Part 2 Monther fucked.

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Part 2

Hi Guys it’s been a long gap since I have written the first part (Found out my mom was sleeping with Iron man)

I was waiting for the Postman and the Cylinder guy to turn up but as days passed passed nothing happened. So I knew the cylinder guy will come tomorrow as it was over and my mom had booked. I acted I had some work and went out that particular day.

On that day as I was leaving my home I saw the Cylinder guy carrying a single cylinder going towards my home. Seeing him for the first time I could make out he was a Muslim guy short with Bread and maybe I taught this was not the guy. So I followed him at a distance back home and he stopped his vehicle near the gate and took the cylinder to the door. He was looking around if someone was around. He did not observe me as I was little far and observing him. My mom opened the door and he went in and she locked it immediately. So it was confirmed it was the same guy. I waited for 15 Minutes for him to come out he did not apparently. So sneeked in to my house and went to the same spot where I had been the first time.

I saw him and my mom speaking holding hands in the bed. He was saying madam it’s been a long time since we fucked in Hindi. He was pressing her boobs while taking. She was keeping her hand on his penis. After taking for about 10 minutes he told he had a friend who was eying for my mom. My mom got angry and told do you think I am a Prostitute getting Fucked by everyone.

He got angry and slapped my mom and holding her hair he told Randi you have opened your legs for 3 men what’s wrong in opening for 4th guy. He called someone and told him to come immediately he gave our address. He told today two people will fuck you badly and tear your pussy. My mom told please go.

He then held my mom hair and brought her down and made her remove his pants give him a blowjob. It was a back big Penis. My mom started sucking hesitating but improved after 2 minutes. He was very rough when stroking into her mouth. He then told I have 2 wives I want a child from you too. Then he took her up and opened her blouse forcefully. And removed her bra.

He started sucking the nipples. And slowly biting them. At that time the colling bell rang. He put his pants and my mom dressed up. He went and opened the door and other muslim guy came in damm he was tall and bulky. They locked the door.

My mom told no please let me go. They both started laughing and the other guy removed his clothes and became naked. He forced my mom into blowjob. He was holding her head and putting his cock into her mouth and the speed increased gradually. Then he made my mom sleep in the bed. The Cylinder guy went and put his dick in my mom’s mouth and the other guy started licking her pussy. He was fingering and sucking. I could hear pleasure moans from my mom.

Then after 15 Minutes the other guy got up I think he was done with sucking. He told the Cylinder guy let’s do BDSM. My mom didn’t know what was BDSM she asked what is that they both stated laughing. He told the Cylinder guy to bring ropes and something to hit. (They were conversation in hindi my mom doesn’t understand hindi much). So he left the room. The other guy told don’t disturb me for 20 minutes and closed the door. He started laughing and told today you are finished. He got closer to her ( My mom was sleeping on the bed.) He then told my mom to sit on his lap( The face off sex position) he started sucking and Biteing her boobs badly. And inserted his dick. He started smooching her lips. Like he was bitting and pulling out her lips. After that he was started biting the nipples so hard that my mom at a point pushed him back.

Then they came to cowgirl position and started fucking. After 10 minutes he stopped and told her suck his dick. She sucked his dick and he unloaded his cum in the mouth. She was visibly sweating after fucking him.

The Cylinder guy knocked and came in with ropes and medium wooden stick. My mom asked what are you doing to me. They laughed and started tying her to the bed. She resisted but they tied her. The other guy removed his belt and put it lower around the breasts so that the boobs became bit. They had tied her hands and legs and put napkin in her mouth.

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