My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 15

Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 14 ). Now let’s continue

So today it is only me”. Mom said “first you finish what you started”. So she did not say a yes or a no but hinted him to proceed. She locked her lips with his in a kiss and started simultaneously unbuttoning his shirt and removed it completely.

He was now sitting with a bare hairy muscular chest holding both her tits in his hands gently squeezing them while she was stroking his cock with her hand. Now she got off his lap and knelt between his legs and started licking his cock from the tip down to his big balls.

Mom was giving him a blowjob while he triumphantly looked at me and grinned. I too smiled back at him showing I was party too. After some time, he held mom’s face and started fucking her mouth.

Neetu seemed normal totally undisturbed by his actions. Then he groaned pressing her face full down on his cock. He quickly released her and I saw his cum dripping from her mouth.

This only meant that he came in her mouth and mom did not swallow his cum. She got up after spitting out everything. Bhatti was quick to grab her panties which was the only cloth left on her but she held his hands just in time stopping him.

She said “you know the rules Bhatti, don’t push your luck or you will not even get what you enjoyed till now”. He quickly fell at her feet, he said “please madam, you know since how many years I have been yearning for a chance to see your beautiful pussy. Please let me, after that I will not ask for anything more”.

Mom said “only looking, no doing anything else”. He quickly pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. He made her lie on the mattress nearby which his boys had prepared earlier.

He opened her legs bringing his face within inches of her love hole. All the while mom was looking into my eyes, I only saw raw lust in them. Bhatti said “madam I have never seen such a beautiful pussy ever in my life, not even in the porn movies. With your permission can I touch it”?

Mom said “Bhatti that is out of bounds, like always I can allow you to dry hump me and finish off without my panties this time”. He looked at me with puppy eyes hoping I might be able to help convince her.

He said “madam, yes I will do that next but please let me only touch you and satisfy my years long yearning desires”. Mom’s gaze was still locked with mine, she had a questioning look in her eyes.

I winked at her signalling her to grant let him because we both knew what we came prepared for today. She said “ok do whatever you want to do but finish quickly”.

Bhatti was cunning, he put his mouth to her pussy and started licking it. Mom let out a loud moan, she said “you were only going to touch it, why are you doing this”?

He said “madam I am true to my word, I am only touching with my tongue”. Within a few minutes mom’s body convulsed with a powerful orgasm while Bhatti continued eating her and lapping all her juices.

After he was done he said “madam you have the tastiest pussy I have ever had. Thank you”. Mom remained quiet with her eyes tightly shut enjoying the pleasurable sensations rippling thru her body.

She opened her eyes and said “thank you Bhatti, I never knew you were so good. I too had a fantastic time”. Bhatti was even more elated at the compliment, he said “madam now if you will please get into our favourite position because my cock is aching for a while now”?

I was wondering what was coming next, mom got up and stood against the wall with her legs tightly closed, she said “now do it quickly Bhatti”. Bhatti positioned himself behind her pushing his cock in her triangle and humping her slowly.

I recollected Neetu had mentioned this dry humping thing so I waited for them to finish. I myself was painfully hard like a steel rod watching this live show but did not dare touch my cock because I would burst with instantly my own orgasm.

Mom was already moaning with just the dry humping he was giving her. Bhatti said “madam my offer still stands, if you allow me, I will show you heaven right now.

Now both of them turned their heads looking at me, I already knew that we came prepared for this. So I opened her purse and took out a condom waving it at Bhatti.

He was bewildered looking at my hand, his face lit up like a 1000watt floodlight. He disengaged from Neetu and took the condom from me a put it on. He went to mom and said “thank you madam, today we are going to experience the ultimate heaven together”.

He crouched a little behind her cupping her boobs from behind and in one swift stroke pushed his hard meat fully inside her. Mom began letting out loud Aah’s while Bhatti began ploughing her pussy like a sex machine.

I was amazed and fascinated with his sexual stamina especially considering he looked easily 60+. He said “Madam…”, mom cut him off and said “Bhatti stop calling me Madam, you can call me Pooja from now on”.

He said “Pooja your pussy feels like heaven. I am so happy and feel lucky to get this chance today. I will forever remain indebted to you for this”. Mom said “I feel the same my dear, I never knew you would be so good”.

He said “Pooja if you don’t mind can we continue on the mattress”? Mom said “yes dear, I too was hoping you would say that”. They got on the mattress with Bhatti on top ploughing her pussy missionary style.

Bhatti was also going mad squeezing her boobs and sucking her nipples in-between planting kisses everywhere on from her head to her chest. In this position Neetu was able to directly look at me.

I signaled with my eyes asking her how it was. She too signaled with her eyes and face showing she was enjoying it. She also signaled with her eyes for me to look at the entrance closed with a curtain.

I took out my mobile and on some pretext looked that way, I saw both his nephews peeping inside watching the live action. I turned back to look at her with questioning eyes as to what she wanted to do.

She held Bhatti’s face and kissed him, she said “can you please tell Akshay and Ranbir to stop peeping from outside and instead come here. I want to make them happy too.

Bhatti raised himself and looked at the entrance, he called his two nephews telling them to down the shutter and come inside. Now this was getting interesting, I wanted to see what mom will do with both of them.

Soon first Akshay entered followed by Ranbir, both were in their 20s with average build. I saw the big tents in both their trousers, they stared at me before turning towards their uncle who was busy ploughing mom to glory.

They stood close to mom rubbing their crotches. Mom smiled at them, she said “you know what you need to do right”, both giggled looking at each other. They took a step back and quickly got out of their pants and undies.

Akshay had an average 6” boner while Ranbir nearly matched his uncle at 7.5” but thicker, similar to mine. They both knelt on either sides of her. Neetu grabbed their cocks and started giving them a hand job.

Both the youngsters let out a groan when she did this. After a few minutes Bhatti let out a growl making his deposit inside her and she too had her orgasm at the same time. He now lay on her panting.

She let go of the cocks in her hand and held Bhatti’s face and smooched him. She said “thank you dear, you truly showed me heaven today”. He said “Same here Pooja, it was beyond my wildest imagination”.

He got off rolling the condom in an old wrapper and threw it in the dustbin. Akshay said “aunty if you continue doing this I will cum very soon, please stop because I want to play with your boobs first like uncle just did”.

Mom said “you know the rules, a hand job is all I give you every time right”. He said “please aunty you gave uncle also a lot more than what you used to do earlier right? So if he can get to fuck you then why I cannot get some more of you”?

Mom smiled and said “ok, take what you want”. He quickly got on top sucking her nipples like mad. Ranbir too added “why should I be left out aunty, I also want more”.

Mom nodded yes and he pushed Akshay to the side and took her other boob in his mouth. Now both of them were sucking and pressing one boob each while mom lay with her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure she was deriving from both.

Her hands were in their hair pressing them to her boobs. Bhatti sat on the stood beside her enjoying the live show just like me. Ranbir slipped his hand to her pussy and began rubbing it.

Within minutes this made mom wriggle her body with another orgasm. She opened her eyes while Ranbir still continued sucking her boob and rubbing her pussy. Even Akshay was still sucking her nipple hard. Mom looked at me lustily.,

I knew she was now eager to take things to the next level with both of them. I opened her purse and took out two more condoms, she naughtily smiled biting her lower lip looking at me.

She patted Ranbir and said “go take that and come to me”. Now Akshay said “what about me aunty”? Mom said “don’t worry, I will take care of you also”. Ranbir came to her wearing the condom, she got on her knees.

Bhatti yelled at Ranbir “what are you waiting for asshole, she is waiting for you to fuck her”. Ranbir got behind her but was unable to put his cock in her pussy because of mom’s height.

Mom spread her legs wide lowering herself to match his height and guided his cock inside. When his dick dived into the depths of her pussy Ranbir let out a loud moan and so did mom.

He tried holding her waist while trying to fuck her, mom guided his hands to her hips. She said “now hold me and start pumping quickly”. Ranbir followed her instructions because clearly he was a novice.

I think this was his first time so within a few minutes he came inside her and sat down panting. Mom looked at Akshay, she said “now you are next”. He quickly took the condom from me and entered her from behind.

Surprisingly he lasted for a long time before cumming inside her pussy. Thanks to him mom too enjoyed another orgasm before he came. He took sat down exhausted on the mattress.

Bhatti said “thank you Pooja for taking their virginity today”. Mom looked at him and they both laughed. Bhatti said “if you don’t mind Pooja can we do once more” pointing at his erect cock.

Mom said “wait Bhatti, I need to take care of my friend here first”. She got up and came to me, she took her purse from my hand and put it down. Then she pulled me to my feet and locked in a passionate smooch and embrace.

Her hands were already on my belt unhooking it along with my trousers buttons. In no time my jeans were at my feet, she got on her knees giving me a blowjob. I was already on my edge watching her live performance so came within seconds.

To be continued….

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