Divorcee joins 4 men on trip to the country

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It was a hot summer Saturday, around 6 in the evening, and Amy was going parking. In her high school years as a good little preacher’s daughter in a small town, she’d never gone out in a boy’s car to the country, found a secluded place and had sex. In fact, she’d never had sex outdoors, period, but that was about to change.

A lot of things had changed in Amy’s life since the day over two years previously, when she’d paid her husband a surprise visit to his office, and found him with his pants around his ankles and his secretary’s legs wrapped around his waist. She’d cleaned him out in the divorce, but good, and she’d spent the intervening year, doing all of the pleasurable things she’d denied herself as a young, repressed girl growing up, and as the neglected, frustrated wife of an upwardly-mobile executive.

Amy was systematically fulfilling all of the sexual fantasies she masturbated to over the years. She had developed relationships with a number of men, and more than a few women, as she lived a liberated life of passion.

The idea for this tryst came when she’d been in bed with Jonathan, one of the men she’d been seeing, in his high-rise apartment not far from downtown. Jonathan was a 35-year-old stockbroker, who had his own business and had done well. He was witty and hung very well, and she liked the sessions they had. This time, they had finished up, and were relaxing, so she’d playfully asked him about one of his favorite sexual memories.

“I remember in high school, there used to be a place about 30 miles from here, near a lake, with some small roads that used to wind back in the woods,” he said. “We’d go back there with some chick and bang the hell out of her, pass her around to as many of us as there were. The place we found was real secluded, so we didn’t have to worry too much about someone coming up on us. There was only a small group of us who knew about this place, and we kept it a pretty well kept secret. We had some wild times out there.”

Amy immediately latched on to the idea. “You think you could recreate one of those times, with me as your pass-around chick?” she asked. She told him that doing something like that, outdoors, was a fantasy she’d had for a long time. On their next encounter, Jonathan told her he thought her fantasy could be arranged. He’d contacted three of his old buddies, told them about Amy and her fantasy, and naturally they were eager to do it.

Having set everything in motion, she’d arrived at the local mall around 4:30, and parked her car in the lot at the far end of the massive shopping complex. She entered through Sears, and meandered all the way through the mall, making a couple of purchases, until she came to a nice chain restaurant at the opposite end of the mall. She entered and made her way to the bar, where Jonathan sat waiting.

Jonathan whistled softly when he saw Amy. The pretty 39-year-old divorcee looked like an average shopper, but he could tell different. She was tall, nearly six feet, and slender, with her flaming red hair cut very short. He could see her firm, modest tits jiggling braless under the light, sleeveless cotton dress she wore. As she walked through the bar, she passed a shaft of light shining through a window, and he thought he could see the darkness of her pubic bush through the material. The dress was a light beige color, lightly printed in a floral pattern, with buttons from top to about halfway down the skirt, which was then open the rest of its mid-calf length. He was already starting to get hard as the redhead walked over to him, kissed his cheek and swung her arm around his waist to hug him before sitting down in the seat next to him.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Let’s have a quick drink first, so you can meet the guys,” Jonathan said. “They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Jonathan was casually dressed, in jeans and polo shirt. He was about six feet tall, with short brown hair and a mustache. They chatted and had a couple of drinks then she perked up as three men walked up to them. Jonathan set about introducing them to her.

All three were average-sized men, about 5-10 or so, and all were about Jonathan’s age. Alan had red, wavy hair that he kept brushed back off his forehead and was clean-shaven; Greg had a darker complexion, with thick, dark hair, and a goatee; Tom had short blond hair that was thinning on top and he was also clean-shaven. Amy and Jonathan quickly finished off their drinks; Jonathan paid the bill and the group headed out the door.

The group got in a white vintage convertible Cadillac El Dorado 2-door and drove off. There was a small cooler sitting on the middle of the floor in the back seat of the convertible, containing a few beers and some water bottles. Because of that, Amy had to sit with her feet propped on the cooler, allowing the dress to ride up her legs. As soon as they reached the open road, and Jonathan had flipped the switch that closed the car’s roof, he pulled out a joint and they passed it around.

After that, Amy went to work. Her hands dropped into Greg’s lap, on her left, and Tom’s on her right, and she began massaging the swelling bulges under their pants. Tom was wearing shorts and Greg had on a pair of khakis. As she squeezed his cock, she leaned over and kissed Tom deeply, running her tongue in his mouth. Then she moved to Greg and began to kiss him with equal ardor.

While Amy was kissing and rubbing stiffening dicks, Greg and Tom were running their hands up both of her legs, until their fingers met at her dripping crotch. They looked at each other with a nod, as they encountered no panties. While Greg plowed two fingers in Amy’s soupy snatch, Tom began to trace circles around her swelling, throbbing clit. With his right hand, Tom reached up and began to further unbutton Amy’s dress, then reached inside to squeeze and fondle her naked tits. Amy moaned as her lust began to swell from Tom’s skillful work on her sensitive nipples.

As she saw the countryside begin to open up, Amy reached over to unbutton Greg’s pants to free his cock. She cooed when she saw he was nicely hung, about 8 inches and plenty thick. A clear ball of pre-cum boiled out the end of his dick as she slowly stroked it. Leaning over and putting her right leg up over Tom, thus spreading her legs to the gaze of Jonathan and Andy in the front seat, she bent her head down, flicked away the pre-cum with her tongue and sucked the head of Greg’s dick into her mouth. She made a slutty production of it, slowly sucking him into her mouth, then pulling up, so everyone could see his meat filling her mouth. Greg helped by pressing a hand to Amy’s head to force his cock deeper in her mouth. All the while, Tom was pumping two fingers steadily back and forth in her hot, steamy cunt, and stroking her clit with his thumb.

After a while, Amy pulled her face away from Greg’s crotch, and leaned over in the other direction to confront Tom’s dick. He, too, was possessed of a fat dick, a little shorter than Greg’s, but still nice-sized. She sucked him all the way in her mouth in one plunge, as Greg finished unbuttoning her dress, then opened it up so the guys in front – and anyone else who happened to peek in as they passed – could get a good look at all of Amy’s charms. Then he took over finger-fucking her pretty pink pussy.

When she had Tom’s cock approaching orgasm, she backed off, then sat back, spread her legs and laughed. She didn’t care that her dress was wide open and that she was exposed to the world, or that she was in this vehicle essentially naked with two hard dicks in each hand and two more in the front seat. She was about to get royally fucked, and that was all she cared about. As she lightly jacked them off, they soon divested themselves of their clothes, so that they sat naked with her in the back seat.

It wasn’t too long before the car reached their destination, a well-secluded spot on a slight path that came off a dirt road, opening up into a small dell. As they stopped, Jonathan opened the roof, to give them plenty of room. While he and Andy got out and began to take off their clothes, Tom pulled Amy’s dress the rest of the way off, while she, in turn, pulled off her sandals, dropping them to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Then, planting one foot on the floorboard and propping his other knee on the seat, he lay Amy back, spread her legs and without ceremony pushed his cock into her sodden pussy. Amy gave a muffled moan as she felt the welcome feeling of penetration, the moan being muffled because Greg had pulled her head back onto his cock, filling her throat with his hard meat.

Amy gurgled and hummed as the two men worked their cocks in her from both ends. Glancing up, she noticed that Andy and Jonathan were standing next to the car naked, both idly stroking their cocks, waiting their turn. As if reading her mind, Tom pulled his dripping cock from her pussy, while Greg pulled her head off his cock. Tom stepped back to watch while Greg positioned Amy on her knees leaning over the back seat, facing the trunk. Greg licked two fingers then reached down and opened Amy’s lips like opening a flower. Gripping his cock at the base, he fed the head past those lips and plunged in slowly, inch by inch, until he was in to the hilt.

When Greg established a slow, but steady fucking rhythm, Andy and Jonathan sat on top of the back seat, Andy on the left and Jonathan on the right. Amy took each cock in a hand as each man bent down for a deep tongue kiss. Then she plunged her mouth on Andy’s cock, which she was delighted to see was also about 8 inches long and was the thickest of the bunch. The head of his cock stretched her lips almost to the breaking point, but she got it into her mouth and sucked nearly his entire shaft before she had to back off.

Amy panted when she pulled Andy’s cock out of her mouth and turned to Jonathan’s cock, which was the longest one of all, about a 9-incher. It wasn’t real fat, nor was it too slender. She could deep throat him, and she did, getting a rush as his coarse pubic hair scratched her nose. In fact, she was getting a full body rush from Greg’s cock pounding skillfully in her gripping cunt. She was climbing that mountain, getting close to a big explosion, but she wasn’t ready to cum just yet. She’d waited a long time for an experience like this, and she wanted to prolong the build-up, until she was mad with the need to cum. She felt a light sheen of sweat break out all over her body as she worked herself around the three cocks that were surrounding her. The chirping of the crickets, the whistling of the birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees provided seductive background noise for the hot, furious sex that was happening in the white Caddy.

As Greg fucked Amy doggie-style, he saw her pink asshole winking wetly at him as she flexed her hips to caress his cock with her cunt muscles. Without a thought, he licked his middle finger and pushed it past her anus. Amy gave a little spasm as she felt his finger penetrate her ass. She growled as her arousal was kicked up a notch from Greg slowly pumping his finger in her ass, while he slowly fucked her pussy from behind. Greg pulled his dick out of Amy’s cunt for a moment, in order to scoop up a generous finger-full of her pussy juice. Then he replanted his cock in her cunt and resumed finger-fucking her ass.

Amy could feel herself losing control, the way she liked it, as she felt both her holes being filled. She was sucking deeper and harder on the cocks in front of her, as her passion mounted. Then, Jonathan pulled his cock away, motioned for Andy to step aside for a moment, then had Greg pull himself out of her cunt. He kissed Amy’s panting, ravening mouth deeply, feeling their tongues dance furiously around each other. He then flipped Amy onto her back, so her butt was on the top of the back seat, and she was laid out across the well for the retractable roof and the trunk of the car.

Jonathan grabbed Amy’s knees and pulled her legs up and open, then as she reached down and opened her butt cheeks, he pushed the head of his cock past her anal ring, until he was in her ass. Keeping just the head in her ass, Jonathan rubbed some of the copious flow from her pussy around the shaft of his cock, then pushed effortlessly in her rectum.

Amy howled with delight as she felt Jonathan’s long cock begin to pump in her ass. Then her vocal exhortations were cut off as Tom climbed up on the trunk and pushed his cock into Amy’s mouth from overhead. She sucked avidly and wetly at his cock, as he pushed it all the way into her throat. She only dimly felt Greg and Andy press their cocks to her hands for her to stroke. She was feeling the spiral of lust reaching ever higher as Jonathan fucked her ass with steady strokes, filling her rectum with his length.

While Greg and Andy were getting their cocks stroked, they each reached their hands to Amy’s bouncing tits, which were still sitting up proud on her chest. Andy then pulled away and pressed his face to the pink nipple nearest him. He sucked, kissed and licked the hard little bud, as he squeezed her tit flesh. Greg took the hint and did the same, while Amy resumed stroking Andy’s dick. Back and forth they did this, driving Amy nuts with mounting pleasure.

Jonathan was beginning to feel the tingle that told him he was getting close to an eruption of massive proportions, and if he was close, the others were close as well. Pulling his dick out of Amy’s ass with a plopping sound, Jonathan told Andy to come sit down on the back seat. When Andy was in position, Amy slid off the back of the seat, so that her feet were flat on the seat straddling Andy’s hips, her gaping asshole hovering over his red, twitching dick. Amy was nearing delirium as she eased her anus onto his fat head and melted her ass down his fat shaft.

Amy’s eyes were clenched shut as she felt Andy’s cock invade her rectum. Then she gasped as she felt Jonathan’s cock push into her dripping pussy. His cock was like an iron rod, as was Andy’s, and she felt herself trying to scream from the sheer pleasure of being fucked in both of her holes by two rampant cocks, but no sound came out. The two men pumped in unison as they worked Amy’s sweaty body on their cocks, each holding her by her hips and maneuvering her up and down.

Suddenly, in a great sobbing gasp, Amy found her voice and it was the voice of a woman possessed.

“OH GOD, FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOLES, I’M GONNNNNAAAA CUMMMMMM!” she hollered at the top of her lungs. And just then, she felt her orgasm explode in a white-hot feeling of ecstasy. But Jonathan and Andy had fucked themselves beyond sensation, their cocks nearly numb from their incredible arousal. So they just kept right on fucking her through her orgasm, and that ignited her next climax, a sharp burst that ripped quickly down her spine.

Amy’s incoherent babbling was silenced as Greg and Tom climbed onto the back of the car and pushed their equally rampant cocks to her face from either side. Amy grabbed at them and sucked them ravenously. She rubbed them all over her face, which then gleamed with the combination of her saliva and their pre-cum. She was in the fuck zone, where one orgasm seemed to flow into another and her whole body seemed to be on fire.

Nearly in unison, the four men worked their cocks at Amy’s sweating, writhing body, her pussy and ass filled with two long, fat cocks and her hands filled with two other long, hard cocks, each alternating filling her mouth to the hilt in her throat.

Andy was the first to feel himself losing control. “I’m gonna shoot,” he cried, as he bounced Amy roughly on his cock, pushing it deeper up her buttery ass.

“Hold on; let’s do it together,” Jonathan panted. And on a count of three, they each swelled up even bigger and jetted their cum deep in Amy’s convulsing holes. Jonathan fired a dozen hard shots deep in Amy’s womb at the same moment that Andy erupted with his own dozen shots of white-hot cum up her bowels. They could each feel the other’s spasms through the membrane separating the holes, as they fired bolt after bolt of their semen.

That brought Amy screaming over the top with as intense an orgasm as anything she’d ever felt. She screamed, moaned, panted, gasped and groaned as she felt her climax burst in radiant flashes of energy. Seeing the spectacle before them proved too much for Greg and Tom, and they each whipped their cocks in their hands and erupted all over her face. Greg, on her right, shot at least seven long ropes of white sauce over Amy’s eyes, nose and cheeks; Tom spewed nearly a dozen hard splatters of cum from her left side across her cheek, her mouth and her chin.

For long minutes, the only sounds were the groans of satisfied lust from all four men and the sweaty, redheaded beauty upon which they had momentarily satisfied that lust. Finally, Jonathan, Greg and Tom fell away, then Andy slid Amy off his dick. She lay back on the seat giving them a sultry, smoky look, her legs spread and oozing semen from her pussy and her asshole, with pasty gobs of cum criss-crossing her face and dripping off her chin onto her chest. She had just had a mighty orgasm, but she knew she could go plenty more. There was still plenty of light left, although the shadows had lengthened.

“That was pretty good, guys,” she said huskily. “But I’m not through, if you’re not through. A couple of beers, another fat joint and I’ll be good to go again. And this time, I want you one at a time; you decide which hole you want, then you can pass me to the next guy.”

All four could feel themselves getting a renewed tingle in their groins at Amy’s words, and the purring tone with which they were delivered. Jonathan already had a joint rolled, and Amy was handed a cold beer. For a few minutes, they rested and caught a buzz. When they had finished the joint and Amy had sucked down two beers, the group just sat quietly for a minute listening to the sounds of approaching darkness.

After Amy took a quick break to pee, Andy was the first to make a move. Without a word, he sat up, moving Amy’s long legs from his lap, where they had helped get his cock back up to full roar. Amy slid back on the seat, spread her legs and watched eagerly as Andy pushed the fat, mushroom head of his cock past her slack lips and very slowly eased his fat dong into her pussy. Amy gave a long, satisfied groan as she felt her tingly twat being refilled. She wrapped her legs around Andy’s stocky waist and pulled his body to hers.

From her right side and behind her, she saw Tom offering her his cock, and she didn’t hesitate, but pulled it to her mouth and began sucking on it with determination. She sucked him deep in her throat then pulled him out and whorishly used her long tongue to lick the hard shaft and bulbous head, leaving little tendrils of spittle and pre-cum as she pulled her mouth away. Then she went right back at it, sucking for awhile, then licking all over his cock almost in a worshipful fashion.

As she laved Tom’s cock with her mouth, Andy pounded Amy’s cunt with strong, hard strokes and he increased his thrust by picking up her legs with his shoulders and pushing them toward her chest. Oohs and ahhs filled the air as Andy fucked Amy hard like a piston engine, and Amy fucked him back just as hard. She was back on the orgasmic gravy train, hurtling toward another major climax. She wasn’t quite there yet, but she was getting there, and the incredible fat dong in her cunt was doing its best to help her along.

Suddenly, with a choking cry, Andy released Amy’s legs, which flailed wildly in the air, then he thrust forward one final time and sent a hard load of cum deep into her pussy. He gave a few rapid-fire bursts to start, then spent several minutes squeezing out spasmic drops into her cunt. When he was finally done, he pulled out with an audible sucking sound, followed by a rivulet of cum.

As Andy stepped aside, Amy was frantic to the point of delirium with the need to cum, and she knew just how to get herself there. She flipped onto her knees, with her ass stuck in the air, and told Tom to come around and fuck her ass as hard as he could. The combination of Andy’s cum from his earlier orgasm in her ass and his latest one in her pussy had her anus well lubricated, and all Tom had to do was straddle her legs and dip his dick to her asshole. When he had the head firmly in her ass, Tom grabbed her cum-slick hips and rammed it home as hard as he could.

Amy gave a sound that was equal parts squeal and groan as Tom steadily pounded his cock in her upturned ass. She motioned for Greg to sit in front of her so she could suck his cock. She passed the head of his cock past her lips and filled her throat with Greg’s cock, deep-throating him with a frenzy. Greg looked down at the redheaded whore and she looked up at him with the heavy-lidded, bloodshot look of a person who wasn’t quite all there, her lips wrapped in a pink “O,” as she sucked his cock. He felt like cumming deep in her throat, but he’d already done that once and he wanted a crack at her flooded pussy.

Tom couldn’t believe how Amy’s rectal muscles squeezed and clenched his cock, even though it had earlier been fucked wide-open by Andy’s girth. He pounded his cock deep in her ass, then pulled back until just the head was in, fucking her with long even strokes. He used her hips to regulate his speed, but also to control Amy’s wild, bucking hips. She had passed into a fuck frenzy as she felt Tom’s cock in her ass.

It proved too much for Tom. With a roar, he pushed his cock into Amy’s bowels and exploded hard, painting her rectum with a series of machine-gun bursts of cum. That was the trigger Amy needed for another white-hot orgasm to flash up her spine and out her clenching crotch. Tom kept his cock in her ass, allowing her to twitch around his wilting length, until he finally oozed out of her ass, followed by another river of cum.

By then, Greg had already positioned himself on the passenger’s seat in the front. Amy dimly felt herself being passed from the back to the front. With her knees on the bucket seat on either side of Greg’s hips, she dropped her flaming pussy to his rock-hard meat and impaled herself on his cock.

“Aggah!” Amy exclaimed as she rode Greg’s rampant dick. She bent down and kissed his mouth, long and hard, her eyes closed and her body swaying as she danced to the lustful beat of their union. By now, most of the cum that had been shot onto her face earlier had either dried or had been wiped off into her hair. But she still had a wet ring around her lips and down her chin, giving her a truly slutty look.

Greg used his strong hands on Amy’s hips to guide her up and down on his cock. Jonathan, in the driver’s seat, got up on his knees and pressed his dick to Amy’s mouth, and she sucked his length eagerly down her throat to prepare him for his turn. But when Jonathan was fully hard, he backed away and sat back to watch, for Greg was starting to really get going.

Leaning Amy back against the dashboard, he climbed up on his knees to better drive his cock deeper into her wet, twitching cunt. His dick made sloshing sounds in Amy’s boiling pussy as he fucked her faster and harder. With a cry of, “Here it comes, baby,” he suddenly pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot a seemingly endless string of pearly cum shots across her belly and her gaping-wide pussy lips. When his ejaculation had been reduced to a last, few oozing drops, he stuck it back in Amy’s pussy and let her milk the final few drops out.

Amy was in a foggy haze, only dimly aware when Jonathan pulled her around so that she was on her knees in front of him, leaning over the steering wheel. Jonathan was up on his knees as he marveled at her red, swollen pussy and her cored-open asshole, and the way her thighs were covered in cum from her crotch to her knees. Then, with a grunt, he pressed the head of his cock to her anus and pushed his way in without stopping.

Amy felt her insides lurch as she felt her ass being filled again. It was fuck heaven time again as Jonathan’s 9-inch beauty filled her deeper than she’d been filled yet that evening. She pushed her hips back hard to get as much of his spear as possible in her ass. She reached underneath her body with a hand, then felt it get playfully slapped away, as Andy, sitting on the passenger seat, was using his left hand to finger Amy’s gushing gash and twirl her throbbing clit. At this, Amy surrendered completely to pleasure, gripping the windshield frame with both hands as she humped her ass back hard on Jonathan’s rigid pole.

It seemed like forever that Jonathan kept drilling his cock in Amy’s ass, while Andy twiddled her twat from below. But soon Jonathan could feel a rusty tingle that told him he was nearing a hard orgasm. With panting cries, he fucked Amy even harder and they both crashed together in a spectacular mutual cum. Jonathan sent the first few bolts of his cum jetting into Amy’s ass, then pulled out and deposited the rest on her butt cheeks and around the gaping rim of her anus. Amy shivered and shook as her orgasm washed over her in an oceanic wave.

She had the fleeting thought that they might be done, but it was quickly dispelled when Andy stood up on the front seat, where he had replaced Greg, and pulled Amy’s mouth to his fat cock, which was once again at its peak. He wrapped his hands in her wet, sticky hair and pulled Amy’s head to his abdomen, roughly fucking her mouth. This time, he simply pushed his way all the way in, as Amy made sloppy gagging noises.

Putting his other hand in her hair, so that he was pulling her head wherever he wanted, Andy fucked Amy’s face savagely until he threw his head up and shot a load of cum deep in her throat. He kept his hands in place until he had finished spurting and she had swallowed every drop of his thin wet load. Then he fell away wearily and stepped out of the car, grabbing a beer and his clothes before walking out toward the woods to pee and get dressed.

Amy panted heavily, both from the exertion of having her mouth fucked so roughly and from the sheer eroticism of being taken like that. But, again, she didn’t have much time to ponder the subject, as she felt another pair of hands grip her hips and another dick, Tom’s this time, enter her pussy from behind. She was still on her knees on the driver’s seat facing the other seat, but Tom had the door open and was standing with one foot on the floorboard and the other on the seat.

Tom took his cue from Andy and pounded Amy’s pussy hard and fast, and she responded in kind, fucking him back with equal vigor. Her vision was blurry as she rotated her hips around Tom’s piston stick. She more felt than saw Greg step in front of her and bring his semi-hard cock to her mouth. Like a robot, she opened her mouth and sucked him in, wrapping her hand around the base to guide his thrust and help get him up to full hardness.

Unlike Andy, it took Tom a good long while before he was done with his third time to plug the insatiable redhead. Like Jonathan before him, he was like an automaton as he drilled his cock in Amy’s pussy doggie-style, and she responded with a series of small orgasms, little quakes that kept building and building, but never quite reached climax.

Finally, Tom felt himself reach a point where he either needed to push his way to an orgasm or forget about it. Raising himself onto the balls of his feet on the floorboard next to the driver’s seat, he gripped Amy’s hips and fucked her in a frothing frenzy, then gasped as he exploded with a water hose of cum into her flooded cunt.

Amy had just about reached her newest peak when Tom came, and she didn’t quite get there. No matter, she thought hazily and lasciviously. Greg was already maneuvering her onto his lap, onto his purple boner. Amy planted her feet on either side of Greg’s hips on the seat and sat right down on his cock, letting it fill her ass in one smooth motion. Amy swayed drunkenly as she screwed her ass forcefully up and down on Greg’s cock, her eyes closed, as she danced to a rhythm nobody else was hearing.

Jonathan squeezed his cock in his fist as he watched Amy fuck her ass on Greg’s cock. He watched as Greg reached up and filled his hands with Amy’s tits and squeezed them hard, then pinched her swollen pink nipples. Standing up on the floorboard in the back seat, Jonathan pulled Amy’s head to his cock and pushed his way into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked wantonly on his cock as she impaled her ass on Greg’s cock.

Amy was spinning with the stars overhead, rocketing into orgasmic orbit as she rode Greg’s cock wildly and sucked deeply on Jonathan’s long dick. Greg tried to hold onto Amy’s slimy-slick body, but it proved futile, so he just held onto the base of his cock with one hand and let her ride him for all she was worth. Greg used his other hand on Amy’s cunt, fingering her sloppy pussy and strumming her swollen clit. A steady stream of wet drool poured down her chin as she sucked madly on Jonathan’s cock and a constant slurpy sound escaped her lips as she mouth-fucked his long dong.

As she reached her zenith, Greg gave almost a desperate sigh before shooting a geyser of cum up Amy’s ass. At that moment, Amy felt herself drive over the cliff in a stupendous orgasm that started at the base of her spine, roared through her spastic ass, still full of Greg’s twitching cock, and her cunt, which Greg was still gripping with his hand. At light-speed, her climax roared back up her spine and exploded in her head.

Seeing the twitching, moaning woman in front of him, Jonathan gave a final cry and spewed a surprisingly creamy load of cum into Amy’s mouth. She swallowed some of it, but the throes of her orgasm prevented her from swallowing it all and globs of cum dripped down the shaft of his cock, down her chin and onto her tits. Gasping and groaning, Amy pulled Jonathan’s cock from her mouth and dropped it to her tits. She rubbed the last oozing drops all over her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples.

Finally, Amy slumped onto Greg, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She lay there limply for a few minutes, before she pulled herself off his lap, letting his cock spill out of her ass. Leaning back against the dashboard, with her back to the windshield, she gave a huge exhalation of air as she surveyed the damage. Greg was still sprawled back in the seat, a blissful look on his face. Andy and Tom were already dressed and sitting on the trunk of the car drinking a beer, while Jonathan sat on the back seat in wet exhaustion.

Amy snickered as she looked at herself. She had cum still dripping from her chin; she had streaks of dried cum on her face in places, and pools of congealing cum in and behind her ears. Her short red hair was thoroughly wet, sticky and wild from the combination of sweat and cum that had been massaged into it. She had cum drying on her stomach and pubic area, and, of course, she had rivers of cum pouring out of her pink, puffy pussy and her red swollen anus, which still gaped open over an inch. And the combination of male semen and her own cum juices covered her legs as far as her ankles.

Amy was pleased with herself. She’d gotten a sexual experience for the ages; it was just a pity her ex-husband couldn’t be there to see her. She was exactly like she wanted to be: well fucked and covered with cum. She even got a little jolt from the way her thin dress looked when she put it back on. It was dirty and wrinkled from having been on the floor the whole evening, and when she slipped it on and buttoned it, the dress stuck to her body wetly. She laughed then. She knew she looked and felt like a well-trodden tramp, coming home stinking and dirty from a night of wild sex, and the feeling turned her on.

She returned home weary, but satiated, with another primo sexual experience to her credit.

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