Married man goes on cruise, leaving wife behind

Last Christmas for my bonus, my boss gave my wife and I a cruise. My wife was ecstatic about the idea of spending a week aboard a ship relaxing with all the service that comes with the cruise. A week later my wife gave me her dates that she would be able to take off for our trip. I called the travel agent to set us up.

I week later the packet from the cruise ship arrived. We both where shocked to learn the ship were a sailing yacht. Not the typical cruise ship. The Flamboyance was our boat for a week in the Virgin Islands. The 60′ Schooner would sail us around into coves for our overnight stays. With all inclusive gourmet food and drinks. The ship’s captain stated in his letter to us, “to bring minimal personal items and clothing” as the ship spaces would handle only a few casual clothes.

OK, we figured swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts. I’m thinking all the better, for carry-on luggage. My wife and I where so excited we could hardly go to sleep the night before our scheduled departure. Then the phone rang.

My wife’s boss had chest pains and had been rushed to the emergency room. The home office canceled my wife’s vacation. She would return to work to manage until her boss returned.

My wife insisted that I go alone. She told me she would be working a lot of overtime and would not be spending much time home anyway. I was reluctant to leave without her, but on her insistence I did go on with our plans.

The flight was lonely with no one in the seat beside me. But I soon had a smile on my face and a beautiful ocean under the wings.

Terry, a member of Captain John’s crew was there to greet me. He took me to the hotel where during the course of the evening, all of the guests came together for the first time. Terry left us, saying to be ready at six in the morning as he would be back with the van to pick us up. Breakfast would be served aboard the schooner.

I looked about the small crowd of people there. For the most part everyone was in very good shape, physically. Many where already tan. We all had a casual look about ourselves. I began introducing myself to the others in the small groups that had begun to form. Going from one group to another. One couple introduced themselves to me, Alex and Debbie Applebee. Alex was much older than Debbie; she was beautiful, which automatically made Alex very rich. The others, Mike and Lorie Berry a young couple in their early 20’s and the Scott’s, John and Cathy along with their daughter Candice. I felt a little awkward being alone, as it seemed I was the only one there without a traveling companion. I just made the best of it.

I closed the door to my room and turned down my bed. I was unbuttoning my shirt when there was a knock on the door.

I swung open the door finding, I quickly searched my brain for his name, Alex.

Alex invited me to his and his wife’s room for a nightcap. I started to say ‘no thanks’ when I figured a little drink would help me get a goodnights sleep, so I accepted Alex’s gracious invite.

I followed Alex down the hall to his door, and I had no trouble remembering his wife’s name, Debbie.

Alex swung open the door of their room, calling to his wife to tell her I was there. Debbie came from the bathroom wearing a sheer white night gown. I could see her tanned body underneath. She looked gorgeous. I tried to look into her eyes as we shook hands. My eyes did fall once upon her breasts. Debbie’s breasts where perky and with those puffy nipples. Alex handed me a drink and we clicked out glasses together with a “cheers”. Debbie sat on the edge of the bed Alex sat beside her. I sat in the chair next to the lamp table. I took a sip of my drink as Debbie crossed her legs displaying most of her ass under the short nightgown. Her skin was silky smooth and her legs where well proportioned.

Debbie was the talker of the two. She told me where they had come from and that this was their second sailing cruise in three years. She told me that a sailing cruise was much more fun and “intimate” than the big cruise trips. The word intimate had a new meaning for me, with her sitting there with her bronze tits under the sheer nylon and her tapered legs and hips almost within my reach.

I noticed Alex yawning. I stood up, empting my drink and excused myself for the evening.

Alex and Debbie had been nice to me and I had thanked them for being so. As I lay on my bed, all I could think of was Debbie. I knew she would be the one who would lay topless driving me to drink while on the boat. My hand found my hard cock and I stroked it slowly until I felt my orgasm building. My brain focused on Debbie’s bronze tits and my tongue licking them, my hand moved faster and faster until I spurted my lust over my stomach.

The next thing I knew was the knock on the door. It was five thirty, time to get up. I dressed quickly and took my bag down stairs to the front door. Terry was waiting to take us to the dock. The others slowly made it down. I noticed Candice was carrying her own suitcase as her father was carrying his and his wife’s. I quickly took the suitcase from Candice and carried it out to the van. I handed the suitcase to Terry and made my way to the side doors of the van. I was the last one to board and the only seat left was next to Candice. She smiled and said ‘thank you’ to me for helping her. Candice was, well cute. I say that because she was young. I looked her over briefly, as I didn’t want her parent’s to get any ideas. She was tall and athletically built. Short brown hair and big brown eyes. Her legs looked powerful, but they had a beautiful taper to them. She was wearing very short, shorts.

I was looking out of the window at the countryside, being quiet and taking it all in. Candice broke the ice. She asked me if I had ever sailed before. I told her no.

She had not either, but told me she had come to the island on her senior trip two years ago. I started doing the math, figuring that she was not a child. Then wondering if I would ejaculate on my chest tonight thinking of her long legs over my shoulders. I was very happy to learn she was twenty and not sixteen.

We arrived at the dock just in time as my cock was tightening in my trousers. We all left the van and stood at the entrance to the dock. Out before us was the Flamboyance. She sat there on the blue water in a very erotic way, swaying back and forth in the slight breeze. Her masts rose into the blue sky, and the contrast of her wooden deck and her white hull made her inviting.

Another crewmember joined Terry to carry our baggage to the ship. We all stepped aboard in a group. Captain John greeted us, beside him was a lean blonde, sun dried woman who was our cook, Anne. Captain John asked about my wife. I told him about her emergency dealing with her job.

Anne asked me to follow her to my cabin. As I followed Anne I noticed that she had a very cute ass, and it liked to wiggle as she walked. On her feet where well worn leather boat shoes. She wore a blue t-shirt and white shorts. She told me to watch my head, as I was watching her cute ass. Too late, I bumped my head anyway going down into the galley. We walked to the front of the boat to my cabin. The information about not much room was correct. Anne showed me the ‘head’. I smiled thinking to ask someone, someday where the ships toilette got its name.

Anne left me alone to stow my gear. I unpacked my gear and arranged things to where I could get to them easily. I changed out of my travel clothes and put on my swim trunks and a t-shirt. I heard the diesel engines start up; I grabbed my digital camera and went topside.

Only half of us where topside as we pulled away from the dock and headed out of the harbor. When everyone was on deck the Captain introduced Calvin as the second ships mate. With that done, Calvin and Terry went about hoisting the sails. Soon the engine sound died and was replaced with the clink of the ropes on the masts. The ships sails were full of the wind and the ocean became quiet. I sat down on the deck with my back to the galley wall. Anne came to me telling me breakfast would be served in fifteen minutes. As I sat there, I smelled the ocean. I had this rush of excitement being alone with strangers all around me.

Soon the group was called to the galley where we had a breakfast that was loaded with lots of fruit. As I looked around I noticed most everyone had changed into their swimsuits. Debbie had a tiny yellow bikini, that didn’t surprise me at all. Candice had on a navy blue bikini that displayed her breasts well, now this surprised me, as I didn’t think her tits where that big. Her mother was wearing a one piece that was black with a sarong wrap. Lorie was wearing a white bikini, and for the first time she caught my sexual interest. She had a very nice body as the others did, but her skin was un-tanned, so the white bikini darkened it. Lorie had been wearing her hair ‘up’ and now had let it down. Lorie’s brown hair flowed beautifully over her shoulders and down her back. All the men wore what I wore, swimsuits and a shirt.

Soon breakfast was over and one by one we went topside. I waited for Mike and Lorie to leave, and followed Lorie out to better check out her ass and legs. I hung to the rear of the ship and they went forward. The water was smooth, I asked the Captain if it was always this smooth, he laughed a little and said no, but added it would not get to be ‘ruff’ on this trip. I looked out at the shoreline. In the distance I could see white beach sand, rocky shorelines and mountains. My view was quite the combination, for just looking out over the water. On board the ship, the view was much different. With so many pretty women, and without my wife along I would stay horny on this trip. Soon the women where spreading their towels out onto the deck. The sunscreen lotion and hats came out of their beach bags.

I noticed Mike knelling and rubbing the lotion onto Lorie’s back. They where just being playful, as I saw Lorie’s hand grab his crotch once when his hand went under the backside of her bikini bottom.

Alex and Debbie found a spot. As Alex laid their towels out, Debbie just standing there undid her bikini top baring her tits to anyone who wanted to see them. I know I sure want to see them, and more. Debbie sat on her towel and adorned her tits and legs with the sunscreen. My penis ached as I watched her smooth the lotion around her nipples. When everyone was settled I walked forward. I pulled off my t-shirt and lay on the deck. The sun was just starting to really warm the day up. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I must have dosed off, for how long I didn’t have a clue. But I heard Candice’s voice asking me to spread sunscreen on her back. I rolled over and upright. She sat down in front of me, turning her back to me. I squirted out the creamy white liquid onto my hand. It reminded me of something else that often lands in my hand.

I rubbed my two hands together and every so gently, slowly I rubbed the cream into Candice’s shoulders and down her back. When I jumped over her bikini strap, she told me ‘just a sec.’, and reached back and untied it, dropping the straps to her sides as she held the cups or her top over her tits. I went back over the area I passed with some fresh cream. I really want to use ‘my cream’ on her but that was only a dream in my mind.

Candice thanked me and as I thought she would leave me, she just lay down next to me. She never did tie her straps back. We both lay there on our stomachs looking out over the water. We started getting better acquainted. We talked most of the morning away. A few times Candice would talk with her hand waving, lifting her tits away from her top. Thus posing me to having to peek. I did notice that she didn’t have tan lines.

Soon lunch was announced; some went for snacks and returned to their towels. Others like Candice and I went into the galley. Shortly after lunch Anne said something about drinks. I asked Candice if she wanted something to drink, and she replied, ‘beer’. I picked two beers up and we returned to the deck of the boat. We sat down facing each other in the crossed leg way. There I received my dessert, a camel toe. My mouth watered for a taste of pussy. I felt my cock stiffen just a bit; I had to move to hide it. Candice was driving me crazy. During the rest of the day we moved about the boat talking until late afternoon when we pulled into a cove to anchor for the night.

Captain John told us this cove was great for swimming and that the beach was nice to explore. He lifted the inflatable off the side of the ship and told everyone to use it if they didn’t want to swim ashore.

Candice asked me if I liked swimming, I assured her I did. With that we climbed down the rope ladder into the water and made our way through the cove to the beach. Mike and Loire followed up behind along with Alex and Debbie. Candice’s parents stayed aboard.

Candice was a strong swimmer beating me to the sand beach. The heat of the day’s sun was in the sand, so we walked in the wet sand. The other two couples went the opposite way than us. We came to a place where the green vegetation came down almost to the waters edge. There where great rocks just beyond there lining the shore. Candice told me she needed to pee, so I turned my back and she entered the greenway to relive herself. When she came out she told me that I was such a gentleman for turning around. She told me of the boys she had dated in college; none of them would have turned around. Then she went onto say she was not a shy person anyway, so it didn’t matter to her if the boys wanted to see her pussy. She quickly added that she thought the boys where immature to suggest that watching a girl peeing was the same as watching a girl having sex.

I made the comment about some people have a fetish when it comes to pee. Candice laughed saying, “but all of them have the same fetish, I just wish I would find someone with a different fetish.”

“Like what”? I added. She shrugged her shoulders and we began walking back.

Soon we where stepping in the footprints of our shipmates. We followed them down the beach. As we came around the bend we noticed Mike and Lorie laying on a large flat rock. They where kissing as we quietly passed them without disturbing them. We continued on now following just two sets of prints. We had walked about another one hundred yards when we came to a small river flowing into the bay.

We stood there looking around for Alex and Debbie footprints. They had just stopped there. I stepped into the water, and Candice followed me. When we both where standing in the water I looked up the river, inland where it came from and saw Alex and Debbie.

Alex was lying on his back in the sand bank of the river. Debbie was straddling him and riding his cock like a cowgirl. I slowly turned around to climb out of the river when Candice held my hand. I stopped and turned around. She whispered to me, “this kind of fetish”, pointing to Alex and Debbie. She pulled me over behind a large green plant and we hid there watching the two fuck.

Alex was squeezing Debbie’s tits as she bent over him and kissed. We didn’t have a long show as Debbie quickly collapsed onto her husband’s chest. The two stood up, we watched as Debbie rubbed his cum from her inner leg. They stepped into the shallow river and washed themselves off then retrieved their swimsuits. I pulled Candice’s hand and we left walking back to Mike and Lorie’s rock. They had swum most the way back to the ship. Candice and I followed them making a nice slow swim and with Candice talking about how sexy Debbie looked fucking her husband. She asked me if I had ever watched someone before and I told her yes, a few times.

We climbed aboard and I excused myself and walked to my cabin. There I stripped down nude. My cock hardened, as I stood there naked recounting the day. I considered jacking off but dismissed this idea; instead I dressed for dinner in my khaki shorts and a shirt. I left my cabin and walked towards the galley passing by Candice’s room. Her door was ajar and I peeked as I passed. I saw her standing nude with her back to me, no tan lines on her butt either. I wondered if she had done that on purpose to arouse me. If so, it worked.

Candice sat with her parents during dinner. A couple of times our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I was starting to wonder if there was a real possibility of the two of us having sex. As a married man far from home I had no idea if I could keep from fucking Candice, if given a chance.

I sat with Lori and Mike during dinner. We talked about the sailing day and our trip to the beach. Lori was wearing a white dress that looked very proper, covering all of her cleavage. But it was short, and showed her legs. I could see the signs of the sun from the day displayed on her calves.

After dinner we all went out onto the deck for drinks. There we mingled around the boat talking with each other and looking into the night sky. This was truthfully a beautiful cruise; I was wishing my wife were with me to share this night.

I drank too much and stayed out on the deck too long. Most everyone had retired below to sleep in his or her berths. I stood up, my legs felt like rubber. I started towards the hatch. I stepped down into the galley and hit my head, once again. But this time real hard.

Anne heard the loud knock that my head made on the wood. She didn’t hear my cursing. She came out of her cabin to see about me.

I felt my forehead; it was swelling up to a large knot. Anne looked at my head and took me by my arm and led me back to my cabin. We entered my cabin and she sat me on my bed. She told me to lay back and she pulled my feet into the berth. She took off my shoes and tucked a pillow under my head.

Anne told me to lie still and that she would return with some ice for my head.

I closed my eyes briefly, but opened them when Anne placed the cool ice on my head. It felt very good. Easing the pain. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Anne was talking to me, explaining that I was OK and it was just a bump on my forehead. I looked up into her eyes and saw a very caring person. I tried to explain how grateful I was that she was helping me. Anne just said “Shush”.

Anne began rubbing my shoulders and neck telling me to go to sleep. The ice was working as the throbbing in my head relaxed somewhat. Anne’s hands where warm on the back of my neck, I opened my eyes to she her leaning over me. Anne’s breasts where right in my face. Only her T-shirt was between them and me. I watched her tits as they swayed back and forth as her hands massaged me. I felt my cock harden as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning came late. Thankfully I slept through breakfast. I could here voices and I felt the schooner moving. We where underway. There was a knock on the door. I answered to the knock with “come in”. Anne came in with a tray of fruit and coffee. She sat the coffee down on the table. She was wearing a bikini top with her shorts today.

Anne said, “Let me take a look at your head.” She leaned over me again to view my forehead. Her bra covered her nipples but the top of her mounds came within inches of my nose. I could smell the sweetness of her coconut oil sunscreen. I took a deep breath, and she heard me do it.

She pulled back, stood straight up and asked me, “Are you going to get another erection like last night?”

I was embarrassed and shook my head no. I told Anne I was sorry, that I was drunk and promised to behave myself. Anne leaned back over and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered in my ear that she enjoyed seeing me respond to her touch. I smiled back and sat up, I swung my legs and feet to the floor. I felt a little dizzy so I remained still.

Anne handed me the coffee and told me to sit still and drink it. With that she left the cabin returning to the galley. After maybe five minutes I was feeling fine. I went to the shower and cleaned myself up. In the mirror I viewed my big red knot on my forehead. I touched it and found it sore but not disabling.

I dressed and went to the galley and had a seat. Anne asked if I wanted anything, I just asked for another cup of coffee. I sat there drinking my fresh cup and watched her work. Her back was beautiful; it was tapered going down to her thin waist. I could only imagine how she would look nude.

I asked Anne what was in store for today. She replied they would anchor early today for some snorkeling. She asked me if I felt up to diving. I told her I would have to wait and see, but right now, no.

Anne laughed and turned towards me and spoke, “If you stay on board with me, I’ll put you to work. I think I could use you for something.” She winked.

I smiled back at her remark and told her I would take that idea under advisement.

Within an hour the ships sails came down. The diesel motors started and we inched our way towards a rocky shore. The anchor splashed in the water and everyone was scurrying around getting ready to snorkel dive. The ships hands put two inflatable boats over the side. Everyone was being loaded in the two boats. The Captain came over to me and asked if I felt up to going along. I thought a second, and replied that I would stay on board. The two boats left with everyone but Terry, Anne and myself.

Terry was on deck working on his equipment, so I went to the galley. Anne turned when I stepped down into her galley. She had this big smile on her face. She took me by the hand saying, “We had better look at that bump” and led me to the forward spaces.

She pulled me into my cabin and had me sit down. Anne leaned over me once again, but this time her tits squished into my face. My lips came together and began kissing the tops her boobs. I hands came up and under lifting her tits into my face even more. Anne’s hands pulled the back of my head pushing my face tighter into her bosom. I could smell and taste her coconut oil. I let go of her boobs and went to her back and pulled her bikini tie loose. She pulled back, letting if fall to the floor. I leaned forward and took her nipple between my lips and gently suck it. I felt her hand move to my crotch. Anne grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze feeling it’s firmness. As horny as I was I knew the tip would already be wet with my precum.

My own hand moved to Anne shorts. I inched my finger in-between her leg and the shorts. She spread her self to give me better access. She wasn’t wearing panties. My finger found her hole, gooey.

Anne let go of my cock and pulled her breasts from my face. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She kicked them off of her feet. She pulled me up right and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles where I kicked them off of my feet.

Anne knelt before me. I looked down into her eyes. She smiled back at me and then took my cock into her hand. She tasted the fluid on the tip then licked the head of my shaft. I let my hands move slowly through her hair. With my fingertips I gently massaged her head.

Anne moved my cock in and out of her mouth. One of her hands held my sack in a light grip. The other hand moved over my lower stomach teasing the hair there.

I told Anne that I didn’t want to cum yet, and pulled her upright. We began kissing; our tongues explored each other’s mouth. She had a nice sensual kiss.

I felt her warm breasts against mine. Anne moved her hips closer to mine. I felt her pelvic bone grind against my cock. We kissed with lust; our hands danced over each other’s body with passion. Anne took my cock and placed it between her legs. She was as hot as they come.

We crept over to the bed, I leaned her back down on to the mattress. Anne raised her legs and placed her feet on the side rail of the bed. I moved closer to her with my cock in my hand. With my other hand I opened her cunt wide. My cock head touched her clit and she jumped with excitement. I stayed with her excited clit. I rubbed my cock head back and forth, up and down on it.

Anne’s hand reached out to me, beckoning me to fill her cunt with my cock. My ass went back and I repositioned my cock to her opening. Then I slowly entered her waiting passage to pleasure.

Anne’s legs now wrapped around my waist pulling me deeper into her. Our lips met once again in a deep and passionate kiss. My cock started pumping cum immediately into her sweetness. I let out a sigh and a moan. Anne took my face and layered it with her kisses.

The two of us got up and into my bed. We lay there side by side. Our fingers explored each other some more. Our lips touched each other’s face and lips. Anne was fingering my nipples and with her leg rubbing my wet cock. I became aroused after a few minutes of this play. My cock filled and wanted more of her.

I was feeling very aroused. My mind raced to her cum filled pussy. I wanted to be really kinky now. I knelt over Anne, my knees and legs on either side of her body. I started kissing her face, neck and tits. I worked down her stomach to her pelvis. My head went in-between her legs and with fervor I began eating her out.

Anne grabbed my head pulling it hard into her pussy. I drank our juices until she had her orgasm. After that she pulled me back up and began licking our juice off of my face. My cock found it’s way back into her. We began and slow grinding motion. My pelvic bone was hard against hers and my cock deep inside of her pussy.

We where really wet. Anne whispered into my ear, “Fuck me fast and hard”. I could hear our bones crashing. I could her the squish of sexual juices merging within her. Soon we both had orgasms, within seconds of each other. We fell into a mass of sweaty legs and arms intertwined for sex.

The two of us caught our breaths and Anne sat upright. She looked around as if she was thinking, she turned to me saying, “Grab your swim trunks and follow me.”

Anne and I went out onto the deck of the schooner naked. I followed her to the rope ladder and she descended down into the water. As I climbed onto the ladder I saw Terry looking our way. He waved to me and I waved back.

The water was cool and refreshing to my sore and fatigued body. Anne and I frolicked in the blue water until we heard the sounds of the outboard motors. We swam back to the ladder and put our clothing on. We climbed onboard and were drying off as the first boat came alongside.

During dinner that evening I heard how I missed out on some beautiful diving. I just smiled saying that I was happy for everyone. Little did they know that I also had an enjoyable day.

The next morning I awakened, as the boat started moving. I took a cup of coffee on deck and watched the shoreline changing. Terry told me we where not going far, just to another cove on the far side of this island. As I ate breakfast with the others we anchored in the new cove.

Out on deck we where greeted with a spectacular view. The shoreline was dotted with many small and secluded beaches with the tallest of trees as a backdrop. The small beaches where separated by groups of large rock formations. Everyone was excited to explore.

Personally I wanted to slip away with Anne once again. I eyed her talking to

Candice. Both where smiling and looking over at me. I wondered what they had in mind.

Anne explained that Candice wanted to come along with us. I was reluctant go along with that idea but I know I could not decline. I agreed with them. Knowing this would be the last cove I was to visit, I felt I would be missing out on something special.

The others had made their way to the beach by boat. Anne, Candice and I swam to the beach. The boat arrived with the others while where only halfway there. Anne commented that they had not taken her favorite beach. She told Candice and I to follow her.

The water was calm as we walked out onto the beach. The sun was blazing overhead with just a slight breeze making it a perfect day for a perfect place. The three of us fell onto the beach to rest from our invigorating swim.

Anne stood, looked at me and smiled. Her hands went to her neck and untied her bikini top letting it fall forward exposing her breasts to the sun. She then reached behind and pulled the back strap loose. Her bikini top fell to the sand. I watched Anne’s thumbs go into her waistband then slowly pull the rest of her bikini to her ankles. She squatted down and picked the bikini up and carried it to the tree line.

When she turned around she found Candice and I staring at her beautiful body. Anne said to us, “Come on shed the clothing, I have a very special place to show you two.”

I was a little embarrassed when I complied with my orders; I had not noticed that Anne’s nude body had aroused my cock. The to girls had taken off at a brisk pace leaving me to follow their beautiful swaying bodies walking bare footed through the sand.

We took a short journey to a hidden beach surrounded with boulders. There was plenty of sunshine and shade. Off to the side was a fresh water stream pouring into the bay. Anne walked to the stream and knelt down next to it and began drinking the water.

Candice and I stood watching. I was focused on Anne’s buns and her pussy beneath. Oh, I so had the urge to dive onto her and feast on her sexy body. But before I could, Candice walked past me and knelt beside Anne.

Anne cupped her hands together and dipped them into the water, and then she lifted them to Candice’s mouth giving her a drink. There was something very sensual about the two drinking the water. I wanted to do it also.

I knelt down and took a drink myself. The water was cool and refreshing beyond belief.

Anne smiled and said that this one stream carried its water from an ancient love encampment half way up the mountain. She continued saying that the area was used in ancient times as sort of a honeymoon area where newly wedded couples would come to spend time alone. Anne continued with the story saying that the water had special properties that when drank from another’s hands that it would invoke passion beyond belief.

Anne stood and stepped back from Candice and begun a slow swaying dance. Candice looked as she was in a trance watching Anne’s body sway. I watched in disbelief as Candice’s cupped her breast into her own hands and started pinching her nipples. Anne continued her slow seductive dance.

Candice stood and started dancing with Anne. I knelt in the sand with a huge erection as the two women danced, getting closer and closer to each other.

In a matter of a minute their bodies touched. Their nipples swayed onto the others breasts then flatted as they began hugging each other. I watched in increasing disbelief and their hips began to gyrate into each other. I stood up and walked closer.

The two girls lips met in a long and passionate kiss. I could hear them moaning as their heads moved and tilted as they kissed. When the kiss broke apart, Candice fell to her knees. She looked up into Anne’s eyes and parted her pussy with her fingers, then with a long tender lick tasted Anne.

Anne stood there with her feet slightly apart holding the back of her lover’s head. I moved even closer. Anne reached out to me, to be with her. I went to her backside and started kissing her neck and back. My cock rubbed the crack between her buns. My hands cupped her breast and squeezed them. I felt Anne’s involuntary climax in my hands and my cock against her. Anne’s knees weakened and I helped her down to the sand. Candice continued loving the woman’s body.

Anne whispered to me to bring her a drink of water. I got up and took two large steps to the stream and dipped my cupped hands into the cool water and quickly returned to Anne’s lips.

Anne drank the water and licked my hands. She then pulled my head down to her and we kissed. My cock was dangling hard between my legs. I know I would not last much longer. Anne asked Candice to move away from her. I quickly got in between Anne’s legs and lowered myself down on top of her body.

The tip of my cock found Anne’s pussy wet and parted. I entered easily as Anne’s hips lunged upward into mine, driving my cock deep inside of her.

I was correct. With all of the excitement that I had witnessed, I shot my load prematurely. I feel silent onto Anne’s chest.

Anne told Candice she had better get me a drink. I rolled off of her and sat upright as Candice returned with the water. She lifted her hands to my lips and I drank the cool refreshing wetness.

Immediately my cock hardened. I started a slow circular walk around Candice. I held my cock in my hand slowly stroking it.

Anne suggested that I get Candice a drink. I ignored her at first; I really just wanted to fuck her. Then I remember the waters powers. I stepped to the steam scooping the water up and returning to Candice. She eagerly lapped up the cool special waters.

Candice stepped closer to me and grabbed my cock in her hand. Our lips met and our tongued danced with each other’s. I eased Candice back down onto the sand. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Reaching down I found my cock and started moving her pussy open.

Anne pulled me back. I turned and glared at her. Anne said, “We must prepare her first. She is a virgin.” That word would not register to my brain.

Anne knelt beside me and lifted Candice’s butt off of the sand giving her a better angle to lick the virgin pussy. I was touching and feeling both of their bodies. Candice had her orgasm before Anne allowed me back on top of her. I quickly got in place. Anne was next to me holding Candice’s pussy lips apart and guiding my cock in.

I felt the head of my cock enter. There seemed to be a tight ring just below my cock head. I pressed forward slowly but Candice pushed upwards and I popped into her.

Candice let out a shriek as I enter her fully. But that didn’t slow her hips down at all. She kept meeting my thrusts, our hipbones crashed into each other’s. Candice wrapped her legs around my waist; her arms circled my neck pulling me closer and deeper.

I felt my balls boiling with another shot of semen. I stiffed my buns and back feeling the orgasmic spasm squirting my cum deep in Candice.

I would love to tell you about the rest of the day, but I can’t. I am to damn horny to continue recounting that beautiful last day of my vacation.

I will tell you; yes the three of us had more sex that day. Candice was a little sore the next day when we docked. And best of all, Anne told me to sign up for the cruse next year and to bring my wife along, that we will take her to the special stream.

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