be noticed by his father. He was now able to see two shadowed figures too…..whom his father was spying on. But who the figures were actually to which his father felt so much interest to watch?

To be continued……

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