Gf banging fantasy part-3

Hi guys! I am back with the next part of my story. Apologies for the delayed upload.

For those who haven’t read the Gf banging fantasy part first and second part, I suggest you read the same first before continuing reading this.

Hello this is Harish again with new story of my gf Pooja.

After that awesome session with my friends, she got into it. So I got new plan for her.

This time with my college mates,  we’ve group round 10 friends 5 boys and 5 girls all are committed with one of my college mates.

One of my friend Dinesh had a huge crush on my gf Pooja and also he’s too rich as well.
And he already committed but still he likes Pooja.

So coming to the point his bday is on nov 14th ,he had arranged a party at ECR resort and invited my college mates and also his school friends as well.

I had some works on that day so my self and pooja went late to the resort.. at that time the party almost over.

Pooja was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She was looking too cute.

The resort was very luxurious. It had a pool, a couple of rooms snooker table, etc.

The other 4 girls had drunk and slept with their boyfriends..
Some boys are still drinking and some of them were at pool. When we arrived.. dinesh give us 1 bottle of beer to each of us.

And he introduced his school friends to us.

Pooja was little shy bcos they were 6 to 7 boys and pooja was the only girl.

After some time we went to the room my self and pooja and dinesh having beer and talking.

It was 2 AM . We have already finished 2 beers at that time and also we were bored so we decided to the pool.

So we stepped to the pool ..there was no one … it was very cold out there even water was very chill. Pooja stepped into the pool and she was swimming.. myself and dinesh went out to the beach and was smoking and saw dinesh school friends were smoking too and having fun there.

After smoking we all into the pool and having very good time.

Pooja was wearing black t-shirts and blue jeans.. and she was full drenched into the water.

And I saw dinesh school friends were commenting something about of his friends says pooja got good shape and size and having fun.

One his school friend hari came and gave us 1 more beer.

We three dinesh pooja and myself shared that beer.

Pooja was on high. She wants to take some rest .. so she asked us to go the room.

Myself and dinesh were don’t interested.

I just gave a hug and kiss to pooja and asked her to spend some time here.

She seems not interested.  So I again locked her lips so tight.  Now every one was feeling the heat.

And I was rubbing my hard dick between her legs.

Then dinesh came close to pooja were taking turns on. rubbing his dicks on between her butt cheeks.

then suddenly dinesh school friends surrounded pooja.

She was looking at me and smiling .

now she was very excited and horny to see where this goes next.

Then i started to kiss her passionately, sliding my hand inside her t-shirt, squeezing her breasts. And unhooked her bra and threw it outside the pool.

Dinesh and his friends were rubbing their dicks, looking at pooja breasts through her sleeveless side. I asked her if you like it that they are watching you. She was stunned at such a question, but she blushed and nodded yes. And I said i knew it with a smile.

I turned her around and lifted her t-shirt, exposing her breasts to dinesh and his his friends . She was getting really excited and wet. She tried to cover it as she was a bit shy and amateur for it yet. After this, i took her hand and placed on my dick.

She was rubbing on my shorts. And I removed my shorts. Pooja was still horny and got all over me and started to kiss and smooch me.

I could feel the heat inside her as she now started to suck my lower lip. I enjoyed the feeling of her taking over me as I just started to feel her mouth with my tongue.

She in no time started to suck my tongue and I could even feel her teeth on my tongue.. Pleasure was way beyond the pain as I now started to suck her tongue.

The tongue fight was now on. As we teased each other with our tongues and our mouth wide open.

We were now licking each other’s tongue as if we licking a candy. Our face was all wet with our saliva especially near the lips as we started to open mouth kiss, which is my favourite by all means.

We could feel our lips on lips, tongue exploring each other’s mouth as I slowly started to feel her breast.

She was giving me a handjob in the pool. I then asked her to suck it too. She tried to suck  dick underwater, but it was very difficult to not intake water. Now she was giving handjobs to all my friends. Now I felt pooja is like a whore to them, but I wanted her to get fucked by all of them.

To be continued. . …

I will continue the story and will upload soon after the experience is completed.Hope you guys loved it.

I’d request the reader to share your feedback to [email protected]. the best feedback will get pooja’s pic ♡

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