Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 6)

Hi readers please find my next episode. Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 5)

After a rural match with mom venki stayed calm for 1 week after that he started to disturb her.

To avoid him my mother took a family tour to her home town for 1 week.
Venki was upset and roaming around the compound without knowing where she left.

I felt pity on him so I called him to my portion seceretly and offered him some beer. Initially he scared and resisted the offer then accepted as I threatened to have it.

I guess this first time to consume alcohol and within 1 beer he was almost collapsed. In that time a idea came to my mind how he corrected my mom.
I enquired how such a traditional woman u had corrected even though twice than your age.

In half conscious he started to confess.
Anna Initially I was attracted by your mom by his glamorous work in vasal then an idea came to watch her full nudity then I used to see her through bathroom holes.

Daily I used to stare at her daily. She also slowly understood my intention.
Then we started to daily chat while she washing clothes at vasal.

I started to compliment her beauty daily.
She started slowly to mismearaise on me.
Daily i used to focus what colour inners she used to wear that gives a more kick to me.

One day wearing a yellow nighty your mom was washing clothes which is almost transparent.
During that time she was wearing a red bra .To make much kick the situation I told this red colour looks good for you . Unknowing the trap looking below her dress and she told this is yellow da.
Then I said sorry aunty some confusion.

She noded and left for the day. Next day same washing activity continued, I started my regular chat.

Now she enquired me yesterday what colour you told I weared with little surprise.
I told red colour aunty.

She came to know that I told her inners colour.
Then with little shy and husky voice she again asked what the colour I wear day before yesterday, I said cream colour aunty (because she wear cream colour bra.)

Oh in surprise the day before that she asked in surprise I told black.
She started to remember what she wear on those days.

With more surprise, ohh… tell me that day before. I told your skin colour because she doesn’t wear inner on that day.

She felt shy and ranaway from the place to your room.
I set some courage and moved to your room.

Covering her face on wall she was laughing with shy.

I slowly touched her back and called aunty.
She turned immediately without seeing my face and said “you naughty now i understand what you listed “
Come on list me what you all noticed at me in lust voice.

I said I will tell you only when you promise our friendship continues after this.

She smiled with lust expression, catch hold my hand and promised ok tell me.

I took advantage and catch hold her hand and started to list by seeing her eyes.

You wear white colour scurt , dark blue day before, green the day before.
You never use panties except only on periods you used to wear, you use stayfree secure napkins, mysore sandal soap u use, your bra size 38c and brand queen bra, u never shave your bottom.
You only wear thali charadhu daily which extends upto your navel.

You have black mole one at your left tighs and one at your right below boob, last Wednesday your 3 days period completed
Hearing all these mom eyes widespread and begged me stop.

Then she scolded with lustfully you rascal how you know all this.

I confessed that I daily watch her at bathroom for last 6 months when she was bathing.
She pulled her hands from me and covered her face and with shy told I ve a son more than your age why are wasting your time.

I told immediately since your beautiful.

She surprised and look me, I further continued, I don’t know still uncle loves you but I love your beauty.

please accept my proposal and hugged her. For the name sake she resisted and said please leave its not fair,
Taking advantage i started to kiss her.

She closed her eyes tightly and kept ideal.
Considering it as a green signal, I fulfilled my dreams with your mom on your family bed on that day.

Hearing the story I got tempered and ran to bathroom to release my pressure.
Seeing this venki laughed in half hangover and said still u know 10% story remaining will tell you on next episode and left .

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