A couple accidentally discover a nudist beach

A couple accidentally discover a nudist beach

One summer before Covid, my wife Gemma and I rented a beautiful farmhouse for a weeks holiday. It came with a hot tub, but more importantly, it was close to the sea. I have not given the location for reasons that will become obvious.

Despite it being June, before all the kids broke up for their school summer holidays, the weather wasn’t great. It was in the late teens Celsius with thick clouds roaming the skies. If it wasn’t raining it was constantly threatening to.

Undeterred from enjoying ourselves, we settled in and immediately took advantage of the hot tub. The farmhouse was stunning, and it catered for all our humble needs. But it wasn’t as stunning as watching my wife slipping into a bikini. Even better when we were in the hot tub and she took it off again.

The first few days of holiday we fucked like rabbits in the hot tub, ate in the local pubs, cafes and restaurants, and took in some of the beautiful sites and local attractions.

We had arrived on a Friday, by Wednesday the sun started to show it still existed, but the temperature only crept into the low twenties. Frustrated we hadn’t yet visited the beaches, my wife insisted we go out for lunch and then walk along one of them.

If the weather on the beach was warm enough, we said we’d stop for a couple of hours in the sun. If not, then we’d just explore the beach with a nice, casual, long walk.

Gemma wore a two-piece bikini underneath her summer dress, and packed a few things like beach towels, sun lotion etc into a bag. I just wore a pair of shorts and a polo shirt, with sunglasses and a baseball cap.

There were so many beaches to choose from, we literally picked one out on the map and headed in that direction. Close to the road which lead to the beach, we stopped off at a village pub for some lunch. A part from a few locals having a lunch time pint, everywhere was reasonably quiet.

After lunch, we left the car parked in the village and took a scenic stroll downhill towards the beach. We approached a causeway and crossed a marsh, beginning to think we’d gone wrong somewhere, before heading to the dunes in the distance in front of us.

There was no distinct, worn, beaten track or path to follow, so we just looked around for signs of life. No path, no signs of life, we carried on walking in a southernly direction of the beach, away from the dunes. The views were captivating.

On the horizon we started to see signs of life. A few people on the beach and a few surfers out in the bay. Holding hands, enjoying the freedom, my wife and I continued on our trek.

Then suddenly, we approached a sign in the sand. It had clearly been put there professionally, and it was designed to remain there indefinitely.

“Am I reading that right?” Gemma laughed.

“Is that sign meant to be a joke?” I chuckled, before my wife read it out loud.

“Naturists please dress before passing this point.” Gemma looked confused and then turned back around to look at the direction we just came from. “Did we just walk through a nudist beach?”

“Not that I noticed,” I chuckled again. “Maybe it’s a seasonal nudist beach. You know, like parking zones. You have strict times you’re allowed to park without getting booked.”

“Yes, Tim, I know how parking zones work,” Gemma smiled. “What does it say on the other side of the sign?” We walked towards the sign curiously to check if anything was written on the other side of it.

“Naturists may be seen beyond this point.” I read the sign this time. “What the fuck is this place!” We laughed, finding the sign and situation hilarious.

“I didn’t know we had nudist beaches in the UK! Did you?” my wife asked.

“We have a few, but I’ve never looked into where they are. I can’t believe we just obliviously walked through one.”

“Do you think we walked straight past a warning sign coming from that direction?” Gemma wondered.

“Not that I noticed. It doesn’t matter anyway, there’s nobody about,” I replied.

Gemma looked extremely curious, glancing in the direction we were headed and back in the direction we travelled from. “Do you fancy a nose?” she giggled.

“What? Walk back? There was nobody there.” I laughed at my wife.

“Maybe they hid when they saw two clothed people coming on their beach,” Gemma suggested.

“Don’t be so ridiculous. Nobody is hiding from us. It’s hardly the weather to be sunbathing naked, is it?”

“It’s not exactly cold, Tim. I fancy taking a look.”

“Take a look at what, Gem? There’s nobody on the beach,” I moaned, pointing my arms out at the vast empty sand and dunes on the horizon. I didn’t want to particularly retrace our empty steps either.

“Maybe we’re just the first ones to use the beach today,” she giggled. I laughed my head off. “I’m being serious, Tim.”

“I bloody know you are, woman!”

“I don’t mean get naked! Christ! I just want to take a look. Satisfy my curiosity.”

“And if we don’t find or see anything?”

“Then we’ll just set up somewhere and enjoy an empty beach. I’ll be able to go topless then,” Gemma giggled. “I’ve only been topless abroad.”

My wife has always been confident in her own skin. Abroad, she’s never had any qualms about getting her big tits out on the beach, but naturism was never something we ever discussed. It wasn’t something that appealed to me either.

Of course there’s elements I find fascinating, like watching guys checking out my naked wife, while I check out the other naked women. Plus the sight of my naked wife checking out all the other naked men. So, all the nakedness then.

However, my very limited knowledge and understanding of naturism was that it was more of a respectful way of being liberal with like minded people. It wasn’t sexual. I had heard and read about there being places around the world, where some beaches actually allowed sex to take place. Like a swingers beach or something.

“Come on then, let’s go for a wander, or a nose as you put it. Just don’t expect me to suddenly turn into a naturist!”

Gemma laughed and grabbed my hand, we then walked along the beach, past the dunes and around the point. The tide was a long way out. We literally had the whole beach to ourselves.

“There’s nobody here but us, Gem. So let’s just enjoy it and park our arses here,” I suggested, an hour after finding that sign.

“Yeah, I agree. It’s stunning here. I love it.”

Finally settling down on our towels, we put some sun lotion on and my wife stripped down to her bikini. Watching her remove her summer dress, to reveal her voluptuous body, quickly had me aroused.

“What are you looking at?” she giggled, dropping her dress down on her towel.

“A very sexy woman with a great body!” I grinned.

My wife was wearing a turquoise, halter neck bikini. It had a ring detail holding it together in the centre, just below her bust. The bottoms had a tie at the side. I loved pulling on them things when Gemma was straddling me in a hot tub or holiday hotel room.

At the back, the top had three straps. The halter neck tie around her neck. The usual clasp in the centre of her back, and another string tie below that. It was a sexy bikini, designed for fuller bust ladies.

“Let’s go for a dip in the sea,” she said.

“It’s miles out!” I complained.

“Don’t be lazy! Come on, I’ll race you!”

I laughed as my wife ran off. It was quite a sight watching her running in a bikini, holding her tits for support. Gemma is one fit cookie, with very little fat on her body, despite her curves. She works out regularly and eats healthy. Usually she’d be wearing a fitted sports bra when she runs.

Don’t get me started on her sports bras with their zips in the centre, begging to be opened while she’s working out in the gym. That’s a story for another day.

Anyway, my wife didn’t get far before she had to stop running. I quickly caught up to her and we walked hand in hand to the sea. The water was cold but we had an enjoyable dip.

When we returned to our towels, the beach was still empty. Looking down the coast towards the southern end of the beach, we found it still looked quiet. A few surfers and few people on the sand, but otherwise it was deserted.

I sat down on my towel and watched as my wife confidently removed her bikini top. First she pulled the halter neck tie free, then the tie behind her back, before she reached round her back again to unclasp and remove the bikini top.

“I’ll never get tired of watching you get those puppies out, Gem.”

“You always say that” she grinned.

“And you always love it when I say it.” Then… “What the fuck are you doing?”

“It’s a nudist beach,” she giggled, pulling the string tie on the side of her waist.

“Yeah, but fuck, Gem! What if somebody sees you?”

“That’s been your fantasy ever since I’ve known you!” she laughed, kind of putting me in my place. “There’s nobody around, and if somebody does come I’ll have plenty of time to put my bikini back on. Fancy joining me? I doubt we’ll ever get this opportunity again.”

I watched my wife remove her bikini bottoms, exposing her shaven cunt. My cock stirred before I glanced around the beach. She was right. If there was ever a time to experience public nudity, it was now.

“Fuck it!” I said. Gemma laughed as I pulled down my shorts and laid them out to dry in the sun. They were the only shorts I had with me.

What surprised us the most, me in particular, was how liberating it actually was. I think I would have felt differently had real naturists been in the vicinity though. But they weren’t, so we sunbathed naked on the beach for a good hour.

Then, watching my wife rubbing sun lotion all over her body, my cock grew hard. She giggled and asked me to do her back. Her nipples were just as hard as I was. I squirted the lotion into my hands and started gently rubbing it into her back.

The experience was incredible when I looked around and realised what we were doing. It was how I imagined being on a desert island. Not trapped, just free to do whatever we wanted with ourselves. So we did.

I brought my hands round and started caressing my wife’s big tits. She responded by reaching behind for my cock. It was the sexiest open-air massage we’d ever given each other. Sitting there on the beach, openly fondling my wife’s tits as she gave me a slow handjob.

“I need to fuck you, Gem!” I told her.

She giggled. “I was just thinking the exact same thing.

“Turn around and put me in your mouth.”

“How romantic,” she smiled. “I don’t think we should do it here. That’s taking things too far.”

“Where then?” I moaned. I needed to fuck my wife.

“Let’s take a look in those dunes behind us.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good shout.” We packed up our belongings, and at my wife’s request, we walked butt naked towards the dunes.

Once we were hidden from the empty beach, we set up our towels again and then started kissing. It was such an amazing feeling. Outdoors, but still feeling like we had all the privacy in the world.

Gemma took the lead and turned her body so she was in front of me. She then gently pushed against my chest until I was laying flat on my back. I groaned with anticipation and she took my cock in her hand.

I’m not exactly blessed in the trouser department. I’m average, but I know how to use the thing, and so does my wife.

In the dunes, looking up and my naked wife, slowly stroking my cock with an aroused smile on her face, I reached one hand up and started to gently fondle her tits.

“This is amazing,” I gasped.

“No, this is amazing,” she giggled, shifting onto her knees. “I’ve always wanted to suck your cock on a beach.”

“Nothings stopping you now, baby,” I groaned and put my hand on the back of her head.

Curled over on her knees, between my spread legs, my wife took me into her mouth and treated me to one of her amazing blowjobs. Gemma loves giving head, which probably explains why she’s always been so good at it.

Then, several minutes watching and listening to my sexy, naked wife, sucking and slurping hungrily on my cock…

“Gemma!” I hissed. “Don’t look now but there’s a fucking guy by the willows!” My wife giggled with her mouth full, and continued. “Stop, babe, he’s naked. Shit! He’s walking over to us.”

My wife reluctantly stopped sucking and let go of my cock. I sat up as she rolled out of her kneeling position to sit beside me. The man waved and smiled and then approached us. My cock instantly softened.

“What the fuck is he doing?” I cursed under my breath. I was more anxious about my wife’s nudity than my own.

“He’s coming to say hello,” Gemma giggled. “Just be polite.”

“Is that naturist etiquette? To come and say hello. I doubt it.” I moaned.

“Neither is sexual activity on the beach,” Gemma squeezed in before our ‘guest’ reached us.

The man was tall and wide, twice our age, and his front was covered in thick black hair. His cock hung between his legs, swaying as he walked with a bag on his shoulder. He was definitely in proportion to his overall height and size. Gemma blushed and watched him while I sat stressed and pissed off.

“Good afternoon. I’m sorry to disturb you. I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you tourists?” he asked nonchalantly, smiling at me before smiling and scanning his eyes over my wife.

Nodding as I gulped. “Yeah,”

Gemma was embarrassed and giggly, but she wasn’t put off by our ‘intruder’. “We’re just visiting the area for a week. It’s beautiful here,” came her reply.

My stomach then churned when my wife leaned back and stretched her arms behind her on the towel. Chest out, proudly showing off her big tits. Feet casually shoulder width apart, sitting with her knees raised, showing off her shaven cunt.

“It is indeed,” the man grinned, skirting his eyes over her body. “I’m a local. The names William, but everyone calls me Willie.” Gemma giggled openly and blushed beet root. I sat gob smacked; eyes wide. Was this guy fucking serious? “Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “I get it all the time.” He then leaned closer to me, reached down and offered his handshake.

“Tim,” I nodded, reluctantly accepting his hand, whilst clearly not wanting him to be there with us. I never wanted to be dressed so bad in my life either.

“I’m Gemma. It’s nice to meet you,” my wife replied very politely.

She then sat upright to shake his hand next. William watched her tits wobble when she moved, then I noticed my wife was watching his cock swing and hang in her direct line of sight.

“Is this your first time visiting a naturist beach?”

“Yes, is it that obvious,” I frowned.

“You just need to be very careful. I’ve been coming here for over thirty-years. People do sometimes get involved in… you know… but it’s greatly frowned upon by many. It could also get you into serious trouble.”

“Sorry,” my wife apologised. I looked at her disappointed. She had nothing to apologise to this guy for. He didn’t own the beach, but I understood what he was saying.

“Thanks for the tip. It’s duly noted. Is it often this quiet around here?” I needed to change the conversation slightly.

William stood confidently, not in an exhibitionist way, just relaxed and unfazed by what he caught us doing.

“It varies. Like I said, I’ve been coming here for over thirty years. Rarely have I seen more than a dozen naturists at any one time. Most of us sunbathe here in the dunes. We’re a friendly, chatty bunch, but please be careful in how you conduct yourselves.” William chuckled. “You’ll hear very few complaints from the men, but most of the women take their naturism extremely serious.”

“Thanks.” I warmed to William a little. He was giving us advice. I realised it could have been someone a lot less understanding.

“Are there times when it’s commonly busy?” Gemma wondered.

“Today is mild. Days like this it’s usually empty at this end of the beach. The weather won’t improve much this weekend, so it’ll be quiet.”

“Interesting,” my wife smiled at me. William then grinned at Gemma, before giving her further advice.

“The majority of the local textiles don’t approve of naturism. So when the weather is warmer most of us tend to stay here. As you can see, the dunes provide plenty of cover. I recommend you stay in this area. Nobody will bother you.”

“Textiles?” Gemma frowned.

“Oh, sorry. Yes, textiles. That’s what we naturists call people who wear clothes. It’s not a nasty slur.”

“Interesting.” My wife mused when she said it this time.

“Most people you see here will be polite and discreet. The talkative ones like me tend to say hello, chat for a few minutes, then leave you be. It’s all natural and relaxed.”

“Well, thank you, William. We greatly appreciate your advice. But I don’t think we’ll be doing this again. It was kind of a one off.” I told him. My wife looked at me displeased.

“That’s a shame. You seem to be a lovely couple. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I wish you well.”

“Same to you,” I nodded.

“Goodbye, William. It was nice meeting you,” my wife smiled and watched the old fella walk off through the dunes.

“Let’s get dressed and get the fuck out of here. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.”

“Wait!” Gemma grabbed my arm. “Let’s stay for a bit longer. He’s gone now.”

“And what if he comes back? Or worse, what if more people come through here?”

“Stop being boring and relax, Tim.” My wife moaned. “We’re on holiday. We’ve accidentally found a naturist beach. Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“He caught you sucking me off! God knows how long he was standing there for!”

“I don’t understand you sometimes.” Gemma removed her hand, sulking as she led down on her towel.

“What?” I huffed.

“You fantasise about risky sex outdoors. Having me show off for other men. You even fantasise about me sleeping with other men. Yet you’re bothered about being seen on a nudist beach.”

“That’s fantasy. This is real life.”

“We’re on holiday. Nobody knows us here. Let’s just stay awhile and sunbathe naked.”

“You really want to stay?”

“Yes. You were fine until… Willie came along.” My wife burst out laughing.

“Yeah, I thought you enjoyed that bit,” I chuckled.

“Did you see the size of that thing?” she continued laughing, flat on her back in the corpse pose.

“He should have a license to be allowed to walk around with it hanging out in public. At least he won’t get charged for carrying a concealed weapon.” I laughed while Gemma was hysterical.

“Top me up with some sun lotion,” she said, calming down. “Please can we stay for a little bit longer, Tim,” she creeped. “I’ll finish what I started if you do.”

“Didn’t you hear what Willie said,” I chuckled, emphasising his name.

“Yeah, but he’s gone now. It’s just us again.”

My wife sat up and I knelt behind her, topping her up with sun lotion. Running my hands all over her back, neck and shoulders, I started to become aroused again. Gemma was right. This was the closest I was ever likely to get to my fantasies. So why did I react the complete opposite when Willie showed up?

Because fantasy has no boundaries. I reminded myself. We also control the situation and the people in our fantasies.

As I rubbed deeper, my actions gradually turned into a neck and shoulder massage. Gemma moaned softly, telling me how nice it felt. I then slipped my hands over the front of her shoulders and down her body. Smoothing over her tits, I found her nipples were hard. She gasped when I touched and rolled them gently.

Then, something changed inside me, and my cock hardened. “Lay down so I can do your legs and front.”

My wife grinned and returned to the corpse pose. As I gently rubbed sun lotion into her legs, she grinned and opened them a little wider, flashing me her sweet, shaven cunt. I smirked, sliding my hands up the insides of her thighs before pulling back.

“Uhh,” you tease,” she smiled.

“I’m thinking we should have let Willie stay and do this for you.” I winked.

“You’ve changed your tune,” she smiled again.

“Only because I know you fancied the look of that medieval fighting tool between his legs.” We both laughed.

“That thing is way too big,” Gemma giggled, but her eyes revealed curiosity.

“Perhaps,” I surmised. “But I think you could handle it just fine in your hands and mouth.”

“Stop being a pervert!”

“Open your hands, Gem.”

“What for?”

“I want you to rub sun lotion into your tits while I do your legs.”

My wife grinned and opened her hands out together. I squirted enough for each of her globes before shifting right down her body to start at her feet.

As soon as I put my hands on my wife, I noticed out the corner of my eye, somebody in amongst the sand dune willows to our right. I paused, or rather froze. It wasn’t Willie. It was somebody else. I couldn’t tell if he was a naturist or a textile, but he appeared topless.

“Are you ok?” my wife asked, preparing her hands to apply the sun lotion to her body.

My cock throbbed. “Yes, everything is fine.” I then resumed rubbing and massaging her feet, knowing we had a voyeur standing and watching only a few metres away.

My wife dabbed the thick, white sun lotion onto her belly and tits, while my hands moved up to her shins and under to her calves. My heart started racing as I discreetly watched our voyeur thinking he was discreetly watching us.

My wife then closed her eyes with a soft sigh and gently rubbed her hands over her belly. Once the sun lotion was absorbed into the skin, she began to stroke her belly. I could see she was arousing herself. I continued on to the tops of her thighs.

The voyeur moved slightly out of the thick willow, for a better look, I assumed. I could see he was also an older man. He had a bald head and he looked fat, but I couldn’t see much to confirm my judgement without giving away my knowledge of his presence.

Gemma relaxed her thighs, opening them wider still, as she ran her fingertips over her rib cage. Listening to her quiet, erotic sighs, my cock twitched in the open air as my wife traced her fingers around the curve of her tits and then in between them.

The thick globs of sun lotion rested on her soft, naked tits, waiting patiently to be massaged into her body. The voyeur stepped out of the willow a little, and I pressed firmly on the insides of my wife’s thighs.

The sensations and tension were building up. I had no idea what I was going to do when the voyeur likely revealed himself to us. Would I stop? Would Gemma? What would he do?

Lightly touching her body, my wife put her hands over the sun lotion and began to rub it in, as if she were kneading two mounds of soft dough. The voyeur and I watched my wife fondling her big tits for a few moments, before he stepped away from the willow completely.

My head instinctively turned to look at him. He was naked, fat, bald and about sixty. I didn’t feel we were under threat, so I continued massaging my wife’s thighs without alerting her to our second naturist.

With his cock in his hand, the voyeur threw me a friendly wave, a smile and a nod. I found myself nodding back as I shuffled up the towel between my wife’s legs.

“How hot would it be if Willie was doing this to you right now? I bet his huge cock would be rock hard touching you like this.” I breathed quietly.

“Mmmmm,” Gemma smiled, eyes firmly closed as she massaged her soft tits.

“I’d let him touch you. Would you let him?”

As soon as the question left me, I touched my wife’s pussy lips with the tips of my fingers. She gasped and her mouth fell open, but her eyes remained closed and she didn’t answer.

“Like you said, we’re on holiday. Nobody knows us.” I reminded her, and then glanced at the voyeur.

He was grinning and stroking what looked to be a fat cock, but his belly looked awful hanging down. I kind of wished he was Willie.

“Put your finger inside me,” my wife whispered softly, as she squeezed her tits together and moved her hips on the towel.

Watching her outer lips glistening with anticipation, I shuffled closer and lifted her thighs. My wife raised her knees, keeping her feet flat on the towel, giving me total access to her quivering cunt.

“Play with your nipples,” I told her. “We need to put on a show for our visitor.”

Gemma smirked; she didn’t believe me. She thought I was role playing. Her eyes remained closed and she started rubbing her nipples slowly. The voyeur walked closer. He was now standing roughly two metres away from us.

“Open your eyes, Gemma,” I smirked and inserted one, then two fingers into my wife.

“Huuuuuuh!” she gasped. My wife squeezed her tits, arched her back and then opened her eyes. Huuuuuuuuh!” she gasped once more, staring wide eyed at the naked man stroking his cock to the side of us. “Tim!”

“Shhhh! I know, just relax. It’s fine. He won’t touch you…unless you want him to?” I smirked.

Gemma relaxed her body back down onto the towel and closed her eyes. “Let him watch,” she then giggled, before moaning as I fingered her faster.

I had no response to that. I suddenly wasn’t sure what I should do, so I rode the euphoric rush now coursing through my veins and continued fingering her cunt.

The voyeur obviously heard my wife. He stepped closer and got down on his knees beside her. It was now my turn to gasp with bulging eyes. This overweight, naked, old guy was beating his meat not less than a metre away from my wife.

“Your wife is gorgeous,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” I mouthed, as if this was a normal thing to do. Maybe for him it was.

Now that my wife was hot and excited, kneading her tits, I repositioned myself so I could continue double finger-fucking her soaking wet snatch, but also start rubbing her clit at the same time.

Increasing the speed and pressure, my wife started bucking her hips, groaning she was going to cum. She let go of her tits and raised her arms above her head.

The voyeur looked hungrily at her big, soft, fleshy mounds wobbling all over the place. He then looked at me, seeking the husbands approval, but Gemma and I weren’t swingers. I’d already taken a liberty by not informing her about this guy when he first appeared. Now he was silently seeking my permission to touch my wife. I nodded my approval, high as a kite on lust.

Still stroking his cock, the voyeur shuffled right up to Gemma and started fondling her tits. She responded with deeper moans and warnings of her impending climax.

The voyeur was leaking pre-cum, stroking furiously as he assisted in ramping up my wife’s pleasure by pinching her nipples. Gemma squeaked, squealed then groaned. She was on the cusp of something special.

Then suddenly, another fucking naturist appeared. Another guy carrying a towel under his arm. He was closer to our age but still older. Maybe forty? What did it matter, I thought.

Worried this was about to slip out of our control, I pulled back my hand, leaving my wife on the edge of an orgasm. The voyeur didn’t stop though. He pinched Gemma’s nipples and then lowered his head to suck on her left tit. The new unwanted addition to the party, then walked to the other side of my wife and dropped his towel on the sandy floor.

“How far do you guys go?” he asked, excitedly, before grabbing my wife’s right tit and giving it a gentle squeeze. Gemma gasped. “She’s gorgeous. Great tits.”

“Don’t stop, Tim. I was almost there,” my wife begged and moaned.

I had so much going around inside my head I couldn’t think straight to react accordingly. I had my wife begging to be finished off while two strangers groped, fondled and sucked her tits. She was wanton, with only one thing on her mind. To cum.

The new guy sensed my hesitation and slid his hand down over my wife’s hairless pubic bone. He quickly found her clit and rubbed it hard. Even the voyeur looked shocked, before he started rubbing the top of her thigh.

“Wank me off, honey,” the voyeur said to my wife, but she was too busy swirling in the delight of having the newcomers finger rubbing her clit.

I sat back on my heels and watched as these two naturists took over the role of pleasuring my wife’s body. The newcomer switched between rubbing Gemma’s clit and slipping two fingers into her sopping cunt. The voyeur, undeterred that he didn’t get his handjob from my wife, seemed to take is frustration out on her left tit. He scooped it up in both hands and sucked the nipple and areola into his mouth.

“Ahhhhhh fuck! Yes! Fuck! Don’t stop! “Ahhhhhhh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” My wife cried out.

A surge of strength suddenly shot up my spine. I knelt upright and knocked the newcomers hand away from her pussy. I then tapped the voyeur on his back and told him to move. It was done quickly and non-aggressively.

The men moved back onto their knees and stroked their hard cocks while I picked up my wife’s legs and placed them on top of my shoulders.

“God, yes! Fuck me, Tim!” my wife panted, bringing her hands to my cheeks and cupping my face.

“Wank them off, Gem,” I grunted, ramming my cock straight up her. “Wank them off while I fuck you.”

The two men assumed my wife would do whatever I told her to do, and so presented their hard shafts close to her flushed face. Gemma smiled and then moaned when I started to fuck her, she then reached for the two solid cocks vying for her attention.

I shifted through the gears and started pounding my wife, the moment I saw her take the men in her hands. Watching her wanking two hard cocks in the direction of her face was like being in our own porn movie.

Tugging on the men groping her tits, my wife moaned out of the dunes as I fucked her something rotten. It didn’t take long until she finally exploded. Her wet cunt clamped around my shaft and she started screaming into the breeze. I wanted to shoot my cum so deep inside her, but I also didn’t want this to end.

Out of control to some degree, I pulled out and left my wife trembling from the after shocks of her orgasm, while she stroked the cocks of the two naturists still fondling her tits.

“I see you didn’t take my advice after all, Tim,” a voice chuckled behind me. I turned around to find Willie walking towards us.”

“Willie!” I gasped, before looking at his cock.

“Is your wife fair game, Tim?” he inquired. “Any boundaries?”

“Boundaries?” I muttered like a dummy. I looked at Gemma. She simply shrugged at me as if it were my decision who gets to fuck her.

Willie dropped his bag by our towels and got down on his front, he then said hello to my wife before licking her folds. Gemma groaned, released the voyeurs cock from her grasp and sort of leaned over towards the newcomer.

“Yes, mmmm,” the newcomer moaned in anticipation. My wife opened her mouth, brushed her hair away with a hand, and then took the newcomers cock into her mouth. “Ahhhhh fuck! Mmmmm!” the guy groaned.

While my wife laid on the towel, getting eaten out, sucking cock and having another wanking near her, I went into her beach bag and took out my phone. I didn’t ask anybody for permission. I wanted to see this again with my wife, back at the farmhouse.

Thankfully, none of them seemed to mind. I moved around the action with my phone directed at my wife. She was moaning around the cock in her mouth while Willie buried his face in her cunt and rubbed her clit.

Then, the newcomer warned my wife he was going to shoot his load. She started sucking and stroking greedily on his cock. A clear indication he could cum in her mouth, so he put his hands behind her head and started thrusting his hips.

“Ahhhh! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Fuck!”

I watched through the camera phone, my wife sinking her mouth along the throbbing shaft before tilting her head and sucking backwards, only to sink her mouth forwards again, as a stranger pumped his creamy cum down her throat.

“That was great,” he nodded at me. “Thank you,” he then said to Gemma.

His cock fell from her mouth and my wife swallowed a big gulp. I knew it was his cum sliding down her throat. My cock was rock hard and dripping. The newcomer quickly collected his bag and left with a big grin on his face. My wife then turned her attention to the voyeur, taking his fat cock into her mouth and sucking it deep.

Meanwhile, Willie was feasting away between her legs. Watching and listening to my wife moaning her way to an orgasm, with a cock in her mouth, is something I’ll never forget.

As another orgasm began its ascent on my wife, Willie moved up onto his knees but kept rubbing her clit. I moved round to her left side, recording the voyeur getting a blowjob from my wife, and now Willie preparing to fuck her.

Remembering my wife saying ‘it’s too big’ I felt tremendous anticipation, because we were about to find out.

Willie stopped rubbing Gemma’s clit with his finger, replacing it with the underside of his thick, dark purple head. He tapped her clit a few times then rubbed through her pussy lips, spreading them, letting my wife know what was coming. His cock glistened with her vaginal juice before he returned to tapping and rubbing her clit with the end.

My wife gasped and took a break from sucking cock. I asked if she was ok and she nodded. It was a tired, horny ‘I need to cum’ look.

“Fuck me,” she sighed at Willie.

I got right up close and personal with the camera, filming a close-up of Willie’s thick mushroom shaped tip spreading my wife’s tight, cunt lips apart. She started exerting deep breaths as the head pushed inside. I looked at her with the camera to capture her sexy, facial expression.

Slut, I thought. My sexy slutty wife. Taking a strangers big, mature cock on a beach, while slurping on another strangers fat length. I brought the phone back to the action between Gemma’s legs, just in time to record Willie stuffing her tight box with his over-sized tool.

“Uhhhhhh.. my… God… fuck me… that’s so big… uhhhhhh… Tim…”

Us three men chuckled at my wife’s plight, in trying to take such an intrusion into her body. She was yet to bare children. This was undoubtedly the longest, thickest and hardest thing to ever go inside her.

“Uwwww… you’re wonderfully tight, Gemma… uwww… your wife has a lovely tight pussy, Tim.”

Feeling strangely proud, I stood back to record the action. Poor Mr. Voyeur I thought, when my wife collapsed onto her back to concentrate solely on Willie. He started jacking off hard over her face, a luxury my wife was yet to let me enjoy.

Gemma loved cum… anywhere but her face and up her arse, she always told me. I wasn’t about to let a fat; old guy do something I wasn’t allowed. It was tempting though, as I watched him getting closer.

My wife was too far gone to care. Or too far in the throes of enjoying her first big cock to muster the awareness or energy to prevent the voyeur from unloading all over her face. So, my selfish desires won out, and in doing so, the fat, old man got to become the first guy to ever cum over my wife’s pretty face.

While Gemma received a slow, deep fucking from Willie, the voyeur grunted and moved closer. I recorded him closely. Then Willie raised my wife’s legs on to his shoulders and nearly bent her in half.

Gemma screamed in pain at first, as Willie buried himself balls deep inside her cunt. She tapped his arms and I thought I might need to step in and save her, but then Willie pulled himself out and she sighed in pleasure.

Forgetting about the voyeur, I moved round to the back of Willie and recorded his cock slowly driving down into my wife. Gemma shook and let out a grunt that I questioned was even human. Transfixed on the size of the cock fucking my wife, I recorded a good ten or so deep thrusts.

Then, I heard the voyeur grunting. I quickly stood up and moved round the side to see him shaking off his cock. I came closer as he grabbed some of Gemma’s hair to wipe the cum from the end. I wasn’t angry with him or upset I’d missed it. I felt pretty neutral actually, until he got up and left.

I could now see the mess he’d made across the top of my wife’s head and all down the left side of her face. The voyeur didn’t even thank us for a good time. He quietly disappeared through the willow.

By now Willie was driving harder into Gemma. She was screaming uncontrollably and grunting like an animal on its way to the slaughterhouse. Wrong analogy? That’s what she sounded like.

Willie was fucking her hard. I heard her cum once but he continued relentlessly. My wife’s body was trembling, her pussy swollen and creaming white froth every time he pulled out. Then her cunt farted and squelched when he drove that thing back into.

“I can’t take much more of this,” my cum-faced-cover wife moaned.

“I’m nearly there!” Willie breathed, clearly not stopping until he got to empty his balls.

Then, I recorded my wife experiencing multiple orgasms. One after the other. Willie grunted and cursed how tight my wife was, before he buried his cock to the hilt and held himself deep.

My wife exhaled one long groan, which sounded like her soul was leaving her body in the most pleasurable way possible, and Willie started jerking his hips while keeping his cock all the way inside her.

I stepped up closer and directed the phone right on the action. Willie’s muscle pulsating and his balls squashed against my wife’s stretched cunt, as he pumped only god knows how much cum into her.

When it finally ended Willie gently lowered my wife’s legs to the ground. I put the phone away, regretfully not capturing the thick, creampie that splurged from her married cunt, before it flowed like cum-lava down the crack of her arse and onto the beach towel.

I stepped up hopeful to get a turn again, this time to add my load, but my wife put her arm up in protest. She apologised, telling me she really couldn’t take another cock.

Willie respectfully helped me look after my wife for a few moments, until she was able to get on her feet to put her clothes on. As the three of us stood up, naked and laughing, two naked men appeared. They stopped and looked with hopeful smirks on their faces, but Willie told them to move along.

Disappointed to have missed out on the fun, they checked out my naked wife and then left. I couldn’t blame them. Gemma did actually look like she’d been dragged through the willows backwards by her hair.

That night after she had a lengthy soak in the bath, we drank some wine and watched the recording on my phone. My wife ended up giving me a hot tub tit-wank and blowjob after it. I even got to cum on her face because she said she was too sore to fuck.

Willie and his huge Willy had destroyed my wife’s cunt. The only problem I had now was dealing with the threat that my wife might suddenly become addicted to something I couldn’t give her in person … big cum-canon cocks.

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