My Wife and Mom

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I am Mac; I had been away from home for a few days on business. I was supposed to be home the next day but came a day earlier as my business finished early. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife Karen. I took a taxi from the station.

My house was deserted and far off from the main locality. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. “What is the matter with the lock?” I circled the house. The curtains were closed. I glanced into the drawing room but no one was there.

I opened the back entrance door and entered quietly. With heart racing I looked around in each room as I came to it. I heard voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I stood there still. The scene before me froze me.

I could see Karen lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. There was a face buried in the triangle of her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned.

The woman between her legs came up to kneeling position. It was my mother Sera. Mom had always shown an interest in my wife.

“Oh Fuck, Mac when did you come?” Mom said as she spotted me. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was trying to remove moms head from her cunt which was glistening with my mother’s saliva. My mother was trying to cover her large breasts with her hands without too much success.

“Oh Fuck Mac darling how did you come?” said my naked wife , her mouth open wide with shock. I looked down at her. “I think I should be asking the questions. What is going on?” I said. My hands were shaking from the shock of the revelation.

Mother said “Don’t blame Karen…it’s my fault. I made her do it. See, son you and I not only think alike, we love alike. Karen is soooooo sexy. In fact she is too sexy for just one of us. We can love her, both of us. You can share her with mom, can’t you dear? Her pussy is simply nectar. I can’t have enough of her sweet cum. Forgive her son”

I growled at my Karen and my shameless mother. I grabbed my naked mother by the wrist and pulled her over the bed, her big ass up in the air. I swung my hand and slapped her full her raised ass. She screamed.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark appeared on her buttock. She looked up and said “Do it again but don’t hit your wife. Mac I love being spanked but not so hard…” “Mama loves it, spank my ass but don’t hit my daughter in law. God made her only to be loved, let’s make love to her”

I don’t know what was coming over me but soon I had a massive hard-on. I tried to conceal it from my mother but her naked body was turning me on. May be my absence from my wife was responsible for my growing excitement. I was getting excited by looking at my own mother. She looked like a hot bitch. Kinky thoughts were coming to my kinky mind. Ohhhhh God I wanted to kiss my mother’s ass. I wanted to fuck my mother in front of my wife. I wanted to do something to both my wife and mother.

I took my mother in my arms and pushed her onto the bed, still face down. My hands, rubbed her swollen buttocks. She moaned “Yes, son, rub my ass, slap it, spank my ass but not hard. You are making mom wet. Let me eat your wife’s pussy as you spank mom.” I rubbed her ass as she moaned loudly.

I caught my wife’s face in my hands as she looked dumbfounded into my eyes. I cupped her tits which were getting hard every moment. She rose up to help me have greater access to her boobs. She put her hands on my shoulders and murmured, “Mac, you are not mad at me, are you? Mom is sooo nice and lonely that we made love to each other. Darling, Sera needs loving and it is our duty to give her love, poor mom, let’s give her pleasure. Now that you have found out about us, let’s have fun. I have a fantasy to see you fuck another woman before my eyes and who could be better partner for you than the woman who bore you. What hole could be better than the one you came through? She is lucky to have her son fill her cunt with his cum.”

I fondled mom’s ass and touched her wet pussy and then stepped away. Mom turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view of completely naked mother lying before me along with my wife. I said “Wait just a moment while I undress. Karen, play with her tits, rub her cunt with your cunt. I want to see your lovemaking which was going on when I came. Keep kissing and licking each other like lesbian sluts. From now onwards you two are going to be my whores, do you understand?” I was shaking my cock which had begun to leak pre cum as I undressed. I became aware of my wife nibbling and licking mom’s nipples. Mother was gently stroking my wife’s pubic hair.

Karen kissed mom, s tits, her tongue went downward to mom’s bald triangle as mom groaned,” Yesssss Karen, my daughter kiss my pussy. I am on fire.” then turning to me she said” Son, show me you cock, let me feel it, touch it. Yeah son you will have two whores in your bed room in place of one. Your mother is a cock hungry, pussy eating whore. Karen is a hot piece of ass, your wife. She is dripping wet on my fingers. I will eat her cunt when you ram your cock in my cunt.” My wife brought her pussy down onto my mother’s cunt and rubbed hard making mom cry out with lust. I started to play with my cock as I watched the two horny women.

I ran my hand over my wife’s pussy and then over her breasts. I began to lick her ass. She seemed to like it and began to moan. Before this she would not let me near her ass. She started to rock her ass slowly drawing my tongue inside her asshole. I pulled away. I had plans to motherfuck today. I caught my mother’s face and looked into her eyes filled with raw lust and the realization that her son was going to be her fuck friend soon added new spice to the thought. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she gulped it and sucked on it.

My wife got off mom’s body and said “I want you to ride your mother doggie style and fuck her from behind. That was I can lie down and get her to kiss my cunt, eat my cunt juices while I can see you become a horrible motherfucker and you can watch your whore mother’s ass. Mac she is all wet for your cock. Mom, kneel before Mac, our common stud. You have always wanted him to fuck you haven’t you? Now let the dog fuck the bitch doggy style. The old bitch will eat the younger bitch’s pussy” I pulled my wife away from mom and helped mom in getting to her doggy position. Mother said in a very muffled voice “Guide your cock into mama carefully, son. Please don’t hurt me now, fuck me like a whore who is your mother. Let your wife see you become a motherfucker.”

I pulled mom up and she knelt before me, holding the corner of the bed with Karen’s legs spread wide into which mom put her head. Mother’s ass was so tempting to fuck but I thought that I would come to fuck her ass later. I thought that she might not agree to it right now. I patted her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy to see her wetness. She was wet of course and was begging me,” Come on son fuck me with your taboo cock. Fuck my taboo cunt. You mother is all wet for you.” I held my cock in my hand and aimed it between mom’s ass cheeks.” Aaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhh shove it son, ram your cock in your mom. Fuck this whore. Fuck mom, make her a whore, ohhhh bastard mom can’t wait, fuck meeeeeee, and fill me with your meat.”

I could not wait. I rammed my cock all the way into the wet tunnel. I saw my wife wrap her thighs round mom’s face. I imagined mom’s tongue was buried into my wife’s pussy. I began to move my hips slowly at first, building a steady tempo, my balls slapping mom’s round ass cheeks. My cock was buried all the way. Mom’s cunt clutched at my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt with slippery ease. I humped mom. Then I felt fingers on my ball sack, It was Karen who was fondling my balls and added to my excitement,” Ohhhhh God Mac, ram you cock in your whore. You whore mom is licking my juices. Fuck her good. The whore needs your cock bad. Give it to her, fuck her.”

As I started to pump in and out faster I watched Karen cum. She was in frenzy as mom’s tongue fucked Karen. She calmed down and said. “God.. I do like my cunt eaten, mother.” I leaned forward and ran my fingers in her hair. Suddenly I felt something wet touching my ass hole, no sooner I came to knew that its Karen’s tongue that licks my ass hole. I have never seen my wife so erotic and as this much sex hungry. She tongue fucked my ass hole for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I fucked hard as the moving fingers of my wife excited me more than her words. My wife’s body tensed and stiffened. She was cumming suddenly.

Karen stopped cumming and stood behind me and started to rub her nipples on my back and feel my ass urging me on “Mac fuck her good…..The whore is loving your cock…give it to her…I would like to see you do things with your whore mom.”

“Come on son fuck meeeeee……mom is cumming…… whore mom is cumming on your cock” mom was shouting loudly as she reached her climax. I reached up and took her nipples in to my hands and rubbed hard. I was breathing through my nose as I was gasping with exertions.

I started to fuck her pussy for all I was worth. I knew that I too, would be cumming soon. My fingers touched mom’s clit. I wanted this to be a good fuck for my whore, for both of us. I fucked her hard. She felt me speed up the fucking and ground her pussy hard onto my cock. She was crying and cumming.

Karen inserted her finger into my anus and started fuck my ass hole. I liked it very much. I exploded into mom’s cunt and felt her gasp. My cum had hit her depths. She shuddered and shook and her cunt was filled with my hot seed. Again she cummed, and this time with more noise and more movement.

“Oh Gaaaaad I am cumming, son Your Whore is cumming again”.

My cock slipped from mom’s pussy to my wife’s eager mouth. She sucks my cock like a lollipop and cleaned all the juices of mine and mom’s. She replaced my cock with my mom’s dripping cunt and sucked and licked all the mixture. She then lean over and placed a cum swapping kiss with m mom. I leaned over and joined them. I knew that there were better things to come and began to wait with anticipation.

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