My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 12

Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 11 ). Now let’s continue

Mom said “you are such a shameless bastard, what will she think about me”. He said “why do you even care Pooja darling, she envies you because you are far more sexier than her”.

Mom went to the bathroom with uncle’s seeds flowing down her legs and uncle also followed. She got under the shower while uncle relieved himself in the commode and joined her.

She shrieked “why are you here, get out. I will join you in sometime”. Uncle hugged her from behind saying “Pooja darling, let me have the pleasure of giving you a bath, this is such a romantic moment for me. Don’t ruin it please”.

He was already squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples while talking triggering her arousal again and she quietly let him. He turned her around and smooched her.

Then he placed her hand on his cock which was regaining its hardness. He said “Pooja darling show some love to my cock please”, mom said “no we cannot do it again, you got me so much tired after your first round that I almost fainted”.

Uncle said “don’t worry darling, nothing like that will happen. I only want you to suck my cock”. Mom said “no, I have never done it before and will not do it. Let finish cleaning quickly. I don’t want Sonu to find us in here together”.

Sharma came up behind her pushing his cock between her legs trying to find her grand entrance. Mom said “no please stop Sharma, I cannot do it again”. He crouched a little holding his cock against her pussy and finally entered her.

Mom gasped when he pushed it all the way inside in one stroke holding her waist and resumed fucking her like he did earlier. He was rocking mom full force with his thrusts making her body and tits bounce like basketballs.

Sharma clearly had great strength and stamina for fucking second time like a bull. Mom held on to the handrail and the shower mixer for support while he cupped her boobs squeezing them and continuing to pound her.

They were both under the water falling from the overhead shower making loud clapping sounds every time their bodies met with each thrust. Mom seemed like a sex doll in uncle’s hands now.

He nibbled her earlobes and kissing and licking her neck and upper back while he continued his action. He continued nearly as long as his first time like a steam engine while mom was moaning like mad with repeated orgasms ripping thru her body.

He now hugged mom tightly from behind lifting her on her toes while he gave a few hard thrusts finally coming to a stop. He relaxed his grip on her while she stood bent over holding the bathroom fittings for support panting heavily.

He was still holding her waist and his cock was still wedged deep inside her pussy. When he pulled out a huge quantity of his cum flowed out down her legs. He made her sit in the tub, mom was looking much more tired than when Raja did her the first time.

It seemed obvious that she was not prepared for this marathon sex run especially after the multiple bouts earlier today before Sharma came. I looked at from starting on the sofa till now they were at it for over 2hrs.

After cleaning Neetu and himself Sharma carried mom to her bed and laid her down and sat with her. Uncle started fondling her boobs saying “Pooja darling I am so happy today to realize my dream fantasy of fucking you, I will never forget this day ever”.

Mom smiled at him and pulled his face to her and smooched him. She said “thank you for a wonderful time Sharma, I have never experienced anything like this before”.

Sharma smooched her back and said “I am just getting started Pooja darling, there is lots more coming”. Mom shrieked and said “you cannot be joking Sharma, you just fucked the hell out of me twice, there is no way I am going to allow you anymore. Don’t even think about it”.

Sharma looked at her and smiled, she sat on the bed putting on her clothes. He stopped her saying wear your clothes without inners darling, I am taking them as memoirs of our first sex”.

He took her bra and panty and stuffed it in his pockets and got dressed. Mom said “I am extremely tired and don’t have the energy Sharma, you please go sit in the hall. I will join you after taking rest for some time”.

He said “well you have to come with me Pooja Darling, what will I tell Sonu if he asks about you”. He made her sit on the edge of the bed and dressed her up without inners.

Then he carried her to the hall and sat her on the sofa. He poured more pegs and both sipped them watching TV. Uncle was now sitting with his arm around mom holding her tight against himself.

Mom too was cuddling up to him sipping her drink while watching the movie. He was cupping her boob continuously massaging it and every now and then giving quick kisses to mom.

There were no barriers left between them now. Mom was fully participating with him letting him do whatever he wanted. She placed her hand on his which was cupping her boob, she said “Looks like you still not satisfied Sharma”.

Sharma said “Pooja Darling I cannot have enough of your hot and sexy body ever. Can I move in here with you”? Mom said “Sorry, living here is out of the question, what will I explain to people and especially Sonu”?

He said “Pooja darling I cannot live without you. Can I at least spend tonight with you? I promise I will leave in the morning”. Mom said “no way, this is out of the question. What explanation will I give my son”?

Uncle pulled mom onto his lap like she was a weightless doll. He opened her top just enough to reveal her boobs. He began massaging them both saying “Pooja darling why do you need to explain anything, I am your brother-in-law, a member of your family after all”.

He raised her skirt and started fingering her pussy, mom let out a loud Aah when his fingers entered her. She said “forget it Sharma, I think it will be best if you leave right now. I also badly need to get some rest”.

Uncle said “Pooja darling can I at least come every day to you? Please don’t deny me that one wish. I will agree to everything you say”. Mom said “definitely not every day because I also have work to do, but I will make time and call you”.

Uncle figured he was not going to have it his way with her so he said “ok fine Pooja darling, I will have two more pegs and leave. Now can you please get me some soda and ice”?

Mom got off his lap correcting her clothes and went to the kitchen. Uncle poured two glasses and then went after her. He hugged mom from behind dry humping his boner into her butt while she resisted but he was stronger than her.

After a few minutes he let her go saying sorry. Then mom took the ice box and went to the fridge in the dining room to collect ice. Again uncle was standing very close behind her.

He pinned mom against the fridge and quickly unzipped and took out his erect cock. Then he raised mom’s skirt and pushed his cock in her pussy in one stroke resuming his bull style fucking.

Mom kept saying “please stop Sharma, I cannot handle this, I am extremely tired. You will kill me like this”. Uncle said “sorry Pooja darling, I cannot resist your outrageously sexy body, please only once more then I will leave”.

He bent mom over the dining table and continued pounding her pussy holding her hips. Mom managed to whisper with difficulty “let’s go to the bedroom”. Sharma carried her still impaled on his cock to her bedroom.

He lowered her on the bed on her knees and resumed pounding her. Mom remained bent over unable to say a word. After his usual marathon pounding he flooded her pussy with his cum and finally let go of her.

Mom fell sideways on the bed while he sat next to her. Uncle asked “how did you like it Pooja darling”? Mom only managed to say “get out of my house right now Sharma”.

He went to her bathroom and came back dressed. He bent over her and smooched her saying “thank you darling for giving me a wonderful time, I am leaving now”.

He corrected her clothes laying her straight on the bed and went to the hall. He called me, when I came to him he said “Pooja fell sick maybe due to exhaustion, I have made her sleep on her bed. I will leave now”.

Saying this he left. I locked the door and went to mom who was lying on her chest. I shook her and asked “mom are you ok”? Mom rolled on her side looking completely drained out, she said “yes I am fine, let me sleep for some time Sonu”.

I saw her disheveled clothes and the mess left behind by uncle around her crotch. I got a wet towel and raised her one leg and cleaned her. I said “mom please push a little”, she put pressure and a lot more of uncle’s seeds flowed out.

After cleaning her as much as I could, I removed her clothes which were a total mess and covered her with a quilt letting her sleep. Mom slept for a long time and woke up around 8pm, she was looking much better now.

She called me on my cell, I found her sitting on her bed, I sat with her and asked “guess uncle was too much for you to handle”? Neetu said “no son, I can handle many like uncle, it was the exhaustion of the day and lack of rest, don’t worry I am perfectly fine now”.

I took her to the bathroom and made her stand holding the hand rails while I gave her a bath. During the bath I had a boner and mom noticed it too. She said “let me first take care of you son”.

I said “no mom, I can wait. Ramesh will also be coming soon, do you think you can handle him”? Mom said “you already know he does not even count, he will be in and out within minutes anyways”.

Despite whatever I said during the bath my cock touched mom’s body multiple times. Eventually she got on her knees giving me a blowjob. Now I know when mom gives me a blowjob I don’t last very long so after a few minutes I stopped her.

Mom asked “what is it son? Are you not enjoying it”? I said “no mom, you are the best, it is just that when you use your mouth I cum very soon”. Mom stood up placing her one leg on the tub armrest.

She held my stiff cock and guided it inside her pussy, she said “mommy also needs you badly son, please put out my fire quickly”. I said “but mom…”, she sealed my lips with hers rocking her bottom against my cock.

Whatever said and done, this sex under the shower was becoming my all-time favorite. After the smooch I continued kissing and nibbling all her sensitive points while fucking her standing making her moan even louder.

Mom clearly had an infinite appetite for sex, despite what happened with Sharma she was back with full passion and energy. Mom’s loud moans had become music to my ears getting me more excited too.

We had a long intense love making session with mom cumming like crazy twice. In a bid to hold her tight while her body convulsed and she hugged me wrapping her legs around my torso and arms around my neck.

For the first time in my life mom was off the ground in my arms, I am not as strong as Sharma to carry her, thankfully she recovered quickly and stood back on her feet.

I was also on the edge of my release, after some more strokes I emptied my balls inside her. We hugged tightly once more followed by a passionate lover’s smooch before completing our bath.

Mom said “no one satisfies me or makes me cum the way you do son, please never ever leave me or I will die”. I kissed her lips and said “mom I too cannot imagine my life without you, so never ever think that I will leave you”.

We finished our bath and after drying each other came to the bedroom. I wore my clothes while she took her robe and put it on. I asked “Neetu don’t you want to get ready for Ramesh”?

Neetu said “Isn’t this robe enough? After all he is only coming to fuck me and this will be faster to remove and fuck”.

To be continued….

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