Maid From Heaven Part – 3

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Uma was not to be seen. Mary sat in the hall and I went to the next bedroom and saw Uma trying out the clothes. She was wearing a special nightwear which was mid-thigh length admiring herself in the mirror.

I came from behind and Uma covered her face with shyness. I said “you are looking very sexy and what is there to be shy about”. I stood behind her while she was facing the mirror and said “Mary is waiting to take your measurements”.

Uma said “I cannot go out like this”, I asked “why not because you might need to remove all your clothes anyway”. Uma asked “are you going to be there”, I said “how can I be there what will she think”.

Uma said “I will only go provided you are there all the time”. I had to agree and went out with Uma. Mary told Uma “the night dress fits you very nicely”. She ran her hands over the dress correcting it.

She asked Uma to open the strap and Uma looked at me. I said do as Mary asked and Mary spread the front making a deep V neck. She wrapped the dress around telling Uma to tie the strap.

She said “earlier it was not doing justice to your figure”. Uma blushed and thanked her. Mary asked Uma to bring the bag with the bras and Uma stared at me again. I went and brought the bag.

Mary took out the bras and asked Uma to remove her night gown. Mary said “you have very beautiful breasts and the bra will help them look beautiful”. Uma kept quiet staring at the floor.

I offered the measuring tape, Mary said “I don’t need it”. Mary taught Uma how to wear a bra. Once she had worn it, Mary checked for tightness and adjusted the strap and asked Uma “is it hurting”.

Uma said “no” but Mary noticed her boobs almost out of the bra and removed it. She took the push up bra and asked Uma to wear it and this one fit much better. Mary adjusted the shoulder straps and showed it to me.

Uma’s chest was looking killer. We figured her breast size was 36C. Mary took the measuring tape and took some other measurements asking her to remove the bra and wear the gown.

We gathered the 4 bras and headed back to the store. I told Uma “I will be locking the door so don’t bother”. As soon as we got into the car Mary said “Uma is going to keep you very satisfied”.

She said “when I finished taking her measurements Uma’s pussy was oozing juices”. I smiled and asked “are you jealous of Uma”, she said “no”. Mary said “I need you to satisfy me and you need Uma to satisfy yourself. So there was nothing to be jealous about”.

I said “I will work on finding another place for us because Uma might not take it nicely”. Mary said “we will see”. We reached the store and went to the underwear section. I bought 10 pairs of bra-panty sets in different colours.

We went next to the dress section. Mary said “Uma is young; we should buy clothes from her generation which will make her look beautiful. That would also make you horny for her all the time”.

I said “I am fine with anything that looks great on her”. We bought two low waist jeans, some skirts of knee length, one short micro-mini mostly bright colours and many semi-transparent tops.

Mary slipped in two pantyhose (one black and one beige) in the list saying “it will look great on her legs”. Mary took me to the foot wear section. I said “I don’t know her size”, she said “Uma has the same size as me”.

Mary chose 3 pair of broad heels between 3-5inch matching colours with the dresses and two pairs of foam slippers 3 inch thick. I said “Uma has never worn heels and might fall”. She said “it is your job to train her because Uma is very short”.

She said “it will also increase her sex appeal”. I paid the bill and went to the car with Mary also carrying many bags. Mary wished me bye with a tight hug and a kiss saying “I will call you when I get another chance to step out”.

I was driving home and the time was almost 2pm and there was nothing in the house to eat. I stopped by empire restaurant and picked up two mutton biryanis and two chicken starters. I went to the liquor store for a case of ultra-beers and rum.

I reached home and parked the car in the driveway, I unlocked the door and called Uma to help me carry the bags. She was wearing a mid-thigh length pink nightie without any underwear looking very sexy.

Uma came till the door and stood there refusing to step outside. I said “it is ok to come till the driveway because I have so many bags to carry”. She did not budge so I took about 5-6 bags and gave them to her to take to the other bedroom.

I took the food and sat in the hall with a beer. Uma stood nearby, I asked “are you hungry”, she said “yes”. I asked “are you a vegetarian”, she said “I had become vegetarian after marriage but I love non veg”.

I was happy my choice of food was correct. I asked “when do you want to eat”, Uma said “I will wait for you to finish your drink to serve you”. I said “please eat if you are hungry because I am going to take some time with my drink”.

Uma said “I will wait”. She sat on the floor next to where I was sitting. I got up and she stood up too, I held her waist with full confidence that nothing could go wrong between us now.

I made her sit beside me but did not remove my hand from around her back and my palm was on her waist. I continued to lightly massage her waist while talking to her. Uma said “I am a servant and do not deserve to sit next to you on the sofa”.

“Please let me go because I am more comfortable sitting on the floor”. I said “all that is ok when anybody else other than the two of us are in the house, between us this is how it is going to be”.

Uma thanked me for giving her so much respect. I cut her short asking “how are you feeling about the clothes”. Her face lit up like a light bulb and asked “are all those shopping bags for me”, I said “yes all of them”.

Uma said “I never expected anyone to do so much for me, from the salary you are going to give me, please deduct the money”. I said “don’t worry about the money”. She made me to swear and say how much I had spent on her today.

I said “I had spent nearly 50k”. Uma shrieked when she heard the amount asking “why did you spend so much for a servant”. I said “I did it because I like you and I am sure I was not making a mistake in my decision”.

Uma said “you remind me about my mama who was the only one who took care of me like this”. I asked “did you check what I have bought for you”, she said “no”. I went to the 2nd bedroom and brought the bag with the footwear.

I knelt facing her and first took out the pink foam slippers and gave it to her at her feet asking her “try this out for size”. Uma held my hands saying “you did not have to keep footwear at my feet”.

I said “I don’t see anything wrong. I bought these because I did not want you to walk bare feet as that would ruin your feet”. I held the slippers with one hand and her feet with my other and slid her feet in it fitting her perfectly.

Uma was very happy and stood up and walked around in joy enjoying her new slippers. I said “it suits you very nicely and the extra height is making you look more sexy than before”. Uma now came and sat next to me herself.

She looked at me surprised asking “why would feet matter so much”. I could not tell her about my weakness for beautiful feet. I said “hygiene for the feet is equally important as the rest of the body”.

I went to the bedroom and brought more shopping bags and kept them in the hall. I had to make two trips to get all of them and Uma joined me when I went in second time. I gave the foot cream and scrubber.

I said “you need to use the scrubber when taking bath to remove all the cracked skin from your feet and after bath apply this cream to your feet. This will make them clean and soft”.

I sat on the sofa and she hugged me tightly saying “god brought you in my life to replace the loss of my mama. I will worship you for the rest of my life”. I showed her the 3, 4 & 5inch heels which Mary had selected and asked “do you like it”?

I knelt removing her slippers and put her feet in the heels. She tried standing but she was unsteady. I held her hand and waist saying “walking in heels needs practice so hold me and walk slowly”.

She took a few steps and in some time she walked like a natural steadily. I let go of her hands and Uma continued to walk steady by herself. I made her try the 4 & 5inch heels also and she was able to manage walking almost steadily by herself.

I sat in my seat saying “the heels are increasing your sexiness” and she blushed. I said “wear these heels as much as you can so you get used to it”. My beer was over, Uma went to the fridge and brought the next one confidently walking in the tall 5inch heels.

I put my arm around her back confidently cupping her left boob fondling it softly. Uma said “I really loved the heels and it was one of my dreams which I realized today”. I said “it was Mary’s idea and next time you meet her you can directly thank her for it”.

I offered her beer with the intention if she got drunk then it would be easier to fuck her. Uma refused saying “I have been taught alcohol was a very bad thing and to never consume it”. I said “that was village crap and you can have it without any fear. Instead it would help forget all your past problems in life and make you feel better”.

I made her sip from my glass and she said “it tastes bitter”. I told her to bring another glass and I poured little for her. I said “over time you will get used to it and will love it”. Uma took another two sips from her glass and said “I am beginning to like it”.

I asked “are you curious to see what else I have bought for you” and she jumped with joy. I picked the two carry bags full of bra panty sets and showed them all to her. She was floored looking at the variety of colours.

I moved to the next bag which had skirts and I spread them on the other seat. Uma went crazy looking at the skirts and asked “are you expecting me to wear them”.

I reminded her about her dream to wear modern clothes “So between me and Mary we selected the best that would suit you and make you look beautiful”. Uma thanked me profusely hugging me again, I gave her the beer.

We had a few more sips and Uma emptied her glass asking for more. I asked her to bring another bottle from the fridge and I filled our glasses. She went bottoms up on the 2nd glass and offered her glass for refill.

I warned her “you are going too fast and would get high”. Uma said “for all that you have done for me, I am already high”. I could see it was the alcohol talking. I said “be patient for 15 minutes then I will serve you beer. Do you want to try the skirts we have bought for you”?

She was happy like a child who got gifts from Santa. Even before I could finish talking Uma stood up from the sofa and removed her nighty keeping it aside standing fully naked. I said “I thought you would go to the room and change”?

She said “Saab I am very comfortable with you because you have seen everything and I need your help to wear these new clothes”. I took the bag which had the bras and panties and gave her a red push up bra with a thong panty telling her to wear it.

She stood facing me. I held her waist and pulled her closer to me placing her right foot on the sofa. I kneeled and she asked “why”, I said “nothing”, I held the panty straightening the band around her waist lowering it at the same time.

I went to the part covering her pussy and straightened it till her butt hole brushing her pussy with my hands. I said “this is the way you should wear it”. She asked “how it looked”, I said “except for your pussy hair it is looking very nice”.

I corrected myself “it is not looking nice but very sexy”, Uma blushed covering her face. I said “we need to remove all that hair you have down there and also from your armpits because that is a health risk”.

Uma said “all women have hair in these places and no one complained”. I said “here in the city women know about it so they shave it because it causes serious health problems and Mary also mentioned it to me”.

Uma in a very worried tone asked “what to do”, I said “I will shave it” and she frowned saying “I am feeling ashamed to make you do something so dirty”. I said “I am happy to help provided you tell no one about it”.

Uma nodded in affirmative and stood there looking at the floor. I took out one semi-transparent purple top and told her to wear it. I took a knee length red skirt and held it waiting for Uma to finish putting on the top.

I kneeled in front of her telling her to step into the skirt. Uma put her hands on my shoulder stepping in and I slid it up to her waist and saw her panty line was showing. I dropped the skirt and corrected her panty to only cover her pussy.

I took the skirt and brought it to her lower waist and zipped it just above the panties. I stood very close to her unbuttoning her blouse from top and she asked “why”. I reminded her “what Mary had said, that we are not doing enough justice to your beautiful figure”.

I spread her blouse and adjusted her bra straps creating a bigger cleavage. I buttoned her blouse from the bottom upwards. I left the top two buttons open spreading her top. I told her “wear the heels and go to my mirror and see how it looked”.

I poured her another beer which she sipped and went to my room. I was waiting in my mind as to when my lucky moment will come and followed her. Uma stood in front of my full size mirror touching, turning and examining herself.

When I joined, she faced me asking “how am I looking”. I turned her to face the mirror and came behind her whispering in her ear “how do you think you are looking”. Uma said “I feel like I am dreaming because all this was too good to be true. I am feeling awesome and shy at the same time”.

I asked “why are you feeling shy”, she said pointing at her exposed cleavage “I am not used to exposing so much skin”. I said “this dress is supposed to be worn like this and as you have such a big and beautiful chest you should proudly show it off”.

Uma blushed thanking me again. I said “it is ok and stop thanking me repeatedly”. Uma turned and hugged me tightly saying “now I have no doubt you are my mama only sent by god”.

I sensed her voice getting little slurry which meant she was getting high. I lifted her face saying “I am happy to be your mama if that makes you feel good” and kissed her on her forehead.

We came back to the hall. She sat next to me herself placing my hand around her back and my palm cupping her left boob fondling it. I said “you are looking sexy like Madhuri Dixit”, she asked “who is she”.

I said “Madhuri is a famous film star and the entire country drooled over her because she is very beautiful and outrageously sexy”. Uma hid her face in my chest. I gave her the drink saying “take only one sip and go very slow”.

I picked my glass and sipped the beer continuing to caress her left boob. Uma was sitting next to me pressing her body against mine while sipping her beer saying “I want to be in this moment forever”.

I lifted her face to mine while still squeezing her left boob. I mustered lots of courage kissing her lips and all over her face and Uma responded with Aahs. I cupped her right boob from front and gently squeezed and Uma moaned even more.

She said “I have been longing for this since I met you”. I said “I wanted it from the time I saw you but was afraid how you would react”. She said “when you let me in today locking the door, I was prepared that you would you would do fuck me and I would not regret it”.

She said “when you came into the bathroom to help me, I saw your dick was erect but still you did not do anything to me. When you gave me a bath I felt your hard cock in my ass rubbing my pussy many times but you did not do anything more”.

“During the bath you played with my boobs and kept pushing your cock in my ass but you did not do anything more. When you rubbed balm on my thigh you were still hard but did not do anything more to me”.

“Even now when I stripped fully in front of you trying the new clothes you still had the erection but did not do anything. I have a lot of respect for you because of this and I know what you are going thru while taking so good care of me”.

I again poured another glass for her knowing where this conversation is going. I interrupted her asking her “what exactly do you want”. Uma blurted out saying “I want what you did with Mary”.

She said “I am very frustrated and no matter how you use me for your gratification, I will eagerly look forward to it. I would never object to you because you have done so much for me and treated me like family”.

Uma had given me the green signal I was waiting for and I was going to make the most of it. I made her lie on the sofa and started unbuttoning her top. She unhooked her bra and I got on top kissing her lips while my hands were squeezing her boobs.

I came down kissing behind her ears, upper and side neck below the chin etc. I came to her boobs and gave a strong nibble on her nipples. Uma murmured “you are so good Saab”. I continued kissing her boobs and nibbling her nipples while she moaned.

I lay her fully on the sofa and raised her skirt to her waist. I removed her panty and she spread her legs placing her right leg on the sofa backrest and the other one on ground. I went straight for her pussy which was dripping wet now.

I separated her bush revealing her pussy lips and darted my tongue inside and Uma screamed “mar gayi, mar gayi”. I chewed her clit lightly licking it and Uma went more crazy. I removed all my clothes and placed my dick at her love hole slowly pushing it in.

Her pussy was very tight but because she was wet and my dick was oozing precum, my dick smoothly entered all the way. I started fucking her with slow strokes while kissing her and she held my face kissing me back.

I continued squeezing her boobs with my hands while I was fucking her pussy and she was kissing me crazy. I fucked her for over five minutes and because of her tightness I could feel my balls getting ready to explode.

I stopped and got her on her feet hugging her from behind trying to see if I could enter her in this position. I lifted her left leg placing her foot on the sofa and this gave me the perfect height also thanks to the heels.

I pushed my dick into her slippery pussy and grabbed her boobs from behind and started fucking her hard. Uma was enjoying this and I increased my speed making loud sounds every time my crotch was slapping her ass cheeks.

I fucked her for another five minutes and to prolong my release I paused. She turned around and we hugged and kissed like re-united lovers. While my hands were on her boobs, she was stroking my dick.

Uma kneeled down and took my dick in her mouth giving me a blow job. She was very good and very soon took my full length touching her throat. After a few minutes I asked her to kneel on the sofa.

I kneeled licking her pussy again giving her a few minutes of tongue fucking. I stood behind her and pushed my dick into her wet pussy and resumed fucking her. I was doing it slowly with frequent pauses because I wanted to last as long as possible.

After some time, my pressure built up and I started fucking her harder. I released my entire load inside her pussy and sat exhausted on the sofa. Uma turned around and I made her sit on my lap.

She kissed me saying “thank you Saab, I thought only my mama was good in bed but now I realized you are far better”.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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