Family Strip Poker

Before going further I must suggest you, this story contains 4 % of Hindi words which is not affecting the story line in any way.Hi I m Rohit(Just a name chosen) from Mumbai. This incident happened just few months back at home. First let me introduce to you my family . In my family we are five people. Me and mother, father, my brother Raj and our sister Renu. We are based in Mumbai. We both brothers and sister are born n brought up in Mumbai.

We went to same school, same college, shared same room at home, shared almost every secrets and facts of life, in short we are very close to each other. In villages marriages happen at an early age so when my brother was born mother’s age was just 14 and my father was 16.

Today when I am 21 my sister is 22, Raj is 23. My father’s name is Sunil and mother’s Sheetal. We are very broad minded family. Many times in the childhood we have taken bath together. I mean me Raj and Renu.

Though father can afford different rooms for his every child but he was of opinion that by sharing we come closer than we will by just staying under one roof. Actually our parents think that we should live life to the fullest and enjoy every part of it. Few times I have seen Raj’s hard on in the morning. I am sure he is not less than 7. My sister and mother is just sex bomb. In our family all are very fit n fine n sexy n handsome n good looking, thanks to regular gym.

Many times in gym, while doing exercise I have seen pointing nipples of both females and none of them try to hide it in any manner. Also the sweat makes their body looks more sexy then before. When I Raj and father join them it’s a great time. All the males are ogling at their sexy n slim figures. Many times I have seen that father is looking at Renu, Raj watching mom n Renu even I like to watch them a lot.

Most often we get very hard while doing this. Initially I use to get
embarrassed by this but then it became normal. After all it’s human behavior. We also do not hide anything from family members be it any reason of enjoyment. Even at 39 father looks very young and actually the fact that he is otherwise also young we came to know when this event took place. My father have its own business, mother is housewife but likes loads of outing, kitty parties ,etc. Raj is software engineer and I am into father’s business.

Renu is moms copy. One Sunday we were having breakfast which is normal and routine of Sunday. On Sunday normally all are at home except me and mom. I go to my friends place and mom has her time with her friends. While having lunch papa asked

Me: what you will do now after this.
I said: nothing special just routine going to friends place.
Mom: what you always do at your friends place.
I: We play games on net or play some cricket that’s it.
Raj : what games
I : Strip poker.
Papa: on net ?
I: Yes.
Mom: How u play on net?

I : it’s simple. On net we play shooting game and when the one who loose will have
to take off one piece of cloth until we get naked. I further said: Why u people are asking in detail Do u also want to play? I asked this with full confidence that will say no to it. However to my surprise something different happened. Everybody was looking at one another. So I got up
and as I left the chair mom said: wait. Today I do not have any source of time pass
so let us try this.

She asked to others which nodded in agreement. I was very much
happy with this. Also I noticed Raj and Renu who were equally glad.
I said: ok, you people finish breakfast then we will play.
Papa: here we will play with bottle.
Raj: yes. But first we shall make sure that all are wearing equal number of cloths.
Now all started counting how much material each is wearing.

I said : I, Raj and Papa are having same no that is 4
to this papa said : no I m having only 3 cloths on me.
Mom (Jokingly) : Are you not wearing your underwear? that jockey’s.
Papa : Are, I m not wearing any vest.
Renu : Than wear it na.
Papa : Sheetal how much are u having with you?
Mom : 5. Now little reluctantly she went to her room and came back. Now it was
clearly visible that she was not wearing any bra.

Now let me describe who is wearing what.
Me. Underwear, Trouser, Vest and T-shirt.
Raj. Underwear, Bermuda, Vest and shirt.
Papa. Underwear, Jeans, Vest and shirt.
Mom. Underwear, Petticoat, Saree and blouse.
Renu, Underwear, Skirt, Bra and top.

I took the cold drink bottle from fridge and served to all the family members and
took the empty bottle to play the game “family strip poker “To my right hand side was Raj, than Mom then Papa than Renu .Now as I was about to spin the bottle suddenly Mom said “ What will be the rules of the game?

I : One person will spin the bottle. When the bottle will stop the person to whom it
is pointing must strip off one piece of cloth as per its own choice till the last piece.
Its the normal rule that in this game either you win all the hands, which is a matter
of luck or you will have to get rid of all the clothes.
To my this statement everybody said yes .

Mom : ok, what after that person gets nude, is that game over?
Raj (in between) : No the game isn’t over. Game will be over only when all are naked
except one who will be the winner. After getting nude you can quit. But in case
you decide to play further and if you lose again then you will have to do what is
said to you by the spinner of the bottle.
Mom : But there must be some restrictions on what can be said to do.
Papa : I don’t think there will be anything like this.
I : There won’t be any restrictions mom. Renu also said the same thing in my
Mom : ok lets begun the game.

I spun the bottle and it rested pointing towards Raj. He tossed off his shirt. While
opening the button of his shirt he was looking at Renu. Then Raj spin the bottle
and it pointed to mom. Mom : Ohhh noo. Now mom was not having any bra so
she decided to remove the biggest cloth Saree. Mom was sitting only in blouse
petticoat and underwear. Now mom spin the bottle and it pointed to me. I
removed T-shirt. I again spin the bottle and it was now Renu.

Renu took off her, Top. Her gorgeous boobs were now almost visible because the bra that were covering her melons were more showing then hiding. All including mom were looking at those
globes. It’s not that we have for the first time but that was great sight and I am sure
that papa and Raj must have got instant hard on like me. Now Renu threw the bottle and it pointed to Papa. Renu was happy then before. Papa said that I want remove my shirt. All said that its your choice.

Papa : but I want Renu to do this. Then Renu got from her place and walked towards papa. Her melons were moving up and down matching her steps. Then she unbuttoned the shirt and removed it. While removing the shirt we saw that papa’s hands were brushing renu’s tummy and lower part of her balls to which she blushed. Also papa’s tent was clearly visible from his jeans. Then papa spun the bottle and it pointed towards raj. Raj played the same
trick of papa and said I want Renu to remove my vest.

Mom objected that this can be done by the spinner and someone else. Then raj said something unexpected“ ok then papa you have to remove my vest”. Papa first bit confused but then
agreed and stood up to do the honor. Now raj and papa both were standing in front
of each other and their poles were also facing them. As dad moved to do his job
their lund got touched with each other. I thought to myself whether both are

Bi-sexual now Raj was only in bermuda and undies and his tent was fairly seen. Also he made
no attempt to hide his erection. Raj spin the bottle and the victim was me. I
didint asked for any help and removed my vest. I spin the bottle and next was
mom. Mom removed her petticoat and was now looking a real slut sitting in blouse
and underwear in front of her family and enjoying the life.

That seen was making horny to all of us. I m sure both the pussy’s were wet and all the three dicks were in raging hard on state. Now mom turned the bottle and it pointed to Renu who
asked mom to remove her bra. Mom while doing also pinched her nipples slightly.
Renus balls were hanging like pair of sweet lime so fair and juicy.

Marvelous sight.
Then Renu spin the bottle and it pointed to me. Now I was only in trouser and
underwear. I stood to remove my trouser and my 7.5 inch tool was making 90 degree
angle. I removed it in one go and I was very wet. My wet pre cum was identifiable.
I was the first to show the underwear. The atmosphere was very hot in the house.
Then I spin the bottle and it was dad’s turn.

He removed his vest. Dad rolled the bottle and it pointed to Renu. She was thinking a little and then removed skirt now she was only in her panty. Also her wet spot was visible to us and there was a mischievous smile on our faces. Renu spin it and bottle stopped at Dad. Dad removed his jeans and his 8.5 inch thick lund’s silhouette was seen.
Then dad spin the bottle and now again Renu.

Renu, not willing to get naked first said if I can do something instead of removing my panty. I said that rules are rules she reluctantly got up and removed her last piece of cloth and showed us the best pussy. I was by now wanting to release my dick from undies and get some relief so I was squeezing my dick little. Even my fingers got wet from my pre cum again Renu spin the bottle and it was Raj who removed his Bermuda and his

Awesome 7 inch tool was visible. Then Raj spin the bottle and papa was due.
Now it was papas turn to get naked. He asked raj to do the honors. Raj willingly
moved at papa who was now standing with both his hands on his waist waiting for
his son to remove his underwear and make him naked. Raj sat on his knees before
dad and slowly inserted his finger into the waistband of his undies and slowly
removed his underwear.

He also squeezed his dick with his palm. In doing so his fingers got wet with his pre cum. He then seductively licked his fingers looking at dad who was smiling like never before. Now papa spun the bottle and it pointed to mom who removed her blouse and making balls free. What a seen that father, sister are fullu nude and mom is only in panty in front of their two horny sons who are also almost naked. Mom spin the bottle and it pointed to me.

As expected I asked mom to remove my underwear and she did. In doing so my
dick got hit at her lips and her lips became wet with my precum. She licked entire
pre cum. Now I rolled the bottle and it stopped at dad. Now dad had to do what I
will say to him. I said : Dad say different words for pussy used in language of
hindi. Mom blushed very much. I got this idea as I had some times heard them
talking that they love such dirty talks as this turns on to both of them.

So want to see this and hear him say in loud in front of their children. Dad said: chut, bhosda,
phuddy, khadda. Now dad spine the bottle and it pointed to raj. Raj removed his
undies and spin the bottle which pointed to mom who removed her panty too
and joined the group of naked people. Now mom spins the bottle and it was
raj’s turn.

Mom was thinking what to make him do. Meanwhile I got the idea and
I said something in mom’s ear. Mom said: Raj, squeeze your cock , remove some
precum and lick it. Raj as said squeezed his dick took pre cum in his hand and
licked it like some jelly. Then Raj threw the bottle and it pointed towards me. Raj must have taken this opportunity to take revenge from me and said

Rohit you will suck my cock for 1 minute. I was glad as I am bi so I would love to do this and too in front of my mom dad sister this thought excited me like anything. I got up and sucked him for 1 min. then he purposely stopped me as he was about to cum in my mouth. It was my turn to spin the bottle. I did and it stopped at Renu.

I said : Renu show us your ass and pat it. She like a prostitute went on her knees
and showed her ass which was hairless. She was also closing and opening her
ass lips. Then the bottle stopped at mom and Renu asked her dirty words of dick.
Mom said : lund, lauda, tool, dick, samaan, danda. Then mom spin the
bottle and it faced dad. She asked him to show how to fuck in doggy style and
take your partner as Raj.

That’s very innovative. Dad told raj to be on his knees and Raj di as said then dad came behind him and positioned him as if fucking him in dog style. He was actually doing movements to give a practical demonstration. We were enjoying that day to the full. Then raj spin the bottle and it stopped at Renu who was asked to show finger fucking. She demonstrated that in a very
effective manner. Then Renu spin it and it stopped at me .

Renu said u rim moms asshole. That was amazing. This went on like this until we actually fucked each other in every hole that is I fucked to all and everybody fucked me.

Forgive me for my Spelling
The details of balance of the game will be posted soon

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