Divorcee joins 4 men on trip to the country

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It was a hot summer Saturday, around 6 in the evening, and Amy was going parking. In her high school years as a good little preacher’s daughter in a small town, she’d never gone out in a boy’s car to the country, found a secluded place and had sex. In fact, she’d never had sex outdoors, period, but that was about to change.

A lot of things had changed in Amy’s life since the day over two years previously, when she’d paid her husband a surprise visit to his office, and found him with his pants around his ankles and his secretary’s legs wrapped around his waist. She’d cleaned him out in the divorce, but good, and she’d spent the intervening year, doing all of the pleasurable things she’d denied herself as a young, repressed girl growing up, and as the neglected, frustrated wife of an upwardly-mobile executive.

Amy was systematically fulfilling all of the sexual fantasies she masturbated to over the years. She had developed relationships with a number of men, and more than a few women, as she lived a liberated life of passion.

The idea for this tryst came when she’d been in bed with Jonathan, one of the men she’d been seeing, in his high-rise apartment not far from downtown. Jonathan was a 35-year-old stockbroker, who had his own business and had done well. He was witty and hung very well, and she liked the sessions they had. This time, they had finished up, and were relaxing, so she’d playfully asked him about one of his favorite sexual memories.

“I remember in high school, there used to be a place about 30 miles from here, near a lake, with some small roads that used to wind back in the woods,” he said. “We’d go back there with some chick and bang the hell out of her, pass her around to as many of us as there were. The place we found was real secluded, so we didn’t have to worry too much about someone coming up on us. There was only a small group of us who knew about this place, and we kept it a pretty well kept secret. We had some wild times out there.”

Amy immediately latched on to the idea. “You think you could recreate one of those times, with me as your pass-around chick?” she asked. She told him that doing something like that, outdoors, was a fantasy she’d had for a long time. On their next encounter, Jonathan told her he thought her fantasy could be arranged. He’d contacted three of his old buddies, told them about Amy and her fantasy, and naturally they were eager to do it.

Having set everything in motion, she’d arrived at the local mall around 4:30, and parked her car in the lot at the far end of the massive shopping complex. She entered through Sears, and meandered all the way through the mall, making a couple of purchases, until she came to a nice chain restaurant at the opposite end of the mall. She entered and made her way to the bar, where Jonathan sat waiting.

Jonathan whistled softly when he saw Amy. The pretty 39-year-old divorcee looked like an average shopper, but he could tell different. She was tall, nearly six feet, and slender, with her flaming red hair cut very short. He could see her firm, modest tits jiggling braless under the light, sleeveless cotton dress she wore. As she walked through the bar, she passed a shaft of light shining through a window, and he thought he could see the darkness of her pubic bush through the material. The dress was a light beige color, lightly printed in a floral pattern, with buttons from top to about halfway down the skirt, which was then open the rest of its mid-calf length. He was already starting to get hard as the redhead walked over to him, kissed his cheek and swung her arm around his waist to hug him before sitting down in the seat next to him.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Let’s have a quick drink first, so you can meet the guys,” Jonathan said. “They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Jonathan was casually dressed, in jeans and polo shirt. He was about six feet tall, with short brown hair and a mustache. They chatted and had a couple of drinks then she perked up as three men walked up to them. Jonathan set about introducing them to her.

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