Maid From Heaven Part-2

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I went to the hall preparing a list of things I needed to buy for her including toiletries. I went to my bedroom and said “I am going out for some shopping and I will lock the door and you take rest”.

I went to the medical store and bought a pack of sanitary pads and a box of KS honeymoon special condoms. Then went to the supermarket and bought the toiletries, etc…

I went to the local garment store and I asked the man at the counter, “I need to buy some clothes for a woman”, he asked “do you know her sizes”, I went blank asking what he meant.

I said “I want to buy bras and panties and some nighties etc” … He looked at my face and smiled asking me “is this your first time”. I said “yes”, I showed him the sanitary pads and he said he had panties which should be enough for this purpose.

He suggested I buy 7 of them because sometimes full cycles can last 7 days. I asked what he meant and he took me inside to the underwear section and showed me lacy underwear mostly fancy for special occasions like honeymoon etc…

He showed me many different types of bras and said to buy the correct type I need to get her measurements. I asked “can you show me what measurements I need to take and if I could borrow your measuring tape”.

“I would be back in 1hr with the measurements to buy the rest of the clothes”. Then I saw one of his sales woman in the store who was nearly like Uma except her height and I told him about it.

He called her and asked me to take a closer look to be sure, I said “I may not be very accurate but I am 90% sure”. He told her something and she went to the bra section and brought 4 different size bras an introduced herself as Mary.

She asked “are you buying all these for someone important”, I said “yes very special”. She was happy to hear. I said “the lady I am buying all these for has never before worn any underwear”.

While talking I slipped a 2000 note in her hands. Mary looked at me very surprised I said “keep it because this is my first time and I am going to need a lot of your help even the unusual kinds”.

Mary understood and said “I will help you as much as I can but don’t tell anything to my manager”. I winked at her and followed her thru the women dress section. She went to the back of the store inside a store room.

She said “I have given you 4 different sizes of bras and only one of them will fit correct to your woman”. I saw this room was very big, she said “step inside and lock the door and stand opposite” while she removed her pallu exposing her blouse to me.

I was staring at her BIG boobs with deep cleavage because of the low cut blouse. Mary said “I am going to teach you how to take correct measurements to make sure the bra fits your woman correctly and comfortably”.

I could not take my eyes of her chest and nodded while she was talking. Mary unhooked her blouse from front and my throat went dry and my eyes popped out. Mary said “I have never done this before but felt like doing it to help you”.

She spread her blouse and turned around asking me to remove it. I removed it and put it on the hook behind the door. I had a monster hard-on in my pants now. She turned her back to me raising her hands asking me to hug her from behind.

She held my hands and made me cup her boobs and this made both of our bodies pressed against each other and my erect dick was pressing in her butt. She said “your woman is very lucky to have you”.

I asked her why, she said “it is the size of your manhood which I can feel”. I immediately removed my hands stepping back telling her “I am sorry”. She said “it is ok” and turned around and touched my dick thru my pants.

Mary softly rubbing my hard-on said “I wish I could have been so lucky myself. After looking at a woman’s boobs so closely if a man does not get aroused then that is a big problem so it is very normal and I do not mind”.

Mary asked “Can I take a closer look”, I nodded yes. Mary pulled down my zipper and took my cock out from my underwear stroking it with her hand. She said “you have beautiful size. If I was not committed to someone else, then I would have asked you to fuck me right now”.

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