Bus Ride

Hi, My name is Bhagya and I am from Bangalore. I am 34yrs old, married with two lovely children and a loving husband who has his own business. We are an average middle class family.

I really enjoy reading the various encounters posted by women on this site and that encouraged me to share mine too. I am 5-9” in height with a slightly heavy figure of 38C-34-36.

What I am about to tell you happened one night while I was returning from work to home by local BTS bus. You guessed it right this was long before it was renamed to BMTC.

The two main people in my story are Praveen the bus conductor and Somanna the driver. I have been travelling by this bus for many years and both of them are very familiar faces and overtime we became good friends.

Every time I got in the bus I was greeted nicely and Praveen would hold the seat next to him for me. If the bus is too crowded, then Praveen would give up his seat for me.

Praveen is also the one who was more close to me. Since I work till late, I take the last bus home and it is often less crowded. I began to like Praveen because of the kindness and respect he used to give me.

We got off at the last stop and Somanna usually parked the bus near his home after dropping us. Me and Praveen used to continue our chatting for another 45mins and then go to our respective homes.

So coming home between 10.30pm-11pm was normal. On rare occasions the bus would be fully empty and we both used to sit together in the last seat which had lots of legroom chatting about our daily lives.

He was 21 and single and when he got in the mood he became very flirty followed by all the double meaning lines you can think off. I really enjoyed his company and especially his double meaning lines.

I also started talking to him in the same double meaning language soon because it gave me an erotic thrill. I am very good at cooking so whenever I made anything special, I always packed some for him.

He was staying alone here and his parents were in his hometown so I wanted to do my bit taking care of him. This gesture of mine went a long way and we got even more closer.

Now we were chatting like we could not live a single day without each other. We didn’t have cellphones in those days and landlines was a luxury. I have holiday on Sundays and that was all the more frustrating day for me to pass because I could not meet him.

I used to go alone to the local market every Sunday to buy groceries for the week. I got an idea to use this chance to meet him, we fixed a time and location and now my Sundays were in full bloom.

One day when we were both sitting in the last seat of the empty bus, he said he has been dreaming about me in his sleep. We both laughed heartily and unknowingly my head was resting on his shoulders.

My hand was on his thighs and his hand was around my back resting on my right breast. Before I could do anything he kissed my forehead and cheek and gave a tight squeeze to my breast.

I came back to my senses and sat back on my seat looking the other way. My mind was blurred because this breast squeeze felt really terrific like I have never felt before.

This was also the first time in my life that a man other than my husband did it. Many thoughts quickly ran thru my mind like I was doing a sin and how was I going to face my husband after all this.

During this he was still holding me very close apologizing for everything that just transpired between us. I did not answer and kept looking at him while I was still clearing my head.

Praveen was holding me and constantly trying to talk to me. He said many things like how eagerly he waited every day for me to board the bus to see me and spend time with me etc.

Appreciations and flattery can make anyone reconsider so I decided to just let go of all my thoughts and first see how far he will go. I smiled at him without saying a word and rested my head back on his shoulder giving him my green signal.

He hugged me tightly again and his hand was again around my waist, he showered my entire face with kisses except on my lips. Just his kisses on my face were sending pleasurable electric shocks thru my body.

I remained seated the same way while his hand remained around my waist. I asked what he wanted from me. He excitedly asked if everything between us was back to normal like before and if I was not pissed with him.

I said I was not angry with him anymore. Praveen got more excited and he pulled me closer to him and I now my head rested on his chest with my left breast pressed hard against his body.

My hands were on his thighs and I was conscious not to be close to his crotch. I did see a sizeable bulge there and you know what that means. His hand which was around my back was now rubbing the side of my waist and sometimes the underside of my breast.

I was getting a lot of pleasure from his hand making me very aroused at the same time. He raised my face with his hand and kissed me on my lips and I melted closing my eyes savoring this moment.

He kissed me again and whispered in my ears that for the last few days he has also been fantasizing about making love to me. Saying this he cupped my right breast again massaging it nicely.

I whispered that we should not be doing this and it is all very sinful. My hands were in his hair while he continued to kiss me and I told him I was married and I cannot go ahead with this.

He said he already knows that and said if we can have a secret relationship then both of us could be very happy. He pushed me back making me lay on the seat and came on me kissing me again.

He continued kissing my neck and behind my ears while both his hands were squeezing my breasts. I always wear sarees to work with deep neck blouses and I realized now my pallu was off and on the floor.

My breasts clad in my bra inside my blouse were showing off a big cleavage. He continued kissing and licking the entire exposed area of my chest. Let me tell you, my hubby is an average performer in bed.

The only position he knows for making love is missionary and that too annually or bi-annually if he gets in the mood by accident. Foreplay of any sorts was totally absent.

I don’t even remember when was the last time we had sex, I was pretty sure it was nearly a year ago. Every time we were going to have sex, just the thought of it would make my pussy wet.

I craved so much looking forward to it, but sadly when we eventually did it, my hubby used to be in and out of my pussy from start to finish in less than a minute leaving me high and dry longing for more.

Every night when going to bed I would dream and fantasize my hubby making love to me and that would make me dripping wet and I had to finger myself till satisfaction.

Anyway right now Praveen was driving me really crazy with his actions on my body. My mind had weakened and my physical desires had taken over to the point where I did not want to stop him anymore.

He lifted my hand and placed it on his bulge which had grown much bigger now and rubbed it. He kissed my ear lobes and whispered asking me if I liked what was in my hand.

I said in a very weak voice that it was very risky for us to be doing all this here in the open and if anyone walked in on us, I would die of shame. We both sat back up and he asked if I would accompany him to his house tonight?

I said I have to go home so going to his place was impossible and my family would get suspicious if I got late. While talking he was again running his hands feeling my breasts keeping me in a heightened state of arousal.

He said he could feel my swollen nipples which definitely meant I was aroused. I actually have big nipples which even in their normal state are nearly half an inch long and when I am aroused they can swell to more than an inch.

He said he only wanted to suck my nipples once. I shrieked saying he was out of his mind and how can we do that here. He said he would do it from under the cover of my pallu and as there is no one except Somanna, so it is safe.

I kept trying to refuse but he had already opened three front hooks of my blouse and the last one also came off quickly. I shrieked again telling him I did not like what he did and started closing my blouse.

He held my hands and said he only wanted to kiss my nipples once and that’s it and I can spread my pallu covering my top. Because of my own highly aroused state and his strong persistence I surrendered to him.

I was wearing a front opening bra underneath and he quickly unhooked it setting my breasts free, I spread my pallu over my chest providing cover. He knelt on the floor and came from under my pallu and cupped my boobs with his hands.

Praveen took my nipples in his mouth one at a time while his hands rubbed and squeezed my other boob. He sucked and kissed my nipples like he was drinking milk giving me infinite pleasure.

The pleasure was so much that I decided to stop complaining and just enjoy with him without second thoughts. He continued for a long time also kissing all over my breasts resulting in me having an orgasm right then.

This orgasm was very strong and I held his face buried hard in-between my boobs almost choking him. When I recovered he was looking at my face smiling and he kissed my lips again with burning passion.

Then he went back under my pallu and resumed sucking my nipples while his hands were wandering under my petticoat feeling my legs. I was way too horny to stop him now.

He lifted my sari along with my petticoat and brought it to my waist and I raised my butt to help him. I felt his hands around the sides of my panty pulling it down and again I raised my butt helping him.

He removed it and put it in his pocket saying he wanted to preserve my panties for when I was not with him. He opened my legs and brought his mouth to my dripping wet pussy lips.

I too raised myself slightly spreading my legs wider eagerly granting him unhindered access to my pussy. He stuck his mouth to my pussy and chewed and played with my clit in his mouth for some time.

His actions on my clit triggered another orgasm thru my body and I pressed his face hard against my pussy also clamping my legs around him. This orgasm was way stronger than the first.

When I released the pressure on his face he licked my flowing juices and started tongue fucking my pussy driving me crazy with new found pleasures. After some time, he opened his trousers and freed his manhood saying he wants to fuck me now.

He pulled me to my feet and we went behind the seat which would provide cover. He made me lay on the floor holding my saree and petticoat to my waist while he got on top.

I saw he had a long slender cock and I positioned it at my entrance. He pushed it smoothly inside my overly self-lubricated pussy. He fucked me missionary style with fast strokes for a while and then asked me to get on top and ride him.

He lay on the floor and I lowered myself on his cock facing him and riding him. This was the first time in my life that I was doing this outside my marriage and also the first time I was experiencing so much pleasure and so many orgasms.

His hands were constantly pleasuring my boobs continuing to drive me crazy. He asked me to bend closer because he wanted to suck my nipples at the same time.

He was right, this simultaneous fucking my pussy and sucking my nipples was a whole new level of pleasures for me. Right now even if we got discovered by Somanna I did not care.

All that mattered was enjoying this fucking for as long as it lasted. I realized we had been fucking for a very long time and he was still going strong while my hubby never lasted even till the count of 10 inside me.

Praveen paused his fucking and asked me to get into doggy style because he wanted to go deeper inside me. I eagerly got into position and he inserted his cock.

I felt he entered really deep inside reaching depths which I never knew existed. While fucking me he started fingering my rear hole. I turned to him and asked what he was doing.

He said he was going to fuck my rear hole also, I told him I had never done it before and I was scared. He reassured me that I was going to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying now and to trust him.

Praveen continued fucking me from behind with slow long strokes alternating between pulling out and tongue fucking my rear. Because of natural instincts I was holding my rear muscles tight.

But when his tongue entered stirring up newer pleasures I relaxed all muscles giving him easy entry. He resumed fucking me also pushing his two fingers in and out of my butt constantly adding his saliva to provide more lubrication.

Soon he had three fingers going smoothly in and out of my ass while his cock was in and out of my pussy giving me new found pleasures of dual penetration.

He pulled out of my pussy while I was on the edge of my next orgasm and inserted it in my ass smoothly going all the way inside. He hugged me from behind pulling me towards him cupping my boobs and kissing behind my neck.

I had a great orgasm right then. Now Praveen started fucking my ass full speed and I cannot describe how good his cock felt throbbing inside my ass and this was my first time doing anal.

Soon Praveen slowed down giving me a few hard strokes releasing his juice deep inside my ass. I could feel his warm seed spilling inside me and he kept coming in spurts.

We both sat on the floor panting when I saw how much of his juice was flowing out of my ass. Praveen took his handkerchief and helped clean it all. During all this action I never realized when the bus had stopped and all lights were out except one in front.

I looked up and Somanna was standing facing us stroking his big cock which was almost twice in girth than Praveen’s. I covered my modesty with my sari quickly.

He was smiling from ear to ear saying he never imagined he was ever going to get a chance to fuck me. I shrieked and said how did he ever think that I would do such a thing.

He calmly replied if you did not mind getting fucked by Praveen then how does fucking him also matter now. Reality struck me and I knew this time I was stuck. I said looking at his cock that he was very big and I don’t think I can handle him and he was going to really hurt me.

He said I promise not to hurt you and if you cooperate nicely this will all be over quickly. He came closer to my face and stuck his cock in my face asking me to suck it.

I refused saying I have never done it before and will not do it. He held my face blocking my nose and pushed his cock inside my mouth and started humping. After a few seconds I hit him hard on his legs and he let go of me.

I coughed and panted and said I don’t know how to do it. He looked at me and asked me to lie down on the floor and I did telling him to be gentle. He pulled aside my sari which I used to cover my modesty.

My blouse and bra were already open and my saree and petticoat were around my waist giving him a visual treat. He knelt at my feet and spread my legs wide and got on top of trying to kiss me but I managed to avoid.

He went for my boobs with his hands and nipples with his mouth. He was not as gentle and caring as Praveen but in a rather big hurry. He went down to my pussy and spread it with his fingers and pushed his tongue inside.

He licked it for all it was worth for a long while also pushing his middle finger in my ass same time. The lubrication from Praveen’s juice there helped and his fingers entered smoothly without hurting.

He lubricated his cock with his saliva and positioned it at my pussy and started pushing inside. I said it was hurting and to please stop. He paused and said if I could endure a few seconds of pain then he will show me heaven.

He held my face and tried kissing me again, this time he was too strong for me to avoid and managed to kiss my lips and surprisingly he turned out to be a very good kisser.

I stopped resisting and he kissed my lips then, my chin & my cheeks. He kissed all over my face stopping at my eyelids and then coming to my ears then neck while his hands gently squeezed my boobs and twitched my swollen nipples.

I was again crazily aroused now and during all this he started pulling out a little and pushing his cock further inside my pussy little by little till he was fully inside and I barely felt pain.

He put his mouth to my nipples and kissed and sucked on them saying I had the most beautiful boobs and nipples he had ever seen. He continued saying since the first time he saw me he has been dreaming of my boobs.

He started fucking me with hard and deep strokes and I was instantly back on cloud nine. Somanna was far better than Praveen when it came to fucking especially given that he was easily 50+ in age.

He fucked me for a very long time before getting me on my knees. He pushed his big cock in my ass slowly and resumed fucking me. I had lost the virginity of my ass twice today but did not regret it considering the amount of pleasure I got.

Finally, Somanna stiffened and spilled his cum in my ass and stayed inside giving few more strokes. I could feel his warm juice continuing to spew inside me. He pulled out and we sat on the floor panting heavily.

My ass was a mess with both their juices flowing out and making a big puddle on the floor. Somanna took his uniform coat and wiped my holes clean. I got up and put back my clothes followed by a nice bye kiss from both.

Praveen walked me home because I was dead tired and it was well past 11pm. I reached home at 11.30 and my hubby opened the door. I introduced Praveen to him saying he is the bus conductor who helps me a lot.

Praveen left and hubby asked what happened looking at my sweaty and tired look. I said the bus broke down on the way and I had to walk back with Praveen. I had dinner and went to bed fully satisfied for the first time in my life.

I had multiple real orgasms today which I only read about and thought it was a myth. I slept for the first time without the need for fingering myself anymore. I did not have any regrets for everything I had done today, after all I also deserve sexual happiness.

For the next five years I continued to enjoy with Somanna every night except Sundays till he retired and went back to his home town. After that we made arrangements to visit once a month and that day I would bunk work first half and enjoy with him in his hotel room.

We continued to enjoy like this for another ten years till he got a medical condition and had to stop. I enjoyed with Praveen for 9yrs every night after which he got married.

During these 9yrs my Sunday grocery shopping schedule went from 2hrs to 5hrs. I started leaving much earlier to the market to enjoy with Praveen at his place. He showed me porn movies for the first time.

We tried many new positions learning from the movies and did multiple times on Sundays after which he would accompany me grocery shopping and walk me till the last turn before my house.

He got married so Sunday sex had to stop. Even after his marriage we enjoy every night in the bus till date because he made special arrangements with the next driver who replaced Somanna.

I could not live without Sunday sex with Praveen and became very frustrated and irritated. Two Sundays passed like this only, so I had to do something. I invited Praveen home just after lunch time as everyone at home knew him anyway.

We restarted our Sunday sex at my place while my hubby and kids took an afternoon nap after lunch. My kitchen was the best place because it was out of direct line of sight from all other rooms.

I made sure I was always wearing a nighty without inners because it was the most convenient and fastest to remove and wear again. We enjoyed sex for the full 3hrs like earlier after which we could go grocery shopping.

Getting pregnant was never a worry because I was sterilized after my second child. Sex with hubby became a formality whenever he got in the mood. He got the shock of his life when I gave him a blowjob and he really enjoyed it.

The price I had to pay for this blowjob was that he would cum in my mouth and roll off to sleep without fucking me. That made no difference to me anymore because I have Praveen who continues to fill that void till date.

I have been very happy ever since this first night with Praveen and Somanna happened and thank god for everything. I am 61 now and my figure has become 40D-36-40 thanks to more than two decades of daily sex in every hole.

I hope you enjoyed reading my life changing experience. Please like and comment with your opinions. Thank You 🙏

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