Expect the Unexpected-4

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-3 ). Now let’s continue

She asked “Is it not comfortable being lodged in my soft butt” wriggling her butt over his manhood. He replied “Being held captive in the pants it is hurting”.

She said “Poor thing” and got off, Nina turned facing him unbuttoning his shirt. Bunty was super thrilled when she started to remove his shirt and he also helped in removing it completely.

While Nina removed his shirt she looked below and saw his full blown cock making a big tent in his pants, she bit her lips and asked “is it big”? Projecting his body forward he said “why don’t you see it for yourself”.

Nina knelt with his tent a few inches from her face and said “It appears enormous”. She gently unbuttoned his pants and holding the zipper in her hands she pulled it down.

As the pants fell on the ground Bunty stepped out of them feeling relieved, he looked at his mother and said “it is at ease now”. Tugging on waist band of his briefs she asked “Then, don’t you want me to remove this”?

He said “Only if you desire to have a look”. Looking at his face naughtily she said “Do you think coming so close, I don’t want to see it”. He said “I know you are very impatient to see it”.

Nina said “You read my mind” saying it she pushed his briefs down exposing his swollen cock, she exclaimed “Oh my God! This is massive”. He said “You should be proud of it”.

She naughtily asked “Why, to possess it”? He wanted to say ‘because you gave birth to it’, instead he said “No, because you own it”. Holding his cock in her hands and feeling its full length, she said “I know what you mean”.

Bunty asked “do you like it”? She replied with excitement in her tone “How can I say no to something which is already mine”. He pulled her up and embraced her, he said “Yes, and now it is my turn”.

She said in a coarse voice “To see from where it came” she let out the words in a highly aroused state of mind. “Yes, from where it came” saying this he made her turn facing the mirror again.

She asked “Do you still desire to see its reflection only”. Bunty said “Yes, it is my fantasy” saying this he reached down and held the hem of her petticoat raising it.

As Bunty raised her petticoat revealing her sacred treasure, Nina went up on her toes and nudged his enormous cock between her buttocks. Bunty feeling his cock wedged between her soft fleshy buttocks felt ecstatic.

He pushed his hand inside her petticoat and gripped her thighs tightly. Nina moaned loudly as his bare hands touched her inner thighs. Sher wriggled her buttocks on his erection as her body went in raptures.

Bunty’s cock was throbbing with all the wriggling Nina was giving it with her buttocks, he felt any moment he was going to erupt. Gripping his mother’s thighs strongly, he started humping his cock between her buttocks.

Soon he was on the verge of erupting and knowing he could not hold it any longer he raised her petticoat high baring his mother’s buttocks. When he saw his mother’s buttery butt cheeks, he screamed ‘Mom’ and started shooting his cum on them.

Nina too was pleased to hear him utter the word ‘Mom’ and turning to face him she asked “did you enjoy it, Bunty”? He replied panting “Yes Mom, I came before I could take a good look at it”.

In a coarse voice she asked “What made you cum dear”? He replied “your soft buttocks mom. Thrusting my cock between your warm buttocks, I felt as if I was inside you”.

While still basking in the pleasures of her own orgasm and his big cock she asked “Where they so warm and soft”? He replied “Yes mom, they are very warm and soft”.

She asked “Now can I go”? He ordered “Nina, I have yet to see yours”. She asked ‘Why do you want to see it now? Has this not been satisfied” gripping his limp cock.

He replied “It is but my eyes are not”. She asked “so now is it the turn of your eyes”? He replied “Yes Nina”. She asked “After seeing it don’t you think this one will regain its hardness” while fondling his cock.

He said “Yes, it is quite obvious”. She asked “Then will it not be its turn” looking at his cock which was already half erect. “Yes” he replied. She asked “Then will it not ask for something else”?

He said “Yes, it is quite obvious”. She asked “When is this going to stop”? He replied “Not till I am famished”. She laughed saying “I don’t think a strong guy like you will ever be famished”.

He replied “You should be proud of it mom. Remember I am your son”. She replied “Yes, an insatiable son”. “And you a willing mother” he said embracing her.

Hugging him back she said “Now don’t take it for granted’. He said “I won’t, but give me a chance”. “And what is that, to see my pussy” she asked lewdly.

Hearing his mother utter the word pussy aroused Bunty furthermore. His cock regained its strength and replying in the same tone he said “Yes and also to slide my cock inside your pussy”.

Teasingly she asked “What do you call sliding the cock inside the pussy”. He said “It’s called fucking and I want to fuck you Nina”. She asked “You want to fuck me and not just see my pussy”?

Bunty screamed “Yes, I want to fuck you, screw you”. Nina closed her eyes saying “Yes, take me my son, take me before I change my mind” saying this she embraced him.

Bunty was pleased to hear it and holding his mother tight in his arms he lifted her and placed her on his bed. Nina’s body was on fire. She had not been fucked since many many years.

Her body constantly craved for it, she already started squirming on the bed. Bunty crawled at her feet taking hold of one of her legs he started kissing her heels.

Nina lifted her other leg and caressed his erect cock with it, while all the time her body was writhing with pleasure. As his mother lifted the other leg the petticoat slipped higher baring her rich thighs.

Seeing it Bunty immediately kneeled between them. He continued kissing her heel then continuing to the other side and sucking on her toes. His actions were driving Nina crazy because her hubby had ever done this.

After relishing her feet, he held her other leg and repeated the same. Nina was staring at him bewildered yet very amazed at how good her son was in pleasing a woman not forgetting his massive manhood.

He had already made her orgasm so many times today even without penetrating her. She recollected that with her hubby even after the full bout of sex she orgasmed on very rare occasions.

Compared to him Bunty was outstanding and the best part was he was still getting started. Just the thought of what was coming next was making her body tremble with pleasure and pussy leak like a community water tap.

Meanwhile Bunty continued raining kisses on her ankles slowly moving upwards, when he reached her knees he raised her legs kissing and licking the back of her knees making Nina moan loudly.

He then stopped to admire his mother’s thighs which were well toned and her fair skin glistening under the falling light. Bending forward he raised her petticoat up to her waist.

He continued kissing and licking all over her thighs till his face was inches from her lush pussy hidden amidst thick black hair. Bunty’s eyes popped out of his sockets when he saw his mother’s pussy so closely.

It was a sight to behold forever. His eyes strained gazing at the pink lips of her wet pussy and he could not draw them away. Nina feeling his intense gaze on her naked pussy said “is that what you wanted to see”?

He said “Yes mom, I always dreamt that I would see your pussy one day”. She asked “How does my pussy look? Is it any better than Rupa’s”? He ran his fingers in her pubic hair saying “Rupa does not have such a gorgeous pussy like yours and this looks heavenly”.

She asked “Does she not have hair over her pussy”? He said “She has a little but not so thick and silky like yours”. She asked “Do you like to see a hairy pussy”?

He said “Yes, I love to see a hairy pussy and also hairy under arms”. She asked “You mean this” lifting her arms and exposing her hairy armpits. He said “Yes, they look exquisite”.

He went further up on her putting his hands across her arms and leaning his body over hers facing her. Nina was delighted to feel his heavy body crush over hers.

He buried his nose in her hairy armpits relishing the heavenly scent of his mother. After he was done sniffing he put his tongue to work in her armpits making Nina moan louder and her body trembled.

After a while she held his face in her hands she asked “tell me more about Rupa”. He asked “What do you want to hear about her” while brushing her hair aside from her lovely face.

She asked “Tell me what she likes to do in bed”? He said “First she entices me with a scintillating dance wherein she discards her clothes. Then she undresses me, mostly using her teeth to remove my clothes”.

She asked “She uses her mouth a lot”? He replied “Yes whenever my cock goes limp she sucks it till I regain hardness”. She asked “So she sucks your cock. Do you reciprocate”?

He said “Yes, I love the scent of her pussy and I go crazy kissing it”. She asked “So you kiss her pussy”? He said “Yes and eat it too”, she asked “And you like it too”?

He said “Yes, I love doing it”. She asked again “You love doing it”? He asked “Yes, why” looking at her face. She replied “I just asked”. He asked “Do you like being kissed there”?

She said “Is that a question to ask? Everywoman loves being kissed there”. She thought to herself how she always begged his dad to do it but he never obliged because he found it disgusting.

She recollected seeing it in adult movies and how the women moaned going crazy with the pleasures of the man’s mouth on it. Right now the heat in her own pussy was quickly rising by just the mention of it making her squirm.

He asked “And you are no different”. She replied “why should I be”. He asked “Do you want me to do it for you now” looking directly into her eyes.

She replied “If you don’t mind going down on your own mother”. He asked “Will you reciprocate the same”? She replied “I would not mind taking him in my mouth”.

He asked “Right now”? She said “Yes, right now I want him in my mouth”. Hearing it Bunty got up straddled his mother’s chest holding his erect cock in his hand.

He said “Mom I wanted to ask you to suck my cock from the beginning”. She quipped saying “Then why did you not ask” taking hold of his cock in her hands.

He said “I thought you might not like it”. She shot back at him saying “What made you think like that? Am I not a woman? Don’t I know what a man likes” bringing his cock closer to her mouth.

To be continued…
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