Submitting to my bully – Part 1

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This is a story about Ritu and how her Bully Dinesh blackmailed her into submission.

Hello ,i am Ritu a 20 year old collee girl,
I am lonely girl on college concentrating mostly on studies,since i got no friends i constantly got bullied,my main bully is
Dinesh a very muscular guy,taller than me always rude to me and always had a bulge in front of his pant,since i am scared of him i didn’t complained to anyone.
Day by day the bullying got increased that one day i shouted to him i am going to complain in front of the class ,but to my surprise he said sorry to me,everyone watched,i can’t beleive it but it was good hear that from him.

Then the class started he again messaged me sorry ,i sent no reply,then he asked me to last row where he was sitting during lunch break,i refused,he texted ‘please one last time after that i will not disturb’.Hearing the word please from him made me curious and i went to the last row to him.Only we two were present there he apologised again and we were having our lunch.

During this time he speaked like a very kind person,it was surprising for me to see my bully behaving like this and after eating he sent me video,I opened it and was totally shocked,i don’t know what to speak that was a video of me nude changing dress during culturals my whole body is visible my round firm breast,my pinkish nipples,my round ass,my t shaped belly button and while i bend my pink virgin pussy,asshole all are visible clearly.

I know i am fucked then he speaked
D: do you want to tell something.
R :please delete it .
D: i will if u do as i say.
R: i will not do anything u say
D : then i will share this video to every college group,every senior,junior,boys of our class,proffesors will see ur naked body, mastubate to it ,call u a whore.
I was horrified by hearing this .
D: u can either be my slut or this college slut.
R: please i will do whatever u tell me
D: then tell me ur my slut
R: i am ur slut .

I felt humiliated but strangely i found it arousing at the same time.
Then the proffesor came in and the class started,i was sitting alone with him in the last row everyone facing the class as the class passed.

He took my hands placed it in the bulge in his pants,it was rock hard rubbed my hands in his cock.Then he removed his cock out of the pant and said ‘get to work slut’.
It is a thick massive 8 inch cock with many visible veins. It felt good to touch his cock as it my first seeing a cock and i can’t hold it with my one hand.

Then i started using my both hands going up and down,then he said ‘use salaiva slut’
Then i took both my hands near my mouth licking it fully while the smell of his cock from my hand made it more addictive.

Then i used my salaiva soaked hands to worship his giant cock,it was going on for 20 minutes while his hands wereall over my body pressing my boobs,lips,navel throgh my dress.

Then he said ‘bend down and take my cum in ur mouth slut’ ,then i bent down opening my mouth suddenly he grabbed my neck forced his full cock into my mouth deepthroting me i could feel his veins pulsating and he released into my mouth by the time i choaked so hard making loud chocking sound suddenly he released my head i came back up to see eveyone started turning back,then the professor asked me what sound i stood before the whole class carrying my bullies thick salty cum in my mouth i swalloed it before them and told the professor some lame reason and sat down.

My bully recorded everything in his phone then he asked ‘did u enjoyed the taste of my cum slut’ i had no other option and told him ‘yes,ur slut liked the taste of ur cum’ he smiled and said ‘give respect to ur daddy slut’ then i replied ‘i loved ur cum daddy’ and then the class ended.

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