Maid from Heaven – Part 16

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 15 ). Now let’s continue

I remained lying reminiscing the awesome pleasures Aslam had given me while he got up and came near my face. I held his nine-inch meat and started sucking him.

After about ten minutes he erupted in my mouth and I quickly swallowed it all. Then he too lay by my side on the diwan catching his breath for a while. He said “thank you so much madam, you really showed me heaven. Thank you so much”.

I said “thank you too Aslam, I also really enjoyed”. Then he got up and started wearing his clothes. I was so desperate to have him fuck me but I was too ashamed to ask.

So I too quietly wore my clothes. Then I went to the kitchen to drink more water and he too followed me. After we both drank water, he took my list and left saying “I will be back in 30minutes with your order madam”.

I bid him good bye and closed the door. One thing is for sure, he had definitely turned my rotten mood around making me very happy again. I took my phone and saved his number so I could call him whenever I needed him to cheer me up again.

Then I went and had lunch, by the time I finished and washed the dishes the doorbell rang. I knew it was Aslam so very excitedly rushed to open the door. For sure it was him with everything I had ordered.

He came inside and went straight to the kitchen and we arranged everything. Then we sat on the couch next to each other. Our bodies were touching from the sides and that reignited our arousal.

I looked into his eyes and saw them full of lust too. We both knew exactly what we wanted now. I held his hand and took him to my bedroom upstairs. Without a word being spoken we were both locked in a hug and kiss full of burning passion.

His kissing skills had significantly improved since our previous session. After we succeeded in rendering each other breathless, we quickly got out of our clothes. Again he went down on my boobs till my next orgasm followed by eating my pussy till my next orgasm.

Now it was my turn to return the pleasure, so I made him lie down and I got between his legs giving him a blowjob. I was determined to experience his virgin cock in my pussy so I did not suck him for too long.

I grabbed a condom from my bedside drawer and put it on his cock. Then I lay down spreading my legs wide, I said “now come on top Aslam, let me show you the real heaven now”.

After he got on top I positioned his meaty cock at my grand entrance. I said “Aslam now follow my instructions and push very slowly, please remember you are very big so it is going to hurt me”.

I locked his lips with mine signalling with my eyes to proceed. I knew my pussy was accustomed to Rizwan’s big cock so this should not be very difficult. Aslam started thrusting slowly and his super-sized meat was entering me little by little.

I felt stretched like I did with Rizwan the first time but fortunately it did not hurt much. My juices were freely flowing aiding in lubrication making his entry smooth. Within seconds he was fully inside me and now rested with his weight on me.

He asked “did it hurt madam”? I said “no, not that much, now do you know what you need to do next”? He said “yes I have seen in a few movies where the hero starts pumping in and out of the heroine”.

I giggled and said “correct, but because you are so big please do it slowly otherwise it will only be more pain instead of pleasure”. He started going to and fro slowly and with little movement of his pelvis.

Just this itself was enough to send me to Venus heaven experiencing unimaginable pleasures. He said “madam this feels so good, if there is something more than heaven than I am already there”.

Desperate to derive even more pleasure from his big throbbing meat, I said “Aslam you need to start moving your pelvis even more”. He was quick to implement and was now going more than six inches in and out of me.

He asked “am I doing it right now madam”? I said “yes dear, you are doing superb. If you want, you can move it even more as you get the hang of it”. He continued thrusting inside me adding a few more inches to his strokes.

Within seconds I had my next insanely powerful orgasm rip thru my body. While it passed Aslam did not stop, instead he increased his speed going double of when he had started.

I looked at him and placed both his palms on my boobs, I said “these need your love too dear”. He arched his back while squeezing my boobs and bringing his mouth to my nipples.

He was doing me like the Greek god of sex making me delirious with sexual pleasures. Then he gave a loud Aah and came inside me. I too was on the edge of my next orgasm so I started moving my hips back and forth against his cock.

Sensing my need, he continued pounding me slowly for some more time till my own orgasm crashed on my shores. We both lay panting side by side catching our breath.

I looked below and his meaty nine inches was still standing in full mast. Unlike all the others who I have been with he did not grow soft. I quickly removed the condom which was bulging with his large quantity of cum and emptied it in my mouth.

Aslam asked “what did you do that for madam”? I said “I love the taste of your cum and could not let it go waste”. Then I continued sucking him till I had relished his last drop still stroking with both my hands.

He said “madam thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a memorable time, I will remember this day when I lost my virginity to you forever”. I got up and took him to my bathroom and cleaned up.

While cleaning his cock I noticed he still remained rock hard. He caught me looking at his cock in awe, he said “madam if you don’t mind, can I beg you for one last favour”?

I said “yes Aslam, please ask”. He said “madam if you have the time then I would like to do once more with you”. I exclaimed “are you not tired”? He calmly said “no madam, not today, not after the above and beyond heavenly experience you have given me”.

My mind was in celebration mode already hearing these golden words from his mouth because he saved me the shame of asking him for one more round. I jubilantly said “I am ready whenever you are”.

We both rushed back to my bed like horny rabbits. Again Aslam started with his detailed foreplay giving me two crazy orgasms for starters. Then he got on top and I held his super big cock and guided him inside.

He let out a loud Aah as soon as his pelvis touched mine, he said “Madam I don’t think I will be able to live without you ever”. I said “me too dear”. I realised I had forgotten the condom but I was beyond a care for the world now.

This time too he started fucking me with slow long strokes now that he had learnt the art of how much to retract before pushing back inside. Now he was already squeezing my boobs while sucking my nipples right from the start.

He was already driving me really mad, I was wishing that I could forever have him with me. In a short while his foreplay continued on my boobs and his thrusting speed quickly went up.

He was fucking me like Rizwan had done the other day when I almost passed out. Whatever said and done he was truly outstanding, I asked “do you want to try something new Aslam”?

He stopped and looked at me quizzically. I got on my knees and guided him back inside. I said “now hold my hips and resume your action”. He did and now the room was echoing with the loud clapping music of our bodies.

His meaty nine inches was discovering newer depths inside my pussy where no cock has ever reached before. Aslam said “madam, this position is so much more enjoyable. Are you enjoying as much as I am”?

I said “yes my dear, I am really enjoying this even more than before. Please fuck me full speed like you were doing earlier”. My super energetic new bed mate went full throttle rocking my body like as if I was a weightless toy.

Nevertheless, I was thoroughly enjoying the pounding he was giving me. After he had given me a few orgasms I became more adventurous and daring, I now wanted to feel him inside my butt.

I asked “are you close to cumming dear”? He said “no madam”, I said “I have one more hole which I want you to explore”.

To be continued….

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