The bully

Arjun took the bus to school as usual. He enters the College gates and after walking halfway to the entrance of the building, he sees Rahul and his gang trying to bully a couple. Arjun was an average 16 year old student, and very shy and non vocal, he did average in his studies as … Read more

Two Lesbian Nurses love in bed

Walaa and Maryam were two young women studying nursing in Germany. They had been classmates since their first semester and had become the best of friends. As they studied together, they also started exploring their sexuality and eventually realized that they were both attracted to women. Their friendship turned into a passionate romance and they … Read more

Vandana Helped Me To Come Out Of Depression

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression before starting this. All holidays got completed and college has started again. Till these days my Mom, Anuradha Aunty, Lavanya Sister and Sweety helped me to come out of depression and I almost came out of depression and not thinking about … Read more

Priya’s sexual journey

Chapter 1: The Phone sex This is a real sex incident in the life of Priya, a divorce who is sex deprived, happened to found by her girl bestie Aishwarya and how it changed her life. Hi Guys this is my first story here which happened in my life recently. I’m Priya, aged 26 and … Read more

The Great Sen Family – Ep.2

Episode : 2***********Characters of 1st Sen Family :-1. Munmun, 28 yrs, Film-actress,2. Manish, 30 yrs, Businessman,3. Chitradevi, 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother, renowned actress,4. Parveen, 18 yrs, Munmun’s maid,5. Prankrisno, 25 yrs, Munmun’s Cook cum driver cum gardener.6. Probhaboti, 44 yrs, Prankrisno’s widow mother. Characters of 2nd Sen Family :-1. Aparna, 38 yrs, Actress cum Director,2. … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 2

Yeah, after getting the glimpse of hips and boobs on blouse ( Experience with my neighbour sister ). Next step, I thought of touching them. We used to speak daily in phone once her husband leaves to office. We became very good friends. After completing my graduation, I need to move to another city, so … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister

It All started when I was studying in final year college. I was in hostel. But whenever I come to my hometown, I have a neighbor sister. She is slightly black in colour and her age was 45. But she looks like a 30+ year lady. She always used wear saree, revealing her hips. Sometimes … Read more

Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 4)

Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son episode 4 In continuation of above episode part 3, mom caught with tenant’s son venki during their wild play. Mom felt guilty and confessed that will not continue. So considering the family’s welfare I not enquired much but my mind often remembered their amazing fuck.I don’t want to further encourage … Read more

Stimulating sessions

She was the poster girl for stunning physical beauty and bombshell of sexual attraction. She was 19, tall toned blonde with magnificent firm round 32G sized breasts. Tiny waist. Toned, sculpted arms, round buttocks. Soft smooth skin, full plush pillowy lips that look very silky and comfortable. High cheekbones, almond shaped deep brown eyes, long … Read more

Made my girlfriend a cock loving bitch Part – 10

Made My Girlfriend A Cock Loving Bitch – Part 10 I’m back with the next part of my story. I recommend you read the previous parts as well. Enjoy! Sam took most advantage of her on the mall road. Anamika wore a yellow one-piece sleeveless dress that ended well above her knees. Since it was … Read more

Fantasy with servant’s flip flops

Me and my wife have job so we depended on a servant lady for household works. The lady was so beautiful and she had big size breast and hoods. Her make up was so minimal yet her beauty was matchless. I have been acting decent to her. But inside me her beautiful legs was always … Read more

Made my girlfriend a cock loving bitch Part – 9

Made My Girlfriend A Cock Loving Bitch – Part 9I’m back with part – 9 of my story. I recommend you read the previous parts as well.  Enjoy! Agla number uski panty ka tha. Maine apna hath uske boob pe se hataya aur uski kamar pe rakh liya. Uski panty ke strings the wahan. Dusre … Read more

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