Maid From Heaven

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Hi friends, I have been reading the various encounters that you all have had with your maids. This became my ultimate fantasy. Unfortunately, I never got the chance till this incident happened.

To tell you about myself I am 27yrs 6’ tall average male from south India. This episode happened less than a year ago. I am writing my experience with lots of encouragement from Uma.

Two years ago I moved to Bangalore because of a family decision to build a house there. I was given the job since dad was very busy. I had to supervise the entire thing, after 1yr the house was ready.

After house warming I shifted here and my parents went back to our hometown. We are a well to do business family with business spread across India which is managed by my father and me.

I work from home mostly and business in Bangalore was my responsibility. While I was settling down, I was slowly furnishing the entire place with some tasteful furnishings. Meanwhile I had a big problem getting a maid servant to do the daily chores.

I checked and none of our servants were ready to stay and work here. I had spoken to so many maids that if they knew someone to refer them to me. Out of the blue when I was lazing on an early Saturday morning, my neighbour’s maid rang my doorbell.

I answered the door, she said Uma who she has brought is looking for work. She can give a complete guarantee of her, the only criteria being she needed a place to stay. I looked at Uma and saw an innocent young village woman.

She was very fair and just 5-2 in height. Same time, she was very dirty which gave me second thoughts. The other maid said she was in a hurry and left saying we could discuss and leave a message with our neighbour.

I looked at Uma and my fantasies came to mind so I decided to try her. If I could get her to do everything my way, then things might be great. I invited her inside locking the door telling her to get comfortable.

When I was closing the door after letting her in, her full backside brushed my body. Uma did not react and sat on the floor curled up. I asked “why are you sitting on the floor?” She said “the servant’s place is at the master’s feet”.

Coming from a modern culture I said “I don’t look at it that way and would appreciate if you sat on the chair”. She said “I am very dirty right now so don’t not want to spoil your expensive furniture”.

I agreed saying “you need to tidy up and cannot be like this”, she nodded and asked “do you have a place for me to stay?” I said yes and her eyes lit up. She asked “can I take a bath first because it is more than a week and am feeling very dirty”.

I liked her and asked “should we first discuss your salary and terms? If you agree then you can proceed”. She said “if you have a place for me to stay that is all I need. I don’t care about money and everything else can wait”.

She said “I am very sure there is nothing you want which I cannot not do”. This was more than what I was expecting so I agreed. I said “my bathroom is the only one currently furnished with all the necessities”.

I took her to my attached big bathroom. My bathroom has a double tub and all the bells and whistles. I said “you can take a bath here”. Uma was confused looking at the fittings. She asked “can get a bucket to take bath”.

I showed her how to operate the hand and overhead shower. She was excited looking at the water falling from the overhead shower. She said “I would love to use the shower”. I asked “do you have any other clothes with you?

I want you to dispose all your current clothes”. She said “what I am wearing now is all I have left. Do you have any old clothes I can wear?” I could only think of my mother’s clothes for her and took her to my parent’s room.

I opened my mom’s wardrobe taking out mom’s old saris and nighties. I asked “do you have any preference”. Uma replied “I will wear anything”. We figured mom’s clothes were more than double Uma’s size because mom is very obese at 120kg.

Uma said “these are too big”. I took her to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe showing her “this is the best alternative I have. If you do not mind you can wear till I buy you new ones”.

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