My wife sex in bus with my friend

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My name is vijaykumar madhuranthakam. This is about my second wife lynette maria sex experience with my friend yugendar in bus.

My wife lynette figure 32 34 32. Her boobs small round brown nipples. My friend always had eyes on her body. This happened in one of our bus travel.

Myself, lynette, yugi went to our native in night travel bus. The bus was very free. We went to our seats. Yugi was in front seat alone. Before we got in bus yugi expressed his interest of enjoying my wife lynette in that bus. I was thrilled to imagine it. I explained lynette about yugi interest first she was scared but i assured her no one will know about. Then she agreed. Some boring movie was playing in that bus. After sometime bus lights switch off and most of bus was empty. I asked yugi to come back to my seat.

My wife lynette was ready but scared. Yugi touched lynette hand. Slowly he kissed her right cheeks. She was fine. He then kissed her lips. I was enjoying this experience from front seat. Yugi was horny in full mood. He took lynette hand and kept on his tool. Lynette was surprised to see a big as my dick is small. Now lynette was always excited about her new experience. Yugi was kissing lynette neck slowly he was squeezing her left breast with hand. Yugi asked lynette to unbutton her bra. Lynette did so. Now yugi kept his hand inside her tshirt. Started to squeeze her breasts and nipples. He took her left breast sucked it played with it bit nipples. Yugi loved her boobs. Lynette was making ahhhh hmmmm sounds. She was shaking yugi dick. After few minutes of boobs suck, yugi was fingering lynette. She was wearing a jean and no panties. Yugi was enjoying lynette every inch.

Lynette was in ecstacy mode. Her moaning became loud as he was fingering her and drinking milk from her milky boobs. Though bus was empty we dont want anyone to see us. So we quickly went to last seat. Yugi removed lynette top and bra. He asked her to pull down her pants. She was half naked covered in blanket. Yugi went inside blanket and enjoyed her body. Then he went down to lick her juicy pussy. Her pussy taste will be sweet. She is having a clean shaved brown pussy. He licked her pussy lips. She was biting her lips hard not to scream. Then he made her give him deep throat bj. Ohhhh i was very very excited seeing my bitch wife like porn actor. Now climax. He pulled her legs and inserted his hard dick rough in and out. Lynette was in high orgasm ahaaaaa hmmmmmm fuck me more she was screaming. She was playing with her boobs. Soon yugi cum came he put it on her mouth. Lynette happily drank it. Yugi was very very happy and winked at me and thanked me for this lovely experience. Lynette quickly dressed and we went back to our seats. They both slept as they were tired. I was playing with lynette boobs for sometime then slept. After that incident lynette and yugi fucked in different positions in different places in front of me. And when i am not there.

They enjoy fucking each other. I enjoy seeing them.

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