Big Booty Girlfriend (Interacial fantasy story)

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Big Booty Girlfriend

Once upon a time lived a couple that were addicted to having sexual intercourses all the time.
Young stout white fellow were Johny Longsplitter. He lived with his beautiful Darkskinned beauty Valeria Swallowtail. Johny were skinny and barely had any muscles on his body because he was librarian. Didn‘t had any good friends to invite him into gym to get his body reshaped. Longsplitter wore always tiny spectacles and had medium long brown hair. The one other quality of which other he had was his fat cock it wasn‘t as long, but it definetly packed in the girth department.

Valeria on the other hand were tottaly different shape and size woman she had all the right curves. Not overly too big but shaply formed lips always were decorated in bright cherry collor. Moderately long hair were waving in the wind like shiny flag. Volupteous hilly booty which were soft as a puffy pillow and jiggly, sultry big tits that on every walk jumped up and down her puffy belly which made her overall really plumpy and soft.

First time they‘ve met after work. Valeria saw her skinny tall boy in a library. She was looking for a specific book. Sadly not being able find her book of interest she decided to aproach librarian. Johny were distracted by an article in a book so he didint noticed when Swallowtail sneaked up behind his back and slowly started pushing her breasts in around Longsplitters head. Suddenly Johny felt warmth and plumpyness of something warm and soft being layed out upon his shoulders that was Valeria‘s big dark tits. Longsplitter was a virgin back then he was shocked seeing moderate height and dark skin woman making advance towards his body. He said:

-Library is out of bound for such a vulgarity.
-Oh come on I saw that you have nothing better to do only read the books I bet you didint even had yet woman like me making advances towards you? – She answered.
-Sadly no, but stil I dont think this are would be very well viewed if we just cover all books in our sex smell. – John replied.
-I think it doesnt matter where we make out and sex out as long as we feeling each other through. – Valeria told.

Instantly Valeria jumped on Johny started passionately kissing his skinny white lips, and Longsplitter tried to feel all her body shapes starting down at gigantic ass working up to her armpits and into her boobs. Instanteneous erection was followed by Swallowtails warm arms upon rubbing Longsplitters manjunk. She were working on Johny‘s body like an animal just went into heat. Clothes were flying in all different directions. After they become tottaly naked Valeria crouched down up to Johny‘s Cock which she didint expected to be somewhat decently shaped and sized considering he was quite a bony fellow. She quickly blurred:

-Wow John you have such fat cock, also im gonna suck this beast dry imagine you have backed up quite a lot of cum while not having a girlfriend and all.
I never had any Girlfriend because didnt really know how to approach them. – He replied.

Then she suddenly started gulping down her throat his cock sometimes choking opon it rolling eyes upward eyelids. Longspliter Groaned in pleasure suddenly his animal urges taken over him and he started thrusting his Cock in her mouth and started intensifying his thrusts while in few moments he blowed maybe the biggest cumload down her throat Valeria‘s face were visibly ronded up for cumload being deposited in her mouth her mascara were started dripping off because of the tears she was producing. Swallowtail as shocked as she were by the cumload size in her mouth gulped his seed down her throat in few try‘s.

Then she said:
-Ooh wee I hit a jackpot. So now I will need you to fuck my pussy with your lumpy, but not yet downed cock and you better pump me good of your white sauce cause I need it really much of it what you think woman this size can be satisfiend only after one jizzload not a chance so prepare yourself boy cause tonight you‘re gonna graduate from being virgin.

– Ohh jeebus I never had such fast cum in ever… – Longsplitter replied.

Suddenly his cock jumped back and were good as before Valeria sucking his cock but this time she presented him with her wide sultry and volupteous ass which had a little pink lips of her pussy being seen from a crack in the middle.

She taken by her hand his cock and guided down her wet pussy which started dripping down on books, but they didn‘t care that books was surrounding them . As guided penis slowly, but surely entered Swallowtails moist pussy she greeted it with most horny moan you could ever hear woman produce. While he started moving his cock inside her slowly she were starting to make crazy eyerolls from having such a fat cock it was truly exiting. Johny replying with his half groans were increasing cock ramming tempo.

When Valeria started moaning even more harder while he also tried softly spank her big soft ass. She were into it so much she told him to change position from doggy to missionary and then told him to suck her tits while his dick were inside her moving up and down. His balls were clapping down her moist pussy all the time. Valeria on a jump surounded Johny‘s head inside her breats and slowly told him:

– Come on Johny I want you jizz in my pussy!

He not being able reply but hearing these words made him extremely happy and even more encouraged. Immediately made him increase his cocks ramming intensity for a short moment till it slammed with such force upon Swallowtails pussy that overflow cum didnt had were to go it was perfectly plugged. When his seed shot out into her warm womb she succumb to uncontrollable spasms strongly suffocating his head between her breasts. As he was pulling out his cock, cumload was unplugged and being slowly pushed out of Valeria‘s pussy. Jizz were so hot you were able to see it steaming.

Then she said:

– Oh my god Longspliter I think you just breed me for life gyahhhh- uncontrolably moans- Now I need you inside my ass and you better dont be cheap skate about it, you need to fill it as much as my pussy.

Johny not being able to reply were downed a little but she saw this and got upon his cock and started revitalizing it with soft strokes and chugging suck skills upon his penis head. He responded undoubtedly. She sat down upon him inserting his fat cock in her anal point which nearly made her gouge her eyes from intensity of pleasure.

Swallowtail felt his manhood entering down her brown point. Valeria initiated riding his shaft slowly, but surely after being crouched she wasnt able hold this position for a long time so she dropped on her knee‘s while Longsplitters Cock was inside her and starting moving all her upper body into rhytmic clapping oppon his hairy thighs. Johny wasnt able to hide his exitement he immediately started playing with her breasts playing little violins with her nipples.

They were feeling ecstatic and in few more minutes reached second climax. Valeria slammed her Wide ass so hard Johny‘s cock wasnt able to hold out and blasted his load down her anus then she lay‘ed down directly on him without remowing his cock out of her anus.started passionately kissing him he still playing with her booty cheeks rubbing them up and down.

Night again and again they were rumping different corners of the library moistening the books with overflow jizz and Valeria‘s intense squirting over them all damaging them making them smell in their sexual lust euphoria and lots of sweat.

They were so loud at night‘s people were starting think that the library were possesed by spirits and were moaning and groaning in different places of library. But It was their uncontrollable lust and sex drive making public library making totally moistened in their love secretions.

After dozen of years they had thousands sex sesions and had a ton of brilliant children who were smart sexy and made more sex addicts around library.

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