The bully

Arjun took the bus to school as usual. He enters the College gates and after walking halfway to the entrance of the building, he sees Rahul and his gang trying to bully a couple. Arjun was an average 16 year old student, and very shy and non vocal, he did average in his studies as well. Although he was in the same class with Rahul they did not interact much. Hearing the stories of what Rahul did to men and women, he always made it a point to be as away as possible.

Rahul was the most violent creature in the college. Everyone was intimidated by his big muscular body with a small beer belly. Although he’s 23 years old, he’s still in college and likes to play with other students like they are pets. He forces himself on the women he likes and makes them his money making whores. At most he got suspended a couple of times, but the police never intervened saying “this shit is just normal in college, just deal with it”. The police knew what his family was capable of.

Arjun quietly walks past Rahul and enters the school. Everyone’s already in class, except for Rahul and his gang. Ms Divya walks in and starts her biology class. Ms. Divya is a beautiful 38 year old biology teacher. She has a nice, round 36DD rack, slim waist and peach butt any man will kill for. She used to dress modestly but lately she’s been dressing more and more like a slut. Today she wore a see through black saree and only her bra and panties underneath.

Everyone was able to see her cleavage through the saree and the bra and her thong,. 30 minutes into the class Rahul and his gang walked in without even asking for permission. Rahul passes behind Ms Divya and slaps her ass and squeezes it hard enough to make her squeal lightly and proceeds to sit at the very last corner of the class besides Samantha, Ms Divya’s daughter who, as instructed wore the same see through black saree and bra and panties underneath. But, Samantha did not have the boobs her mother had. She was a bit smaller but her legs and ass are to kill for. Ms Divya looked back after a few seconds of feeling embarrassed after Rahul squeezed her ass. She saw Rahul sat beside her daughter, put his arm around her and very roughly squeezed her breast till she reached for his lips and started kissing him. He started kissing so sloppily, licking all over and inside her mouth and mauling her tits at the same time.

“Are you two ready to be cum dump whores together bitch?” asked Rahul breaking his kiss with Samantha while Ms Divya continued teaching.
“Yes daddy” she replied with a scared look on her face. ” You whores are going to make me a lot of money tonight” he said while he roughly inserted 2 fingers deep in her cunt pushing through the saari and thong. She almost squealed in pain but controlled it out of fear. Rahul fucked her cunt furiously with his fingers while she tried to stay silent using her 2 hands pressed against her mouth.

Ms Divya was watching her daughter while teaching the class hoping Rahul did not insert anything other than his fingers. Almost 5 minutes into the lecture, Rahul made her stand and pulled Samatha’s saree and panties down in one pull, took a book on the table, rolled it and held it high for Ms Divya to see while having an evil grin on his face. Samantha slowly sat back in her bench, he then roughly tried pushing the book into Samantha’s cunt while she pressed her hands back on her mouth.

Ms Divya watched this as her cunt started to get wet and her speech started to stutter. She remembered how he shoved things in her own cunt looking at her daughter’s terrified face. She thought it would be better to turn around and write something on the board. By the time she turned back to the class her daughter disappeared under the table. After 20 minutes, the bell rang and she saw her daughter come up from the table with a lot of thick saliva on her mouth.

Samantha took a towel out of her bag and wiped her mouth. Before she could finish Rahul held her hair and dragged her out of the bench and grabbed her ass with a slap. He guided her with his hand on her ass to his mom.
“Let’s go Ms cum dump” he said to Ms Divya, grabbing her ass and the three of them disappeared outside the class

Arjun felt relieved after Rahul left, knowing he won’t be back for a long time. He was eyeing a girl sitting in the middle row, Niveditha. She looked really cute, petite athletic body. Her habit of cycling gave her a perfect butt and legs and her boobs are just big enough for her petite body.

Arjun thought this was the best chance and walked slowly to her bench. “Hey”…”um..uh.. Do you mind if I uh.. have a seat next to you? I can’t hear much back there” he asked looking shy.
“Sure! I don’t mind at all, have a seat” Niveditha welcomed Arjun happily as she moved to make some space.

“So.. you couldn’t hear from back there huh?” asked Niveditha, smiling at Arjun. “Yes” he replied with his hand on his head and laughing with embarrassment. Niveditha giggled “I like you too” was all she said before Arjun’s brain shut off and stayed silent for the next few classes while he tried to act normal.

After the lunch break, Rahul came back to class, sat next to another couple and started bullying them. Arjun and Niveditha remained at the same bench and made some small talk for the rest of the classes. Their laughing and giggling did not go unnoticed by Rahul.

The school was finally over. Arjun usually does not stay for sports and goes straight to his home. “Seems like you have a slut who’s really into you, bitch?” he heard as he turned and saw Rahul holding his neck from the back as Arjun was out of the school door. “I was thinking of fucking that whore but never really got around it. Watching you two made me want to make her a slut who begs to be a toilet whore. Be a lamb and both of you sit with me tomorrow okay?” Rahul asked, still holding his neck. “Let go Rahul, and she’s not a slut. She’s not like the other sluts you fuck” Arjun said angrily as he struggled to get away from Rahul

At this point Rahul was raging inside. “What did you say you motherfucking fag?” he yelled as a number of fists landed on Arjun’s face. Arjun fell face down and unconscious, Rahul and his gang dragged him beside the bushes while the other students were watching and left him there.

After a while Arjun woke up, took a few minutes to realize what happened and started for home. After a long bus ride, he came home. His mother Nandini, a 41 year old, big boobs and as perky as a 25 year old, a nice thick ass, a slightly jiggly tummy and and the cutest love handles. She was wearing her modest nighty. She saw his son with blood running down his nose and mouth and a very dark black eye. “What the hell happened to you? Who did this to you?” screamed Nandini while she ran to her son. “It was him” was all Arjun said. “Rahul? I knew he would be trouble. Let me get you some ice, okay baby? Just sit here” she guided Arjun to the dining chair and went to get some ice and a towel. She quickly came back running, wiping the blood off his face and applying ice.

“Why did you pick a fight with him? I told you many times to stay away from him. Now look at my baby” said Nandini while caressing his head. “He came from behind, I didn’t know what to do” said Rahul as he stood up and went to his room. Ruth’s heart was beating hard till she went to sleep thinking what she could do for her baby. She went to bed uneasily.

“Ahhh.. Rahul! please! not so rough, you’ll break me in half!! Ahhhh..” she woke up screaming in the morning realizing her dream. She moved the blanket a bit more and saw her panties were half wet. She was really embarrassed about getting wet over a dream of fucking her son’s bully, who beat her son ruthlessly.

She tried not to think much about it while showering but all she could think of was to rub her pussy thinking about Rahul. She quickly finished her shower, wore some comfortable clothes and started making breakfast and lunch for Arjun. All throughout the cooking her pussy remained wet and Nandini felt extremely horny.

Arjun slowly walked in the living room smelling the breakfast. “Here’s your breakfast sweety, I hope you brushed your teeth”
“Yes Mom”
“And I’m going to drop and pick you up at school today. If anything happens again, I’ll take care of it. And I’m not taking no for an answer!”
“Okaay Mom”
“That’s my baby. Okay now go and get dressed, I’ll be waiting by the car”

Nandini and Arjun drove to school. Arjun got out of the car and started walking towards the school thinking her Mom had taken off. He saw Rahul watching directly at him, so he put his head down and kept walking while feeling terrified.

As Nandini scanned the outside of the school from her car, she quickly identified Rahul as he picked a cricket bat and started walking towards the gates. Rahul and his gang walked straight to Arjun and hit his knees with the bat as he fell down hard. “Looks like you got your momma to drop you for school today momma’s boy, let’s see if your Mom begs to be replaced when I start fucking you with this bat” he said as he turned back to Nandini and looked her in the eyes.

Nandini sat shocked in her car not knowing what to do as she was looking directly at Rahul as he had an evil grin. She thought she would be able to talk to Rahul out of bullying his son but instead, she sat there trying not to touch herself while her pussy was soaking wet. Rahul and his friends removed Arjun’s pants and pulled down his underwear while he was down. Two of the guys held Arjun down while Rahul started inserting the bat handle inside his ass. Arjun tried to control his screams as he did not want the entire school to look.

By this time, Nandini’s hands were on her pussy, rubbing it vigorously while moaning quietly in the car. When the bat was a few inches into her son’s ass, Rahul turned around and shook his crotch with his hand while looking directly at her. Nandini blushed and suddenly she realized she started cumming while maintaining eye contact. After 30 seconds she realized Rahul just saw her cum and drove off.

“Your slut girlfriend is free for a couple of days faggot. I won’t be in class. But I will be here for your whore Mom hahaha” he laughed as he left Arjun face down ass up and butt naked with the cricket bat still shoved in his ass.

Arjun slowly walked into the class, clearly in a lot of pain. He sat next to Niveditha.
“What happened? Are you okay? Why do you have bruises on your face? Why do you look so sad?” asked Niveditha looking very concerned “I ran into some trouble with Rahul” he replied. “Oh. He’s a big piece of work. Let me cheer you up” saying that, she kissed him on the cheek. This lit a huge smile on Arjun’s face. The rest of the day went normal as they both made small talk. She likes going out for movies and Arjun mostly likes staying at home. Arjun almost asked her out for a movie but did not have the courage.

During the last class Arjun went to the toilet with 30 minutes for the class to end. He watched outside the window near the toilet. He saw Rahul standing behind the school gate. He looked a bit towards the road and saw her Mom’s car driving into the school gate. As soon as she parked, Rahul went straight towards her car and sat inside.

“He..Heyy Rahul, what are you doing inside the car?” asked Nandini with fear in her eyes. Rahul knew this bitch was already under her control. “Well, you came to pick up your faggot son right? Let’s wait for him here. “Rahul, it’s not right to say that. And also what you did yesterday and in the morning was horrible. How can you be so cruel?” Rahul put a hand on Nandini’s thigh, caressing over her loose leggings, looked at her breasts covered with a tight grey t-shirt. “If you think it’s cruel, how come you came like a slut watching a cricket bat inside your son’s ass huh bitch?”
“And what the fuck is this shit you’re wearing? You look like a garbage bag” he slapped her inner thigh with. “Sit here bitch, I’ll drive you to a place where you can get some fucking decent clothes”

Ruth’s heart was pounding inside. If she did not listen to him, he might take it out on her son. Out of fear she opened the door and passed by Rahul and sat in the passenger seat. Rahul sat in the driver’s seat and quickly pulled the car outside the school and was hitting dangerous speeds.

Nandini quietly sat there as they reached their destination in 10 minutes. The neighborhood was sleazy, unclean and mostly full of women looking like hookers and men looking like thugs. They got off the car and went into an old building that read “The Hooker Store”

At first she saw a line of dildos ranging from all sizes, butt plugs, gags, chains, and a lot of other stuff. Rahul walked up to the counter, “we need some casual clothes for this slut”.
“Sure, I’d definitely love to help this lady with some clothes hehe, we have them in the upper floor” said a gross looking man at the counter as he held Ruth’s hand and took her to the upper floor leaving Rahul behind. He wore a filthy sleeveless shirt, stains near his crotch on his dirty jeans.

Once they were upstairs, the man stared at her for a few seconds “I’m Rakesh”
“Nandini,”she replied, keeping her head down.”Take that ugly blanket off, I’ll give you something to wear, and I don’t like a bitch looking down. Look at me when I’m talking, you understand baby?” He asked in an angry voice.

I’m not taking my dress in front of you, and I’m not a bitch” said Nandini looking at him with a scared face. Rakesh walked over to Nandini, put both arms on her shoulders and ripped the dress in one go. Within seconds she was in her bra and her panties. She tried covering up with her hands but Rakesh angrily said “don’t you fucking dare bitch”. Nandini started getting wet as she lowered her hands to the sides.

“Now, raise both your hands over your head and face me”. As she raised her hands above her head, her boobs became even more pronounced with the bra. “Turn around slut.” She turns around slowly, showing her thick butt and feeling completely humiliated.

“Nice figure bitch, wait here, I’ll bring some clothes for you.” After a while Rakesh came back with some clothes, dropped them in front of Nandini. “Take 10 pairs of clothes and wear whatever you like” and went down the stairs.

After 5 minutes Nandini came down with a black skirt that ended right at the ass and a red sleeveless shirt that showed a lot of side boob and cleavage. She came near Rahul as he checked her out with an evil grin on his face. “Turn around” Rahul said as Nandini obediently turned and faced Rakesh. “This is how a slut should look. You’ll soon be dressing like a whore as well” saying that, he pulled up her skirt and gave a hard spank which made her squeal so loud it echoed through the floor. He proceeded to bend her over and spank her for 5 minutes while Nandini was screaming in pain. By the time he stopped, her ass looked purple on both sides. They became so sensitive, even a touch would make her cry. Then he roughly inserted his fingers inside her cunt moving her panties and rough fucked her for a couple of minutes while Nandini collapsed on the counter in pleasure.

Rakesh gave a round spiky rubber vibrator to Rahul. Rahul shoved the battery vibrator deep inside her cunt. “Keep this inside unless you have to take a piss or charge it. Understood bitch?” Rahul asked demandingly as he held her hair and pulled back violently.
“Yes Rahul I understand” she said with a teary tone.
“Now let’s pick up your faggot son and go to your house to get the party started”… to be continued.

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