Family Obligations

It was one of those beautiful Fall days we get in Ohio, with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine to highlight the October colors of the maple trees that lined the streets, but inside my boyfriend’s car — things were a lot more frigid. I was pissed off — beyond pissed off at Jonny Hollister, my steady guy of more than a year. He was driving me home from school — we’re both seniors in high school and while we weren’t fighting, I was pissed.

“I just don’t get it, Jonny!” I said for about the hundredth time. “My parents are gone…like gone for the entire weekend. We have the house to ourselves and could do whatever we want!” I reached out and stroked his thigh from his knee to just shy of his crotch to emphasize the “whatever we want” part.

Jonny gave me a quick glance, not letting his eyes leave the road for more than a second, giving me that grin that gets him out of so much trouble, it isn’t even fair. “I told you, Alesha — it’s my weekend for family obligations. I can’t get out of it.”

I rolled my eyes in disgust and replied, “You could try! Ask your mom — she likes me! I’m sure she’d let out of whatever obligations you have this weekend. You could make it up next weekend!”

My boyfriend just sighed and grinned at me again. “You know I can’t, sweetie. I’ve got family obligations.” He reached out blindly and set his hand down on my bare knee and let it travel upwards towards my crotch until I put my legs together to deny him access. He sighed again and said, “I’ll make it up to you. There will be other weekends, I promise.”

I stuck my tongue between my lips and blew a loud raspberry in response and then stared out the window, watching the homes of our small town pass by. I felt so pissed off. I pounded my fists against my upper thighs and yelled out, “FUCK!”


I suppose a little explanation is in order. I’ve been dating Jonny since early on in our Junior year. I love him and I think he loves me. He turned eighteen in late May just before we became Seniors and I turned eighteen in early June. We had already been making out hot and heavy and two days after my birthday, he took my cherry and we’ve been fucking up a storm ever since. It hurt like hell at first, but now four months later — his big cock makes me crazy.

This morning, my parents informed me that they were flying out to a book selling conference in New York City — Daddy runs a small religious press — printing lots of Protestant religious books. That meant I had the house all to my self and I immediately had visions of Jonny and me having unlimited opportunities to fuck without worrying about Mom or Daddy walking in on us. But, no, I’d forgotten that it was Jonny’s weekend to do his so called family obligations.

Since Jonny turned eighteen, he’d had some weird family thing going on that requires his complete attention from Friday through Sunday every fourth weekend. He would never clarify what “family obligations” meant, but explained it was something he absolutely couldn’t get out of. I didn’t like it and pouted a bit every fourth weekend, but I always got over it. I mean, I love the jerk!

And I meant it when I said his mom liked me — heck, his whole family liked me. I’d been over many evenings to his house for dinner and to work on homework or to watch TV and his mother had taken a real shine to me much to my mother’s disgust who made it plain that she thought Nikki Hollister was a bit of a slut.

You have to understand, Mom and Daddy were very religious — devout, conservative Christians and I suppose to Mom who never met a high collared dress she didn’t like, Jonny’s mom dressed like a loose woman. I would never think that, although Nikki wasn’t shy about showing off what she had.

She was a tall woman with very womanly curves — I’d guess her figure was a very solid 40DD-26-38. Her large breasts rode high on her body, the upper swells usually on display in the scoop necked blouses and sweaters she preferred and her dress hems were always above the knee and showing off her very long and shapely legs. When you add those brilliant blue eyes and long straw-blonde hair cut like Jennifer Aniston, framing her face, you were talking about a very lovely woman.

It didn’t bother me at all when Daddy would tease me about Jonny planning to “marry a girl just like dear old Mom,” because truth be told, I did look a lot like his mother. Tall and whitish-blonde hair, a very pert and firm pair of 38D breasts, a slender figure and toned, athletic legs from years of girls’ soccer. And I loved the fact that Nikki really seemed to get along with me and was supportive of Jonny and me since we began dating. Jonny and I had begun making plans for after school — even talking about marriage once we got out of college.

Still, this once a month ‘family obligation’ thing was driving me nuts and after giving me a loving kiss goodbye, Jonny drove away, leaving me still fuming. Once I was inside, I slung my book bag into a corner of the living room and stewed about losing this great opportunity to fuck and brooding over what the fuck Jonny could possibly be doing with these ‘family obligations.”

I’d wondered before, but now I felt an obsession growing over it. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Jonny was part of a typical nuclear family. There was his father, David, his mother Nicky and his sister Erica who was almost twenty and still lived at home while attending college in a nearby small city. No grandparents or ailing relatives to take care of…no massive farm to deal with…no family business he had to help with — his father was an accountant and his mother was a legal secretary. The Hollister family wasn’t particularly religious — so I didn’t think it was some God thing. It just made no sense.

I thought about calling his mother and trying to actually get her to let him out of whatever the ‘family obligations’ was, but even though I picked up the phone twice — in the end, I didn’t think it would work. Since May, his ‘family obligation’ had come every four weeks without fail. I knew his sister, Erica also had the same obligations, but on a different week — once I’d called her up about going shopping the coming weekend and she’d declined, offering to go the following weekend and then last month, I’d tried to set her up on a blind date with a cousin who’d been visiting, but she’d said no because it was her weekend for “family obligations.’

As evening fell — I grew more disgusted and pissed and horny. My parents’ house was quiet and empty and it should have been filled with my moans and the smell of sperm and wet pussy while we fucked our young brains out. I thought about retiring to my room and playing with myself — there was a bowl of cucumbers on the kitchen counter that would have been perfect for the role, but I was too pissed off to succumb to my needs. Jonny’s goddamn ‘family obligations’ occupied my every thought.

Finally, I decided to end the damn mystery and go over there and find out what the hell was going on. I stripped off my school clothes and got dressed in black sweat pants and sweat shirt and tying my long blonde hair into a ponytail, I donned a black baseball cap. Looking in the mirror, I looked like some teenage commando/bimbo. All I was lacking was that black stuff on my face.

I got Mom’s car out and drove down the dark streets until I was maybe a block from my boyfriend’s house. I parked, locked up, leaving my purse behind and tucking my keys into a small black fanny pack I used whenever I went jogging with Daddy.

It was maybe going on ten o’clock as I was slipping down the street where Jonny lived. Stealthily, I slipped into his neighbor’s back yard and worked my way towards Jonny’s house. Their back yard was surrounded by a ten foot tall privacy fence. Nikki — Mrs. Hollister liked her privacy when she did her sunbathing in the backyard. I made my way to the fence gate and quietly unlatched it. I slipped through the entrance, my heart beating wildly and forcing myself to not giggle. I felt a bit of a thrill go through me at the thought that I was peeking on my boyfriend like some pervert. It’s the same thrill one gets rolling yards…something Jonny and I had done to poor Mrs. Kelton — our perpetually befuddled Calculus instructor just a week ago. Lord, the toilet paper looked so awful strung up in her trees.

There was light shining through the sliding doors that led from the deck to the kitchen area. I was pretty sure if I went to the far left side of the doors — I could see into the living room. Finally, I felt, I would get a handle on Jonny’s damned ‘family obligations.’

The light made it easy to wind my way through the clutter of their backyard patio and the deck — lawn chairs, a rolled up garden hose on wheels, the gas grill that was the pride and joy of Jonny’s father. Softly I crept up the steps of the deck, pausing whenever the boards creaked. I eased into the shadows at the edge of the sliding glass doors and slowly knelt down. There were lights on in the kitchen and in the living room. From outside my vision was a bright glare that I was sure was from the big screen television they kept in there.

Someone moved out of the kitchen past me and I ducked back, momentarily surprised, then moved to see who it was and got a bigger surprise. It was Jonny’s mother, Nikki and aside from some stiletto high heels, she was completely naked! I watched her backside, her butt cheeks firm and tight swaying as she walked into the carpeted living room — the high heels helping define and draw attention to her shapely calves. She had a goblet of what I guessed was white wine in her hands.

I clamped a hand across my gaping mouth — stifling any gasp or giggle I might have made seeing my boyfriend’s mother stark naked. I held my breath, wondering what I might see next. Nikki and her husband, David must have been having a romantic night alone which made me wonder where the hell my boyfriend was. Nikki held my attention as she came to the low slung sofa and eased herself down, now facing me, revealing her nakedness in all its glory.

I had always assumed that Nikki’s large breasts stayed upright with lots of help from a heavy-duty bra, but I was impressed to see her heavy breasts, sagging just a little, huge, gourd shaped tits that sat proudly on her chest, capped by thick nipples the size of large, ripe grapes. Her stomach was nearly as flat as mine and her vulva was covered by a light fleece of blondish pubic hair and did little to hide her arousal. Long, swollen lips flowered out, blossoming as she bent her knees and spread her thighs wider. Her lips moved as her eyes were fixed on someone out of sight, presumably standing in the hallway that led to the front sitting room and the stairs that led to the bedrooms upstairs.

I never really considered myself into women before, but I felt a tickle of wetness and fire between my legs as I looked at my boyfriend’s mom, sitting so…so, sexually just a few feet away. I wasn’t sure why I was turned on. Maybe it was because of her obvious sensuality. Maybe it was the voyeuristic side of me discovering itself. Maybe it was because I expected to see Jonny’s father next and the thought of seeing my boyfriend’s parents fucking turned me on. Maybe it was all those things and maybe more. I licked my lips in anticipation, one hand balanced on a knee, sliding upwards along my inner thigh.

Nikki continued to talk to someone between sips of wine, her hand idly teasing her swollen nipples, pausing only to wave at someone as if to urge them to come to her. Shadows heralded movement from beyond my line of sight and I expected to see David in some state of undress, but to my shock, Jonny’s sister Erica strolled into view. She was completely naked — not even sporting the stilettos like her mother. Erica walked calmly, her body relaxed, to climb onto the couch next to her mother.

Erica, like her brother, took after their father. Jonny was tall and a bit stocky — not fat, but solidly built. On him, with his exercise regimen, he was a pretty buff looking man, well muscled, but not muscle bound. For Erica, who’d always been a tom-boy, she was caught somewhere between stocky and slender — full bodied without an ounce of wasted fat. She had large, wide breasts and a flat stomach and powerful, well toned thighs that had served her well playing soccer during high school and helping her get a scholarship to college. Her ass cheeks were full, but tight.

Erica exuded health with her clearly athletic body. As she turned a bit on the couch, her heavy breasts rolled slightly and her bush was exposed — a thick mat of pubic hair, trimmed neatly into a ‘V’ that pointed down to her spread wide pussy lips. In the light of the room’s lamps and the glare of the television, the pink flesh of her cunt gleamed wetly…even her upper thighs seemed to reflect wetness. Her dark hair was tousled — she kept brushing the thick, shoulder length mane back off her face, strands wet with sweat, sticking to her forehead.

A muffled moan slipped between my fingers as she leaned into her mother, her breasts mashing against Nikki’s firm breasts as she kissed her. A fiery jolt of excitement burst between my legs and I felt the wetness building in my pussy as I watched mother and daughter kissing passionately, hints of tongues playing between their lips. Already I could feel my aroused labia rubbing against wet cotton. Erica slipped one arm around her mother’s shoulders and then turned to look back the way she had come. Both were grinning and talking to someone. My mind raced with a million thoughts — wondering what the hell I had stumbled onto here — Erica and Nikki acting like lesbian lovers. I wondered where Erica’s dad was. The possibilities send more shivers of naughty delight coursing through my body.

Erica crooked a finger at someone and again, there was the suggestion of movement by shadows and then my boyfriend walked into the room — naked as the day he was born, sporting an erection that preceded his entrance by several inches! I felt my head begin to spin and I reached out and touched the wood siding of the house to steady myself. Part of me ached to run away and not see anymore, but part of me — the dominant part kept me rooted in place, scarcely believing my eyes as I watched the spectacle unfolding before me.

Jonny approached his mother and sister, pausing as his mother, after sitting her wine glass on a nearby end table, reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock. A shiver went through my boyfriend’s body as his mother slowly began to stroke his cock. Nikki looked up into her son’s eyes and even from where I knelt, hidden, I could see a gleam of excitement and lust shining in her eyes. Subtly, she pulled him a step closer, gently masturbating Jonny as she brought the head of his erect penis close to her mouth.

Nikki glanced back at her daughter, an evil grin on her face, before returning her gaze to her son’s face and saying something to him. Jonny responded by reaching out and stroking his mother’s long blonde hair, his hand intertwining in her straw-colored tresses and pulling her head towards him until her lips brushed his cock. Nikki’s tongue flicked out to lick at her son’s swollen cock head and she must have licked it, caused she grinned happily up at him and then her lips parted and she took him into her mouth.

I could see Jonny’s ass cheeks clench and tighten as he lifted himself up on his toes as his mother began to suck on his cock. Erica, still kneeling, leaned in and ran her hand over her brother’s chest, pausing to rub and pinch his pebble hard nipples. I clamped my mouth closed to stifle a sudden moan erupting from my throat as an explosion of unexpected pleasure rifled through my body. I don’t know what shocked me more — seeing my boyfriend’s mother giving him a blowjob or the fact I was near orgasm from excitement because of it.

I knew this was wrong…perverted…sick and I should have been super-pissed off. That was my man’s cock in there and his mother had no business seeing it, let alone wrapping her luscious lips around it and sucking him off. I didn’t jump up and start screaming or throwing things. I didn’t flee in horror or anger and being betrayed. Instead, I discovered that somehow, without even thinking about it, my hand was already beneath the waistband of my sweat pants and had shoved my panties aside and was rubbing my sopping wet pussy. I trembled not from fury, but with lust as I watched the incestuous action in front of me.

Jonny’s mother, Nikki bobbed her head furiously as she ran her lips up and down her son’s cock — I could imagine her tongue was working furiously, licking his long, thick shaft and rolling wickedly over and around the swollen and spongy head of his throbbing cock. Jonny was the only man I’d ever sucked off, but it seemed to me that Nikki knew what she was doing. And she was doing it well.

After a few minutes in which she demonstrated she was able to deep-throat her son’s cock while Erica caressed her brother’s body and showered it with loving kisses, Nikki finally let her son’s dick slip from between her lips. She looked up at him with motherly love and said something as she scooted back on the wide cushioned couch and slowly spread her legs wide, exposing to Jonny her own sodden cunt flesh. While Erica ducked in and gave her brother’s cock a sisterly lick and suck, Nikki held out her arms in a supplicating fashion and I gasped, understanding what was about to happen!

Jonny slowly went to his knees, his erect cock, glistening with his mother’s saliva, seemed to line up perfectly with his mother’s aroused pussy. Nikki slid forward slightly, allowing her labia to kiss the tip of Jonny’s cock. She rolled her hips and her cunt lips seemed to close over nearly half of her son’s cock head and then Jonny was lunging forward and with one swift thrust, buried his cock deep inside his mother’s pussy!

Nikki’s cries of incestuous pleasure were loud and clear — even to me across the room and behind a thick pane of glass and as she drew her knees up and her ankles slipped around to cross behind his hips, I felt three fingers of my own hand slid into my pussy. Mother and son went motionless as Jonny had his cock buried to the root inside Nikki’s pussy, her arms going around his neck and pulling him down so she could kiss him — their mouths visibly working as they shared tongues. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever witnessed — light years beyond anything in my imagination. Beside Nikki on the couch, her daughter and Jonny’s sister had one hand busy rubbing her wet pussy while the other cupped and mauled a heavy tit.

Finally, Jonny began to fuck his mother — his cock ramming quick and hard into Nikki’s motherly cunt like a trip hammer. Their kiss broke apart with Nikki falling back, her face screwed up in incestuous pleasure as her son buried his thick meat in her again and again. Her nipples swelled up until they looked ready to burst, Jonny reaching out and playing with her massive breasts while they bounced and rolled from his thrusts. Between loud cries and sobs, she babbled at her son — most of it garbled, but I made out the occasional word — “Love, fuck, cock, more harder, love, son, fuck, mommy,”

Jonny’s face was partially turned away from me, but I could see that same loving and lusty grin he would have when he was on top of me, making love to me with that long, thick dick of his — an intense expression that conveyed love and desire and even now, made me want to swoon from the loving power it held. Mother and son moved together in perfect union and underneath my own awe and shock of the moment, I recognized that this was not the first time Jonny and Nikki had fucked as lovers.

Nikki’s moans escalated and her body stiffened as an expression of orgasmic bliss swept over her — her son never halting, continuing to sink his cock deep into her womb again and again as she writhed in climax beneath him. Her fingers clawed and scrabbled across his back, trailing lines that left welts…crisscrossing with remnants of scratches I’d left while squirming with orgasmic lust with his magnificent cock buried in me. Gradually, the tall, busty blonde’s body began to relax — not completely, not with her son’s constant cock thrusts, but between her moans, she now smiled and even laughed with the pleasure given her by Jonny. My fingers swirled around my pussy — touching those most special spots as I trembled on the edge of my own orgasm.

I saw Nikki’s lips move as she said something to her son. Jonny nodded and slowly slid his cock from his mother’s grasping cunt. His swollen penis gleamed with Nikki’s pussy juices. Nikki slowly slid down and rolled over, her knees landing on the carpeted floor and her lush ass cheeks wiggling back at Jonny. As his mother placed herself in position to receive her son’s cock doggy style, Erica moved to the floor on her knees and hungrily took her brother’s cock in her mouth, licking Jonny’s cock clean of their mother’s cunt cream.

Erica let Jonny’s cock slip from her lips, rising up to kiss her brother on the mouth before leaning over Nikki’s back and getting a good grip on her mother’s ass cheeks, spreading them to better expose Nikki’s dripping wet pussy for her brother. Jonny moved forward, again, driving his cock deep into his mother’s pussy. Nikki threw her head back, lips curled in a carnal sneer as she screams in delight as her son fucks her hard.

Erica showered her mother’s back and shoulders with kisses before wrapping her hand in Nikki’s hair and pulling her head back to kiss her hard, tongues melding as their lips pressed together while Jonny leaned forward against Nikki’s back, his hands sliding around and under his mother to cup her pillowing breasts while his hips were a blur, fucking Nikki like a madman.

My fingers squirmed and fluttered in my own pulsating cunt, covered in my juices that were pouring from me, making the crotch of my sweat pants a wet, sodden mess. My nipples were hard beneath my sports bra — the lycra material feeling itchy in a delicious way against my swollen nubs. My boyfriend…the love of my life was fucking his mother and fucking her well and I was more aroused than I could ever recall — even more than the first time Jonny exploded inside me.

Nikki’s screams grew as her son fucked her, cock sliding in and out in a blur between her swollen labia, coated with her juices — the scene so intensely real I could almost hear the wet noise of cock and pussy in incestuous union. Jonny’s mother clawed at the cloth on the couch and she again went rigid in the throes of an orgasm while her son was almost manic in his thrusts into her cunt — sweat pouring off both of them and then Jonny turned to Erica and said something and she crouched down near her mother’ and brother’s joined loins and as Nikki cried out a rhapsody of erotic joy, Jonny pulled out and aimed his cock at his sister’s face and began to spray Erica with hot sperm.

My orgasm swept over me, three fingers plunged deep in my pussy while my other hand was stuffed into my mouth to squelch my own sobs — then Nikki was turning around and joined her daughter, faces cheek to cheek as her son splattered white, creamy semen across both their faces, hosing them both with jet after jet of his fresh seed and as Jonny milked the last few shots of his jism from his cock, Nikki and Erica turned to each other and began to kiss, sharing the incestuous load of spunk with each other.

Watching their tongues join, lapping and moving blobs of thick semen around their faces, smearing it across their faces, I lost control and before I realized what I was doing, my hand fell from my mouth and I let out a long, soulful cry of orgasmic pleasure. As one, mother, brother, and sister turned and looked my way, their eyes widening as they saw me kneeling outside on the deck, my hand jammed down the front of my sweats.

Pleasure fought with shock and embarrassment and I stumbled to my feet, pitching forward and banging my head against the glass door — making me see stars as in my panic, I tried to flee. Staring into the lighted room had ruined my night vision and I barely was able to stumble down the desk steps. I ran blindly for the fence gate, but tripped over the garden hose cart and caught my leg against part of the gas grill, sending me crashing down over a lawn chair. Pain now fought with pleasure as my body tried to sort out the remnants of my orgasm and the new feelings of pain.

I was disorientated for several moments and then a bright light was shining in my eyes and I heard Jonny’s father bellow, “What the hell’s going on here?” Squinting my eyes, I saw him standing over me with a flashlight, dressed in a suit — tie hanging loosely around his neck.

“David, it’s okay, I think,” I heard Nikki call out above us and then there was the sound of high heels and bare feet scuffling across the deck. Shadows loomed up and I saw Jonny’s mother standing over me, still naked, her large breasts swaying as she leaned over to peer at me. “Alesha? Heavens, girl, what were you doing?”

Erica’s face peered over her mother’s shoulder and it suddenly registered that both still had thick strands of Jonny’s sperm hanging and running down their faces. Jonny suddenly appeared, kneeling at my side. “Alesha, are you okay?” he asked, concern thick in his voice. He was naked, his skin shiny with sweat…no, fuck sweat! For the first time, I realized he wasn’t completely naked — around his neck was a black choker necklace…or maybe a dog collar. The flashlight’s beam glinted off the metal studs. It only made the last few minutes feel even more surreal.

I felt like I was stoned or something as I looked from face to face. I tried to speak, but could only sputter helplessly. “You…Nikki…motherfucker!”

Nikki spoke up, her voice the epitome of motherly concern. “It’s okay, Alesha. It will be fine.” She paused and then with concern in her voice that matched Jonny’s continued, “Oh, sweetheart. You cut yourself…you’re bleeding.”

I looked down to see a long rip in my sweatpants along one ankle up to the knee where I’d tore it while destroying one of their fabric lawn chairs — the metal armrest having caught the material. I saw bright red blood pooling against my skin and my head went light and then everything went black!


The darkness was comforting and I embraced it, even though it was noisy. As I drifted through my semi-conscious state, I could hear muffled noises that slowly became voices. As they grew louder, I moaned unhappily, not wanting to leave my safe, lightless womb, but finally, I couldn’t resist the call of the voices and the growing light illuminating my safe place.

I opened my eyes to find myself sprawled out on the couch in the Hollister’s living room. Jonny and his sister, Erica and his parents, Nikki and David were around me — my boyfriend kneeling beside me and Nikki sitting in a small, overstuffed chair someone had dragged up so she could be close. Jonny’s hand was resting atop my right hand which was draped on my stomach. He gave it a light squeeze and smiled encouragingly at me. Nikki had hold of my left hand and she too squeezed it gently as she beamed down at me. “Everything is fine, Alesha — you just fainted.”

I smiled back at them, wondering what terrible dream I was waking up from, then as I realized that both mother and son were naked, the recent events I’d witnessed came rushing back to me. Pressure on my leg made me shift my gaze and my eyes met Erica’s as she finished wrapping a bandage around my upper ankle. I suddenly realized that my sweat pants were gone and I was nearly naked below the waist, wearing only a pair of black, French cut bikini panties.

Erica smiled at me and said, “It’s just a little cut — not much more than a scratch. No need for stitches — I’ve got you all patched up.” She stood up, her breasts bouncing merrily as she moved.

I stiffened momentarily, remembering I’d cut myself and then fainted, but my memories of seeing mother, son and daughter fucking up a storm came storming back into my mind. “You guys…OMIGOD!” I jerked my hand away from Jonny. “You…you were fucking your mother!” I moved to jerk my other hand away from Nikki’s grasp, but she held on firmly and calmly. “Nikki…you…you’re his Mom and you let Jonny fuck you!” I felt myself spinning out of control again and knew I was about to lose it.

Nikki squeezed my hand more firmly and leaned in, her breasts hanging heavily and swaying almost hypnotically in a way I never realized could be so beautiful. My head felt like it would explode at any minute with all that I was feeling. “Alesha…calm down. We’ll explain everything.” She drew my hand to her lips and kissed it softly, then flicked her tongue out, rolling it along my forefinger and middle finger. With sudden horror, I realized that she held the hand I’d had stuffed in my cunt not long before.

Jonny’s mother confirmed that she knew this by saying, “I know this all a bit confusing, but let’s be honest, dear — we weren’t the only ones enjoying ourselves.” She slipped my fingers into her mouth and sucked on them for a long moment while her eyes held mine, watching me — waiting for me to back away from the edge of hysteria. Between my legs, I could feel fresh wetness building underneath my panties.

Nikki finally tugged on my hand, drawing me up to a sitting position so I was facing her. Erica sat down beside me, her warm thigh pressed against my leg while her father sat down on my other side. I realized he was now just wearing boxer shorts, having doffed his work clothes. My head began to swim again, but Jonny drew my attention away by reclaiming my free hand and saying, “I love you, Alesha — nothing’s changed,” as he continued to kneel at my feet. He flashed that reckless smile that would have made me hot between my legs if there hadn’t already been a fire there.

“Sweetheart,” Nikki said softly, drawing my attention to her lovely face again. “David and I raised our family by focusing on love and intimacy. We never taught Jonny and Erica that love and sex and intimacy were bad things…things that had to be hidden or restrained, but rather celebrated and expressed. Our children grew up understanding that loving another is the most wonderful thing in the world.

“For a long time, David and I considered what to do when our children became adults and had the freedom to choose the way they wanted to live. We have some rather special ideas about family and wanted to show our children a better way — a better way to express their love for family.”

Nikki glanced over at her husband who nodded encouragingly and then continued. “We always believed that it was through making love that true intimacy is achieved and we wanted to have that deeper relationship with Jonny and Erica.” She grinned at her children, licking her lips before continuing with, “I’ll confess it was hard to wait, especially as they grew into beautiful and sexy young adults, but only when Jonny turned eighteen, did we offer to expand the relationship between us.”

Nikki paused again and glanced meaningfully at each of her children before again turning her attention to me. “I’m not ashamed to say I’ve fucked my son. I love my Jonny and it has been the most profoundly erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.” Jonny reached out and took his mother’s free hand. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could feel the power that mother and son shared course through me as well.

David cleared his throat and added, “And making love to Erica has been the same for me. I love fucking my daughter and I cannot imagine ever giving it up!” Erica’s eyes began to tear and she blew her father a loving kiss.

I sat quietly for a moment and looked down at my boyfriend. “And you, Jonny? Do you feel the same way about your mother?”

Jonny didn’t respond for a long moment as if gathering his thoughts. Finally he answered me. “Alesha, I do love you — I hope you never doubt that, but…yes, there is something special about being with Mom — being cock-deep in her that I don’t experience with you or even Erica, though I love her too.” Jonny looked to his Mom and smiled at Nikki with a brilliant intensity I’d never witnessed before. “I think we’re meant to be lovers — Mom was my first fuck and so far, my greatest!”

I felt my face burn — why, I’m not sure…maybe it was actually hearing the boy I loved most confessing he loved fucking his mother more than me. Then Jonny’s next words caught me totally by surprise. “I still want to marry you, Alesha…someday, and have babies with you so that someday, you can share the same wonderful joy with our son.”

He looked at me with his beautiful eyes and I knew there was no deceit in them — that he meant what he said and I was suddenly overcome with desire and pleasure and I broke free of their hands and clapped them to my face as I sobbed while an unassisted orgasm burst into life between my legs and spreading through my whole body. Images of a son with Jonny’s smile and my hair and eyes leapt to life in my mind, a gorgeous young man with my Jonny’s cock between his legs, climbing between my thighs ann…

“OMIGOD!” I moaned, shivering as the wicked thoughts fueled the nasty pleasure coursing through my body. I started to cry and Jonny was on his feet and had me in his arms and held me as I sobbed and tried to make sense of the world around me. Other hands reached out and stroked my legs and hair — no reason other than sharing human contact…human caring and love.

When I had myself under control again, Jonny and Nikki were sitting beside me. David was in the small overstuffed chair, Erica draped lazily in his lap. I tried not to react when I saw David cup one his daughter’s meaty breasts in his hand r when I noticed Erica slowly working her hips over what I assumed was an erection in her father’s shorts.

Almost stuttering through my slowly fading sniffles, I looked to Nikki and said in a halting voice, “So, what…why these weekends with these ‘family obligations.'”

Nikki grinned and replied as she put an arm around my shoulders. “Honey, we all agreed to be equal partners and all make love whenever the mood strikes us, but we wanted to do something that opened us up — made us more committed to each other. David came up with the idea of the ‘family obligation,’ a way to explore our carnal sides and have some fun and be closer as a family.”

Erica took up the explanation, occasionally pausing to moan as David began to let his fingers explore between her legs. “We take weekends about being the willing slave of the rest of the family. Once every four weeks, each of us dons the collar of obligation,” she said, nodding towards the black collar still around Jonny’s neck. “From Friday afternoon till Sunday at midnight, that person is at the beck and call of the rest of the family — unable to refuse a request from the others.”

“You got to see me request a good fucking from my son, tonight,” said Nikki. “And then Erica asked her brother to cum on her face,” her face broke into a big grin as she added, “and on my face.”

“Since I got home after dropping you off,” said Jonny, “I’ve eaten Mom’s pussy twice, fucked her and then Erica and then Mom again.” He sounded both proud and a bit weary.

“And I plan to have him sleep tonight with his face between my legs,” Nikki said in a husky voice, “With the command to lick me to orgasm whenever he can.”

“Erica usually spends the night in my bed when her brother is pleasuring their mother for the night,” said David, pausing to kiss his daughter passionately on the lips. “We’ll enjoy a good fuck and then get a good night’s sleep. I expect Jonny won’t let his mom get much rest tonight.”

“I better not,” murmured Nikki in an awfully naughty voice. The entire family laughed at that and I found myself chuckling too.

“Tomorrow, the fun and games resume and we’ll all take turns having Jonny pleasure us or each other,” chimed in Erica, now dry humping her father openly while he pinched and pulled at her hard, swollen nipple.

“You can make Jonny do things to each other?” I asked, surprised at my curiosity. “Like, Nikki, you order Jonny to eat your pussy while he fucks Erica?”

The older blonde woman nodded, her breasts gently bouncing as she did so. “Absolutely…or when it’s my turn to wear the collar, Jonny might ask his mom to lick his spunk out of his sister’s pussy.” She licked her lips and said, “And I am always eager to obey.”

The very shamelessness of the concept took my breath away. A thought occurred to me and I looked from Jonny to his father and back. “You do anything they ask?” I said to my boyfriend. “What if your mother asked you to suck your daddy’s cock?”

Both women snorted while both men looked faintly amused. “Well…I could command Jonny to do that…in truth, I think I’d like to see it,” said Nikki.

She and her daughter exchanged rueful glances and Erica finished by saying, “But while Mom and I happily have sex and Daddy and little brother here love watching Mom and me getting all lesbian sexy, they both wimp out and decline the guy to guy thing. They’d obey our command if they’re wearing the collar, but the other one would just smile and decline.” She turned her head and kissed her father before whispering to him, “Wimps.”

David chucked and said, “Myself, when one of the girls is wearing the collar, I like to see them fuck my son — especially Jonny fucking his mother and sometimes we like taking them together, but that’s as close as Jonny and I get.” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Just going with what turns me on.”

Mother and daughter rolled their eyes at that and then began to giggle. Nikki returned to explaining their secret way of life to me. “And that’s it. We did agree to never break the cycle — we are committed to being completely there when it’s our turn to wear the collar. Otherwise, we come and go as we like. Last weekend, it was my turn and I was with one or more of my family the whole weekend, but you know Jonny went out — you and he had a date.” Nikki’s face reddened slightly. “You two fucked. I know. I tasted your cunt on his cock.”

I felt my face turn bright red and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I was suddenly very aware of her large breast dragging against my sweatshirt covered arm. “Not the first time I’ve sucked you off his cock. I do it even when I’m not commanded to.”

“Omigod,” I whispered, shivering, though whether from shock or arousal…or both, I wasn’t sure. “This is so strange…so unreal.” There were tears in my voice which was sounding a little strange.

Nikki nodded sympathetically. “I can imagine. This is a lot to take in.” She looked at each member of her family with a question on her face and each in turn looked a little pensive, but nodded in agreement with a silent answer. Jonny’s mother looked at me and patted my arm. “I’m going to have Jonny drive you home. Get some rest and think about what you’ve learned and then…well, then we’ll see what happens.” She turned to Erica and said, “Sweetie, go find some sweats or something Alesha can wear.”

Initially, I liked that idea — part of me wanted nothing more than to bury my head under the pillows of my bed and forget everything for a while, but then I had what I suppose was an epiphany. Nikki and family were sending me home — letting me leave despite possessing knowledge that could destroy them…even send them to jail or at the very least wreck their lives. I was filled with wonder as I realized Jonny’s Mom…the entire family were trusting me with their greatest secret.

“Wait…please,” I said softly before Erica could leave the room, halting her in her tracks, her meaty breasts swaying as I spoke. New and incredible truths were erupting in my mind even as I continued to speak. I looked at Nikki and tried to smile, nervous and scared and scarcely believing what I was about to say.

I looked at each member of Jonny’s family, my heart now beating so fast I could barely breathe. “I want to stay,” I said meekly. “This has been…scary, but I’m more excited than I’ve ever been in my life.” I reached out to Jonny and took his hand in mine again. “I know you love me and I want to spend my life with you and…” I looked around at his mother, father and sister, hoping they could see the truth and the lust in my face. “And I want to be a part of your family in every way….please.”

I locked gazes with Nikki — her face intently studying mine. “You realize what you’re saying, Alesha…what you’re committing too?” she said in a gentle, but serious voice. “You’re not only going to be Jonny’s lover, but David’s and Erica’s…” and her voice took on a husky tone, “And be my lover as well.”

I nodded and said, “Oh yes, I want that too. I…I want all of you, Mrs. Hollister.”

Nikki nodded and it seemed to me as if her nipples swelled a bit larger and she turned to her husband and said, “What do you think?”

David looked at me and I mean he really looked at me and I felt completely naked even though I was still partially clothed. “Well, I think she’s serious and she and Jonny, well…they remind me of you and me when we were their age. I say we add a fifth to our family. At least, we let her try.”

Jonny’s mom turned to her daughter and said, “Erica?”

The buxom young woman grinned and said, “I can’t wait to eat Jonny’s spunk out of her little pussy!”

Nikki chuckled and said to her son, “Jonny?”

My boyfriend was grinning from ear to ear as he replied, “I love you, Alesha. I dreamed of somehow making this happening and now, you’re the one making it happen!” He rose up and leaning over me, gave me a wet kiss — my heart lurching a bit as I felt his hard cock brush my bare leg and tasted another woman’s pussy on his lips. I moaned a little with lust as our tongues danced, wondering if it was his mother’s or sister’s juices I was tasting.

Nikki smiled and said, “Very well, but I want you to be very sure…this is a big step.” Jonny’s mother stood up and began giving out commands. “Erica, sleep with your father tonight — we’ll let Alesha have your room tonight and Jonny will stay with me.” She reached out and wrapped her hand around Jonny’s cock, holding it possessively as she drew him to her side. “Dear, I still want you to sleep on it. Tomorrow morning, if you still want to join us as family, you can take Jonny’s place for ‘family obligations’ for the rest of the weekend.

Nikki’s tone brooked no argument and I nodded meekly. Jonny kissed me goodnight while his mother used my cell phone to call Mom and Daddy and explain that I’d gotten spooked staying home alone and that I’d spend the weekend with them under Nikki’s “personal” supervision, Jonny’s mother grinning evilly at me as she told my mother to, “Not worry a bit, we’ll take care of Alesha like she was family.”

I went to sleep alone, a bit disappointed that I wasn’t at least going to spend it with Jonny and a little jealous as in the wee hours of the night I could hear passionate cries and moans from the bedrooms on either side. In the end, I fell asleep pretty quickly with all sorts of naughty images dancing through my head as I wondered what morning would bring.

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