Couple’s Massage, A massage therapist unlocks something in her college crush

Couple’s Massage, A massage therapist unlocks something in her college crush

Saturday, May 17th – 11:08am

“Babe, I’m going for a massage this afternoon at 1:30. Should be gone for about an hour-and-a-half.”

My wife Kristen had been complaining about some pain in her neck pain since she started working from home. She’d asked her boss for a laptop stand and a separate keyboard so her posture was better but the company hadn’t come through yet. Cheapskates.

“For your neck? Going to Lisa for that?”

“Yup. She doesn’t work from home anymore though – she’s at this place called Bodyworks now. Y’know, in that little plaza at Capital Avenue and Brookside? They do massage, chiropractic, all that kind of stuff.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yup. Lisa just got her RMT license too, which is kinda nice because I can run it through insurance now.”


“Yeah – Registered Massage Therapy. Have you never been for a massage before?”

“Nope. I’m happy with your back rubs.”

“Ha-ha. You should go one day. Even if you don’t have any sore spots or whatever it’s just nice to get your muscles all relaxed and loose.”

“Sure, I’ll check it out.” I probably wouldn’t but it’s nice to be nice.

I went back to flicking through my options on Netflix while Kristen continued puttering around the house. I settled on one of the myriad true crime docs available and watched the first episode (my guess is that the husband did it – it’s always the husband) before peeling myself off the sofa and heading into the garage. Time to mow the lawn.

I started out in the front yard. As I was mowing, I saw Kristen exit the house. She blew me a kiss and waved as she got in her car. I looked at my watch – it was coming up on 1pm, so I assumed she was off to her appointment. After moving around to the back and finishing up the yard there, I returned the mower to the garage and headed back inside. I threw my sweaty clothes into the hamper and jumped in the shower. How long did Kristen say she’d be gone for? 90 minutes? She’d been gone for maybe 40… still plenty of time to “take care of myself” under the warm water. I soaped myself up, taking extra time on my cock until it was at full mast. Closing my eyes, I pulled one of my favourite fantasies from the ol’ spank bank: my celebrity crush (no, I’m not telling you who it is, dear reader – feel free to substitute your own though!) standing behind me, tits pressed into my back while she reached around and jerked me off while talking dirty to me. It didn’t take long before I came, firing ropes towards the drain and watching as the water washed them away.

I had a thing for handjobs. A lot of my self-pleasuring involved fantasies where I cum with some pretty little thing’s hand wrapped around me. They just weren’t really part of my sex life. Kristen typically stroked me a bit during foreplay but I always finished inside of her. And I certainly wasn’t complaining – I was very satisfied with our sex life overall. Despite my affinity for handjobs I harboured a feeling that they were “beneath us”, something better-suited to young lovers fumbling in the backseat or to girls who wanted to please their boyfriends but weren’t ready for sex yet. I’d thought about asking for them but didn’t want to seem selfish or juvenile. This was definitely my hang-up – I’m sure Kristen would be willing if I just asked. I’d try to get over that.

Finishing up my shower, I towelled off and pulled on a t-shirt and some sweatpants. Something about going commando in sweats just screams “weekend” to me and I must confess that I like the feeling. I contemplated grabbing a power nap but decided to be an adult and finish cleaning up around the house. Kristen and always I tried our best to have the place all tidy and organized for Sundays – it let us take the day off, and we felt good going into the new work week.

I had just finished clearing the fridge of whatever food had expired during the week when I heard Kristen came through the door. “Hey sweetie. How was the massage?” She came into the kitchen and leaned against the counter, letting out a long sigh. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Amaaaazing. You won’t believe this – the woman I normally see, Lisa? She was off sick so I got someone named Heidi. I didn’t recognize her, but she definitely recognized me. Apparently she used to be on the same floor as me in the dorms at Michigan! Small world, right?”

“Huh, I’ll say. That’s pretty cool. Glad the massage was good.” I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a warm kiss. She smiled.

“It was so good. Total body workout. Total.” Her body shivered and she giggled. I looked at her curiously. She had a wistful look about her, as if she was recalling some long-lost fond memory. Kristen had a flare for the dramatic so I didn’t give it much consideration. She pulled away, adding “I think I’m gonna go grab a nap.”

“OK. I’ll be around.” Kristen headed towards the stairs. As usual I couldn’t resist watching her ass as she walked away. God bless the boom in ‘athleisure’ – who said you needed to actually do yoga to wear yoga pants, right? I couldn’t imagine getting tired of trying to surreptitiously grab a peek of a cute butt packed tightly into nylon and lycra.

Before she disappeared out of view, she turned back to me and said, “seriously, make an appointment. You’ll love it.” I mumbled something dismissive and continued with sundry household chores for a while before dropping down on the couch to catch up on some social media. Soon, I drifted off into my own nap. I don’t think I was out too long before I was awoken by the sound of Kristen moving around in the kitchen.

“Hey. Sorry, guess I fell asleep too.”

“All good babe. That’s what weekends are for!” We both enjoyed a good power nap, that’s for sure. I heaved myself off of the couch and walked towards the kitchen. Kristen looked towards me. She raised her eyebrows and said “hmm, looks like you were having a good dream.” She looked pointedly at my crotch. Sure enough, I was sporting a semi which was tenting the front of my sweatpants. That I was wearing them commando-style only helped to emphasize things

“Well, you know that we fellas can’t control these pesky things sometimes!”

She chuckled. “I know babe. Just teasing.” Kristen stepped up to me and pushed her body against mine, circling her arms around my waist. She pushed her crotch into mine. “And you know that I like it.”

“Want to help me take care of it?” I asked, a hopeful tone in my voice.

“Would love to but I’m meeting Emma for coffee in a bit. Tonight though, I promise.” She snaked her hand inside my waistband, reached down to give me a little squeeze and kissed me deeply. Damn, my wife is so sexy. I’m a lucky man.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Breaking our embrace, Kristen said “OK. Time to hit the shower.”

“Alright. I’ve got a couple of errands to run anyhow. I’ll take care of them while you’re gone. Want to order in for dinner?”

“Works for me. Could do some pad thai. How about Thai Garden?”

“Sure. See ya in a bit. Say hi to Emma for me.”

“Will do.”

I gave her a slap on the ass as she walked off, which she returned with a faux dirty look. We’d always been pretty playful. No kids, dual incomes and good work-life balance keep things easy for us. We were madly in love and still learning new things about each other, even after almost six years together (three of them as husband and wife). It kept things lively. While Kristen showered, I quickly dressed and called out to her: “OK, going to do errands.”

“See ya babe,” she shouted back through the sound of running water. I jumped in the car and headed out. I won’t bore you with the details, but I got through my errands quickly enough. My last stop coincidentally had me driving on Capital Avenue. Stuck at a red light, I was gazing around absentmindedly when the sign for Bodyworks jumped out at me from the plaza on the other side of the intersection. Well, this was a sign (literally) – I’d book that appointment after all. I called the number and dealt with a friendly receptionist. She asked me who I wanted to have my “service” with and I cursed myself for only half paying attention when Kristen told me who she’d had her massage with. I referenced Kristen’s name to the receptionist and she got things sorted out for me: I’d be seeing Heidi on Tuesday at 5:30pm.

I finished up my errands and swung by Thai Garden for takeout. While I was waiting for my order to come up, I messaged Kristen just to check in.Me: Hey

Kristen: Hi sweetie. Still out with Emma. Home in an hour or so.

Me: Sounds good. Just picking up food now, I’ll keep it warm for later

Kristen: OK

Me: Say hi to Emma for me

Kristen: Will do. Talk later xo

Soon enough, food was in hand and I headed back home. I set a low temperature on the oven and threw the food in to keep it warm before sitting back down in front of the TV and picking up the docuseries where I’d left off earlier. I was nearing the end of the episode when Kristen returned.

“Good chat with Emma?”

“Oh yeah, as always. Her son just got into some fancy preschool, she’s pretty excited about that. I guess you need premium preschool now if you want to be part of the upper crust” she said with an eye-roll. We both laughed.

“Sounds like it’s more about the parents’ social status than the kid’s education if you ask me.”

“That’s the way I see it. Oh well, if you have the money to spend, who am I to judge?”

“Fair enough. Oh, hey – I passed by that massage place when I was out. Booked an appointment for Tuesday.”

Kristen’s eyes lit up. “Did you get Heidi?”

“I did.”

She did a little jump and clapped her hands. “Oh babe, that’s awesome! You are going to love her.” She threw her arms around me and gave me a peculiarly intense look. “I’m really glad you’re doing this.”

Like I said before, she could be dramatic so I didn’t read too much into it. Kristen was adorably excitable: everything was “the best” and she loved new experiences. I guess she was just happy that I was going to have my first-ever massage. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. We had our dinner, read for a while, watched a movie and eventually headed up to bed. Sex is almost always on the table with us, especially on the weekends – simply put, we loved fucking each other. But Kristen seemed especially game tonight and we fucked with a fervour that I don’t think we’d had since our early days as a couple.

To say that she surprised me with her “finale” was an understatement. She was riding me, driving towards a climax while I played with her perfect B-cups. When she came, she came hard – her body tensed up as she rode out her orgasm, and her pussy grabbed at my cock. I fucked her throughout and it was only another minute before I erupted. I loved listening to her moan when I came – we were both deeply invested in making the other feel good in bed, and it made for some great sex.

Usually when we finished with her on top she’d just roll off of and snuggle up against me for a bit before finding her way to the washroom to take care of cleanup. But tonight was different. After my orgasm subsided, we locked eyes – a deeply loving look, saying more to each other with our eyes than our words could allow. She lifted herself up, but not off of me – she let her pussy lips hover just over me, sliding them gently along the tip of my cock. It was almost too much, with me at maximum sensitivity post-orgasm. She reached down and spread herself, letting my cum run from her open cunt and back over my cock. Seeing my cum oozing from her pussy was hot as hell and kept me hard. Satisfied that she’d coated my cock, she climbed off and slid down between my legs. She looked at me and licked her lips before leaning down and taking my still-hard cock into her mouth. I went into sensory overload, closing my eyes and trying to process the sensation. My cum made for the best lube and her mouth slid along me with silky ease. She lifted her head up and said, “your cum tastes good mixed with my pussy, babe. I could lick it up all night long.” All I could do was moan in reply. We trafficked in some dirty talk to be sure, but that was filthy by her standards. Kristen continued by licking my dick all over until she was satisfied with her cleanup job. She slid over and curled up against me, letting a hand caress my chest as she nestled in.

After a few minutes of wordless post-coitus snuggling, she got up to use the washroom. I wanted to ask her about her new “technique” – after all, if I let her know how much I liked it, maybe she’d do it again – but my body got the best of me and I was asleep in minutes.

Tuesday, May 20th – 5:26pm

The rest of our weekend had been pretty standard. A few more errands, dealt with some bills, a bit of cooking and food prep for the week to come, and a bit of TV time – all the boring stuff that comes with adulting. The start of the week had been likewise predictable. I’d finished up at the office (no working from home for me, alas) and now was standing at the front desk at Bodyworks. The receptionist had given me some paperwork to fill out but I wasn’t sure about one section.

I drew her attention. “Excuse me?”


“There’s a section asking why I’m here for a massage. Sports injury, occupational injury, muscle pain and so on – but I don’t have any of that. I just came because my wife told me I’d like it.”

She chuckled and said “no problem, you can leave that blank. Lots of our clients are here for therapeutic reasons but plenty of people just come to get a relaxing rub-down too.”

“Great, thank you.” I signed at the bottom, returned the clipboard to the desk and took a seat. The receptionist busied herself entering my information into the computer while I read through some emails on my phone. A few minutes later, she called out to me.

“Sir? You can head down into room 3. Heidi will be with you shortly.”

I thanked her and made my way down the hall. I entered Room 3 as requested. I didn’t really know what to expect from a massage place but this seemed pleasant enough. A massage table, a rack of towels, some fake flowers and some nice-smelling candles burning. Bland-sounding background music came through a little Bluetooth speaker. Not sure of what to do, I just stood there awkwardly. As promised, a woman entered the room a minute later with an iPad tucked under her arm.”Hey there. I’m Heidi.”

Whoa. What a knockout. I didn’t really have “a type” as far as women were concerned, but I know what I like when I see it. And Heidi – well, I certainly liked what I was seeing. At the very least, I could take away that Kristen must be confident that I don’t have a wandering eye – why else would she encourage me to let this complete smokeshow put her hands all over my body?

She extended her hand, which I shook. I realized that I was probably staring at her at little too intently and snapped out of it. “Nice to meet you.”

“I understand that you’re Kristen’s husband?”

“I am. She referred me to you. You come highly recommended.”

“Aww, that’s very sweet of her.” She consulted the iPad. “I see that you didn’t indicate why you’ve booked a service with us.”

“Right. The receptionist said I could leave it blank.”

“No problem. So just here for a general massage then? No nagging injuries or areas of concern?”

“No. I’ve never actually had a massage before. Just wanted to try it out.”

“Oh, a virgin, huh?” she said with a laugh. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good.” Then she winked at me and bit her bottom lip. Great. A very attractive and flirty woman was about to run her hands all over my body. What if I got a boner? Christ, that would be embarrassing. I had to get myself together. I didn’t reply. “So, ready to start?”


“Alright, go ahead and get undressed and then lay face-down on the table.”

I waited a few seconds to see if Heidi was going to leave the room while I undressed but instead she busied herself getting herself organized and covering the table with a clean sheet. I was nervous to undress in front of her but she seemed thoroughly unbothered. I mean, she was going to see the end result of my being undressed once I got on the table anyhow, so what was the difference? I sat on the edge of the table, certain to face away from Heidi and rid myself of my shoes, socks and shirt. Pants quickly followed. I hopped up onto the table and laid face-down, my head resting in the cradle built into the end of the table.

I could sense Heidi turn towards me. “Oh. Um. Undressed, please. Like, all the way,” she said.

I felt myself flush. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know that massages were meant to be in the nude. I had no idea. I guess it made sense – easier to do glutes and stuff without any underwear in the way, right? Besides, I didn’t want to seem like some Puritanical square. Sensing my hesitation, Heidi added “don’t worry, I’ll give you a towel to cover up when it’s time to turn over. I’ll leave the happy endings up to Kristen.” She laughed at her own joke. Meanwhile, I was fighting to keep the idea of getting a handjob out of my head – the last thing I wanted was to be trying to awkwardly lie face-down with my hard-on jammed beneath me. Or face-up, for that matter.

I slid off the table, faced away and removed my boxers. Heidi, of course, just had to chime in. “Nothing to be shy about. Even if you are a virgin!” Again, she laughed at her own joke – at least one of us was amused. Now fully naked, I turned around to climb back onto the table. Heidi wasn’t busy with anything this time though – she was looking right at me, a passive smile on her face. I tried to minimize the amount of time that my dick was exposed to her and hurried up onto the table. I was more than aware of my cock dangling below me as I lowered myself into the face-down position.

“See? Nothing to worry about. And certainly nothing to be ashamed of – Kristen was right about that!”

WTF. Had Kristen been talking about my dick with this woman? I wanted to be pissed off but a hint of arousal bubbled up, putting any anger at bay. I was definitely more tense now than when I’d walked in – quite the opposite of what you want when you’re in for a massage, right? I needn’t have worried. The moment that Heidi stood aside the table and put her hands on me, I melted. Were all massages this good? I should’ve done this years ago! She started on my legs, working out little knots in the muscles that I didn’t know were there.

“Did Kristen tell you that we went to school at Michigan together?”

“Briefly, yeah. You were in the same dorm?”

“Mm-hmm, the same floor even. I don’t think she remembered me though,” she said with a laugh. “It’s OK though. I was a different person back then, a lot more buttoned-up. I had these awful glasses that I’d been wearing since, like, tenth grade and I didn’t know about clothes and makeup and all that girly stuff that a lot of guys seem to like. I was pretty forgettable, in retrospect.”

“Well, whatever you studied at U of M, you’ve certainly on the right career path now. This is amazing. I’m so glad that Kristen mentioned it.”

“Aww, thanks honey. That’s sweet. Glad you’re enjoying it.”


“You know, Kristen was actually quite the inspiration for me.”

Huh. “Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah. I was this shy, bookworm type but she was like the cool girl next door. Really pretty, confident, lots of friends. She seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to like her.”

“That sounds about right. She’s a people person.”

“We definitely ran in different social circles – by that I mean that she had one and I did not ha-ha. I never struck up the nerve to talk to her, even though I’m sure she would’ve been super nice to me.”

“I’m sure! You definitely should have.”

“It’s OK. I was shy then. I’m sure she doesn’t know it, but Kristen really inspired me to open up. She was kind of my role model from afar. It took me a while but I managed to come out of my shell once I graduated.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty great.” What a dopey response. I didn’t really know what else to say.

Heidi continued, adding “looking back, I think I had a bit of a crush on her.” Well, that was interesting. Certainly added some context to her story. “Sometimes I’d see her walking from the showers. I always suspected that she had a great body under her towel!” she said with a laugh.

Holy shit. It hadn’t even occurred to me that Kristen could’ve been naked on this very same table. Did Heidi still have a crush on her?

Oh no. I was starting to get hard.

I was so lost in my thoughts that it hadn’t even registered that Heidi’s hands were now nearly on my ass. I didn’t know what was happening here – between the sexual tone of Heidi’s comments, her hands, and my nascent erection, I was in a bit of a fog. I had to get things back on track.

“Do you mind just skipping to my shoulders?”

“Oh sure, sweetie. No problem.”

And she did. The conversation dried up, I cleared my mind and my cock mercifully returned to a fully-flaccid state. Phew. Crisis averted. I did my best to keep my thoughts “pure” and enjoyed the massage in silence.

“Alright, you can flip over now. And in case you want to cover up, there’s this.” She pressed a towel into my hand. “In case” I wanted to? It sounded like she was basically telling me that I could leave myself uncovered and free if I so chose. My number one goal at this point was to avoid getting hard – and I would fail at that in a big way if this beauty was looking at my cock – so I opted for modesty.

I flipped my legs over the edge of the table, facing away from Heidi of course. I looked at the small towel she’d given me and sighed inwardly. When I say “small towel”, I mean small – it was the size of a facecloth at best. It would cover me adequately, but didn’t leave for much of a margin of error. What if it slipped out of place? Is this what all guys were subjected to when they got massages?? This was turning into a nightmare. I felt guilty that I lacked the confidence to manage my arousal and just wanted to leave. But I also didn’t want to have to tell Kristen why I left. I could just fib and tell her things went great… but what if it came up the next time that she saw Heidi? Ugh.

I held the towel over my bits and adjusted it to ensure maximum coverage as I laid back on the table.


“Yup,” I lied.

Heidi resumed the massage, starting again on my shoulders – I hadn’t realized how much tension I was carrying there. I was thankful that she was able to reach parts of my body that hadn’t been accessible when I was on my front. Once again, I realized that my worries were unfounded. Maybe she’d sensed that I was a little uncomfortable with the tenor of her earlier comments about Kristen (and my dick – let’s not forget that she’d commented on my dick) and dialled up the professionalism. Her skills quickly relaxed me yet again and I found myself drifting off.

The massage was only 45 minutes long, and we’d probably used up half of that time already, so I couldn’t have been out for very long when I woke with a start. It took a second to realize what had jolted me awake. Had Heidi touched my cock? I looked downward and sure enough she was working on my thighs. The towel was still in place, thankfully. She wouldn’t have been bold enough to remove it, right? Did she touch me over the towel? She looked up at me with a gentle smile.

“You dozed off for a bit. I guess I’m getting you nice and relaxed after all!”

“For sure.” All I could do was agree. What was I going to do? Accuse her – probably falsely – of groping me while I slept?

She continued working my thighs. Despite her proximity to my dick and my suspicions, everything felt professional and necessary. If she was trying to turn me on, I’d have known it. Hell, even when she had her hands on my ass it hadn’t seemed “sexy”. I’m sure it was all in my head.

“I’m just wrapping up here. Everything feeling good?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“That’s great! I’m honoured that I was the one to pop your cherry, so to speak.”

OK. I guess she was just one of those people who liked to be “edgy”. The kind that finds it fun to try to be a little inappropriate. Should she have been making flirty little comments about my wife’s body? No. About my dick? Definitely not. Had she actually touched me while I dozed? Highly unlikely. Was I going to rat her out to her boss? Also no.

I was hardly an uptight person, so why was I so annoyed by this? I guess I was worried that it would get back to Kristen and she’d be mad at me (also an unlikely scenario, given that nothing untoward had happened). My hangups were my own and I should just move on.

“Haha, yeah. Thanks.”

“Anytime. You can get dressed and head out to the front. Sara will take care of the business end of things for you at the desk.”

“Sounds good.”

At that, she exited the room. I couldn’t resist taking a good look at her ass as she walked out. Mmm. What a gorgeous woman. In retrospect, managing not to pop a massive boner had been quite the feat. I tossed the towel onto the table as I dismounted, dressed quickly and headed out to the front. The receptionist took my payment and asked if I wanted to book my next appointment. I politely declined.

Tuesday, May 20th – 7:10pm

I pulled into the driveway behind Kristen’s car and walked inside.

“I’m home,” I called as I took off my shoes. She practically came bounding out of the kitchen and jumped at me with a big hug. She looked at me with excitement in her eyes.

“So? How was it? Was it amazing? Isn’t Heidi just the best?”

Her energy was adorable. “Yeah, it was really nice. She did a good job.”

I could see her deflate. “That’s all?”

“Yes? I wasn’t sure what to expect going in but I liked it. She’s nice.”

“Well, that’s good I guess. I just thought you’d be more… enthusiastic, I guess?”

“Oh. Sorry? I’m not sure what to say. I liked it. I’m glad you encouraged me to try it out, my muscles feel nice and relaxed. I didn’t realize how tense my shoulders were before she worked on them. Big improvement.”

She took a step back and looked at me skeptically. What was that all about? I felt like I should be expecting the other shoe to drop. “OK then. Ready for dinner?” I was. We ate and chatted like always, going over the minutiae of our days. We threw everything in the dishwasher and headed to the couch for a little downtime. Kristen picked a movie on Hulu which we both sort of half-watched, letting ourselves be distracted by our phones as usual. About 20 minutes in, she paused the movie and turned to me. “So, what did you and Heidi chat about during your appointment?”

Kristen had seemed oddly interested in hearing about my appointment when I first came in, and she was bringing it up again? Was I stepping into a trap? I couldn’t figure out her motivations. Best to just play it cool.

“Oh, this and that. She talked about how she remembered you from Michigan.”

“Yeah, I can’t say that I remembered her. She sure seemed to remember me though,” she said with a laugh.

“I’ll say.”

Kristen looked at me with a curious look. “What do you mean by ‘I’ll say’?”

“She kept going on and on about how cool you were.”

“Really? That’s sweet. I feel extra bad for not remembering her now.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Kristen picked up the remote and resumed the movie. Phew. I don’t know why I felt relieved to have “passed” Kristen’s questioning. I hadn’t done anything wrong with Heidi. There was nothing for me to worry about – but something felt off. The movie was only running for another couple of minutes before Kristen stopped it again.

“Did Heidi tell you what she and I talked about?”

Uh-oh. I know that Kristen had made that “nothing to be ashamed of” comment to Heidi. But she couldn’t have known that Heidi would have repeated it to me, least of all after sneaking a glimpse at my cock.

“I don’t think so?”

“No? She kept going on and on about her new boyfriend.”

“Ah. I guess she figured that I wouldn’t have been interested in any girl talk,” I said with a laugh. I mean, why would she rattle on about her amazing new boyfriend to another dude?

“Haha, of course not. But I wasn’t going to let her sing her guy’s praises without letting her know how awesome you are too!” She leaned in and planted a little peck on the cheek.

“Aren’t you just the best! Thanks for reinforcing my awesomeness, it’s important that everyone knows about it.”

Kristen gave me a playful smack on the leg. “Did you find her to be a little… familiar? She talked to me like we were old friends.”

“Y’know, I did. Borderline unprofessional even.” If Kristen knew more than she was letting on, me saying that I found Heidi’s manner to be a little uncouth might get me off the hook.

“Right? She even told me her boyfriend had a nice dick! I couldn’t believe it.”


“Yeah, ‘wow’ is right. Of course, I couldn’t leave you undefended so I told her yours was quite nice as well.”

I don’t know what look crossed my face, but Kristen found it funny and laughed. “You should see the look on your face! Don’t you know that we girls talk about these sorts of things?”

“No, no… I do. I just didn’t expect to hear about it after the fact, I guess?”

“I was kind of shocked at first, but I did laugh when she said it. I guess that put her at ease and after that, wow, did the floodgates ever open. Good thing I’m not a prude.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s not afraid to get into the ‘details’, if you know what I mean. She was pretty explicit about her sex life – different men she’d been with, different women…”


“…all these experiences she’s had. She told me she’s been making up for all the lost time she spent not getting laid at college.”

“Huh. She made a kind of dirty joke about you giving me a ‘happy ending’ too.”

“Oh yeah? I guess she likes being one of those people that thinks that being shocking makes them cool or whatever. I’d bet she’d have loved to have checked out your cock if she had the chance, what with me telling her how nice it was and all.”

I couldn’t help it – I blushed, hard. It did not go unnoticed.

“Ooh, someone likes that idea,” Kristen said excitedly. I could tell she was teasing me. “Do you want to show off your dick, baby?” She chuckled and stroked my thigh. “I’d bet you’d love to show all the girls what a nice one you have.”

My blush deepened. Kristen put on an exaggerated pout and said “my poor baby, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to embarrass you.”

Her adorable delivery and puppy-dog eyes made me laugh. “I know you’re just playing. It’s fine.” I took a deep breath. “I guess there’s something that I should tell you though.”

“Oh?” She looked at me with an arched eyebrow.

I just had to get this over with. “She did see my dick.”

Kristen recoiled and raised her eyebrows. “Explain, please.”

“It was totally an accident. I was getting into position to lie on my front and she looked over and saw everything.”

“Um… you weren’t wearing underwear?”

“Weren’t you naked for yours?”

“I mean, my clothes were all off but I had a towel covering my bits! And another one across my tits for when I was on my back.”

“Oh, well she gave me a towel to cover up when I flipped over though, it’s not like I was just lying there with everything showing.” I strategically decided not to mention how small this towel was, that it hadn’t been covering my ass, nor my suspicion that Heidi may have gotten more than just a quick look at my cock.

“Huh.” I couldn’t read Kristen’s flat reaction and was getting nervous. The wait for her reply seemed to be an eternity. Finally, she spoke. “OK then. I trust you.” Kristen stretched out on the couch and rested her head in my lap. “Let’s finish this movie.”

Tuesday, May 20th – 10:23pm

We were lying in bed, Kristen reading her Kindle and me scrolling through Twitter on my phone. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to what I was reading though – the day’s events were being replayed in my mind, distracting me from whatever my timeline had to offer. I was certainly glad that I’d been open with Kristen. I was an honest man, and hiding Heidi’s transgression would have eaten away at me. My openness and honesty had defused a potentially unpleasant situation. She knew I was a faithful partner.

But maybe I hadn’t been totally honest? I had no proof or reason to think this actually happened, but I couldn’t rid myself of the suspicion that Heidi had indeed touched my dick after I drifted off. Was it worth bringing up something that may not even have happened? I’m not going to lie – the idea of her surreptitiously touching me was hugely arousing to me. Had Heidi made my cock her secret plaything, if only for a moment?

I was getting turned on. I rolled towards Kristen, worked my arm under the sheet and rested my hand on her belly. We’d been together long enough now that she knew what I was after – and I was glad when she responded in kind.

Kristen rolled towards me and said, “well, hello there. Feeling amorous, are we?”

“I am. You always make me feel that way.” I kissed her neck and she shivered.

“As long as it’s me and not your new girlfriend Heidi.”

I knew she was joking. But behind every joke is a kernel of truth, right? I slid my hand under her shirt to caress her soft belly, occasionally letting my fingertips find the underside of her breasts.

“Oh, you’re funny.”

“You love it when I tease you.”

She was right. I kinda did. I continued kissing at her neck as I abandoned her belly and slid up to her breasts. Her nipples were hard. “Mmm, that feels nice baby.” She slid her hand down my body and caressed my growing cock through my boxers. “Now that your dick is the talk of the town, I guess it needs some attention, huh?”

I was glad she was having fun with this. “Might I point out that you were the one talking it up?”

“Guilty as charged. Now, let’s get out of these clothes.” We threw off the sheet and quickly undressed. “Well, I guess this will be the second time today that someone has seen your cock, huh?”

“True! It’s been a big day,” I said with a laugh.

“I don’t mind that she looked, y’know. It’s kinda sexy knowing that my man is hot enough to turn on other women yet he still comes home to me night after night.”

Like me, Kristen wasn’t prone to jealousy but I was surprised to hear her say this nonetheless. We kissed at length, enjoying the feel of each other’s skin and letting our hands roam. Despite my aroused state and having my beautiful and willing wife in my embrace, I still had a nagging distraction: should I tell Kristen about Heidi possibly having touched me? I was so uncertain. Like I said, it was pretty unlikely that she’d done anything – at least that’s what the logical part of my brain was telling me. Like, why would she risk her job (and possibly more) just for a quick bit of over-the-towel contact? But something else was telling that it had happened. Something instinctual.

I broke our kiss. “Have you ever fallen asleep during a massage?”

“I think so.”

“OK, so it’s not just me then.”

Kristen giggled and asked “You fell asleep? That’s cute.”

“Yeah. Not for long I don’t think. Something woke me up.”

“Yeah? What was it?”

Here we go. “I think Heidi might have touched my dick.”

Kristen looked at me for a second, then burst out laughing. “You think she might have touched your dick? What does that even mean?”

I’m glad she thought this was funny at least. “I don’t know. I kind of woke up suddenly and had this feeling that she gave me a little touch through the towel.”

“Babe. Seriously? Just because she snuck a peek doesn’t mean she’s going to jump straight to molesting you. You’re such a ‘bro’ sometimes. I hate to break it to you but not every woman is magnetically attracted to your junk.”

I felt stupid for bringing it up. “I know. I mean, it doesn’t make sense but it was just a feeling I had.”‘

“Maybe I should go down there tomorrow and slap her for messing with my man’s dick. Whaddya think?” Another round of laughter burst forth.

“OK, OK. I know, it’s dumb. But I didn’t want to not tell you.”

I could tell she was suppressing another laugh, but the sincerity in her eyes was telling. “I appreciate that sweetie. You’re a good man.” She gave me a kiss. “I think that I might touch your dick – no towel though. Would that be OK? You can pretend I’m Heidi”


Kristen petted my cock gently. “I mean, she’s pretty attractive, right? Don’t pretend you didn’t check her out. You’d have to be blind not to have noticed.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty.” That seemed like a safe enough response.

Kristen batted her eyes and asked, “prettier than me?”


“Good answer.” Kristen climbed onto me. She continued working my cock with one hand while the other started on her clit. “Now what was that thing that Heidi said to you? That she’d leave the ‘happy endings’ up to me?”


“Well, let’s see what we can do about that.” Kristen began stroking me faster, increasing her pace on her clit to match. Oh man – was she going to finish me with her hand? This was fucking hot. I reached up and played with her breasts, tweaking her nipples and eliciting little moans. She seemed especially enthusiastic tonight. And then it dawned on me: her unusually “dirty” finish the last time we’d fucked had come hot on the heels of her appointment with Heidi. Had hearing Heidi talk about her sex life turned her on? Maybe given her some ideas? She had mentioned she thought it was “kinda sexy” that Heidi had taken a look at my cock – was that why? Whatever it was, I was happy to be the beneficiary. Kristen paused her ministrations and asked “you know what Heidi told me?”

“What’s that?”

“She told me that I inspired her to come out of her shell.”

“She said the same thing to me.

“Oh yeah? Well, it sure seems like a ‘student becomes the master’ situation now. I’ve got nothing on her.”


“Hmm, where to start… how about when she told me that her favourite thing about her current boyfriend is that he has ‘huge loads’. Again, her words, not mine.” She resumed stroking me, slowly and steadily.

“Wow. TMI.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I kind of liked hearing it. I’m not gonna lie, there was something a little erotic about her having her hands on my body while she talked dirty.” Well, that was an unexpected confession. Kristen had told me previously that she’d had precisely two experiences with another girl. The first was an alcohol-fuelled session with a girl named Lucy at a dorm party that went nowhere further than some unclothed making out before Lucy romantically threw up the aforementioned alcohol (ah, college!). The second had come a couple of years later while interning at a law office. She had caught the eye of one of the other female interns who managed to talk her into eating her out in the backseat of her SUV in the parking garage of their building. Sexy!

Had she been hiding an interest in women all of this time? Or was she learning something too? I noticed that her fingers were moving faster against her clit.

“What else?”

“I think I got a little wet when she was talking to me.” My cock throbbed in her hand. “Oh, you like that idea, huh? Hot Heidi running her hands all over my naked body?”

“I might,” I replied slyly. I mean, what guy wouldn’t like that idea? “Want to know what she told me?”

“Yes please!”

“That she had a crush on you in school.”

Kristen moaned and pushed a finger into her pussy. “Really, baby? She said that?”


“Do you like a girl having a crush on me?”

“Yeah. It’s hot.” I took over rubbing her clit while she fingered herself.

“Maybe she’ll let you watch me get a massage one day. Would that turn you on?”

I could tell that Kristen was getting off on us talking like this and threw the question back at her “You’d like that wouldn’t you? Me getting turned on while she runs her hands all over you?”

“Mmmm.” Kristen was going hard now, drilling her pussy fast. I tried to match her pace on her clit.

“Do you think her boyfriend has bigger loads than me?

“Don’t know.” Her answer was mumbled as she approached her climax.

“Maybe I can cum on you and Heidi can judge. Would you like that?

That pushed her over the edge. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and swatted my hand away. Eyes clenched, she threw her head back and came hard. Impressively, she managed to maintain a steady rhythm on my cock as her orgasm racked her body. Seeing the agonizing pleasure on her face and hearing her low moans was pushing me close to my own climax.

Kristen continue pumping me as her orgasm subsided. “Mmm, that was a good one baby. I like your dirty imagination,” she said.

“I’d bet that Heidi would like to watch you cum, too,” I said.

“I’d bet she would. She told me she likes girls.”

Precum was flowing steadily from my cock. Kristen increased her pace. My mind flooded with images of Heidi oiling up my wife’s naked body and letting her hands roam freely. Would she take advantage of her exposed state and run her hands over Kristen’s breasts? Would she sensually massage her perfect ass? Would she find her way between her legs, letting her fingers explore her shaved pussy? And the biggest question: would Kristen let want it?

I couldn’t hold back anymore and climaxed with a grunt. Kristen let my cum cover her hand. I let out a sigh of satisfaction. Satisfied that I was done, Kristen hopped off the bed and cleaned up quickly in the ensuite. I grabbed some tissues from my nightstand and did the same before pulling my boxers back on. Kristen dressed and climbed back into bed. Neither of us spoke – I don’t think either of us knew what to say, to be honest.

Kristen broke the silence. “Well, that was a little different.”

I looked over at her. We both laughed. “Yeah, different,” I said.

“But fun though, right?”

“Umm, yes!”

I had so many questions. Was Kristen genuinely interested in Heidi? Was she batting the idea around? Was she just playing it up for my benefit? I wanted to ask her but felt like I should be tactful in my approach. She might not know the answers herself and I certainly didn’t want her to feel awkward or pressured by follow-up questions.

“Glad you thought so. I liked it too. Goodnight, my love.” Kristen gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, rolled away and flipped off her light.

Guess I wouldn’t have a chance to discuss things with her tonight after all. Maybe it was for the best. I needed some time to figure out how to bring it up again.

“Goodnight babe.”

Friday, June 6th – 6:27pm

I was just pulling dinner out of the oven when Kristen came through the door. She’d messaged to say she’d be a little later than normal.

“Hey sweetie,” she called from the doorway.

“Hey. Perfect timing, dinner’s just hot out of the oven.”

“Oh, you are the best. I’m famished. Long day.”

“I’ll bet. What was keeping ya?”

She walked into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around me as I threw together a quick salad. I loved a good hug from behind and she knew it. “Last-minute meeting with the lawyers. They’re getting a little nervous about the buyout and had some questions. Kind of annoying but I guess that’s part of their job.” She grabbed a seat at the kitchen table and stretched. I could see that she was a bit worn-out.

I put the salad, chicken and rice down on the table and we dug in. “Thanks for this. I’m way too tired to put anything together myself.”

“I figured you might be.”

“And that’s why you’re the best!”

We ate quietly, with just the occasional small talk. Gonna be an early night, I thought to myself. Kristen finished up and pushed away from the table. “Just gonna head upstairs and rinse the day off,” she said.

“OK. I’ll clean up here.”

Within a couple of minutes I heard the shower run as I tidied the kitchen. It didn’t take me long to finish up. When I was done, I grabbed a beer and took a seat on our patio. I liked watching the birds coming and going from our feeder (Kristen liked to joke that I was prepping for my senior years!) and admiring our garden. It was peaceful and I enjoyed sitting out with Kristen and hoped she’d want to sit out for a bit and unwind. I heard the patio door slide open and turned, fully expecting to see Kristen in her standard “lazy evening” attire. But instead, I was surprised to see her in a sundress with her hair thrown into a cute messy bun. She looked amazing in that dress, with it hugging her curves just so. She leaned in to kiss me – was she wearing perfume?

“Alright, sweetie. I’ll see you in a bit.” She hadn’t even been home a half-hour.

“Oh? Where are you off to? I just figured we’d hang out here tonight.”

“Yeah, I kinda toyed with the idea of canceling after getting stuck at work but decided against it.”

“Remind me where you’re off to again?”

“I don’t think I told you in the first place, actually. I’m going for a massage. 7:15. Gonna be cutting it close.”

We hadn’t talked about our little fantasy play session since it happened. We’d had sex, but neither of us had brought up Heidi or the massage. I’d put the idea aside, chalking it up to nothing more than some in-the-moment fantasizing.

I noticed that Kristen was looking at me intently – was she watching for some sort of reaction from me? I tried to play it cool. If my face betrayed me, Kristen let it slide.

“Ah, OK. Have fun.”

“I think I will. I’ll tell you all about it later.” She turned and headed back into the house.

Tell me all about it? Oh my. Why was she dressed so nicely for a massage? My mind reeled off a hundred scenarios all at once. And the perfume. Was she trying to impress Heidi? Wait… was she even seeing Heidi? Maybe the appointment was with someone else? Why was I assuming so much?

I put on headphones and queued up a podcast. Quickly polishing off my beer I started puttering around in the garden, deadheading a few flowers and hunting for weeds. I’d been at it for maybe 20 minutes when I heard my phone chime in the headphones. A message from Kristen:

Kristen: Phew! Made it in the nick of time

Me: I knew your lead foot would come in handy one day

Kristen: Hardy-har

Me: Enjoy your appointment

Kristen: xo

I put my phone back in my pocket and headed to the garage to grab a few garden tools. While I picked out what I needed my phone chimed again.

Kristen: I think I’m going to do this one a little differently.


A picture appeared. Kristen had held the camera so that I could see that she was laying on the massage table now. And she was totally naked.

Kristen: No towel!

My heart skipped a beat. I’d take a nude from my sexy wife anytime, but this was different. She wanted me to know that she was showing off her body. Showing it off to a woman she knew had a crush on her. A woman who was about to run her hands all over her. I don’t know how long I stared at the photo, but it was long enough for Kristen to jump in.

Kristen: Cat got your tongue?

Me: Well… I certainly didn’t expect that!

Kristen: You don’t mind, do you?

Mind? My wife possibly opening up to some girl-on-girl activity? AKA my long-held fantasy? Fine by me! Maybe our bedroom talk hadn’t been just talk after all.

Me: Of course not. I want you to be comfortable for your massage

Kristen: Haha. Yes, I’m sure my comfort is your number one concern.

Me: Why, what ever do you mean? You’re certainly not implying that I might be having… ‘impure’ thoughts, are you?

I awaited Kristen’s snarky reply, but none came. I guess it was time for her to put her phone down and enjoy… whatever was coming. I abandoned my gardening, went back inside and took a seat on the couch. The wait for Kristen to get home was going to be interminable. My mind was already racing, conjuring up every possible scenario that could be playing out.

My dick was getting hard. I knew that Kristen would want to give me all of the details of her time with Heidi. And I knew we’d be fucking tonight. Unless I wanted to be a one-minute man when the time came, maybe I should get rid of some of this nascent sexual energy now (any excuse to crank one out, right fellas?). I wasn’t a huge porn guy – a lot of the videos that seemed to dominate PornHub and the like were often too aggressive and “unsexy” for my tastes – but I did like watching girl-girl videos. Watching one while Kristen was naked under Heidi’s skilled hands was an irresistible notion. I opened up my laptop, queued up an old favourite and whipped out my dick. It didn’t take long for me to reach peak arousal and I felt like this would be a short session. The combination of the video in front of me and the other one that my imagination was producing was intoxicating and I was working my cock when my phone chimed yet again.

I couldn’t grab it fast enough.

Kristen: All ready for my rubdown!

A photo followed. It was the same vantage point as the last one – but this time Kristen’s body was shining, the massage oil glistening on her skin. I knew then that Kristen had indeed let Heidi run her hands over her breasts. Where else would she let herself be touched? I replied with the good ol’ eggplant emoji. She sent a winky face in return. I put my phone down and refocused on the video – two “first-time lesbians” (sure, why not?) calling themselves Crystal and Aida were embracing on a bed, kissing each other gently. I continued stroking. Soon, Crystal began letting her hands caress Aida, tentatively running her fingertips over her nipple. Aida likewise moved her hand to Crystal’s leg, gently nudging it open. I continue watching their explorations – the girls took their time discovering each others’ bodies, and I kept myself on edge with long, slow strokes.

Things escalated as they do and soon Aida was laying with her legs spread, moaning while Crystal fucked her with two fingers. My mind couldn’t help but replace the starlets with Heidi and Kristen.

Ding! Kristen again.

Another photo. This one had Kristen on her belly, the photo taken from overhead with her thighs and ass framed on my screen. No way she took this herself. The included message gave it away.

Kristen: Your gal has a great ass! You’re a lucky guy

Me: …Heidi?

Kristen: Guilty! Kristen said I could message you

My head was swimming. How should I respond? Heidi beat me to it.

Kristen: Amazing tits, too. They felt soooo good under my hands.

My cock somehow got harder and started drooling precum. I would have killed to be a fly on the wall. How did Heidi come to touch Kristen’s perfect breasts? Did she work up slowly, watching for some sort of sign of consent from Kristen? Did she just go for it? Or… had Kristen asked for it? I wonder how she reacted. In my imagination, she moaned quietly and arched her back, pushing her breasts into Heidi’s hands.

I couldn’t even come up with a simple reply.

Kristen: Nothing to say, huh? I’ll get back to work then. Ciao!

Me: OK

Ugh. “OK”. Brilliant. I’m sure Heidi and Kristen would have a laugh at my expense over that. But it was the best I could do! I didn’t have a lot of blood making it to my brain at the moment, after all. All I could do was imagine what was going on in that room. I continued staring at my home, reading Heidi’s messages over and over and trying to psychically will her to send me more photos. After a few of minutes of hoping, I surrendered to the fact that no more were coming. I went back to my video, which had continued running on my laptop. Aida currently had her face buried in Crystal’s pussy. I needed to climax – so I did. It only took a few more strokes to go over the edge, and I sunk back into the couch to enjoy my self-made afterglow.

But the fabled post-nut clarity wasn’t enough to slow my imagination and I couldn’t stop wondering (fantasizing?) about what Heidi was doing to my Kristen. Maybe a cold shower would help. I headed to the bathroom and jumped under the flow before it had a chance to warm up – the jolt of cold against my skin had the desired effect, bringing an abrupt end to my sexual thoughts. I couldn’t stand the cold temperature for long. I wrapped up, towelled off and laid down on the bed. In need of distraction, I logged into my work’s sales portal to check for any new activity. It was hardly necessary on a Friday night but I knew it would keep my mind occupied while I waited for Kristen.

Soon, the inevitable happened: my phone chimed.

Kristen: Hey babe. Just finished up.

A photo was attached. Heidi and Kristen, standing side-by-side with big smiles and their arms around each other’s waists like old pals. Kristen was naked, her nipples erect. Heidi was in her uniform but it was barely fastened in the front, showing a tantalizing amount of cleavage.

Me: Mmm, you look so hot babe!

Kristen: Thanks! What about Heidi?

At any other time, I would’ve thought this to be a trick question. But I was pretty sure what kind of reaction she wanted from me, and a little flirtation would be welcome.

Me: Hard to tell with that pesky uniform on.

Kristen sent back a series of laughing face emojis. I replied with the shrugging man. There was nothing for a minute… and then one more photo. Heidi was bent over the massage table, head turned back towards the camera with a seductive smirk on her face. She was holding up her uniform to display her beautiful ass. Guess she’d skipped the panties today.

Kristen: Better?

Me: That’s a nice ass!

Kristen: Isn’t it? Wait ’till you see the rest of her

My brain practically short-circuited. Wait ’till I see the rest of her? Quite the tease! And the implication that Kristen had seen her naked already… whoa. I snapped out of it, sending the wide-eyed emoji.

Kristen: lol

Me: Coming home now?

I suspected the few photos I’d seen didn’t tell the whole story and I was eager to hear all the dirty details of what had happened.

Kristen: Later. I was Heidi’s last appointment, we’re going to go grab a drink.

Grrr! I felt like I’d been waiting an eternity already, when it had really been little more than the 45 minutes her appointment had taken. Now I had to pass what would probably be another hour-plus.

Kristen: Want to join us?

Would writing back with “ummm, yes please!” be too eager? Probably! Play it cool, buddy. Play it cool.

Me: That sounds great. Where to?

Kristen: The Grapevine? Heidi has to wrap up a few things here first though… let’s say 9:00?

Me: See ya there.

Friday, June 6th – 8:54pm

I was pulling into the parking lot at The Grapevine when a message came in from Kristen.

Kristen: I’m in a booth just past the bar

I parked and headed inside. I could see Kristen waving at me from her spot and made my way over. She was alone, a glass of white in front of her. I leaned in to give her a kiss as I sat across from her.

“Hey babe. I’m glad you wanted to come! I think Heidi is excited to get to know you a little better.”

“Well, how could I turn down an offer to have drinks with two beautiful women?”

Kristen laughed. “You’re so smooth.”

“Speaking of Heidi… where is she?”

“She was still taking care of some work stuff. I didn’t want to keep you waiting so I just came alone but she’ll be here as soon as she can. I’m kind of happy it worked out this way though – gives us some time to talk.”

I had an idea of what she wanted to talk about. And I wanted to talk about it too.

“Talk about what?”

She looked at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know.”

I grinned. “Do you mean the photos? I’d almost forgotten about them.”

Kristen ignored my silliness. She lowered her voice and leaned in. “I was trying to turn you on. Did it work?”

“Oh yes. Definitely. It definitely worked.”

“Good. I was a little worried you’d be jealous.”

“Well, you’re sitting here with me and not jetting off to Hawaii with Heidi, right? So what would I be jealous of?”

“Nothing I guess.”

“You’d be jealous if it was a man though, right?”

“Oh, one hundred percent.”

Kristen laughed. “You men are all the same. Totally fine with another woman making moves.”

“Guilty as charged,” I said with a shrug. “So… Heidi was ‘making moves’, was she?”

Now Kristen blushed deeply and looked away. “She kept telling me how much she liked my body. And the way she touched me….”

Well, now she had my attention, that’s for sure. Kristen looked up at me. I could see that she was nervous. I reached across the table and took her hand in mine. “It’s OK, Kristen. I won’t be mad. I know I’m the one you love.”

She took a deep breath. “I liked it when she touched my breasts.” I wanted to help Kristen process her feelings and be supportive but I couldn’t stop my cock from reacting.

“Was that new for you?” She nodded. “I knew I was inviting it by being naked. Not that being naked is an invitation on its own, but combine it with the kind of stuff we talked about at my last appointment and I knew what was going to happen.”

“Is that what you were hoping for when you booked the appointment?”

“I think so?”

Her conflict was evident. But given that we were sitting here, together, waiting for Heidi to join us, she must have been OK with what had happened. Maybe she wanted more?

“Did Heidi get naked, too?”

“No. Although when she leaned over me I could see straight down her uniform to her nipples. No bra. I’m pretty sure she loosened it up so I could see.”

“It did looks suspiciously open in that one picture you sent me.”

Kristen grinned. “Oh, I’m sure you noticed,” she said.

“And whose idea was it for her to show me her ass?”

“Yours, babe.” I looked at her quizzically. “You’re the one who said her uniform was in the way!” She laughed out loud at her own cleverness. It made me wonder if Heidi had taken off her bra and underwear specifically for Kristen’s appointment – I couldn’t imagine she was nude under her uniform for everyone.

I didn’t have a chance to reply before we were interrupted. “Hey you two!” Heidi had arrived. She wasted no time sliding in next to Kristen and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “What are you laughing about Kristen?”

Kristen hesitated for a minute before answering. “Oh, I was just joking with Paul about who decided you should flash your butt at him.”

“Ah. That was all me, Paul. Although your lovely spouse seemed eager enough to play the role of photographer.” Kristen blushed. “I think she did a great job – did you like the result?” Wow. This woman was here to play.

Before I could think, I blurted “yeah, you have a great ass”. Uh-oh. That had just kinda slipped out. I know that I’d said it by text earlier, but saying it to Heidi in-person and in front of my wife was a different thing. I looked at Kristen. She locked eyes with me and gave a subtle nod.

The game was on.

“Aw, thanks honey. So does Kristen. And you’re no slouch either.” Now it was my turn to blush. “You two are so adorable. I think you like pretending to be shy, but I doubt you really are.” Our server approached the table and Heidi ordered a glass of pinot for herself. I asked just for sparkling water. I didn’t know where this night was going, but if what I was imagining were to somehow manifest itself, I didn’t want booze impacting my… performance. “So, what were you two talking about before I got here. Aside from my great ass?” Kristen and I exchanged another private look. We were each waiting for the other to speak, but silence was the result. “Gonna make me guess, huh?”

More silence from Kristen and I. Heidi was unphased. “Yeah, I’ll bet I can guess. Let’s see… I’d bet Paul here was curious about what happened during your massage. Right, Kristen?”

“Right,” replied Kristen.

“What did you tell him?” Kristen opened her mouth to answer… but no sound came out. She looked like a fish out of water as she fought for words. Heidi looked to me. “What did she tell you?”

She’d barely been here for five minutes and it was already becoming evident that the power dynamic here was skewed in Heidi’s favour. She wanted answers – and if Kristen wouldn’t give them, she’d just ask me. Based on what I know that Heidi had divulged during the first appointment, she was obviously open when discussing matters sexual. I felt powerless to not tell her. “She said she liked when you touched her breasts.” Heidi turned to Kristen.

“Your skin is amazing. And your nipples got hard so fast! I could tell you liked it when you moaned.” Kristen had been sufficiently aroused to moan aloud? What I’d imagined is what had actually happened! My body reacted to this revelation – I wouldn’t be getting up from this booth any time soon without embarrassing myself, if you know what I mean. Kristen’s blush returned with renewed intensity. Heidi noticed and reassured her, saying “nothing to be ashamed of, honey. I’d bet that Paul thinks it’s pretty hot.”

Now I was on the spot. I mumbled, “yeah, it’s sexy.”

“See?” Heidi exclaimed. “You were right, he is cool with it.” Apparently, I’d been discussed. “I mean, what guy doesn’t think it’s hot to see two women together?”

Our server reappeared, asking if we were planning on eating. Heidi commented on how good the food was here and we each made a quick selection from menu. I think Heidi could tell that Kristen and I were maybe a little overwhelmed by her forward nature and eased up on things. We slid easily into small talk, discussing work, what was good on Netflix, some politics – just general chit-chat. Heidi told us that she’d gotten her RMT designation after quitting her first post-university job and hoped to open her own clinic at some point. Our meals arrived in good time and we enjoyed ourselves and each other’s company. Finishing her meal, Heidi excused herself and headed to the ladies’ room.

Kristen took immediate advantage of her absence. “She’s a lot to handle, huh?” she asked. I chuckled.

“Yeah, she’s not shy, that’s for sure.”

“Are you good with this?”

I needed clarification. I mean, I think I knew what she meant but didn’t want to make any foolish assumptions. “Am I good with…” I trailed off to let Kristen fill in the blank.

“With whatever happens next.”

“I think I am. I trust you. But what is my role in all of this?” I honestly wasn’t sure. Was Kristen just wanting me to green-light whatever she wanted to do? Or… did she want me to participate? She sighed and said, “I’m not sure. Not sure yet at least. But I trust you, too. I think if we just promise to read each others’ signals we’ll be good.” I reached out and took her hand and looked into her eyes.

“I promise.”

“Me too.” Kristen smiled warmly before leaning in. In a lowered voice, she said “confession time. I started getting wet as soon as Heidi talked about touching my tits. Did it make you hard hearing about that?” I looked around to make sure no one could hear us.


“Are you still hard right now?”


“I’d bet you’d like to see her touch me, wouldn’t you?”

I motioned for Kristen to lean in towards me. I leaned over the table to meet her so that she could hear me as I spoke. “Yes, I want to see Heidi touch you. I want to watch her make you cum.” She squirmed in her seat, and whispered “tell me more”. My creative juices were flowing and I was happy to oblige. “I want to hear you moan while she teases your clit.” Kristen clutched my hand. “I want to see the look on your face when Heidi slides a finger inside you for the first time.”

She looked at me with a playful expression. “How do you know it would be the first time?” said Kristen. Well, someone had sure buried the lede! Why would Kristen have told me that Heidi had touched her breasts but not her pussy? My dick throbbed. And then Kristen smirked and winked. She was messing with me. Our moment was interrupted by the sudden appearance of our server. She exchanged pleasantries with us as she cleared our table and then was gone.

“You’re such a tease, babe!” I said.

Neither of us had noticed Heidi approaching the table. “Ooh, I like the sound of that!” she said as she took her seat. “Nothing wrong with being a little tease now, is there? Makes the payoff all the more rewarding.” She leaned into Kristen and whispered something in her ear. Kristen shivered and made eye contact with me. Heidi got up and moved to my side of the booth. She put her right hand on my leg. I looked at Kristen wordlessly. “It’s OK, baby,” she said. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen but I’m glad I had Kristen’s blessing. I hadn’t been touched by a woman other than Kristen since we started dating and it was making my heart race.

Heidi whispered into my ear now. “So, we know that you want to watch me touch her.” I nodded my head. “She wants to watch me touch you, too.” I felt heat race through my body. I looked at Kristen. She nodded. Heidi saw her consent and slid her hand up my leg, tracing the visible outline of my hard cock with the tip of her finger. “I know you told Kristen that I saw your cock before. But it was soft then. Can I see what it looks like when it’s hard?” I nodded again. Heidi leaned back in her seat and chuckled. “I think I’ve rendered him speechless, honey”. Kristen did not reply. “I guess that makes two of you!”

Heidi pulled back and looked at us with a hint of concern look on her face. “You guys still feeling OK about this?”

Kristen looked at me, then to Heidi. “That’s a ‘yes’ from me.”

Heidi cupped her hand over my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. In a lowered voice, she said, “judging by how this dick is throbbing under my hand, I’d say it’s a ‘yes’ from him too.”

“What happens now?” asked Kristen. Heidi turned in her seat and motioned to catch our server’s eye, making the ‘bring our bill’ gesture.

“Why don’t you two follow me in your car?” answered Heidi. Kristen and I both murmured our consent. The server brought our bill, which Heidi generously paid. We all tried to play it cool by not desperately rushing out of the place and onto the next phase of the night, but I don’t think we were fooling each other. We were soon in the parking lot. “Just follow me, I’ll be careful not to lose you at the lights.”

Kristen handed me the keys. Heidi walked to her car, Kristen and I entered ours. A minute later and Heidi was pulling onto the road, with us following. I had no idea where she was leading us. Back to the massage place? A hotel? Her home? We followed for about her for about 10 minutes. Kristen fiddled with her phone, but neither of us said anything. Our nervous energy was palpable. Putting her phone down, Kristen slid her hand over my leg and along my cock.

“Wow, still hard,” she said with a sly undertone. “Do you think she’ll let you fuck her?”

I swallowed. I’d never known Kristen to be quite this forward – this was clearly tapping into a part of her sexuality that she’d not yet fully explored.

“I don’t know. Do you want me to?”

“I think so? I guess I won’t know until it’s happening.” A nervous chuckle followed. I felt that Kristen was excited to say these things but maybe a little afraid that they might actually happen.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, Kristen.”

“I know. I trust you. I love you.” We exchanged an affectionate look.

“Do you think she’ll let you fuck her?” I asked. I think I knew the answer already but wanted to hear her say it. Kristen grinned.

“Oh, I’d say that’s a lock, babe. I know you want to watch.”

I nodded dumbly. We fell silent again as we pulled up to a train crossing. The gate was down and a train was passing by. I couldn’t see the end of it from where I sat – might be here for a few minutes. Ugh. Heidi was idling in front of us.

Kristen and I sat in silence, our impatience growing. I watched the train, hoping to spot its end in the distance but to no avail. Heidi must have been similar impatient. She exited her car and approached us. I rolled down the window.

“Can I hop in the back for a sec? I think we’ve got a minute or two to spare,” she said, gesturing toward the train.

Kristen answered for us. “Sure. Jump in.” She squeezed my thigh as Heidi settled into the back seat.

“Can you turn on your dome light, Paul?” I did as requested. “Just thought we could take advantage of being stuck here waiting for this stupid train. I’m too horny to wait much longer,” she said with a laugh. “What about you guys?”

“Well, I can tell you that Paul has stayed hard since we left the restaurant,” said Kristen. Her tone was playful.

“Oh, really? Prove it.”

Kristen reached over and traced her finger along the outline of my cock. She looked into the back seat and said, “can confirm. Heidi, this is one hard dick!”

“No, no. I said prove it. Show me.”

I looked back at Heidi, who pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows expectantly. I looked to Kristen for approval. She gave a small nod. Now or never, I guess. I unbuttoned my jeans, slid the zipper down and pushed them down just far enough. With the weight of the denim lifted, my prick tented the cotton of my boxers.

“Go ahead, honey,” said Kristen.

As I was about to show myself to Heidi – for the second time, but the first with real intent – the rumble of the train faded. I watched the last car disappear around a bend. The gate lifted and we were free to drive. Heidi groaned in frustration. Kristen looked out the back window, then reached over and turned on our four-way signal (safety first!). “Well, would you look at that – there’s no one behind us. I think we have a little more time.” I took her hint and pushed my boxers down, putting my cock on display. “See?” said Kristen. “I told you it was nice.”

“Mmm, it sure is. I only got a little tease before – I much prefer the full reveal. Bonus points for being rock hard.” Kristen gripped me gently and gave a few slow strokes. Almost immediately a few drops of precum issued forth to settle on the tip. “Well, someone is excited. I’d bet he tastes good,” said Heidi. To my surprise and delight, Kristen leaned in and licked the precum away. I groaned. So did Heidi.

Sitting back up, Kristen turned to Heidi and said “mmm, yup. I’ve always liked the way he tastes.” Heidi leaned forward and reached between the seats, taking Kristen’s hand in hers.

“Can we share?” she asked.

Kristen looked at me with a little grin. “What do you think, Paul? Can we share you?”

My cock pulsed, pushing out more precum. Words failed me, so I nodded my assent. Heidi dropped Kristen’s hand and moved it to my cock, teasing a fingertip along my shaft. She dipped into the precum and spread it around my shaft before pulling her hand away to lick her fingers clean.

“He does taste good.” I looked to Kristen and saw that her eyes were on fire, her cheeks flushed. Any worries I’d had about the potential for jealousy dissipated instantly – I could see how turned on she was watching this new woman handle my dick. Heidi took me in her hand. Gone were the teasing fingertips, replaced with a firm grip around my shaft and slow, even strokes. “Do you like watching me play with your man’s cock, sweetie?”

Kristen nodded and replied with a breathy “yes”.

“I knew you’d like it. I’m going to take good care of him. Is this making you wet?”


“Do you want me to make him cum?”


“Do you want to touch yourself while you watch?” No reply this time, just a shy nod. Before Heidi could continue her interrogation, the car filled with the glare of approaching headlights. Someone pulled up behind us and honked. To my dismay, Heidi let go of my cock. I stuck my arm out of the window and waved them past. The driver yelled something towards us as they passed by.

“Well, that sure broke the mood,” said Heidi. “Keep following me. I’m not too far from here.” She got out and walked back to her car. I took a minute to compose myself and, with some effort, worked my dick back into my jeans.

Kristen grumbled in frustration and said, “oh, sure. You get your dick played with while I’m sitting here with soaked panties.”

I laughed. “Well, we still have a bit of a drive at least. Why not fill the time with something… productive?” I asked. Kristen smiled a wicked smile. In a flash, she gathered her sundress up around her waist. Heidi drove off and I followed. I needed to keep my eyes on the road but Kristen was going to be a distraction. She was moaning, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she had pushed her panties aside and had worked a finger into her wet twat.

In a breathy voice, she said, “oh god I’m so wet. I need to cum.” She moved her other hand down to work her clit while she fucked herself. “Do you hear how wet I am?” I could. The schlicking sound was obvious. She shuddered in her seat.

“I’ll bet you’ll be even wetter when Heidi’s fingers are in you instead of yours,” I replied. Kristen moaned.

“Did you like her touching your dick?” she asked. I glanced over at her with raised eyebrows. “It’s OK, baby,” she said. “I trust you. You can be honest.”

“OK. Then… yes.”

“Good. I liked watching her touch you. Made me want to join in.” This kind of talk was not helping the erection throbbing uncomfortably inside my jeans. She adjusted her position in the seat and threw a foot up against the dashboard and pushed her finger in further. She looked over at me. The road had straightened out, allowing me to safely look back at her. “It made me want to watch you fuck her.”

There it was. Kristen had now fully submitted to the idea that Heidi wanted both of us.

“Should I fuck her first? Or you?” I asked.

“Me. That way she can taste my pussy on your dick after you finish me off.” I started wondering if it was possible for me to cum just from dirty talk. I felt like the next bump in the road might be enough to set me off.

“I’m so fucking hard. I’ve been hard since the restaurant I think,” I said.

“Oh, you poor thing,” replied Kristen with a chuckle. She lifted her left hand away from her clit, reached over and placed it on my thigh. Oh god.

“Babe, if you keep touching me I might just finish in my pants,” I told her.

“Mmm, might not be a bad idea to pop one off right now so you’re got a little more stamina later on,” she said. “I can help out if you like.” She eased her hand further up my thigh and let the side of her pinky slide along the edge of my cock. My skin was goosebumps. She reached over and worked my zipper down. I took a hand off the wheel to unbutton my jeans and slide them down just enough. Kristen reached into my boxers’ fly and fished out my cock. Gone were the gentle strokes she’d used earlier – now, she just gripped me and got to work. No pretense of foreplay here. She just wanted to get me off. I noticed that she timed her strokes to her finger fucking. My biggest battle was focusing on the road. I think the distraction of driving was what stopped me from cumming right away. Kristen’s hand felt so good on me.

I could tell from her ragged breathing that she was getting close to her own climax. Ahead of us, Heidi switched on her left-turn signal before pulling onto a side street. I followed. “Fuck!” exclaimed Kristen. “I’m so close.” We entered a standard-issue neighbourhood lined with townhouses. Kristen was racing against time, jerking my dick while frantically frigging herself. “Keep driving, you little whore,” she shouted to the windshield.

Heidi turned into a driveway. I pulled in behind her. “Noooo,” whined Kristen. She released her grip on my cock. Our orgasms were not to be. I put the car in park. Kristen dropped her foot from the dash and pulled her sundress back down. I once again wrangled my erection back into my jeans.

Heidi had left her car and was waiting for us on the porch. We quickly joined her. “Well, what did you two talk about on the drive over?” she asked. The raised eyebrows and smirk on her face were telling. She took Kristen’s right hand and inhaled lightly. “Well, seems like someone was being naughty in the passenger seat.” The two women locked eyes as Heidi took Kristen’s first and second fingers into her mouth and made a show of suckling them. This was unbelievably hot. Heidi moaned quietly as she cleaned Kristen’s fingers. She let them slide slowly from her mouth, looked to me and said, “she tastes good too, Paul. Think she’ll let me try some straight from the source?”

This was the second time she’d rendered me speechless with a question. Heidi laughed and said, “let’s go inside before we make the neighbours jealous.” She unlocked her door and we followed her inside. We kicked off our shoes and Heidi took our jackets and Kristen’s purse before ushering us into the living room. “Wine? I picked up a red that’s pretty good.”

I answered for both of us. “Sounds great, thank you.”

“OK, coming right up. Can you give me a minute to go upstairs and change first?”

“For sure, take your time,” said Kristen.

“Thanks. Have a seat wherever you like.” Heidi disappeared up the stairs and we sat next to each other on the sofa. Being in Heidi’s home suddenly made this feel very real. We looked at each other. I’m sure that neither of us wanted to admit to any apprehension. I noticed that my erection had faded – probably a result of nerves, but I was thankful for it.

We sat, (im)patiently waiting while looking around aimlessly. Heidi’s home was modest but attractively-decorated, with a warm and inviting feel. We made mindless small talk about the decor while we waited. “I like that painting.” “That light fixture is cool”. Etcetera.

Finally, we heard Heidi coming down the stairs. “Let me get on that wine,” she said. We could hear her moving around in the kitchen.

Kristen leaned in and whispered “are we really doing this?”

I definitely wanted to see where the night took us but didn’t want to seem overeager. I deflected her question. “How are you feeling?” I replied.

She nodded her head. “Yeah. Good. Kinda nervous, but mostly excited.”

“Ditto.” I gave her arm a little squeeze and she smiled. Maybe Heidi could hear that we were whispering, maybe she thought our apparent silence was suspicious. “You two lovebirds OK in there?” she called.

“All good,” said Kristen.

“Good. Drinks are served!” She appeared, carrying three glasses of wine on a little tray and served them to us. Heidi was now wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jogging shorts. As she moved, it became apparent that she was not wearing a bra beneath her shirt. I wondered if she was naked beneath her shorts as well.

Kristen and I did that thing awkward where you take a sip when you don’t quite know what to say. Heidi sat in the chair that sat perpendicular to the sofa. “Well, welcome to my home,” she said.

“It’s really nice,” I said. “You live here by yourself?”

Heidi nodded as she took a sip. “I do. Jamie stays over sometimes, but other than that it’s just little ol’ me.”

“Jamie is her boyfriend,” explained Kristen.

Ah, yes – the boyfriend of the aforementioned ‘big loads’. I was kind of wondering about that. “Yeah, Kristen told me you were talking about him,” I said

Heidi knew what I was hinting at. “Don’t worry, he’s not around tonight. We’re pretty chill about things, anyhow. We’re good.”

“Things?” asked Kristen. I looked over at her. She had a smirk on her face. I knew that look – she used it when she was trying to stir things up.

Heidi laughed. “Things, babygirl. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Why don’t you tell us?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

This little cat-and-mouse thing was sexy. I was happy to sit by and observe – at least for now. “I would,” replied Kristen.

“Well, for starters, he doesn’t mind when I suck other cocks – as long as I tell him all about it later.” She said it so casually. “Our only other rule is that if a guy cums on my face I have to take a picture of it for him.” I looked at Kristen. I could see from her face that she was a little shocked but trying to play it cool. My cock was stirring once again.

“He doesn’t get jealous?” I asked. I was legitimately curious. I was familiar with the ‘cuckold’ genre of porn but this didn’t feel like that. She had spoken highly of her boyfriend’s prowess to Kirsten so it’s not like she saw him as a guy who was incapable of pleasing her.

“Nope. He travels a lot for work. He knows I have a high sex drive. So, it works for us. I get to have some fun and he doesn’t have to worry about me cheating on him when he’s away.”

That did make some sense, I supposed. I guess it wasn’t really cheating if it was sanctioned by the other half of the couple. “What about him?”

“Oh, he does fine when he’s on the road. Plenty of women at these sales conferences that are happy to be wined and dined at the hotel bar before hooking up for a night or two, never to be seen again. You know the saying: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or Chicago. Or San Antonio. Or wherever,” she said with a laugh. “Besides,” she added, “I know that he’s always going to come back to me.”

“How can you be so sure?” asked Kristen.

“Easy,” said Heidi. She took another sip, clearly relishing the dramatic pause. “There’s no pussy better than mine.” Kristen shifted in her seat. My cock continued to grow. “You know, Kristen, I’m so happy that you came into the clinic. It’s kind of rekindled my college crush on you.” Kristen blushed. Heidi smiled and said, “oh, don’t be so shy. After all, I’ve seen you naked!” The blush deepened. “OK, OK. I’ll change the subject.” I definitely did not want her to change the subject. But what could I say?

“If you want,” mumbled Kristen.

“Are you still having trouble with that muscle in your foot, honey?” asked Heidi. “Let me work it out for you. Free of charge, of course” she said with a chuckle. Before Kristen had a chance to offer, Heidi moved to sit at the other end of the couch and sat cross-legged facing Kristen. She signalled for Kristen to stick her legs out. Kristen did, laying her feet on Heidi’s folded legs.

Kristen looked to me and said, “let me lean on you.” I turned so that my back was against the arm of the sofa and stretched out my legs. Kristen slid between them and leaned back onto me. I knew she could feel my nascent erection when she wiggled her ass against my crotch and looked back over her shoulder at me and winked. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my hands on her belly. Heidi looked at us, making eye contact first with me and then Kristen. She had a soft, sexy smile on her face. Gently, she tugged off Kristen’s socks. Heidi then lightly wrapped her hands around her Kristen’s left foot, pressing her thumbs delicately into the flesh. Kristen took in a longer, gasping breath at the contact and I felt her belly swell under my hands.

Heidi again looked into Kristen’s eyes and asked “does that feel good, baby?”

Kristen nodded. I felt her body relax against me as Heidi continued working. “That’s perfect. You have magical hands,” said Kristen.

“Aww, thank you! I like my work.”

I chimed in, saying “if had a foot fetish, this would definitely be doing it for me.”

Both girls laughed. “Well, judging by what’s poking into my back I’d say something’s working for you regardless,” said Kristen.

Heidi put on an exaggerated pout and said, “poor guy. We got him all worked up in the car and now he’s sitting here with his hard dick stuffed into those jeans? Hardly seems fair.”

Kristen chuckled and said, “oh, I think he’ll get by.”

“Well if he’s stuck just sitting there, why don’t you give him something to keep his hands busy at least,” said Heidi. She reached up and tugged at the hem of Kristen’s shirt, an expectant look on her face. Kristen took the hint and quickly stripped off her shirt.

“Mmm, you look so sexy in your bra, babe,” said Heidi. “Don’t you think so, Paul?”

“One-hundred percent. I never get tired of looking at her,” I replied.

“I can see why.” Heidi let her fingers trace over Kristen’s flat belly, causing her to shiver. She went back to working on her foot and I took over, letting my hands idly play along her stomach. Kristen let out a satisfied sigh.

“This is nice,” she said. “Having both of your hands on me feels so good.”

“I think we’ll have to keep that in mind,” said Heidi.

I whispered into Kristen’s ear. “Lean forward for a sec, babe.” She did, giving me space to unclasp her bra. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I slid it off of her and tossed it aside. I pulled her back into me and moved both hands over her exposed breasts, eliciting a moan. Heidi quickly abandoned her task and moved her hands up to join me at her breasts. Kristen jumped and giggled when Heidi tweaked her nipples in tandem.

In a faux-pouty voice, Heidi said “oh, I’m sorry baby. Did I hurt your cute little titties? Can I kiss them better?” Kristen looked back over her shoulder at me. She said nothing, but her pleading eyes gave her away, awaiting one final all-clear to engage. I gave a single nod and she turned back to Heidi.

“Yes, please.”

Heidi pulled off her top. Her tits were amazing. Full, with erect nipples just begging to be sucked. She leaned over Kristen and let her tongue slide over her left nipple. Kristen jerked and grabbed my leg as she made contact. My erection was at full-strength now, and becoming more uncomfortable as the combined weight of the two women pressed into me. Heidi sucked Kristen’s nipple between her lips. Both women moaned simultaneously. I tentatively stroked Heidi’s hair while she feasted on Kristen’s tit. She detached and looked up at me with a seductive smile before returning her focus to Kristen. I watched as she alternated between her breasts, giving each nipple equal attention. Kristen’s breathing was heavy.

“How does that feel, baby?” I asked.

“Mmmm, amazing. Her lips are so soft,” she answered. “Do you like her tits?” Heidi looked up at me expectantly.

I locked eyes with her and replied, “they’re beautiful. You two look so hot right now.” Heidi crawled up along Kristen’s body and kissed her briefly before sliding up further. She dangled her hard nipple at Kristen’s mouth. Kristen eagerly accepted her offering.

Kristen now had her arms wrapped around Heidi’s body and was letting her fingers roam along her sides and back. Heidi looked at me, making sure I could see her reaction as my wife sucked her. I craned my neck past Kristen’s shoulder and kissed Heidi for the first time. As expected, her lips were soft and warm and she tasted amazing. As unbelievably hot this was, I couldn’t stay in this position much longer. The two women pressing up against me – combined with my dick pressing against Kristen – was pretty uncomfortable. Thankfully, Heidi could read the look on my face and pulled herself away from Kristen. “Let’s stop squishing poor Paul. We can’t play with him while he’s jammed into the corner of the sofa, now can we?”

“No, I suppose not,” said Kristen. She leaned up and looked back at me. “Plus, he’s been poking into my back this whole time.”

Heidi laughed. “Why don’t we go upstairs and get comfortable? Maybe we can find some relief for Paul.” I definitely liked the sound of that. The girls – still topless, I’d like to remind you – headed towards the stairs. In an effort to dull my nerves, I quickly slammed down the rest of the wine while watching their breasts sway as they moved. I followed them up to Heidi’s bedroom. Heidi flipped on the lamps sitting on either side of the bed – enough light that we could clearly see each other, but still dim enough to give it a sexy vibe.

It was obvious that neither Kristen nor I knew what to do next. I think Heidi knew this and was ready to handle the situation. She turned to me and said “want to watch your lovely wife kiss me a little more?”. I nodded. She gestured to a chair in the corner of the room. “You can sit there if you want.” It would give me a great view of whatever was about to happen on the bed. As I sat myself in the chair, Heidi climbed onto the bed and piled a bunch of pillows up against the headboard. She lay against them, her legs stretched out in front of her, and beckoned to Kristen. Kristen didn’t move. I knew that she still had to conquer her nerves. Making out on the sofa was one thing – getting into bed was another. “It’s OK, baby. I’m going to make you feel so good, I promise,” said Heidi. She patted the space beside her on the bed.

That was enough for Kristen, who eased herself onto the bed and lay beside Heidi. Heidi rolled toward Kristen and pulled her in for a kiss. I watched as they made out, breasts pressing together and hands exploring exposed skin. I wasn’t sure what my part in this was quite yet, but I was enjoying being an observer for now. My cock was insistently pushing against my pants and I let my hand move over it, gently squeezing and rubbing. Even through the layers of fabric, it felt good.

I must have caught Kristen’s eye. She broke the kiss and said “I don’t think you really need to be modest anymore, hon.” Heidi laughed and added “yeah, for sure. I mean, we’re here with our tits out and you’re fully-dressed”. They both laughed. The humour helped.”Oh, well I guess I should show off my tits too,” I said. More laughter. I pulled my shirt over my head. Heidi cat-whistled and clapped.

“Very nice, Paul. But that’s not what I meant, and you know it!” She jumped off the bed and knelt in front of me. Heidi ran her hands over my chest, sliding them down to unbutton my jeans. She followed by sliding the zipper down. I raised my ass up so she could slide them down. She took my boxers, too. My cock eagerly sprang free, standing proudly in front of Heidi. She looked up at me, winked and said, “I think I’m going to like this dick.” She looked over her shoulder at Kristen. “Thanks for sharing it with me, baby.” Kristen nodded mutely. She was playing with her nipples while she watched.

But to my surprise, Heidi didn’t touch me. She climbed onto the bed, working her way back to Kristen. She crawled up over Kristen’s legs and ran her hands over her breasts and stomach before unbuttoning Kristen’s pants. It occurred to me that Heidi was replaying the same moves she’d used on me. She had me naked, and now it was Kristen’s turn. Kristen lifted up and Heidi slid down her pants – and her panties. Between the three of us, it was just Heidi with any clothing on now.

She gently moved Kristen’s legs apart and spent a moment taking in the sight of Kristen’s shaved mons. She ran her hands up Kristen’s legs and over her thighs. Kristen moaned, anticipating Heidi’s (first?) contact with her pussy – but it didn’t happen. Heidi stopped short of touching Kristen where she most wanted it, looked back at me and asked, “I bet you just love this pussy, don’t you Paul?”

“So much,” I replied.

Heidi sat up on her knees between Kristen’s parted legs, letting her hands trace over her thighs. “I feel like I didn’t have enough time to give Kristen the massage she really wanted earlier. Want to help me finish the job?”

I nodded, and Heidi motioned for me to join her and Kristen on the bed. I knelt beside Kristen, my dick standing at the ready. Kristen reached out and gripped me gently, beginning slow strokes. Heidi pulled me in for a long, sensual kiss. I could feel Kristen’s eyes on us. I broke the kiss with Heidi and turned my attention to her, leaning in to meet her. As our lips connected, Heidi latched onto Kristen’s right breast. She moaned. I sat up to watch. She continued stroking me. Heidi looked up at me. I took her hand from Kristen’s thigh and positioned it between her legs. Heidi lifted up from Kristen’s tit and leaned across her body to kiss me as she slid a finger into Kristen’s pussy. Kristen wriggled, her breathing loud and jagged.

“Oh, she’s so wet!,” exclaimed Heidi. She pulled her finger out and rubbed it over the end of my dick, coating it with Kristen’s juices. “Taste yourself on him, baby,” she said. Kristen obeyed and guided my cock into her mouth. “Fuck, this is so hot.” Kristen moaned around me as Heidi reinserted her finger, moving into a steady thrusting pattern. Heidi grabbed my hand and shoved it into her breast. I played with her nipple, watching her finger-fuck Kristen. In turn she watched my wife suck my dick.

“Don’t you dare cum before she does,” said Heidi. “Trust me – I’ll make it worth your while.” I forced myself to pull my cock from Kristen’s mouth before there was no going back. I repositioned my body so that I could suck her tits while she got fingered. As I pulled her nipple into my mouth, Heidi moved her other hand to Kristen’s clit, using two fingers to circle it gently.

From there, it did not take long before Kristen’s orgasm hit. I sat up to watch as she unleashed a long, low moan. Kristen’s orgasm was electric. She arched her back off of the bed as her muscles contracted, as if there were a current flowing from Heidi’s finger up through her core. Finally she let out a sigh and dropped back down. I gently ran my hand up and down her belly until her breathing returned to normal. She said nothing, simply staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Heidi spoke. “Well, if you liked that, just wait until I eat your pussy later on.” She then made a show out of removing her fingers (she’d added a second at some point!) from Kristen and licking them clean.

Kristen was still speechless. Finally, she turned to look at me, then down at my cock which was insistently pointing in her direction. She reached out to touch me, but Heidi swatted her away. “I’ll take care of that for you. You just lie back and watch, baby.” Heidi moved beside me, reached out and took hold of my shaft. She looked down at Kristen. “Do you like watching me hold your husband’s dick?” Kristen nodded. “Sorry, I can’t hear you…”

“Yeah,” said Kristen. Heidi looked at her expectantly, wanting more. “Yes, I like watching you hold my husband’s dick.” Heidi smiled devilishly.

“May I make him cum?” She gave my cock a playful squeeze and winked at me. “Don’t worry, I’ll give him back to you after.”

“Do it. I want to watch.”

Heidi began stroking me. Her grip on me felt foreign, but most welcome. Kristen traced her fingers lightly over my thigh and asked “feel good, baby?” I could only grunt out some sort of affirmation. Heidi quickly settled into a steady rhythm. Between the blowjob from Kristen and the overall eroticism of the moment, I was not going to last long. I looked into Kristen’s eyes, and she into mine, as Heidi pushed me towards climax. I passed my point of no return. Heidi could feel it coming (pun intended) and pointed me at Kristen’s tits. My eyes clenched shut as I came. My orgasm felt huge and forceful – I didn’t know how much cum I’d blasted onto Kristen until I was finally finished and opened my eyes to see the mess I’d made of her. Streaks of cum were laced over both tits, which heaved with her heavy breathing.

Heidi let go of me, then reached out and scooped some of my cum off of Kristen and transferred it to her own nipple.

“Oops. Got some on me. Help me clean up?”

Without waiting for a reply, she moved over Kristen to line up her breast with her mouth. Kristen’s licked off the glob before gently suckling her nipple. Satisfied that Kristen had done her job, Heidi sat up and asked me to grab a towel. I hopped off the bed and headed into the ensuite and pulled a hand towel from atop a small stack of linens. Heidi crashed down on the bed next to Kristen.

“Well, that was an impressive load,” she said with a chuckle. “Does he usually cum like that?”

“No, I don’t think so,” said Kristen.

“Can confirm,” I replied. Both girls giggled.

“Well, I guess we must have… motivated you?” asked Heidi.

“Yeah, that was hot as hell,” I said, handing her the towel. She gently cleaned the rest of my cum from Kristen’s body before casting it aside.

“Glad we got that first one out of the way. If you’re going to be fucking us, some stamina would be appreciated.” My heart skipped a beat. “Oh! And hydration. We definitely want that, too. You guys can trust me from experience on this one.” She hopped off the bed, looked at us and reached down to remove her panties, kicking them into the corner of the bedroom. “Hope you don’t mind. I was starting to feel a little overdressed.” And with that, Heidi disappeared down to the kitchen. I watched her adorable ass wiggle as she walked away.

Kristen poked me playfully in the stomach. “Babe! We’re actually doing this!”

“I know! How are you feeling?”

“Um, you did see that orgasm she gave me, right?”

I chuckled. “Are you kidding? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You looked so sexy.”

“I felt sexy.”

I paused for a second before asking, “How did you feel watching her play with me?”

“Well, she kind of started in the car, right? It was really hot seeing her finish you off.” I was relieved to hear that. I was fairly sure that at this point there would be no jealous feelings, but getting confirmation was good – especially if things were going to escalate. “It might sound strange but when she made you cum on me, I felt… I dunno, involved? Like I was part of it, instead of just watching the two of you mess around.”

“So… what’s next?” I asked.

“Well, I’m guessing that she would appreciate it if we, uh, reciprocated? Hell, she wasn’t even naked until just now. She got us both off but we’ve barely touched her.”

I haven’t touched her at all, I thought to myself.

“I think she was just getting us warmed up,” I said with a chuckle.

“Haha, I think you’re right. Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on that hot little bod of hers, huh?” She looked at me with a grin and an arched eyebrow. I shrugged my shoulders and Kristen laughed. “It’s OK, babe. Kind of what we’re here for, right?”

I shrugged and threw my hands up in the universal ‘what can you do’ pose. Kristen laughed and swatted my leg playfully.

“I hope I do okay,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I don’t have much experience in this area. You know that.”

I took her hand in mine. “If you make her feel half as good as you make me feel, she’s in for a good time.”

We clammed up as we heard Heidi coming up the stairs. She gave us each a bottle of water. I cracked mine open and took a sip, Kristen placed hers on the nightstand. “Everybody good?” she asked.

“Yup,” we replied in unison. Heidi smiled at us.

“You know, you two look really sexy when you cum,” she said. Kristen blushed at the compliment. It’s not one you heard every day.

“Well, you made us feel pretty good,” she replied.

“I thought I did OK,” Heidi said with a laugh. “It turns me on. Seeing other people cum – that’s what does it for me.” She sat down in the chair. “What about you? Do you ever watch women getting themselves off, Paul?”

Kristen looked at me expectantly. I answered, saying “Sometimes. Y’know, like when I watch porn.”

“Oh yeah?”

She stood up and walked to her nightside table and opened the drawer. She reached in and pulled out a modestly-sized dildo. “Do you like it when the women use toys on themselves?”

“Mm-hmm.” I looked over to Kristen, noticing that her nipples were erect. Her earlier blush had faded, but some pink remained in her cheeks. She was once again getting turned on. Heidi sat back down in the chair and looked at us intently. She brought the toy to her lips and licked it slowly before sliding into her mouth. As Heidi fellated the toy she hooked her legs over the arms of the chair, proudly displaying her pussy for us.

Kristen’s eyes were fixed on Heidi’s amazing body. Perhaps without realizing it, she had moved her left hand to her breast.

Heidi removed the toy from her mouth and hovered it over her pussy. Her labia had parted, signalling her pussy’s readiness for more. “Watch me,” she said. We were. Trust me, we were. She slid the toy over her spread lips and moaned quietly, her eyes glued to us. She wanted to see our reactions just as much as we wanted to watch her perform for us. She soon pushed the toy inside herself, ever so slowly sliding it in inch-by-inch. Kristen’s left hand was still lightly playing over her breast, but her right had found its way between her legs and was circling her clit with two fingers.

Although I had cum just minutes ago, I felt a stirring down below. Normally I would need some time to “recharge”, but having two gorgeous women masturbating in front of me was seemingly cutting my refractory period down to nothing. Heidi wasted no time in finding her rhythm and began fucking herself steadily. Even as her arousal increased, her eyes stayed open and fixed on us. She clearly got off on us watching. After a few minutes, Heidi picked up the pace and began working the toy in and out of herself with greater urgency. As she fucked herself faster, Kristen’s fingers similarly sped up on her clit. The scent of the girls’ sex filled the air and my cock was at full attention. After my recent orgasm I was confident that I’d have better stamina for round two and couldn’t resist giving myself a few strokes – who could, given the eroticism of the moment? My action did not go unnoticed.

“Mmm, I think he likes watching me fuck myself,” said Heidi.

Kristen looked over to see my hand on my dick. “I can’t blame him,” she replied. “So do I.”

“And I think you like putting on a show for us,” I added.

Heidi bit her bottom lip and moaned in agreement. I continued stroking myself lightly, alternating my focus between the two women. The wet sound of the toy plunging into Heidi’s pussy provided an obscene soundtrack.

Heidi changed tactics. She stopped thrusting and instead held the dildo deep inside her with one hand. The other moved to stimulate her clit. She continued looking at us her climax approached, her eyes ablaze. Finally, Heidi came. A ragged moan escaped her lips and she shuddered as the pleasure coursed through her. She pulled the dildo from her pussy and a trickle of fluid ran from her opening. As her orgasm subsided, she ran a finger through it and popped it into her mouth. She winked at Kristen as she did this.

Under her breath, Kristen whispered, “god you’re so sexy.”

As her breathing relaxed and her flushed cheeks returned to their normal colour, she made no effort to regain her modesty. Instead, she continued sitting with her legs splayed so that we could enjoy the sight of her swollen cunt. I couldn’t help but wonder if her exhibitionism carried beyond the bedroom.

Kristen and I had stopped touching ourselves once Heidi finished. The dildo was still in Heidi’s hand. She let out a relaxed sigh and said, “hope you enjoyed the show.” She turned her focus to me and said “I get the feeling that you did, at least,” while making a goofy “jerking off” gesture. She was good at relieving the tension and I chuckled.

She looked over to Kristen and wagged the dildo.

“This. Now this is a good toy,” she said.

“Yeah, you look like you enjoyed it,” said Kristen.

“It’s a go-to. Never fails me.” Heidi pulled her legs back from the arms of the chair and reached towards the bed, holding the toy out to Kristen. “Want to try?”

Kristen hesitated for a moment before crawling to the foot of the bed. She took the toy – still wet and glistening – from Heidi’s outstretched hand. I assumed that she’d return to her previous position and use the toy on herself. But Kristen had other plans and instead knelt at the end of the bed. She looked back over her shoulder at me. “Come over here so you can watch this,” she said. I moved so that I could see whatever was about to happen.

Kristen looked at Heidi, winked, and took a long slow lick of the dildo.

“Oh, you’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” exclaimed Heidi. “Do I taste good?”

“Mm-hmm,” said Kristen as she continued lapping at the toy. Heidi watched intently, then spoke.

“Why don’t you come over and try some right from the source?” She moved herself to the edge of the chair and opened her legs. Kristen put the dildo down onto the bed and looked at me. Her face was a combination of nerves and excitement. I rubbed her back gently and nodded. Kristen climbed off the bed and knelt in front of the chair. She placed her hands on Heidi’s spread legs and locked her eyes onto her eager twat. Heidi reached out, put two fingers under Kristen’s chin and gently tilted her head up so that she could make eye contact.

“When’s the last time you ate pussy, honey?”

Kristen giggled nervously. “Umm. Not long after graduating from school I think. And it was just once. I hope I remember what to do.”

“Oh, I think you’ll do just fine.” I couldn’t believe what I was about to see. I quietly moved to the foot of the bed to get a better view. Heidi reached out and gently pulled Kristen’s head between her legs, moaning loudly as Kristen made contact. She threw her head back and muttered, “goddamn that feels good.” Kristen needn’t have worried about her skills. Heidi looked at me, pleasure evident on her face. Knowing that Kristen was the cause of it had my cock throbbing. “Your wife is licking my pussy,” she said.

Kristen soon lifted her head. She looked back at me and asked, “are you watching, baby?”

“You’d better believe it. You are so sexy.”

I watched the action as a quiet observer and enjoyed the sound of Heidi’s heavy breathing and occasional moans. My hand had found its way to my dick again, and I stroked myself lazily while watching. Kristen must have hit just the right spot, because Heidi suddenly jerked and gasped. Her left hand shot out and pushed Kristen’s head harder into her pussy. Opening her eyes, Heidi noticed that my hand was on my dick. She looked up at me.

“Let me suck your dick,” she instructed. Who was I to disobey? I stood beside her. She let herself slouch down in the chair slightly, so that her mouth was lined up with me. She gripped my cock with her free hand and began licking at the head.

“I’m going to suck his dick, Kristen. Is that OK, baby?”

Kristen lifted her head up. “Only if I can watch,” she replied. And she did – here eyes were fixed on my dick as Heidi wrapped her lips around it. It didn’t take long for Heidi to find her rhythm, treating me to a slow, steady blowjob. “Is she good, honey?” asked Kristen. I grunted something and nodded in reply. Kristen returned to Heidi’s pussy. Her near-continual moans reverberated through my shaft – clearly, Kristen was doing a fine job.

Heidi kept up her leisurely pace – she was in no hurry to make me cum, which I appreciated. Kristen returned to watching me get sucked off, and in doing so slid two fingers into Heidi. I could hear the schlicking sound as Kristen’s worked in and out of her pussy, and realized that she had matched the pace of her blowjob to the speed with which Kristen was fingering her. When Heidi eventually started taking me deeper, I knew that Kristen was pushing her fingers further into her. Every so often, Heidi would let her tongue wander around my shaft while it was in her mouth – a maneuver which would make me weak in the knees, and one which I hoped she would share with Kristen.

One such gesture elicited a particularly loud moan from me. Kristen said, “don’t make him cum yet. I need him to fuck me.”

Heidi pulled off of me. “I can’t wait to see that. I’d bet you look so sexy with your pussy full.” Kristen responded by climbing onto the bed. Heidi joined us, positioning herself to get a good view of the action. “I think she’s ready for you,” she said. I knelt between Kristen’s legs and hooked my hands under her thighs to hold her in place. We both loved this position – it’s the one we used when it was time for a good, hard, no-nonsense fuck. I lined my cock up with her pussy and was about to push in when Heidi reached out and took hold of my shaft. She took control, sliding the head teasingly over Kristen’s opening put not letting me enter her.

“Do you want this dick?” she asked.

Kristen nodded.

Heidi nestled the tip of my cock between Kristen’s spread lips but didn’t let go of me. “Sorry, honey – I didn’t hear you. Do you want this dick?” What a tease.

Kristen was almost begging. “Please, let me have it. I need to get fucked.” I’d never heard this level of want in her voice before.

Heidi gave me a small nod. Finally, I slid through Heidi’s hand fingers and into Kristen. We moaned together – Heidi included. The time for exploration and teasing had passed. Orgasm was the only goal. Kristen was as wet as I’d ever felt her and I laid into her fast and hard. Heidi stayed kneeling beside us and moved her hand between her legs, circling her clit while she watched us. I was still feeling good about my stamina and knew I’d be able to give Kristen what she needed. I focused on giving her fast, deep strokes, bottoming out with each thrust.

“Fuck, you two are hot,” said Heidi. She reached out and let her fingers delicately slide along Kristen’s neck, over her breasts and belly and down between her legs. She let my her fingers play along my shaft as I continued fucking Kristen.

It wasn’t long before Kristen’s moans became longer and louder. Our years of being together told me that this was a sign that she was nearing orgasm. Heidi sensed it too and moved her fingers onto Kristen’s clit. “I can’t wait to see you cum. You’re close, aren’t you?”

“Yeah”. Heidi moved her fingers faster.

“Do you like me watching you get fucked? I like seeing his cock sliding into you.”

No words this time, just an urgent nod.

“And I’d bet that you just love my fingers on your clit, don’t you?”

That did the trick. Kristen came, grabbing onto Heidi’s thigh. The sound that came out of her mouth could be best-described as a series of desperate whimpers. Her pussy clenched around my dick, holding me tight as waves of pleasure crashed over her. “Mmm, that’s a good girl. Cum for us.” Heidi rested her hand atop Kristen’s – a gesture I found to be very intimate as she rode out her orgasm.

As she came down from her peak, Kristen opened her eyes and looked at me and Heidi. Her cheeks were flush, and a sly smile crept across her lips. “Goddammit, you are so sexy,” said Heidi. She leaned over Kristen and they kissed deeply. I pulled my cock out of Kristen and gently rubbed her legs while they made out. Both girls had cum (and in Kristen’s case, twice!) so I wasn’t sure what was next – but I had a feeling that Heidi wasn’t done with us quite yet. She whispered something into Kristen’s ear. Kristen shuddered and whispered something in return. They kissed again before breaking their position. Both girls looked at me. Heidi winked and said “you’re going to like this part.”

Kristen hopped off the bed, beckoning me to follow. She stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me before letting one hand drop down to my cock and began stroking it gently. We watched Heidi lay herself invitingly across the mattress.

Heidi looked up at me from the bed. “I’m glad you didn’t cum yet,” she said. “I didn’t want to have to wait to fuck you.” I knew that getting to have sex with her was a real possibility, but hearing her say it out loud made my cock twitch in Kristen’s hand.

“Mmm, I can feel his dick pulsing. He’s so ready for you,” said Kristen. I couldn’t think of a suitable reply. But – as the saying goes – actions speak louder than words so I eagerly climbed back onto the bed and knelt between Heidi’s spread legs.

As I positioned myself, I heard some a rustling sound and looked over at Kristen. She had picked my jeans up off the floor and was fishing through my pockets. She pulled out my phone. Wow. Kristen and I had gone through a phase where we made quite a few ‘home videos’. We’d sometimes even watch them together during foreplay and talk dirty to each other about the action on screen, but hadn’t done any of that in quite some time. Tonight, though – tonight was clearly worth adding to our modest collection of homemade erotica.

Kristen was now panning the camera along Heidi’s body. “Look at how sexy she is, Paul. Can you fuck her for me? I want to watch.”

I ran my hands up Heidi’s thighs while teasingly nudging the tip of my dick against her. “Oh god, Kristen – he’s about to put it in me,” she said.

Kristen locked eyes with me and said, “Do it, baby.”

Finally, I pushed into Heidi. My first stroke was slow and deliberate. I wanted to relish the feel of the first new pussy I’d been inside in years, so I took my time. She moaned as I eased in. I pulled out just as slowly, then pushed back in a little more forcefully. I repeated this until I was fucking her in earnest. Kristen got back on the bed. She was enjoying her role as cameraperson and moved around to capture different angles.

At one point she moved behind me and wrapped an arm around my body, camera in hand. I could see that she had was focusing on Heidi’s face. Heidi’s eyes were closed, lost in the pleasure. “Do you like fucking my husband?” asked Kristen.

Heidi opened her eyes and a sexy smirk crossed her lips. “Oh baby, you have no idea. His dick feels so good. Do you like watching him fuck me?”

“Mm-hmm. My pussy is almost dripping.”

“Yeah? Let’s see.” Kristen moved up the bed and knelt beside Heidi. Heidi easily slipped two fingers inside her and pulled them out – wet and shining – and showed them off for the camera. Kristen handed me the phone.

“Make sure you get this,” she said.

And then Kristen lowered herself down over Heidi’s face.

She kept her eyes locked on the camera as she lowered herself. The camera captured the ecstasy spread across her face as Heidi’s tongue made contact. I kept the camera on her intently, making a permanent record of her being pleasured by her new lover.

I had to take a second to do a reality check: here I was, fucking a woman who was just a notch above being a complete stranger while my wife eased her pussy onto her mouth – and I was recording the proceedings. Somehow, I was able to multitask and kept a steady rhythm as I moved in and out of Heidi. I was thankful for the distraction that Kristen was providing. Watching her writhe against Heidi’s face as she ate her out saved me from focusing on how good Heidi felt around my dick.

Kristen’s eyes were burning and her mouth hung slightly open. She looked at me and silently mouthed “I love you” as Heidi continued feasting on her pussy. One hand was playing with her tits, the other balancing her on Heidi’s face. “Fuck her harder. I like it when you make her moan into my pussy.”

I took my orders and began thrusting into Heidi more forcefully. It had the desired effect and I heard Heidi’s muffled moans added to Kristen’s. I couldn’t resist pointing the camera downward to spend some time recording my cock repeatedly slamming into her. “I can’t wait to watch that later,” said Kristen.

Somewhere in my mind, I wondered if Heidi would want us to share this recording with her. Would she watch it with her boyfriend? Would she get herself off while watching it? The idea of her masturbating to images of me fucking her sent a thrum of pleasure through my body. I knew my climax was approaching. Kristen must have seen the expression on my face change and snapped me out of my reverie.

“Do you need to cum soon, baby?” she asked. I nodded. “You want to cum in her pussy, don’t you?” I grunted something resembling a ‘yes’ and picked up the pace further still. “Do you want my man to cum in you, Heidi?”

Heidi pulled her face away from Kristen’s twat and said, “oh god, yes. I’m so close.” She was close? That made two of us. Kristen lifted herself off of Heidi and grabbed the phone from me. Heidi’s moans turned to something more urgent in nature and I knew that she was going to cum with me. I felt my balls tighten. I grabbed her hips tightly and managed just a few more strokes before pushing into her as deeply as I could manage.

That last thrust triggered an orgasm in both of us.

Kristen knelt beside us and recorded us while we came. My mind went blank. My eyes clenched shut. Heidi’s pussy pulsed around my throbbing cock, our orgasms melting into one singular experience. I collapsed onto her as I filled her. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me inside of her and let out a series of sounds that I cannot describe in words. I couldn’t remember ever having an orgasm that felt as long or intense as this one. The forbidden nature of fucking “another woman” was erotic enough. Having my wife watch only served to elevate the experience. I could only imagine how much cum I was emptying into Heidi.

When the waves of pleasure finally passed, I opened my eyes. I was breathing heavily, suddenly tired from my exertions. Heidi was staring ahead blankly, similarly trying to catch her breath. I pulled my dick out of her and flopped down on the bed. Kristen was absentmindedly running her hand over Heidi’s naked belly while looking at me with a sly smile.

“Good job, baby,” she said.

I managed to catch my breath enough to reply with a chuckle. “Thanks, honey.”

“Yeah – thanks, honey,” said Heidi. Both Kristen and I laughed. She put the phone down, crawled over and laid next to to me and held my hand. We all lay quietly for a while, enjoying the afterglow.

I was about to drift off when Heidi spoke. “Wow. Just… like, how much cum did you put in me?” I shrugged. How do you answer a question like that? Kristen looked at Heidi’s freshly-fucked pussy. Her lips were puffy and spread – and a rivulet of cum was running from her opening.

“Fuck, that is so hot,” said Kristen. “It’s dripping out of you.” Heidi leaned up against the headboard. She ran a finger over her slit, collected my cum on the tip and took a look at the result.

“Yeah… that is pretty hot.” She looked at Kristen as she licked her finger clean. Kristen crawled up between her legs. “Be careful. I’m pretty sensitive right now,” said Heidi.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. Let me take care of you.” The tone in Kristen’s voice was soft and caring. Heidi reached down and spread herself open for Kristen. More cum issued forth. Kristen moved in and licked it away. As promised, she proceeded delicately. Heidi sighed. Not a sexualized moan, mind you – more a sigh of contentment.

This was almost beyond belief. I’d never have believed anyone telling me that I’d one day get to watch my wife clean my cum from her masseuse’s pussy. Like I said before, Kristen had told me she messed around with a girl at a party back in the day, but I doubt that it was this intense. There was that time couple of weeks ago when Kristen had let my cum drip from her and licked it off of me. That had been after her initial visit to Heidi, too – a seed had been planted in her mind then, perhaps? Whatever it was, it was certain now that something had been unlocked in her.

The moment felt so intimate that I was hesitant to insert myself into the proceedings. But was I going to let this moment go undocumented? No! I picked up the phone and began recording as Kristen lapped at Heidi’s pussy. She was continuing her tender approach. It didn’t seem like bringing Heidi to (another) orgasm was the goal here. This was just care for her lover, helping her clean up after I’d cum inside her. Heidi had her eyes closed and a blissed-out expression on her face. I put my free hand on her thigh and she came back to reality.

“This feels really nice,” she said. “She’s being so gentle.”

Kristen lifted up and looked at her. “You taste so good with his cum in you.” Boy, was I ever glad that I was recording this.

“I can feel how much he filled me,” she replied. Kristen slowly eased two fingers into Heidi. I could hear the sound as they slid through the cum inside her. I’m sure Heidi could too.

“Does that feel OK, honey?” I loved that Kristen wanted to ensure that Heidi continue to feel good. Heidi nodded and murmured. Kristen pulled her fingers out and climbed up. She offered her fingers out to Heidi, who pulled them into her mouth. Kristen looked at me as Heidi sucked on her fingers. “Oh! She’s using her tongue – I’d bet she did the same to your dick, huh?”

“She did.”

“I’ll have to remember that trick,” she said. Score one for me (as if this experience hadn’t been enough of a ‘score’ already). “Now your cum is in her pussy and her mouth.” Heidi released her fingers.

Kristen laid next to Heidi and curled up against her. I was familiar with her favourite post-coital position and liked seeing her press up against her (our?) new lover. “Maybe next time he can finish on my face,” said Heidi. Next time. I liked the sound of that – and the idea of giving Heidi a facial.

“I’d like to see that,” said Kristen. “Maybe he’ll have enough for both of us.”

Maybe I would. I couldn’t wait to find out.

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