Elder Sister’s Deal with twin brothers – Part 1 – The Deal

Hello readers,I have decided to write about this is a true incident from my life, thanks to my best friend Swathi.It is gonna be a long one but it will be worth it .

I would start the story with a small advice, incase if anyone is attracted to their brrother/sister, just request them for sex and if they are comfortable , fuck them hard. Believe me that would be the best sex you could ever have.

So lets get started .

This is Kavya, 21. I am currently an undergraduate student in chennai. My height is 5.5 feet and I weigh 55 kg ,white skin . My stats are 34-26-34, thanks to my tennis training. People say I resemble actress Pooja Hedge. Then there are my twin younger brothers Prakash and Pranav (age 19) who gave me countless orgasms in the last 1.5 years.Both of them are well built, muscular and taller than me.Even with all these features , because of their shyness they were unable to get girlfriends. We three have been very close from childhood and will discuss everything between us.We used to be ideal brothers and sister, But things started to change after they came home back from JEE coaching for their birthday which comes the next day

Tracing back to the first incident, It was in December 2022. Both of them came back home. I came rushing to the front door and hugged Prakash. I could feel my boobs were crushing on his chest.

Me : Boys I missed you both so much
Prakash : Me too akka

Suddenly Pranav cupped one of my boobs in his hand, broke my hug with Prakash and hugged me tight

Pranav : I’m also here, you know
Me : Yea , i know my dear

He hugged me so tight that my boobs crushed under his chest made it hard to breathe. I thought he must have missed me so much. I was taken by surprise as he was the first man to catch my boobs. I was a virgin at that time and have never even let my boyfriend touch me and it was around that time I broke up with him as he was an unreliable dork. Honestly , I badly wanted to lose my virginity, but I was unable to find a reliable guy, who would treat me like a queen, give me pleasure , make me moan and calm me down while taking my virginity.

Coming back to the story, we broke the hug , had some regular conversation and the day went normally .But at night a phone call came. Mom and dad got frustrated , well long story short they left me and my brothers alone for a week. Well this means i have to make arrangements for my brother’s birthday, I decide to go upstairs and as i approached their room there was immense silence, I thought they might have slept, to ensure it i tried to open the door but it was locked inside. I knocked on the door , I could sense them rearranging things in the room . Suddenly Prakash came and opened the door, sweating and breathing heavily. It was so clear that they were hiding something, I scanned the room and saw Pranav sweating under the fan.

Me : Mom and Dad went back to village and won’t be there for at least a week

Their face brightended

Prakash : Oh no problem akka , we three can mange
Me : Yeah I know we can handle , but tell me , what were you both doing before I came in ?
Prakash : Nothing akka , we were just talking
Me : Come on both of you , We both know you are lying , care to share it with your elder sis??
Prakash : Promise akka , we were just talking
Me (irritated) : so both of you have grown big enough to lie in front of my face. I came to discuss your birthday plans so that I can arrange for your birthday tomorrow. But forget it you guys get nothing

I decided to go downstairs , suddenly Pranv came from my back, held my hand, and tried to please me , but I didn’t give shit

Pranav : fine akka , we will tell you the truth, come and sit with us on the bed

I silently went and sat in the bed near Prakash, Pranav came and sat near me . I was sandwiched between my brothers. Pranav opened up the laptop and started to play a porn video where an indian girl was fucked in missionary position, moaning hard . I was taken aback, not expecting this to happen and not knowing how to react. I recollected my thoughts , I have always caught both of them stare at my ass and boobs. But I would let it slide as they are in their age and the attention of these guys made me happy.

Me(smiling) : Naughty boys , so this is what you both have been doing behind my back.
Prakash : So are you not angry at us?
Me(smiling) : I know you are in the age and its quiet normal, but i didn’t expect you guys will be masturbating
(All these were happening while the girl in the video was moaning hard.The boys became silent , signaling each other in the eyes, Suddenly,)
Pranav : akka , Can’t you see itl.
Me (confused): What ??
Pranav : akka , watch the video closely

As I saw the video closely , I was surprised.It was a deep fake video of Pooja Hegde. The girl in the video was morphed as Pooja Hedge. Honestly, I am not gonna lie, the video made me wet.

Me : So you guys fantasize about Pooja Hegde while masturbating ah??. Well she is one hot bitch.
(There was silence again. After a long gap,)
Pranav : Akka , do you remember……..(stuttering)…. we say that you resemble.. Pooja…Hegde

I understood what they were trying to mean. But I was not angry , instead I was happy to get attention . I am pretty sure many boys and uncles have masturbated for me , but hearing it from a boy, from my brother gave me some unknown feeling.

Me(acting angrily):So… you both fantasize about me while……
Pranav(immediately,closing his eyes):YES !!! .
(silence again, i was happy to know that two hotties have a fantasy with me)
Prakash : akka please listen to me carefully , you know that we care about you…
Me : the feelings are mutual.
Prakash : akka , please let me finish what I wanted to say. You are the closet girl with whom we can share our feelings, Also you are so hot , So ……(stuttering) we would like to lose our virginity with you

Damn! I was so surprised by his words . I didn’t know what to do. I ran from my brother’s room , came to my bedroom and locked it. I was sweating all over.I calmed myself trying to recollect the situation. Intense feelings , the deep fake porn all made me horny. But i don’t want to lose my virginity with my brothers, I was so strong with that idea. But I was so horny on the other hand .

I knew what to do. I called my best friend Swathi. Both of us used to finger each other in our hostel days( Just fingering, not even kissing, I was so strong that my first kiss should be with a boy) . All parts of my body were untouched except for my clitoris by her. I clearly told her the situation . She suggested a great idea . She convinced me that incest is not wrong if its mutual. And even if i didn’t want to have penetrative sex, we limit ourself to oral sex and quench each other horniness After discussing a lot , I came to a conclusion.

I went directly to my brother’s room. They were unable to face me.
Me : Guys dont give me that face, I am not angry.
(They looked at me)
Me : Listen to me carefully . You both know that I love you right. But I can’t have sex with my brothers. I know you are in the age . I am also in the same age. I feel horny too. So how about we make a deal.
Prakash(knew something is gonna happen): what deal??
Me : I will let you both suck on my naked boobs when we are alone. But i wont remove my dress, i would just raise my top dress above my breast…….Also I would want you to treat me with respect, Treat me like a queen and give me pleasure……. Nothing else, just sucking and dont both of you dare to seduce or convince me for anything else, and if you try to even take your dick out , I would chop it off.(I said laughing)

I could see both of them being very excited. They discussed it for a long time.

Prakash: Ok akka , it’s a deal then
Everyone was blushing at each other. I was about to get up and leave, suddenly

Pranav : Can we do it now?
Me( I was so wet) : I am fine with it.
Pranav : So yeah……. Come and sit in the bed akka
Prakash : I think if you lay down it would be better.

Wearing a crop top and shorts I laid down . There was a huge sexual tension going between us . We were bushing at each other. When i was above to remove my crop top , Pranav stopped me
Pranav : Can we raise your top
Me(Looking sideways and blushing): Ok
Prakash : I will take the right one . You take the left. Let’s make a good time out of it
Me : Just to let you know, my boobs have never been sucked, so handle it with care.
Pranav: akka , didnt you have a boyfriend??
Me : Yea , but i never let him touch me
(They understood that I was a virgin.At this time my nipples were poking my top,I forgot to mention my bra size is 36B. Both of them held my crop top, slowly raising it, I adjusted my body accordingly. But they stopped well below my breast and suddenly started kissing my navel. My body jumped up in response to the tickling sensation.

Me(immensely laughing):Guyss…….ahahahha…Stoppp….

But they didn’t care, They kissed and licked every point of my navel with utmost coordination, I felt the touch of a male.My cunt was wet as fuck. I realized how sensitive my body is. After 5 minutes they slowly looked up. I blushed and turned sideways.Now both of them slowly raised my top above my boobs. I could sense the lust in their eyes. What took me by surprise is the boner inside their pants. It was so huge, I couldn’t believe how women could take this inside their cunt. In the meantime both of them gave me a surprise by sucking my boobs over my bra, a current ran through my spine, my hips raised and I started to moan loudly. Prakash was unable to wait. He unclipped my front open bra and my boobs fell out.The next moment both were sucking my boobs like a wild beast. I asked them to stop, but they didn’t care. I could sense my cunt had started to leak juices and I could see pre-cum on their pants. I tried to move around but both of them held my boobs firmly and started pressing my boobs hard ,circling and biting my nipples and sucking it. I wasn’t unable to resist it .My hips were lifted because of the pleasure. I held both their heads and started pressing it against my boobs

Me : yes, ahhhh, suck me harder, ahhh, suck mee, give me pleasure.

Well I unleashed two wild beasts. Pranav held my neck and gave me uncontrolled pleasure. After 20 minutes of wildplay , I squirted like hell. It was my first ever orgasm given by a man. I drenched my shorts with my cunt juices, but the boys were still sucking it , I could feel they were tired of sucking my boobs. I tapped their back of the head,

Me(Blushing): It’s enough boys, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your service.
Pranav : come on akka, lets play with it some more

I let them do as they will, if there is any elder sister like me , believe me it is a great sight to watch your younger brother sucking your boobs while being laid. Both of them gave up after some time. I was laid down while my brothers were kneeling. All of us were blushing and laughing at each other. When I got up with my boobs out Pranav pushed me back to position and held my hands above my heads.He was sitting just below my boobs. I could feel his boner in between my boobs. Meanwhile I could feel prakash hand in my shorts.

Pranav(kindly): Tell me how was our treatment, queen.
Me: Guys what is this?
Pranav: Come on, answer the question.
Me(blushing): It was good
Pranav : So did you squirt.
Me(still blushing) : can’t you see how wet my shorts is
Prakash(pointing to his bulge) : well akka if we helped you reach orgasm. It would only be fair if you make us reach orgasm.
Prakash(about to remove my shorts while Pranav is sitting above my boobs): So please let us remove your shorts and take care of your cunt, you can sit back and enjoy.

So what do you think I did ???

I will upload part 2 very soon, The next part won’t have too much talking. It would be all about sex and pleasure.

For contact, mail :[email protected]

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