Expect the Unexpected-5

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-4 ) He said “I thought you might not like it”. She shot back at him saying “What made you think like that? Am I not a woman? Don’t I know what a man likes” bringing his cock closer to her mouth.

She placed a few pillows below her head and taking hold of his cock she said “come closer dear”, she started kissing the tip of his cock head. He growled saying “Now take it in mom”.

Nina said teasingly “You want him inside my mouth. Does my son want me suck his lovely cock” looking at him? She saw his eyes were closed and he was lost in the pleasures of the moment.

She smiled and opened her mouth and taking it inside her mouth she engulfed its head inside. Bunty was ecstatic when his mother took his cock’s head inside her mouth.

His body trembled with the heavenly feeling of his mother’s mouth engulfing his cock and also his dream coming true. He pushed his body closer to her face, he asked “can I fuck your mouth mom”?

Pulling his cock out of her mouth she asked “does Rupa allow you to fuck her mouth”? He said “yes, I usually ram it inside her mouth” putting his fingers inside his mother’s mouth and widening it.

She said “show me how you do it to her” opening her mouth wider. Hearing those words Bunty’s cock started pulsating, he positioned his cock right over his mother’s mouth and shoved it in fully.

Nina took his cock fully inside her mouth placing her hands on his buttocks, she looked up at his face and nodded her head. Bunty seeing his mother’s nod started pumping his cock in her mouth.

Nina was ecstatic to feel her son’s cock touch her throat and his balls slap her chin. Lifting her face more she allowed him to penetrate deeper inside her throat. Bunty intensified his thrusts.

He started pounding his mother’s mouth with his cock and soon felt he was getting close to coming. He exclaimed “Mom it feels great”. Pulling out his cock from her mouth and holding its saliva coated head she asked “is he going to shoot”?

He said “Yes Mom, put it back in your mouth”. Nina said “I want him to shoot on my face”. He almost screamed “Then suck it some more and he will oblige”.

“Yes, yes son” saying this she again took his cock inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue around its head. Bunty could not control any longer and his sack was quickly tightening to her actions.

Giving one final push deep inside her mouth he pulled out and positioning it on his mother’s face shooting his cum all over it. Nina enjoyed the feeling of his cock spraying his thick hot cum over her face.

When he was coming to an end she directed his spray inside her mouth and lapped it with her tongue. Nina picked the rest of his cum juice from her face and lapped that up too.

Bunty felt exhausted now because he had never shot such a big load before. He slowly slid down from his mother’s body and gripping her he laid his head upon her heaving breasts and rested.

Nina embraced him in her arms and seeing that he was tired allowed him to rest still running her fingers lovingly thru his hair. It was when she felt the desire to pee, she pushed him aside and went to the bathroom.

As she came out of the bathroom she saw her son lying on the bed resting his head on a stack of pillows waiting for her. As soon as she came near him he pulled her up on to him.

Nina on being drawn up on his body now faced him looking at his smiling face, she asked “so you had a good time inside my mouth”? He said “Yes mom, my cock felt wonderful inside your warm saliva filled mouth”.

She said “I am proud that my mouth was of some use to your cock”. He said “Not only your mouth, you should be proud of your whole body”. Nina blushed looking away from his eyes, she asked “Do I possess such a body”?

“Absolutely yes mom” he replied with excitement holding her face and looking straight in her eyes. Nina blushed like a young newlywed bride, she asked “so now what”?

Now in a dominating tone he said “Stand up mom”. Nina was mystified to hear this but nevertheless his manly tone made her body twitch with pleasure. Putting one foot on either side of his body she stood up on the bed.

Bunty also got up and sat between her legs, he undid the strings of her petticoat letting it fall down. Then he held the sides of her cheap ordinary white panty and pulled it down as well.

Nina took support of the bedposts and raised one foot at a time helping him remove both completely from her body. Bunty placed his hand on her dripping wet pussy and commanded “bring this to my mouth”.

Nina was delighted to hear this because everything she had read in erotic novels which then seemed like a figment of someone’s imagination was now actually happening.

Spreading her legs a little she positioned and slowly lowered her pussy down on his face. As Nina came down she felt her son nuzzling his mouth over her bushy pussy.

This sent wild pleasures up her body as he continued separating her pubic hair from her pussy lips, she held the frame of the cot and ground her pussy harder against his mouth and screamed “kiss it Bunty”.

Bunty went wild on inhaling the musky scent of his mother’s pussy. It invigorated him and soon felt his cock beginning to rise. Holding his mother’s lush buttocks tightly he drew her pussy closer to his mouth.

He French kissed her labia hard making Nina’s body tremble when his lips touched hers down below. Now she started gyrating her pussy over his mouth.

When she felt him open his mouth more she lost it and pressed her pussy harder on his mouth. Bunty pushed his tongue invading her pussy insides making Nina ecstatic.

Her body started convulsing and as her son pushed his tongue deeper inside her pussy, she again crashed her pussy on his mouth convulsing with another thundering orgasm.

Holding the bedpost tightly she continued lashing her pussy on his face. This made her pulsating pussy to open up and feeling his tongue nuzzled further inside she creamed crazily like a fountain.

Bunty felt her juices rush out like a flood from her pussy. He started lapping at it and when her flow subsided he felt his mother’s body slowly relaxing.

Pushing her down on the bed he straddled between his mother’s thighs looking at the shining wet slit of his mother’s pussy open to his gaze, he took hold of his erect cock in his hand.

Nina seeing his cock erect again was surprised. She asked “What made it to get hard so soon”? He said “It was the heavenly aroma of your beautiful pussy and the taste of your honey that I drank from it”.

She sarcastically asked “Now is it the turn of my body odor to make you aroused”? He replied “Yes”. She asked “Tell me what else arouses you”? He said “mom just looking at you arouses me”.

She exclaimed “I can’t believe it, why is it so”? He said “It’s because you possess such a ravishingly sexy body”. She asked “What about Rupa does it happen with her too”?

He replied “no, not as much as you”. She asked “Why is it so, does she not possess a good looking figure”? He said “She is more on the leaner side”.

She exclaimed “But I was under the impression that men loved her type of figure”. He replied “It only looks good but it is totally different to have a voluptuous body underneath you”.

She asked “So that you get a good cushion”? He said “Yes, the feel of a lush voluptuous body is very different” saying this he lay upon her fully. She asked “Feeling comfortable” as he lay on top of her.

He said “Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to feel your full body” saying this he embraced her. She said “I too am enjoying a nice strong body like yours”. Saying this she too embraced him tightly.

He whispered in her early “Can you feel my cock probing near your pussy”? She said “Yes, what is it searching for”? He said “he is searching for a hot opening to invade”.

She asked “Then why does he not invade it” embracing him tightly. He said “he is waiting for you to show the way”. She said “You are such a baby” and held his cock and guided it to the opening of her pussy.

He said “won’t you welcome him inside”. She said “it’s your turn now to enter baby” still holding his cock in position. He said “I can but I would like you to do it to me”.

She asked “would that give you more pleasure”? He said “Yes, the feel of your hand on my cock is already wonderful”. Nina raised her bottom slightly making his cock head enter her love hole.

She said “There he is in, now what do you want”? He said “Let him be inside, let him get accustomed to his new surroundings”. Bunty started gyrating his cock head just past her grand entrance.

She asked “Is this the way you do to Rupa”? He replied “No, I usually fuck her straight”. She asked “Is hers tighter than mine”? Hearing this Bunty looked into her face.

He said “It is a little tight but yours is much more tighter”. He pushed his finger into his mother’s mouth caressing it. Nina sucking his finger said “is he doing meditation now”?

Hearing this Bunty pushed hard sending his cock invading the depths of his mother’s tight and heavenly pussy. Nina let out a loud groan enjoying the feeling of her son’s monstrous manhood exploring her depths which even his dad was never able to discover.

She started to reciprocate his moves by thrusting her body up for deeper penetration. Bunty started pounding his cock inside his mother’s pussy all the time thinking, he was finally living his dream of fucking his mom’s pussy where he originated from 25 years ago.

This rejuvenated him giving him added vigor and his thrusts gained momentum. Nina seeing her son go so ecstatic lifted her legs wrapping them around his torso giving him more room to pierce her inner labia.

When he dug his cock deeper she asked “are you thinking about Rupa now”? He said “no mom, I am living my dream of fucking you right now”. She felt his thrusts getting stronger and his cock digging her deeper where no one had ever been before.

She too was on the verge of her next climax because even Bunty’s dad never lasted so long once inside her and here Bunty was humping her like a bull showing no signs of slowing down.

He had been pounding her pussy for what felt like eternity. Now holding him tightly she said “I never ever imagined what we are doing right now. You have shown me such heavenly pleasures which I thought never existed in real. Pound me harder son, fuck me as if this is our last day on earth”.

Bunty feeling her thrashing body upon his went into raptures and knowing that she was experiencing real sexual bliss for the first time. He mustered every ounce of energy from his body thrusting harder like never before into his mom’s pussy.

He never ever fucked even Rupa like this. Having reached his peak now, he dug his cock deep into her pussy shooting his cum inside her tight burrow.

Nina feeling his cock ejecting his warm seeds deep inside her womb went into raptures too. With her eyes closed her body convulsed in violent spasms as if a giant tsunami had crashed thru her.

To be continued…

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