Maid From Heaven Part-4

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She continued saying “I am very happy that you found me worth making love to because of my low status. Saab you did not lock the door properly and I stood there watching you both make love. I was hoping if I would ever get a chance with you”.

I asked “did you get jealous watching me with Mary”, she said “no”. I asked “what if Mary came again”, she said “I wouldn’t mind at all. You enjoy with Mary when she comes, all other times I will take care of your needs”.

I removed her blouse and bra keeping it aside. I started fondling her boobs and as she was on my lap they were very close to my face. Uma offered both her boobs pushing her nipples in my mouth for me to suck.

I spread her legs and touched her pussy and our mixed juices were flowing out. She also felt it and collected it in her hand. She licked everything saying “I want to drink your juice directly from the source next time”.

I realised I had fucked her without condoms and got worried. I asked “what if you got pregnant”. She said “I can never get pregnant as confirmed by doctors because I had two miscarriages”.

I carried her to my bathroom and made her lie down in my tub. Uma asked “what are you going to do”. I said “I want to shave your pussy so you can wear the thong panties without the hair showing”.

She smiled and lay down. I took the hand shower and washed her pussy area. I applied shaving foam all over her pussy. To keep her engrossed, I asked about her mama. She said “it all started one day when my mama came to my house on my 18th birthday”.

I asked “what kind of a person he was”, Uma said “he was a person who never took no for an answer. He always stood for the right thing. He was the reason I managed to study till Jr. college”.

“My parents were considering getting me married while I was still in 5th. He was so strong in his arguments that even my parents gave up. I told mama to sit in the hall while I went and took my bath”.

“Mama said he would love to give me a bath. I refused shyly saying I am a big girl now. He said he had given me a bath my entire life till 2yrs back when he had to go work in another city”.

Uma recollected how her bath time with mama was the special moments in her life. He always gave her a nice loving bath. After the bath he confessed “he was madly in love with me and wanted to make me his wife”.

Mama said “my parents would be against this relationship so after I finish my studies we would elope to some place and get married and live as husband and wife”. She accepted his offer and both went to the bathroom.

He undressed himself except his underwear. After the bath her mama said “I want to make love to you from now on so that by the time you complete your studies you will be ready for marriage”.

She asked “when you want to start”, he said “whenever you are ready”. She asked “how much time would it take” and he said “it is an ongoing thing”, she said “it is 10am and my parents would be back from the fields by 3pm and is that enough”?

He said “yes it is enough”. She said “I am ready to start right now”, he was very happy and hugged her and put his mouth on hers kissing her. He locked the main door from inside and removed her clothes.

She asked “what is love making”, he said “it is a physical thing and done completely naked”. He removed his underwear now and she saw his pee pee for the first time and it was big like a cucumber.

He made her lie on the bed and got on top kissing her while making sure he was not putting his entire weight on her. He explained that lovemaking was a very pleasurable thing and only the first time would be painful.

He was going to help me make sure the initial pain was minimized as much as possible. I hugged him and said “for your sake I am ready to endure any amount of pain and am looking forward to the pleasures”.

Uma said “mama kissed my body and I enjoyed the great feelings running thru my body. He started licking and sucking on my nipples while he was squeezing my breasts driving me crazy with pleasure”.

“He came to my tummy and licked and kissed it and went down to my pee pee putting his mouth there. I objected that it was dirty”, he said “there is nothing dirty in lovemaking and this was my treasure of love”.

“I could feel him pushing his tongue inside my pee pee and the feelings it triggered in my body were incredible. He explained everything he was doing and at the same time he had one finger going in and out of my pee pee”.

“My mama said he was preparing my body for lovemaking and I should tell him if I feel any pain inside my pee pee while he started pushing his finger deeper. I asked him what was he preparing me for”?

“He pointed at his pee pee and said the ultimate thing was when he would insert his thing inside mine showing me heaven. I looked at his pee pee and it had grown bigger and standing straight”.

“Mama said if I loved him then I should also work on the lovemaking, I asked what he wanted me to do. He lay down on the bed on his back and asked me to hold his pee pee with my hands and stroke it up and down”.

“He told me to take it inside my mouth while stroking it. I tried but could just take the tip of his thing inside my mouth while I stroked with my hands. Mama said I was doing good for a start”.

“He said I need to push my tongue out to take more and more of his pee pee inside my mouth. The objective is having his complete thing inside and then I could do the stroking using my mouth”.

Uma said “this was all new to me but I enjoyed it and did my best to take it deeper inside my mouth and a while later I had half of his thing inside. He started leaking small drops of liquid from his pee pee”.

She asked him “what that was”, he said “it is love juice and I should drink it. If I continued sucking his thing and stroking it faster, he was going to release a much bigger amount and that was my ultimate achievement”.

He said “when I put my thing inside your pee pee and release my juice inside then that will make you pregnant”. She was very happy to hear and asked “what if I get a baby before I complete my studies”?

Mama asked “if my monthly bleeding cycles had started”, I said “no”. He said “there are ways to avoid pregnancy and just before I am about to release, I will pull my thing out and give it in your mouth so you can drink my juice”.

He said “drinking my juice is good for me and I would not get pregnant. Your monthly cycles have to start and then when I release my juice inside your pee pee you will get pregnant, so till your cycle starts you are safe”.

She said by this time he was getting ready to release and he held her head pushing his pee pee deeper inside her mouth touching her throat and released his juice. She drank his juice and liked how it tasted.

Her mama said “please suck a little more on my thing because a little more juice is still to come out”. Her mama made her lie on the bed and said “you have done excellent in your first time”.

He said “when I pushed your head down my entire thing was inside your mouth and that is incredible for your first time”. He opened her legs and started sucking her pee pee pushing his tongue and fingers inside her.

She asked “what are you doing”, he said “your pee pee is very small and my pee pee is big, so I am trying to make your pee pee loose so I can put my thing inside yours without causing you pain”.

She asked “is it going to hurt a lot”, he said “yes but only for a few seconds”. She said “I am ready to endure that pain for your sake and you should do it right away”. He continued with his fingers going in and out of her thing.

Very soon he put more fingers which hurt a little but she did not complain, soon all his fingers were freely going in and out. He kissed her while he suddenly pushed his fingers very deep inside her which gave her shooting pain inside her pee pee.

She would have screamed if he had not covered her mouth with his. He said “that is the pain I am talking about and it is over now”. He went down and put his mouth again on her pee pee for some time till all the pain was gone.

She was feeling good again and asked “are you ready to put your thing inside me”. He made her sit on the bed and stood in front of her and she understood she had to suck his thing again.

She saw it became very small and soft and asked “why”, he said “you need to make love to it and it will become hard so I am able to push it inside you”. She got busy sucking his pee pee and it started growing in size.

A few more minutes of sucking and he was big and hard again. He made her lie down and put his thing inside her pee pee and started pushing slowly. She felt pain but did not tell him because she did not want him to stop now.

Her mama kept asking “tell me if it is hurting”, she replied “no” encouraging him to push further inside. He kept pausing and stroking his pee pee taking it out and pushing back in like he did with his fingers.

She could feel currents of pleasure thru her body. Her mama lay over her with all his weight on her and going to and fro with his pee pee inside her and she could feel him deep inside her.

His movement was creating new incredible feelings in her body and all the pain was gone. He continued for some time like this and she no longer felt his body weight on her. All the while he kept sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts while he was going in and out of her.

He pulled out and made her to kneel on the edge of the bed while he pushed his thing into her from behind. She could feel his pee pee enter her even more deeper depths which she did not know existed.

He held her waist and started his in and out movement much harder giving her more pleasure. She said “when he was doing me hard and fast from behind, he pulled me up hugging me from behind lifting me in the air while doing it and it was really good”.

Her mama said “I am about to release my juice”, she said “release inside me”. He started stroking her faster while he released his juice inside her. He sat on the bed with her on his lap and his pee pee still inside her.

She got off and started sucking his pee pee drinking whatever little juice was still coming out. They continued their love making every day till she completed her studies. Mama passed away in an accident soon after.

Taking this chance her parents married her off to a wealthy family who paid a high price for her. After marriage her life turned to hell. Her first night she was on the bed looking forward to her husband making love to her.

He came and made love to her but he was a big let-down. His size was so small that he could barely put his thing inside her and within two minutes he was done leaving her unsatisfied.

Then the shocker came when her father-in-law came. He was better than his son but he was not supposed to be fucking her. After he finished and left her younger brother-in-law came in and fucked her.

He was far better than both the previous men. All night both FIL and BIL took turns fucking her. Next day she woke up with her husband sleeping by her side while thru the night two other men had sex with her.

From there on every day and night she became an object of pure sexual release in the house. She would get fucked 5 to 7 times every day depending on who is around. Her FIL even made love to her while she was serving evening tea to her MIL.

Even her BIL fucked her in front of her MIL and husband. She said with help from someone in the village she escaped from her husband’s house and came to this city. Here also her struggles continued trying to escape all the men who tried to have their way with her.

She managed to stop them from fucking her by giving hand jobs and blowjobs promising more next time. I was shocked and asked “why you did not go to the cops”. She said “even the cops did not spare me and I escaped them too”.

“The maid who brought me here, her husband was desperately after me. Every time he found me alone in the house, he would try to have sex with me forcibly. I somehow by the blessings of god managed to escape him every time”.

“When I heard of a job in your house, I went to the temple and thanked god to make it happen. I wanted to get out of this mess and live a decent life”. I finished shaving her pussy while Uma was talking.

Her hands were rubbing her boobs and she was still very aroused. I was finger fucking her pussy and ass while Uma moaned in-between her words and soon she wriggled and shuddered like crazy.

She had an orgasm and I increased my finger fucking speed till her orgasm subsided. Uma said “you are the best man I has ever had because besides my mama only you were able to give me so much pleasures”.

I asked her to turn over on her knees. I applied foam and shaved her butt clean. I took the hand shower and washed her while she remained in this position. I pushed my finger again her in pussy and she was still dripping wet.

I put my mouth to her pussy from behind and started tongue fucking her. Uma started moaning loudly and I was hard too. I got on my knees and pushed my dick in her pussy from behind and started fucking her holding her waist.

Uma said “you have the same appetite for love making as my mama”. I said “I did not understand”, she said “after the first time my mama made love to me, he used to be ready to do again very soon”.

I asked “do you have the same stamina too”, she said “Saab for you I am forever ready”. We had been fucking for over ten minutes and I was getting ready to shoot my load. I started fucking her faster and Uma sensing it said “Saab, I want to drink your juice”.

She turned around and started sucking me like a pro. Soon I released my load in her mouth and she quickly swallowed every drop. We got to our feet and I turned on the overhead shower.

We both bathed each other with lots of kissing and fondling. It was clear that we wanted more. I asked “Are you tired”, she said “yes but I am eager to do it again whenever you are ready”.

I said “I really like you and am thankful to god for bringing us together”. We finished the bath and after towelling each other dry we moved to the hall naked. I poured beer for both of us and we drank together.

I took the black pantyhose Mary had given and asked her to wear it. Uma was confused looking at the ultra-thin shiny material with open crotch and asked me how to wear it. I knelt at her feet removing her heels and placing her feet on my thighs.

I rolled the pantyhose and slid it up her legs till her thighs. I made her stand and pulled it up to her lower waist. This was open crotch type so her pussy was in the open. I gave her a black bra and thong panty set.

After we were done I told her to wear the heels and see how it looked. I myself was amazed as to how beautiful and sexy it made her legs look. I gave her a white blouse with a deep v neck and a red micro-mini skirt.

When she was done Uma was looking super-hot and sexy like a pornstar straight from the movies. Uma was bubbling with excitement admiring herself in the mirror. We went to the sofa and continued with more beer.

She was high now because of the beer. My cock was becoming hard and she saw it. She put both our glasses on the table and unbuttoned her blouse. I made her sit across my lap with her legs on either sides of me.

I opened her bra and started sucking her boobs while she was already stroking my cock. Her short skirt had slid higher revealing her panties when she got on my lap. I moved her panties to the side and held her ass cheeks pulling her to my cock.

She guided my cock in her pussy and started riding me rocking her bottom. She said “Saab we wasted a lot of time today and looks like you want to make up for it”. I said “you are so hot and sexy that I want to fuck you all the time”.

She started riding me faster while moaning. I kissed her saying “Uma I want to fuck your ass now”. She said “Saab, please no. It is very dirty and I have never done it before”. I said “you will really enjoy it more than now; I want to be the lucky one to take your virginity there”.

I got up carrying her to my bedroom still impaled on my cock while she kept saying “Saab please don’t do it”. I got her on her knees and pushed my cock in her pussy from behind fucking her.

Soon she was moaning again, I spat on her butt hole and pushed my finger inside. I had already fingered her ass a few times today so it went in easily. Now I pushed two fingers and she screamed Aahs.

I added more saliva and my fingers were moving freely now. I inserted my cock in her ass slowly, Uma said “Saab please stop, it is hurting. I will do anything you want me to but please I beg you to not do this”.

I stopped pushing my cock further inside her ass and hugged her from behind. Uma said “Saab you are very big; it is hurting a lot. Please satisfy yourself with my pussy. I promise, you can fuck my ass very soon”.

I did not want to make sex painful for her just for my own satisfaction. So pushed my cock in her pussy and resumed fucking. I knew she will orgasm soon and I decided to try again at that moment.

Uma resumed her Aahs louder this time and while fucking her from behind I was fingering her clit. She said “Saab this is feeling very good, please don’t stop. Fuck me harder with your cock, if I knew earlier I would have fucked you when you let me in your house”.

Soon Uma was screaming loudly with her next orgasm hitting her and same time I slowly pushed my cock in her ass and it entered fully inside. I stayed still hugging her from behind and fingering her clit till her orgasm subsided.

Just before it was over I started fucking her with slow strokes and Uma came to her senses. She turned her face sideways and smooched while I continued fucking. After the kiss she said “Saab I never imagined getting fucked in my ass would feel so good”.

Squeezing her own boobs with her hands she said “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure with your cock, I am really enjoying this”. I increased my speed and because I had cum a short while ago I was able to last longer.

I was enjoying the tightness of her butt hole and increased the force with which I was fucking her. We were making loud clapping sounds when our bodies met with every stroke. After close to ten minutes I felt close to my release.

I stopped and knelt behind her putting my mouth to her gaping ass and licked it nicely. I pushed two fingers in her pussy fingering at the same time. Uma said “what you are doing is so dirty but also feeling so good, please don’t stop”.

After eating her ass, I got up and pushed my cock smoothly inside resuming fucking with full force. Nearly five minutes later she had another intense orgasm and I too came in her butt. We both collapsed panting on the bed.

My cock remained inside her butt and I could feel my juice continuing to ooze. I gave a few more strokes before I lose hardness emptying my balls fully inside her. I lay by her side on the bed catching my breath, Uma leaned on me resting her face on my chest.

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