Vandana Helped Me To Come Out Of Depression

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression before starting this.

All holidays got completed and college has started again. Till these days my Mom, Anuradha Aunty, Lavanya Sister and Sweety helped me to come out of depression and I almost came out of depression and not thinking about Navya. But after coming back to college when ever I saw couples in the college I used to remember about Navya. Again I started to get into depression.

I am having a friend. Her name is Vandana. She helped me to come out of depression. Her figure is 30-24-32. She is short and thin. But perfectly structured for her height. She proposed me in the starting days of institution in the 1st year. But I am not interested at that time and said no. Eventhough she didn’t mind it and used to be friendly with me all the time.

One day I am standing in the corridor outside of the class room without speaking to anyone and by thinking about Navya. She came near to me and asked

Vandana: Hi. How are you?
Me: Hi. I am good.
Vandana: No you are lying to me. You are not in the regular way. You started to stay calm without speaking to anyone. What happened? Why are you so calm?
Me: No nothing like that. Just not speaking to anyone.
I turned my head aside by saying that. She turned my face towards her and asked
Vandana: Yes, that what I am asking. You are not a person like that. You used to spend all the with the people around you right. But now you are not speaking to anyone. Why are you not speaking to anyone. I haven’t seen Navya as well. Where is she?
I looked at her for sometime and suddenly hugged her and said
Me: I am sorry. I haven’t understood your emotions when you proposed me. Now I am feeling the same pain in me.

I explained everything to her. She made me to calm down. Luckily no one came at that time and noticed us when I hugged her. Later we became more close and used to stay more friendly. One day we both are walking in the corridor and saw one couple faraway hugging and kissing each other. By seeing that I immediately turned around and went into the classroom. She also ran behind me into the classroom and asked me what happened. At that time no one is there in the class. She asked what happened. I said nothing just remembered something and looked at her. She immediately jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me. I too responded and kissed her. When we are kissing I am squeezing her waist and boobs. She is moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………………….. We heard like some one is coming into the classroom from outside. Immediately we stopped kissing and moved away and pretended like we casually talking and laughing at each other. Later we looked at each other and felt shy.

We used to kiss and hug each other whenever we found no one is around. One day I asked her to have sex. She said no with hesitation. Even I too want to force her and stayed calm. After sometime she came to me and asked

Vandana: If we do sex where we can do. What if someone notice us?
I felt so happy by listening to her words and immediately hugged and kissed her.
Me: Is there any chance to have in your home?
Vandana: No, no it is very risky. Even if my parents are not at home neighbours will keep on watching at my home all the time. Definitely we will get caught.
Me: Then let’s go to my home.
Vandana: What if your parents or neighbours see us? We will get caught. I won’t come to your house as well.
Me: You are not accepting me to come to your house and you not accepting to come to my house. Then how can we have sex? Shall we get fuck in the classroom or what?
I said in anger. But immediately I got an idea. I remembered there is no grills for windows for two rooms in every floor of college in our building. Then immediately I got an idea.
Me: Ok then let’s have sex in college.
Vandana: What? Are you making fun of me? If we do in college definitely we will get caught. No, no I won’t accept.
I slowly hugged her and dragged her towards and by giving kisses randomly on her cheeks and neck I said.
Me: Evening after we all left from college they will close all the doors in the college and lock them. In our building there are two rooms in every floor without grills to the windows. They are having just glass sliders. We will hide somewhere in the college till they lock the doors and later we will enter into any of the classroom having without windows grills and let’s get fuck each other.

By saying that she looked at me and laughed in shy and we kissed each other and hugged for sometime. We went to our home. Next day she said to her mom that she need to write some record notes so that she will go to her friend house and she will come next day evening and took one pair of extra clothes and came to college. I brought some snacks to eat in the night. We waited till evening. All started to leave from college and we pretend like leaving and stopped behind a wall and watching the security guards. The night shift security guards had came and took keys to lock the doors. We followed them and we heard that they are planning to drink alcohol in the night on the terrace. So we both decided to enter into any of the rooms in the downstairs. We decided to enter into second floor classroom. We followed behind them and when they locked the door and went away from there. We entered into the classroom from window.

I hugged immediately and squeezed her boobs. She pushed me away and said to stay away till it get night. I hold her waist and dragged her closer and kissed her and said ok. We both went into a corner in the behind all benches and sit at a window. We are seeing outside from another side windows and waiting to get it dark and speaking to each other. I can’t wait till it get dark and started to give her tight liplock and hugged her very tight. She is trying to tell me to wait and after sometime she also started to respond back. I started to kiss and smooch on her neck and kept my fingers on her pussy over the dress and squeezing her pussy. She is closing her eyes and enjoying and moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah……………… Suddenly we heard sounds like someone is wandering and speaking outside the room. We stopped for sometime and waited till they went away from there. I went nearby to the door and checked who are they. They are that security guards who came to cross check weather the doors are locked or not. I waited at the door till they left from there. After confirming that they left from there I went back to her and said that they went away. She immediately slapped me on the face and dragged me towards her and started kissing me. I am kissing and squeezing her boobs, waist and ass checks. She is squeezing on my back and holding me very tight and scratching me on my back. We kissed for longtime and it became night by the time we stopped kissing.

By the time we stopped kissing I kept my hands inside her top and slowly trying to remove her top. She noticed that and pushed me away and removed her dress and stood in front me on her bra and panty. She asked me how she looks and I immediately went to her started kissing her and squeezing her boobs and kept my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. She removed my shirt. I am smooching and kissing her cleavage. I removed her bra. Now I am seeing her bare boobs. I started to lick her nipples and rubbing her pussy. Her pussy became wet. I inserted my fingers inside her pussy and started fingering. She is moaning loudly and enjoying. I removed her panty and she is now completely naked in front me. I removed my pant as well and became completely naked. Now we both are completely naked looking at each other. She came to me and hold my dick and rolling her touge with full of saliva in her mouth. I sit on the bench and she sit on her knees on the floor and she started to give blowjob. Her mouth is completely filled with my dick and by sucking only half of my dick it is touching her throat. She sucked my dick for sometime and we both slept on the floor between the benches. We both went into 69 position and I started to lick her pussy and she is sucking my dick. She released two orgasm and laid her down and made her into missionary position and pointed my dick towards her pussy. Her pussy is short and tight. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy and it is very tight and not going inside. I inserted it with more force into her pussy and tip of my dick went inside. She pretended to shout. I immediately took her close and liplock her by holding her head very tight from back. She is beating me on my chest to take my dick out by saying it is paining. She started to cry and tears are coming from her eyes. But still I am kissing her and by keeping my dick inside her pussy. After sometime she is feeling less pain and responding to the kiss. I asked her to bare the pain for some more time and inserted my dick little bit more inside. She pretended to shout again and I kissed her again. She is beating me and crying. After sometime pain got reduced. I started to give strokes slowly and she is feeling pain in the beginning and slowly she is feeling the pleasure. After sometime she started to enjoy the fuck by laughing and moaning. I don’t want to fuck her deep inside because she may feel more pain if I fuck her deeper inside. Her short, wet and tight pussy is so hot and my dick is filled with full of blood inside her pussy and blood is coming out from her pussy and she lost her virginity to me. I am about to cum and I said to her. She said to release inside her pussy and also she said she will take the pills to avoid pregnancy. I kissed her once again and released my sperm in her pussy. Sperm is coming out from her pussy with the mixture of her blood. We both stood up and kissed and hugged each other and went to eat the snacks which I brought. We are eating snacks and enjoying the breezes coming from the another side windows. After eating I looked at the mess up we created on the floor between the benches while fucking and thought to clean it and told to her. She stopped me and said not now.

I didn’t understand why she stopped me without cleaning it. After sometime she came and pushed me on the bench and came on to me and started to kiss me and rub my dick. My dick got fully erected and I understood that she want to get fuck again. I too kissed her and laid her down on the floor. I started to kiss her and she is dragging me more closer and hugging me very tight. I am biting her boobs and she is moaning and enjoying. I am kissing, smooching and rolling my tongue on her navel. I rubbed her pussy and inserted my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her pussy and kissing her. She is moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………………. I increased speed of fingering and she started to shout Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah……………. She released orgasm and I went to lick her pussy. While I am licking her pussy she is moving her pussy up and down on my mouth by moaning umm, Aah, umm, Aah……………… It make me more horny and bite her pussy. She moaned Aah………………. I pointed my dick towards her pussy and inserted tip of my dick and pushed it inside with one force and inserted my dick inside her pussy and immediately started to kiss to avoid her from shouting due to pain. Half of my dick went inside and she is trying to shout due to pain but I am holding her tight and kissing her deep to avoid her from shouting. After sometime she is not feeling pain and I started to give strokes. I inserted my dick little bit more inside and now my dick is touching to her g spot. She is moaning Aah, Aah, Fuck, Fuck………………. I fucked her for 20 mins and released sperm in her pussy. I kissed her for sometime and smooched her boobs and we rolled in her orgasm on the floor and kissed and hugged each other for sometime. I went outside into the bathroom and brought one small bucket full of water and a mop to clean the classroom. We poured water and cleaned the classroom with mop and erased all the orgasm traces and blood stains on the benches and floor with the help of my mobile phone torch. We both went into the bathroom nakedly and did bathing by rubbing each other body and squeezing each other and kissing and hugging each other without making sounds. We went back into the classroom nakedly and she wear another dress which she brought from home and I wear the same dress. It is almost 2 O’clock in the early morning and we both slowly went into sleep. We wokeup at around 7 O’clock in the morning and came out of the classroom before security come and open the door.

We came out and hiding behind the walls and moving around and after sometime security guards came and opened the classroom doors. Students are also started to come to college and we joined along with them and wandering around the college and we went into the class when it got started. We used to enjoy the fuck atleast two days in a week like this. Now I am not thinking about Navya and not getting into depression. Even though we haven’t caught by security till now but we always had a fear that they might catch us.

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